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Beyoncé Giselle Knowles
R&B, pop
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Member of Destiny's Child
"Crazy in Love"
"Single Ladies"
Married to Jay-Z

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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, known mononymously as Beyoncé, is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she enrolled in performing arts schools and performed in singing and dancing competitions as a child before becoming the lead singer of Destiny's Child, one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time, in the 1990s.

During the group's hiatus, Knowles released her debut solo album Dangerously in Love (2003), which became one most successful albums of the year and earned her five Grammy Awards. It spawned Billboard Hot 100 number one singles "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy". Following the disbandment of Destiny's Child in 2005, Knowles's second album B'Day (2006) contained the top five singles "Déjà Vu", "Irreplaceable", and "Beautiful Liar". Her third album I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008) spawned hits "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", "Halo", and "Sweet Dreams". The album helped Knowles earn six Grammys in 2010, breaking the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night. Her fourth album 4 (2011) became her fourth consecutive number one album on the Billboard 200.

Knowles' work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including 17 Grammy Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (as part of Destiny's Child). As a solo artist, Knowles has sold over 13 million albums in the United States and over 118 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. In 2009, Billboard named her the Top Female Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist of the 2000s decade, and ranked her as the fourth Artist of the Decade. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) also recognized Knowles as the Top Certified Artist of the 2000s. Following year, Knowles was ranked first on Forbes list of the "100 Most Powerful and Influential Musicians in the World". She also appeared on VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time", and was ranked third on their "100 Greatest Women in Music" list in 2012.

In April 2008, Knowles married rapper Jay-Z. She gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012.


Beyonce Knowles
1412 Broadway
Floor 24
New York, NY 10018-9235


Submitted by NoLongerABeyonceFan (not verified) on

I have been a fan, but after your contemptuous half time show yesterday, I'm deleting all of your music!

What an embarrassment to display your erroneous views during the most watched program, viewed by all ages!

You have always been priveleged and have no real clue about the real world, and how you, as revered celebrity, affect others. I suggest a sincere apology to America, and moving to another country, or you will sustain a serious problem with the remainder of your "career."

Proud American Pissed Off in Texas

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

I am highly upset about your performance at super bowl. I have a son and son in law who are police officers. This was a slap in their face and other officers. Why did you feel the need to cause more controversy in our nation? Shame on you. I hope you have learned from this. But I doubt it.

Submitted by Whitside G Miller (not verified) on

I have loved football all my life.Your halftime performance was outrageous. Im 65 years old & I remember the black panthers message of hate very well. It is like having a white performers dressed in KKK outfits singing 'Deutschland Uberales'. Certainly you, CBS, & the NFL have little or no respect for what MLK believed. Im going to stop listening to your music & watching you & the NFL, hopefully college football will not allow such racism.Police brutality exists in all races.Im white & I was beaten by a Torrance CA cop in 1979, so badly that I was hospitalized for 4 days. All I did was talk back to him.Black Lives Matter'??? whats wrong with 'All Lives Matter'??? Sure, there are racists & you are one of them.

Submitted by disquested (not verified) on

While your music and dance were exceptional, the nature of your lyrics were insulting and provoked more frustration than any of us needed. I am hugely surprised they allowed this level of lyrical trash to be shared during the most viewed event of the year. No doubt you will continue to do your thing - but I would not buy nor watch any of your material as the caring father of a dedicated police officer!

Submitted by Amiah (not verified) on

Hi Beyoncé I love you so much I want you to come to my school one Thursday February 18, 2016 in Minneapolis Minnesota Susan B Anthony middle school so I could sing one of my songs to you I make my own music and I'm in 7th grade I have made 3 songs. I sing , dance,and rap. I'm really funny. You are the most beautiful women in the whole world I look up to u I want to be you when I get older u are flawless and you looked so beautiful at the Grammy's love you Beyoncé

Submitted by sweatheart (not verified) on

Its only me its seems that i can relate to everyone full of just themselves... where has the love gone, why do i feel lost in this... I may have less strength physically but my mental strength can't be touched... Never forgetting what i been through how tough it's been then and yet now but still pulling, pushing and healing... Wishing everyday for a miracle yes' no more pain... To live and just not live but to live and be happy ... i may not have much but I'm trying ♡♡♡

Submitted by Nathan Costa (not verified) on

You are a hypocrite and a fraud. Next time you want to bash police, drive your damn self to the stadium. Did you talk crap about the police when they cleared an entire highway for you?! #fraud #isupportpoliceboycott

Submitted by Darrius (not verified) on

Look up on youtube a young boy with a channel called FLY HIGH and when u look it up go to the filter on youtube and select channel and his video should be right dere i think u would love this hes a ozen student that i watch and enjoy

Submitted by BM1 T from USS ... (not verified) on

Hello. I'm not you're biggest fan, however, I do enjoy your music/ performances and my Fiancé' and her two daughters absolutely love you.

The purpose of my message is this: I'm currently on deployment in the gulf and my fiancé', Katrina, mentioned how it would be nice to receive tickets to your upcoming May 12th concert in San Diego. Well, I can get the tickets, but I want to be able to somehow make it extra special even though I’m unable to be there. I would like to respectfully request for you to take a moment to meet with her & her daughters just to tell them hello and how I wish I was there to enjoy the show and other special moments with them.
I hope this message reaches you.

Very respectfully,

Submitted by JP (not verified) on


Hello to you where ever you are
Your music hits me straight in the heart
Just like a bulls eye in of game of darts
I tried to look at it as nothing more then my favorite songs
But as time went bye my soul said that was wrong
As things happened and life continues to roll on
Its like fate or better yet like destiny
Music is poetry and it always gets the best of me
You're in my prayers and I hope someday I'll be blessed to meet

Submitted by Sharon Wakefield (not verified) on

My daughter is your UK number 1 fan so much so she dedicates her career as a choreographer and dancer in Reyonce a UK band tour dedicated to you! When she attends your concert at Cardiff 30th June please can she get on stage to do one dance with you! You will make her ultimate career dream come true! X

Submitted by Oliver (not verified) on

Hey thanks for making the right decision and choosing to pursue your happiness rather than avoid pain. Stay strong and best to you.


Submitted by Silver Lining (not verified) on

Beyonce, what you wear influences millions of people. When you wear fur, you are representing the death of thousands of animals. Please do not wear fur anymore. Realize the impact you have one the lives of these adorable, harmless, and helpless animals. You wear one, and thousands of other men and women will purchase them also...perpetuating the slaughter of animals. Please understand this reality.

Submitted by cukdominik28@gm... (not verified) on

Hello beyonce im a fan from slovenia congreatulation your album lemonade is nummber 1 so proud on you i am also a singer i hope i will meet you someday. Love you

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

Hello. I understand that you have a concert today in Raleigh NC. Ordinarily I would welcome someone with your talent to our state. Governor Pat McCrory recently signed a discriminatory bill known as HB2. Please reconsider performing today, as cancelling the show would send a powerful message to our state legislature. If you do perform, please speak about this issue to your fans. Thank you kindly.

Submitted by JP (not verified) on

This is me the one who heard it all
The one who you know will always stand stall
The one who will pick you up when you fall
The one who will run to you even crawl
The one who will always be missing
The one who will never stop listening
The one who loves the way you sing
The one who sees you with wings
The one who would never compromise his ring
The one who is a ray of sun
The one who loves you more than a ton
The one who sees you're Proverbs 31
The one who is so sorry for confusing
The one who will never do know bruising
The one who wants to take you cruising
The one who knows with you there's no loosing
The one who thinks your more than amusing
The one who aspires to make you happy

Submitted by JP (not verified) on

This is me the one who heard it all
The one who you know will always stand stall
The one who will pick you up when you fall
The one who will run to you even crawl
The one who will always be missing
The one who will never stop listening
The one who loves the way you sing
The one who sees you with wings
The one who would never compromise his ring
The one who is a ray of sun
The one who loves you more than a ton
The one who sees you're Proverbs 31
The one who is so sorry for confusing
The one who will never do no bruising
The one who wants to take you cruising
The one who knows with you there's no loosing
The one who thinks you're more than amusing
The one who aspires to make you happy

Submitted by L!$@ (not verified) on

You are a role model for so many of us and we love you!! But dont let a man...Bring you down..Show us girls,woman that if you want to put a ring on it...and keep it on...then dont mess around...or I'll you,ll gone.

Submitted by Yasmine Nicolas (not verified) on

My names Yasmine Nicolas I am a student at Maple point Middle school. My mom and I have been trying to get in contact about the subject of ur support for Bullying . I've been thru bullying since elementary and still am being bullied till this day ( and I'm in 7th grade ) . Plz contact me or my mom about this we would be appreciative

Submitted by Ryley (not verified) on

Dear Beyoncé,

I know this is a long shot but why not try? My friend Kaylee is one of your biggest fans ever. Don't get me wrong, I love you but I wouldn't be so into your music if it weren't for Kaylee. She absolutely idols you! Her whole family loves you actually, her aunt Stacy got engaged at one of your concerts. Anyways, kaylee has been very upset lately because her parents just got divorced and one of her older brothers has been having issues. I really love her and would really like to make her really happy. Her birthday is coming up next week and I'm going to be on vacation in Florida. And to make it up to my friend, I would love to be able to send her some Beyoncé souvenirs. Now I'm not asking for you to visit her or anything, but sending her a message and/or something signed by you would really brighten her entire summer! Heck, her entire life! Please get back to me at

Submitted by Shantele (not verified) on

Hi bee. I know this might be a lot to ask but I thought it might be worth a shot. I'm one of Frank's hernandez's close coworker and a good friend. I was hoping that maybe you can just show up to sing "I was here at his" funeral in Texas I can't make it to funeral due to how expensive the ticket it is. I know it was a lot to ask be he was a huge fan. If you don't want to sing for free I understand maybe a free appearance would even be nice. But that might be ask for to much as well. But if you don't ask you'll never know. Have a great day bee.

Submitted by Lynne longworth (not verified) on

My 15 year old granddaughter went to see Beyoncé last night at The Stadium of Light Sunderland. Moments after Beyoncé came on stage she fainted and hit her head as she fell and was inconscious for a short time. She was taken to medical area and checked. Unfortunately she had to go to hospital and is still there at this moment. She has lost her memory of the full day. So disappointing for her she has been excited for so long to see Beyoncé. I would be so grateful if you could send her a signed photo . Although the important thing is that Chloe recovers from her short time memory it would be a bonus to receive something from her idol. Thankyou in advance if she is lucky to receive one.

Submitted by Mandy Redfern (not verified) on

You are my daughters hero !! A very talented singer herself travelled to see you on Tuesday and today is traveling even further to see you again !!
How wonderful it would be if you could get her on stage for a song!! She is right next to the stage tonight and so excited, and she cancelled a date with me to see you !!
She is my pride and joy and I love her so much.
I hope you see this message and make this mum very happy x x

Submitted by Melissa (not verified) on

I wanted to come to you because you a big voice in the black lives matter movement to both blacks and whites. Now with another life taken from us due to police brutality i see people on facebook saying how sad it is and how it must change. Everytime someone dies facebook and people go in an uproar until is fades away. I just think it would be a good idea for you to hold and event to bring people together. All people. To connect, make friends. Have speakers, victims of hate, police speakers. I think its time to bring people, everyone together. Our children are growing up in a scary world. Lets try to make it a safer place. Lets show whites that not all blacks are thigs and show blacks that not all whites are racist. Lets make a change. Use your voice!

Submitted by Phil (not verified) on

Stumbling across your statement regarding the very tragic events this week, it is so much more logical to lash out condemning stupidity than cops killing "us". Yes, i am white but if my own brother is stupid enough to not comply with authorities, yes, our family would no doubt mourn the loss, but concede he made a real bad decision to resist. A mistake that has resounding effects. I am just as sad as u for the families but the stupidity of non-compliance is something white, black, red, etc should take a little more to heart...especially if u are carrying a piece. Just saying.

Submitted by TLS (not verified) on

Fuck you Beyoncé you are part of the problem of the divided people. Use your position to do good things. You are not a good example of your race. You are an example of a woman who has no sense of her self or social consequences

Submitted by Cory on

Don't you see the irony of your cussing and accusing Beyonce of dividing people with your caustic words and assertion that she is not a "good example of your race?" I have no idea what race you are, TLS, but you are not a good example of it, either.

Submitted by Tannisha pressley (not verified) on

Beyonce I love you. And I don't know y u keep changing n loosing weight. When u was bootylicious u looked way better!!!!! N healthy thin is not good for u u r the beautiful woman ever. I would kill for ur body. N essays w these songs what happened to real music. R n b . Please go back I love you

Submitted by la'niyahbrynt (not verified) on

Beyoncé really your voice and your songs

Submitted by Tyna mclean (not verified) on

Beyonce I love I love diva,who run the world, and halo is my favorite and I know the whole dance to them I would to dance with you please and thanks

Submitted by SGT. Burt, William (not verified) on

I just wanted to let you know, even though you may never read this I thought you should know that you served a year in Afghanistan. I say this because while I was deployed in Afghanistan in Kandahar everyday your song "Halo" was our go to lucky song. We would never go outside the "wire" without listening to your song. I know it might not seem like a big deal but when your life is on the line everything is a big deal. I remember one day we were about to roll out and my gunner was like "SGT Burt what are we doing stop, put on Halo." Your song gave a sense of hope that we were going to be ok. Although we all had different religions we felt as though we had someone watching over us in some kind of way. I just wanted to say thank you. If you ever want to meet me im stationed at Fort Bliss, TX. Have a great America day!

Submitted by Ann Marie (not verified) on

Hi Beyoncé I'm writing you to tell you that my mother loves loves loves you and wants to see you she has said her dying wish is to see you on stage and I would love for you to give my mother her wish. My mother has cancer and has internal bleeding her liver is going we don't know how much longer we have with her can be a few months to a few years we just don't know I'm asking out with all my heart please please think about it and make my mother's dream come true thank you so much

Submitted by Michael Moore (not verified) on

Hello my name is Michael I live in South Bend from Chicago I just want to say you have always been beautiful to me and you are a great singer I really adore your music and love it to I'm glad that I'm getting the time to comment you hope I get one back if not that's okay. I really like you as a singer and the way you perform it shows that you are a strong black woman who cares about life not little things well I commented from the heart hope I hear from you again my email my number is five 7 four seven zero3 four nine seven 4

Love your #1 fan Michael

Submitted by Sunshine (not verified) on

Beyonce, I have been reading all the ignorant comment about your daughter, and the only conclusion I can come up with is, The Cyber Bullies are Jealous of her, Bottom Line, Because your child, Blue Ivy is beautiful. She is just as cute as any other child. All mother's are bias when it comes to their children,because I know my two are, the most beautiful children ever, All children are beautiful. And I wonder if these jealous cyber bullies would show their faces in person and make these ignorant comments,

Submitted by Sunshine (not verified) on

Beyonce, I have been reading all the ignorant comment about your daughter, and the only conclusion I can come up with is, The Cyber Bullies are Jealous of her, Bottom Line, Because your child, Blue Ivy is beautiful. She is just as cute as any other child. All mother's are bias when it comes to their children,because I know my two are, the most beautiful children ever, All children are beautiful. And I wonder if these jealous cyber bullies would show their faces in person and make these ignorant comments,

Submitted by Connie Smith (not verified) on

Hi Beyoncé
My daughter Aniyah has Loved you since she was a baby!! Her wish for her birthday every year remains the same, to be able to see you in concert. She's a dancer and a basketball player ranks number 1 in both!! We are so proud of this shy young lady we had no choice but to finally grant her wish. We live four hours away from St. Louis in Raymore, Missouri so we will be driving up. It's me and my four girls age 25,22,19 and my baby Aniyah who's turning 10... If this reaches you all I ask is if you could just wish her a happy birthday!! During the show!! One day our hopes is for her to meet you but the shout out is more than she can ever dream!! Thank you so much we love you!! And Happy Birthday!!
Thank you,
Connie Smith 816-812-7955

Submitted by Veronica (not verified) on

Both times I have seen you in concert I had to make had to walk miles the second time I had to be pushed most of the way. I am a heart patient and my device almost flipped over several times on the way, but I made it.

Submitted by erica (not verified) on

i would love to sing with or even to meet you and i dont just look up to you because you are famous but because your everything i always want to be

Submitted by anajah (not verified) on

ive wanted too come see you scence i was three i lov you im doing a report and i love u bad i wanna come see one of your shows i live in bay st louis ms and apt 38 and union st in ms

Submitted by anna (not verified) on

Hi Beyonce. Everyone knows your music is geat. Now let‘s get to the point: I think you should spread the idea of effective altruism. Please use all your power wisely. Thousands of people wish they had it just to do some good. This is from all the people who suffer and lack power. xxx

Submitted by I'm with Q (not verified) on

Beyoncé you and Jay Z are a disgrace to man kind .You thought people would follow but instead they have turned on you with eyes wide open they all can see now who you serve and what you do to the little children. It's all coming out soon you won't be able to walk down the street for people know and won't forget. Your sick. Enjoy your short time here on earth for your life beyond this world won't be anything like you expect and you deserve everything that's laid up in store for you. Good luck I hear its hot where your going. #MAGA

Submitted by Mrs. Washington... (not verified) on

Hello to you both. It is a pleasure to finally get the nerve up to write. I know that you and your husband are on tour now and may be a little busy, but I am taking the chance for my granddaughters. My granddaughters really know how to sing, at lease I think so, but I could be prejudice because I am there grandmother. I can see a lot of you in my granddaughter Tiana. In the since she sings and can write songs just by listening to the sound of the beats and music. I am so amazed by her and by all three of them. My wish is that you or your husband would take the time to just listen to some of her music. Feedback and whatever you can say to them or maybe even them help continue their dreams. I bet you probably get this all the time, so I would like to take the time out to say thank you for just listening to a grandmothers plea for the success of her granddaughters. These are sights you can hear them together and apart. Tiana Hartley( T-Danix) or Black sheep. Tanaya at or Nayah Hartley or Nayah Nation. You also will be able to hear all three of them on u-tube. Tiana and Nayah are on sound cloud. Congratulations on your tour and the two new additions to your family. thank you both again and give them hex out there.

Submitted by Joseph's Mom (not verified) on

After 7 miscarriages, I finally had a miracle baby at 43 years old. My baby is now 14 years old and nearly 6 feet tall. He absolutely adores you. I have shamelessly held these concert tickets over his head to get him motivated to raise his grades in school and he stepped up. As we get ready to drive to Santa Clara today for your concert, he is over the moon. Please say a little prayer for us. I have a nasty kidney stone acting up and I don't want to mess up this weekend for my son. I want to make it through the weekend without going to the hospital and making him miss the concert. Thank you for all the acts of kindness you do and for being an inspiration to my son.

Peace to all.

Joan (gritting my teeth in section 245 tonight)

Submitted by gerlisa (not verified) on

dear beyonce I been a fan for a long time I have every album that you make your my idol I always want to be like you be a star I love dancing to all your music and im a fan of jayz too I always wish I can see you in concert but I never had the money to go I was really sad when I couldn't I was also crying too like badly I wish I could sing with you on stage and everything and also backstage passes im always going to be your number one fan.

Submitted by Aya (not verified) on

Hey..i dont know if u truly read this
But i must tell thing
I have always had a wish
If i had one wish in my life would be spending three days with u at least
U inspire me ..i remember u every single time i do a step in my life ..
I love dancing ...i always say...if i dont dance just like beyonce i will never learn wht dance means ...
I see a tightrope between me and u ..across the distance just like u were my sister from so long time ago
Its a spirit talk
Ur eyes ..i can read eys
I can read spirit
I wanna be a hope icon just like u some doing my dance
I dont know
I just love u
Always be okay
Always hear ur heart just like u always do
And if the univers gave me one chance to meet u some day....i wud be so happy
On the echo of time we are standing
On the echo of souls
May ur soul cover the world with love an hope

Submitted by Chwayita “CK” Koza (not verified) on

Hi Bey

This is Chwayita from South Africa... I love you so much and your music has saved me from a lot of things including suicide. May God bless you and your entire family 🙂

Submitted by starr (not verified) on

it'd be nice if you made a bomb ass music video (much like formation) for black women. One idea is a video which features black women reclaiming our bodies - society tends to oversexualize black women. Give a nod to Sara Baartman and others like her and then switch to show black women reclaiming their bodies and owning themselves - like you and nicki etc. I know that'll be dope

Submitted by Kassandra (not verified) on

Beyoncé, hello, how are you? I pray you are experiencing the peace of GOD. I just watched “Life Is But a Dream,” for the first time. Really dope! Thank you! I love your music and have felt a strange sense of familiarity. Anyhow, I hope this reaches you and your family in wellness.

Your dear friend,
Kassandra Smith


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