Darius Rucker

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Darius C. Rucker
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Lead Singer for Hootie and the Blowfish
Country singles "Don't Think I Don't Think About It",

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Darius C. Rucker was born May 13, 1966 in Charleston, SC. He first gained fame as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the Grammy Award-winning rock band Hootie & the Blowfish, which he founded in 1986 at the University of South Carolina. He founded it along with Mark Bryan, Jim "Soni" Sonefeld and Dean Felber. The band has released five studio albums with him as a member, and charted six top 40 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. Rucker co-wrote the majority of the band's songs with the other three members.

Rucker's entry into the country world was met with some intrigue, largely because of his history as a rock musician and because he is African-American. Billboard magazine said that "there's a sense of purpose that makes Rucker feel like a member of the country family, rather than calculating interloper." In early 2008, Rucker signed to Capitol Records Nashville as the beginning of a career in country music. His first solo single, "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" making him the first African-American to chart a #1 on the Hot Country Songs charts since Charley Pride in 1983. In 2009, he became the first African American to win the New Artist Award from the Country Music Association, and only the second African American to win any award from the association.


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Submitted by jerrilyn Beasley (not verified) on

I am writing this for my nephew whis is 25 years old from Greenwood Sc who has a rare genetic disorder fragile x. Thank God he is a mild case but he loves music.His favorite Artist is Darius and he has every CD that Darius has ever made and plays them over and over. I am trying to get tickets for the Charlotte NC concert and would love it if someway he could meet Darius. I use to live in Columbia Sc back in the college days of Darius and use to hear him play at Rockefellers and In Five Points. My whole family loves Darius.. This is Sams BIGGEST WISH EVER. If any way possible for this to happen at the concert in Charlotte NC-Augist 29 -2015-It would greatly be appreciated-. My email is beasley_jerri8@yahoo.com

Submitted by Bill Casey (not verified) on

Hi I’m sure this will get filtered out and not be presented to Darius. But I needed to attempt something for my wife on this aspect. She has always loved Darius as a musician and just a person. Also has a crush on you. I love how he shakes his hips when he dances Jennie’s words. Anyway Jennie is 37 we have a 2 year old boy Thomas and a 5 year old girl Ella Jennie was diagnosed with multiple myeloma type of cancer that affects your blood and bone marrow we are currently within treatment at Dana Farber. Jen has been through so much other stuff. I wont go into detail on but she’s got a long road ahead of a treatment plan and its extremely serious sensitive matter, as I’m sure you understand. Now she has blood clots in her lungs. Which is a side affect from one of the cancer drugs. Anyway I was hoping a chance for her to meet Darius and if he would be able to sing a acoustic song or two It would be so kind and thoughtful and Jennie would love it and be so grateful. We can’t afford to go to the show in at Mohegan Sun this Saturday but would drive from Boston down to the area and meet where ever Darius requests
Thanks hope to hear from you all Bill 781 820 0706

Submitted by Judy (not verified) on

Hi! I don't know if Darius reads these things but I wanted to say thanks for many years of music! I loved him as Hootie and love him even more as a country artist. You will never know the hours of enjoyment your songs have given me. Your writing is so witty, on point and real. Every time I hear you on the radio, your voice is so distinctive - smooth as an aged bourbon....a balm for the soul. So, hopefully some one will pass this along to Darius and give him a hug for me.

Submitted by Michael Mason (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Rucker. I am a guy from Oklahoma and I was wanting to meet you and get some pointers from you on how to become a better singer and how to sing wagon wheel better. I love radio and come back song. I don't struggle with those two like u do wagon wheel.

Submitted by Kimberlie Clawson (not verified) on

I know this is a long shot, and i know you get a lot of messages asking to meet you. But, my fiance is seriously your biggest fan. We love your music, your messages, and everything you stand for. Wagon wheel is our song! I would love to have you play at our wedding as a wedding present to him. Or even send him a video. Braden and I met in highschool and we lost contact in the "adult world" right before my now 3 yr old was born we reunited. My son was born extremely early and was not supposed to live. At all. With all odds against him he made it. And Braden has been there every step of the way and been the father Paxton needed. He adopted him and has loved him and my daughter unconditionally. Then we welcomed a 3rd child into the world. Paxton now has autism and although my fiance provides a comfortable life for us i can not pay you what im sure is a very large ammount that you are used to. But i can pay you something! Please help me show my fiance how much i appreciate everything that he does. He's the part that makes us whole. He came back into my life when i was a single mother of 2, scared that i was about to loose a child. He fought with me by our sons side all that time in the hospital and then he gave me another baby which truly sealed a hole we never knew existed. I could not imagine life without this god loving, hard working man by my side. He loves us, provides for us, and supports me in all my dreams and all my business ideas (beleive me there's alot). Thankyou so much for taking the time to read this. Even the smallest gesture from you, whatever it may be will make him light up like a teenage girl at a kenney Chesney concert! Thankyou for the music you provide for us and the rest of the world. You truly are an amazing man.

Submitted by Melissa Roesinger (not verified) on

My daughter has her senior soccer day on Friday October 20 in Bayonne Nj. Her number 1 choice is THE university is South Carolina. We loved the SHOE. It would be totally awesome if you made a appearance. We are your biggest fan. GO GAMECOCKS!!!

Submitted by Robbie Snipes (not verified) on

Well I have been in Charelston for about 4 years. I love the area and have always loved your music. I have learned alot about this great city in the short time I have been here. And love telling the tourists everything I know. I know how much you do for the community. And the great show at the Joe that the Riverdogs put on. Guess you had a suprise birthday party there not long ago. I was there at the Stadium when they broke the attendance record so wr all got a record. Anyway I would love to meet you. Next time you goto a game walk out on the pier at Brittlebank park.. I am there alot just ask for crab man Robbie. Hooe to see you soon.

Submitted by Steve Schehr (not verified) on

Looking forward to your concert in Detroit Sept 7th. The first temp I saw you was in 1990 at Green Streets in Columbia. You were opening up for Tootie and the Jones. We were lucky enough to book your band at our sand volleyball tourney at Winthrop in 1991 at the lake. Then a few times at Bar 101 and the rest is history. It’s been fun watching your career success and can’t wait for a great show

Submitted by A mom (not verified) on

My only beautiful daughter and only child, Jessi, was a huge “Hootie” fan when she was in high school as was her dad and I. All the CDs, and a concert we all loved. She went to college but ended up falling in love with a friend in the Army and getting married and giving us all a gift of our only granddaughter, Maddy. After 3 tours in Iraq our son in law came home with severe PTSD and multiple health issues after a roadside IED trauma. He could no longer serve after the injuries and was honorably discharged after receiving a Purple Heart. Life was hard at times. The thing that always made her and my granddaughter smile was Darius’ song, “Wagon Wheel”. My daughter and granddaughter would dance every time it would come on. That’s one of my dearest memories from the week before my my daughter took her own life over 3 years ago. None of us left will ever recover but every time I hear your voice, Mr Rucker, I smile. My granddaughter mentioned one day that when she heard that “Wagon Wheel” song she thought about her mommy. She was 8 at that time so I bought her that CD so she could dance with her mommy anytime she wants. I have the same CD so that I can also dance with her if only in my dreams. We love you Jessi and will. Thank you for letting us hold on to her through your voice, Darius. I pray you see this at some point. You are so special to us. Thank you and God bless

Submitted by Donna Grosfeld (not verified) on

I became a Hootie and the Blowfish fan while I was in college at Western Carolina University (1990-94). You played at a bar called Bailey’s. That’s how my love for your music started.

I’m sure Darius would not remember this but I do…..you were performing New Years Eve 1994 in Winston Salem. My college roommate and I were there. Late afternoon, we were sitting at the bar of the hotel having drinks. I spotted Darius and Glen Phillips sitting at the bar. When the others thought I had lost my mind, I walked to the bar to see and then introduced myself. Darius then asked me to have a seat. I finished my drink, we chatted and I left them in peace. Didn’t even bug them for an autograph. What a way to celebrate NYE.

Fast forward a few years…..I met my now husband in 1996. Our first concert together was Hootie and the Blowfish at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Aug 23, 1996. Ironically we got married August 23, 1997.

I have waited patiently for a reunion tour that has been rumored for the last couple of years. Can you image how ecstatic I was to get an email telling me about the pre-sale of tickets on December 3rd!!!! I was logged on and ready. I wanted tickets to the Walnut Creek show on May 31 because that was a first for us. However, I live an hour from Virginia Beach and would have been happy with that too. Anyway, logged on and hung out in the “online” waiting room for about 30 minutes. As soon as the “online” doors opened the concert was sold out in 30 seconds. I tried twice to enter my credit card number and was kicked out. I was disappointed and still haven’t been able to let it go.

I have looked at the available “resale” tickets for months for both shows, but more focused on Virginia Beach now. The people or robots or companies that bought the tickets have made them unaffordable. I’m 47 now, I don’t want to be in the lawn, I want to be as close as possible because I’ve waited 23 years for this. At this point I will miss the show and what a bummer for me. I think something needs to be done about people buying up tickets to shows they’re not even going to just to resale them. It’s a huge problem in America. I’d love to see Artist stand up against this.

A disappointed fan but still love your music!

Everyone’s got a story, just thought I’d share mine.

~Donna Grosfeld

Submitted by Brenda Krimpler (not verified) on

Hi Darius, not sure if you will ever see this, but in 1998 I won tickets to a Hootie concert. I listened to you all the Time so my then 13year old daughter Jenna loved you too. We have both followed you into your amazing country career. For Christmas she gave me tickets for both of us to go o to your August 3rd performance. If at all possible could you send a shout out to me and my daughter Jenna to make this concert as special as the first one I took her to? Love ALL of your music.
Thank you,

Submitted by Amanda Warnick (not verified) on

I have waited my entire adult life to see you guys on stage. I paid for my husband, myself and my sister in law to see you. During the rain delay my husband got angry bc he lost us briefly. He made us leave. By the time I could hear the guitars warming up. He refuses to take blame for it. He threatened my life that night. Told me he would punch my face. All for nothing..bc there was a rain delay. I know he has problems but I never thought he would do this to his sister and me. I've been so excited about your show for months. I'm so sad. My heart is breaking. I wish you the best on the rest of your tour. I ALMOST got to see you!

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