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Kevin Durant currently plays forward for the NBA's Golden State Warriors. Durant has won an NBA Most Valuable Player Award, four NBA scoring titles, the NBA Rookie of the Year Award, and two Olympic gold medals. He has also been selected to six All-NBA teams and eight All-Star teams.

Durant was a heavily recruited high school prospect. He played one season of college basketball for the University of Texas, where he won numerous year-end awards and became the first freshman to be named Naismith College Player of the Year. In the 2007 NBA draft, he was selected with the second overall pick by the Seattle SuperSonics. After his rookie season, the team relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. Durant helped lead Oklahoma City to the 2012 NBA Finals, losing to the Miami Heat in five games. He played nine seasons for the Thunder organization before joining the Warriors in 2016.


NBA All-Star 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

NBA scoring champion 2010, 2011, 2012

All-NBA First Team 2010, 2011, 2012

NBA All-Star Game MVP 2012

NBA All-Rookie First Team 2008


Kevin Durant
c/o Golden State Warriors
Warriors Executive Office
1011 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607


Submitted by Esther Greenfield (not verified) on

Hi Kevin: We recently travelled to Italy, to the island of Sardinia. While there we met a kid named Lorenzo Mura who is a big fan of you. You are, in fact, his hero and his father has promised to take him to the US to attend one of your games. I would like to ask if you would be willing to send me a photograph of you inscribed "To Luca Mura" so that I could send it as a surprise to Lorenzo? If you would, my address is Esther Greenfield, 104 Farraday Road, Durango, CO 81303. I am 71 years old and know very little about basketball, but do know the joy a kid would feel at getting an autographed photo from his hero!

Submitted by Mrs.Whatley & M... (not verified) on

November 12, 2015
Dear Mr. Durant,
I started off this school year not knowing who you were. Now I hear your name echoed through my classroom, down the hallway and written on almost every paper of one of my students. Idol, hero, superstar….these are all words I could use to describe your impact on my second grader King Brown, but truly you are larger than life to him.
I would like to take this moment to tell you about King “The’Archie” Brown. He is an active student that eats, drinks, sleeps and lives basketball and Kevin Durant. Our mornings start off in the bleachers of our Title 1 school in north Memphis. King is waiting to go to class and all the while he is shooting imaginary baskets. Walking through the hallway he mentions you and tells me about upcoming championships and games he wants to attend. As I am getting the attention of my class, I say “All eyes on me.” The students all say back in unison, “All eyes on you!”… all but one. I hear King say, “All eyes on Kevin Durant!!” The other students may giggle or snicker quietly. They don’t understand the challenges King faces in his everyday life. After our morning board work, I check over the students’ journal entries and find your name written prominently on King Brown’s paper….every day.
When King enters his math class he is still excited about you. King’s math teacher uses you as an incentive to complete his work. She allows him to write your name at the bottom of any assignment (if completed), and this makes him so excited. If he needs redirecting with his behavior we tell King we will call you. Today we had a rough day, and though you don’t know it, we had to “call” you twice. He does not want to disappoint you.
King faces daily challenges both socially and academically. Last month tragedy hit home for King and his family. Over Fall Break his father was a victim of gun violence. King has lost so much, but still carries on with a bright smile and is ready to conquer the day. In a world where young African American males need more positive male role models, King has lost one of the most influential. He still looks up to you daily as a hero and inspiration. Mr. Durant, I am asking you to help change one boy’s life forever! We at STAR Academy humbly invite you to visit our school and meet King in person.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Sarah Whatley and Mrs. Erica Bryant
Reading Teacher Math Teacher

Submitted by Creshonna (not verified) on

Hi Kevin im Creshonna Price. I have 3 amazing kids. My boys love to see you play ball and as a matter of fact it is the only time their not arguing. At least until this year we recently lost our house and moved in with my mother law and father and law. Its been kind of a rough patch because we're used to having our on space. My kids have been having trouble in school. It could possibly be according to the move. My youngest son Amar'e Jones really looks up to you and talks about wanting to be like you everyday. He is 5 and his older brother Ja'kaylen has been getting into lots of trouble also. I know your busy a lot but could you please pay them a visit one day are maybe when your in Miami which is closer to where we are located can you make a way from them to see you play ballor even maybe send them a card with your autograph and photo of you with the basketball?

Submitted by Clint Smith (not verified) on

If we were able to drive up to a home game would it be possible to get a high 5 with my 10 year old son? He has Spinal Bifida we live close to Houston Texas
If I can have an email I'll send a quick background story
He loves basketball and you are one of his favorites, (mine too)
Your a good man and a great example to others

Submitted by Chris Huffman (not verified) on

Mr. Durant,
Five years ago, my then 9 year old son was having difficulty running, walking and competing in sports. He being the last of five children and coming from a very competitive, sports oriented siblings he was very down. So as any mother would do I look him to a physician to find out what was going on. First, I was just told he was just gaining weight and he had to get it off. So as a concerned and then upset mother I asked myself, "how is that possible when he can't hardly run without pain in his hips, legs and feet"? Determined and not satisfied with that answer I was out to find out why my baby was in so much pain. So I proceeded on my phone challenge to Shiners Children's Hospital in Missouri and Illinois. I begged for someone to get him in and see him and Chicago was happy to accommodate. So as we waited for the appointed my son turned to the obsession of basketball and KD since he was unable to participate. During this whole time my son never lost the hope he would be able to play ball again, he was always so positive and I only have you to thank for that, so Thank you. So the wait came and it's the day of the appointment so we head 4.5 hours north to Chicago. He was diagnosed with Bilateral de-rotational ostiotomy. So he he needed both femurs broke, plated and screwed for the first surgery and then it all removed for the second surgery. What huge disappointed was seen in this 9 year old son face but he was in so much pain he didn't care. So with his input we proceeded and scheduled his first surgery. Fast forward 5 years. As of this year my son is sometimes starting on his local junior high basketball team. He had both his surgeries, lots of rehab ando is doing great. OKC has been his team for 5 years and I'm 100% positive he would never have stepped foot back on a court without you all. So with the Christmas holiday here in a few weeks all he keeps asking for is tickets to a game and he is getting them and has no idea. We are traveling to Indiana in March to see you and OKC so if at all possible could a autograph be possible? If not I completely understand. We will still be there 12 rows behind the bench. Thank you for your time and your encouragement to all the young. Go OKC and KD!!!!

Submitted by Kanishk Dargani (not verified) on

Hey Kevin Durant im 13 years old from philippines im a huge fan of you when i was 7 all i knew was you since day 1 been following you i hope i can see you soon and watch okc game live would be my only dream thanks allot for the time

Submitted by Bryce Woods (not verified) on

Hi Kevin,
So we are at a college Christian conference in OKC and we are competing for some court side tickets to the thunder game tomorrow. We need the best secret handshake out of 1500 college students and I was just thinking, if you were to join us in said handshake (5 seconds max, promise), we would have a pretty good shot at winning the competition. I hope you consider helping your #1 and #2 fans!!!

Thanks Kevin

Submitted by Denise Lopez (not verified) on

Mr. Kevin Durant
I asked my son what he wanted for his sweet 16th birthday and he said all he wants is to be able to go to a Oklahoma Thunder game to see his favorite player Kevin Durant. I know you will be here in Arizona Feb. 8th, 2016, playing the Suns. We wanted floor side tickets but too expensive and we cannot afford them, My son would love to receive tickets if possible. God Bless and Thank You!!

Submitted by Owen (not verified) on

Yo kev you are the best player in Nba history I own seven pairs of your shoes. I would love to meet you and get your autograph.

From Your number one fan

Submitted by LaDonna Fazendine (not verified) on

Mr. Durant,

I am going to keep this short and sweet as I know you are busy person. My Aunt Liz Turner has watched you play everytime the Thunder has played...she absolutely adores you. She is very ill and we don't know how much longer we will have this woman in our lives. Is there anyway possible you could come see her? She lives in Sapulpa, Ok. Thank you for anything you can do. And as always....THUNDER UP!! ☺

Thank You,
LaDonna D. Fazendine

Submitted by Terrence Price (not verified) on

Hey Kevin Durant my name is Terrence Price and I live in Monett,mo. I am a basketball player just like you. I hope to grow up one day and be just like you. I like your bags also they are so cool. I want one of the three zipper ones, but my family is too poor to have something like that. I was thinking really long and hard about this. I know it is a dumb question but... I was wondering if you could send me one of your bags. I know you probley won't see this but if you do can I have your e-mail with it that would be my dream. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Submitted by Jacob ingram (not verified) on

Hey kd im a huge fan and have been ever since you got drafted all i wish is to meet you because you inspire me to push myself to be the best at everything in life not just basketball and i just want to say your the real mvp and good luck chasing the ring this year #dreamchaser

Submitted by Cyrus (not verified) on

Hi my name is Cyrus and I am one of your big fans i am 12 years old and I am good at basketball and want to be like you one I would like to meet you I really look up to you Kd

Submitted by Kathy Huang (not verified) on

Proud okc’s play so far. Don’t celebrate yet. Please keep play hard defense/offense/block aggressively with confidence to win game4 which on ur city. Better to lead from 1st qtr through the last second. Don’t let Curry/Thompson scores. I’ll pray for your team everyone win safely.

Submitted by Kathy Huang (not verified) on

Please review the strategy, play as a team to offense/defense/block curry confidently & aggressively, lead scores from beginning, take homecourt advantage to win tonight game then it'll be easy for okc. Never let Curry & Thompson score. Remember play fast, strong quick and deadly. Confident and cocky and sizzling and snarling and the last second of the game then you must can win tonight’s game.

Submitted by Elton Bowler (not verified) on


Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

My best friend's birthday is coming up and SHE LOVES YOU SOOO MUCH AND WANTS TO BE A BASKETBALL PLAYER TOO i would really love it if you could make a video saying happy birthday to her it would be absolutely amazing pleaseeee

Submitted by Alexis (not verified) on

Kevin Durant , I am one of your biggest fans. Even though you will probably never see this. I have faith & hope that you will , you probably won't respond but that's okay. Every since I found out who you were I became a fan , I love the OKC Thunder and I think you are one of the best players on the team. I also have your KD 7s. I was so excited when I found out that your team was going to the NBA finals and I watched every game you played against the Warriors. You guys were so close and I don't want you all to give up we will be the champions next year. I watched the movie you made for your mom (the Wanda Durant story) it was so heart warming. I also watched your offseason full documentary and thunderstruck. I have always wanted to go to one of your games. Hopefully I can order my tickets in time. I have stuck with the same team since I started watching basketball and that's OKC Thunder. I also have always wanted to meet you maybe that is way too much to ask for but even though you are 6'9 and I am probably not tall enough I would love to take a picture with you to put on my wall . I know you probably get a lot of these type of messages from fans but this one is different , this one is from one of your number one fans. It would make my whole day if you replied or even liked this. But I'm going to stop here I just wanted you to know that you do have a number one fan out there (me) who supports you and your team all the way, keep up the good work out there on the court.

Submitted by Alexis (not verified) on

Kevin Durant , I am one of your biggest fans. Even though you will probably never see this. I have faith & hope that you will . Every since I found out who you were I became a fan , I love the OKC Thunder and I think you are one of the best players on the team. I also have your KD 7s. I was so excited when I found out that your team was going to the NBA finals and I watched every game you played against the Warriors. You guys were so close and I don't want you all to give up we will be the champions next year. I watched the movie the Wanda Durant story it was so heart warming. I also watched your offseason full documentary and thunderstruck. I have always wanted to go to one of your games. I have stuck with the same team since I started watching basketball and that's OKC Thunder. I also have always wanted to meet you maybe that is way too much to ask for but even though you are 6'9 and I am probably not tall enough I would love to take a picture with you to put on my wall . I know you probably get a lot of these type of messages from fans but this one is different , this one is from one of your number one fans. It would make my whole day if you replied or even liked this. I just want you to know that you do have a number one fan out there (me) who supports you and your team all the way.

Submitted by jaderious dirden (not verified) on

Mr.Durant you are my favorite basketball player there is no bigger fan than me I been through so much adversity through my short 15 year life I have had plenty ups an downs in my life I have got kicked out of my home 5 times an have been in cps an still dealing with it an till this day an I just play sports to clear my mind an hope to make it through the day an every thing I do i do it for my family an my kids cause I don't want them to struggle like I am having too an I admire you so much an I feel like nobody can hold you " but I want my turn " an please respond I really just need some hope in my life to know that the person I admire the most have my back an there for me

Submitted by Degreat (not verified) on

A kd go play with Bron b a winner,you gotta win. So, you getting old straining yo go play with yo homie and bekome winners..fuk ppl thoughts ..jus sayin da NBA get in younger, it want age .you will

Submitted by Pete (not verified) on

With your free agency pending, I'd like you to think about coming home to DC and playing for the Wizards. This is your native stomping grounds Kevin. We need you man, it would be our first shot at a championship. You and Wall would go together like peanut butter and jelly. He can't do all the work by himself anymore, and our perimeter shooting is pretty solid, but with you at the helm think of how much better our inside play would be, and you would be playing for your home town. I know it's unlikely Kevin but just give it some thought. We have cap space, and hopefully can let one of our scrubs go to give you a bigger salary. You would also be under your old coach. It seems like this would be picture perfect for you but let me lay out all the reasons again. Championship run, old coach, great passing point guard, nice salary, and playing for your hometown. We need you KD

Pete (go wizards)

Submitted by O C (not verified) on

God bless you sir. You are blessed, you will shine, you will prosper. Put God first in all your decisions. I pray that you will have joy unspeakable. Jesus set you free, you can not be bound. God bless you and your family.

Submitted by Yoselin Sanchez (not verified) on

Thank you letter for Kevin Durant, thank you for the tears, I love having swollen eyelids, Thank you for ruining my 4th of July I couldn't celebrate it happily , and Thank you for bringing a whole nation down buy I truly wish the best for you I really do hope you win your championship with the warriors

Submitted by Courtney M. (not verified) on

MR. Durant there where so many other tems in the NBA that you could have enriched . It's like you gave in and gave up on your personal ability to lead a team that needed you. I have nothing aganist the warriors or you leaving OKC. You were there for a very long time and wanted to try something new as you said. However there were so many other teams in the NBA I would have jumped for joy to see you bring the challenge on at. I will never forget when you and OKC beat the Spurs to make it the finals. You guys didn't win a physical ring that year, but you sure did win my faith and other basketball fans I know of. I ran out and got your Jersey, wore it all week to the park and even dinner. You are a key player in the NBA Kevin . Next season will be such a drag watching a super team destroy everything in their path . Take care Kevin and stay healthy. What happened to the fighting spirit in the NBA? ..sigh..

Submitted by Tina Livingstone (not verified) on

I teach second grade in Oklahoma. I don't really watch sports but I did watch some of your play-off games. I just saw another news story of someone slamming you for leaving the Thunder. I hope you just ignore all that. You were a great role model for my second graders. You love your mom and your actions on the court and off make her proud. Thank you for your tremendous contributions to our state and I'm sorry people are jerks. Enjoy the ride. Tina Livingstone

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

Why would you leave okc you guys were one game from the NBA finals you could of signed a one year contract with okc and tried again and going to gs that bull banwagner

Submitted by jacob bell (not verified) on

im a senior in highschool and i was hoping that you could mentor me on my senior project for me to graduate this year

Submitted by makayla copeland (not verified) on

hey kevin Durant my name is Makayla Copeland I have a little sister her name is Kaydence Mitchell she really likes you she wants to be just like you when she gets older hes 11 years old she is in state basketball she goes everywhere playing basketball just last week she broke her middle finger in practice she got really mad and she really wants to me like you I will be leaving soon for school in college so I was wouldering if maybe you can make a trip out here for her birthday September 20th I would pay whatever to let her see u I had a dream about being a basketball player but I messed up my knee in middle school now my mom and I gave my dream to my little sister and my little brother he has cerebral palsy and he also loves football so I'm trying my best to let there dreams to come true but please email me back.. thank you for your fanpage...

Submitted by Mark Allred (not verified) on

Dear Mr Durant,
On Wednesday February 22nd I will be giving the invocation at my local Rotary meeting, in Asheboro NC at 12:00 pm. I have decided to share with our club my passion for basketball , I was a recreational basketball coach for 10 years, a referee for 7years , in Middle School and JV. But my message will be about your influence on my life and what you are doing everyday to promote Jesus Christ to all who follow you as a role model. I am pretty sure many of the Rotarians may have heard of you, but maybe not. But I am very sure they have no clue of you're faith and you're commitment to use your platform to promote Christ. Thank you for what you do and know that your work is reaching many.
Mark Allred

Submitted by Robert DeFrancesca (not verified) on


If you stay healthy you will probably pass him but don't dis on Shaq. He is number 9 on NBAs Top 50 players. You are number 24.

Look up the numbers man. And don't tell me your boy you are sticking up for is an innocent angel. You could not handle the hack a Shaq strategy because you are not as strong as him. Look at the numbers bro.

Shaq deserves your respect.

Grow up man.


Submitted by Edwin (not verified) on

Kevin I hope god bless you for ever. I want you recover as soon as possible to help my nba team to be the champion for 2017.

For me your are the best basketball player.

Edwin F. Rodriguez Cruz
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Submitted by Treye Namaka (not verified) on

You are my absolute favourite player ever I watch your games all the time, I waited 9 months to buy my self a pair of kd9's and Im kinda bummed cause Nike wouldn't refund me even though I was just balling with the boys in Winnipeg (Indoor of course) KD IDC IF U REPLACE THE KD's I just wanna meet u even if it is over social media.

Submitted by Quincy Siemer (not verified) on

Hey kd um your my favorite nba player I’ve liked you since college when you played for the longhorns and um I just wanted to let u know that I’m deaf and your my hero but I have 2 cochlear implants to help me hear. Btw I’m 6’2 in 7th grade rn I live in Iowa but your doing great keep up the great work kd

Submitted by Mari Moore (not verified) on

I completely agree with you, my dude. The media needs to leave you alone and you have a right to not speak until your decisions been made and the media needs to stop going into other people's business and you have the right to not trust anyone. And you can have a break from the media bombarding all on you and your personal stuff. I love you Kevin Durrant and your style of basketball and you are so cool and you have a way better attitude than Sucky Russell Westbrook and you are a better basketball than him so shots fired to Westbrook

Submitted by Dennis (not verified) on

Media talks too much leave Kevin alone and let him do his thing.. He said grow up..! Good for you kevin.. They have stupid deadlines To write nothing.. Too many sports writers out there they get mixed up.. I'm not a sports writer but a Warrior'a fan..since1974..

Submitted by Woody (not verified) on

Once again you boys are doing excellent KD
Enjoy the all star game me and few friends will be checking it out at party

Hopefully joe lacobe will open the pocket book up next year we need you back big fella .

Besides that NY media sucks almost as bad as phili

I don’t blame you about the press they suck also
They seem to print what they want .

Let’s get another ring partner

Take it easy

Submitted by Cindy Torres (not verified) on

Hi Kevin,
I enjoy watching you and the warriors play. My grandkids got me started and now I can’t stop.I love basketball. I got to see you guys one time in Phoenix, I was so excited.
The whole appreciation for basketball is the way you and Steph Curry show that the Lord gave you this talent and you always honor him before the game. Even the way you guys act on the court with a peace, never getting mad always staying calm, even with the pest Beverly on you lol.
My grandson went through what you did, with his dad leaving him when he was young and his mom got sick. My daughter struggled to raise her to kids. The sad part was that my grandson loved basketball and had a coach that beat him down bad. He would shoot 3’s in such a pretty way like you. Now because of what he went through with his coach he won’t even try out for middle school.
I watch Your coach Steve Jerr and no matter what happens in the game he always gives you guys high fives and never talks down to you guys like I watch other coaches in NBA.
Kevin you were blessed to have a mother like yours and my grandson is blessed to have his mother who has stuck by him through thick and thin. I watched when you thanked your mother, you are a very good son.
I see the appreciation you have for your team and the game is not just about you, as you will set up plays for your team. Not like Harding where it is all about him. My grandson was like that to, even setting up plays for an autistic boy. You just remind me so much of my grandson, except he’s loosing his love for basketball.
I read all the things people ask for from you money and everything. It’s so sad, you have worked so hard for what you have. All I’m asking is on one game when you go out to a game and raise your arms to the Lord that you mention Petejo name so he can get the confidence and love for basketball back. Maybe someday he can be just like you.
Also let Steph Curry know we love him to he has so much patience and I love how he loves his family and raises his hands to the Lord also. The whole team is great and I hope you guys take number 1 again.
I don’t know if you actually read all these emails, but if you do thank you for your time. May the Lord bless the rest of your Carrer and the Warriors through their next games, and no injuries.

Nana Cindy

Submitted by Patrick Walden (not verified) on

Hey we need ya!! Thanks for all you do. May god bless you!!

Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on

I am a Raptor's Fan and have not seen Golden State play until these finals. I didn't understand the fuss about you KD until i saw you play in Game 5. You are an amazing player. You are so strong! Within minutes of seeing you play I became your fan and cried when you got hurt again. I am so very sorry you can't play for awhile. Thoughts and prayers are with you for a full recovery. :)

Submitted by Kelly Adams (not verified) on

Just wanted to reach out to say Sorry for the way our fans responded, to your injury. Although I'm a die hard Raptor fan, both my husband and I thought last night's actions, were horrible. You are a human being first and foremost and that was obviously not the fans' first thoughts. They only cared about a win. Who wants to win like that??
Again, although I was at home watching with my family, I still say 'Sorry'.
All the best in your recovery and future.
Kelly Adams

Submitted by Dylan (not verified) on

First and foremost, I pray all is well with your recovery. And I hope you have a full recovery. I am a huge golden st. Fan and I have a really good suggestion that may help win this series. Please pass this to the coaching staff if you see this. Let Boogie in the starting line-up. Feed him in the post, set high screens with him and make him score. The splash brow will eat regardless. Make him score. He’s capable of it. He can sacrifice a little transition defense to save energy. Slow the game down a little, it will confuse Toronto and get them uncomfortable. Make good shot selection and force the paint. They will not be able to stop him. Please pass this along. Thank you.

Submitted by Mary-Lou McCann (not verified) on

Sorry to see your injury last night. As a Canadian basketball fan, I would like to say the reaction to your injury by some fans was totally ignorant. I think you were hurried back into the line up, by your coach or yourself. Your coach should have insisted you have more time to recover from your calf injury. I really hope you can recover over the summer and come back and play as well as you and your fans know you can. Best of luck, even if I am hoping Toronto wins.

Submitted by Octavia (not verified) on

Dear Kevin, we love you, and we are praying to God to heal, and restore you. We are not just praying for your basketball career, but your whole life. We pray God give you the desires of your heart, and bless you, and your family. Thank you for the joy you have given us playing your game. The best is yet to come! Trust in God, you can depend on him. He will never leave you or forsake you! Much love little brother!

Submitted by Donald Ross (not verified) on

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Kevin! I have been watching the Warriors since the Al Attles, Nate Thurmond, Rick Barry days. My wife and I love to watch you and your teammates try for a 3 peat. But our hopes were never to win at all costs. Losing you to this injury is going to cloud the NBA Finals outcome even if the W’s come back to win. Please accept our prayers and best wishes for a full recovery. Thank you for all that you do for basketball and the Bay Area.

Submitted by Bob Housley (not verified) on

As an Warriors Fan I wish KD a very fast and COMPLETE recovery! Kevin has our love and FULL support! We thank him for all his commitment to Team and too the Warrior Fan base and Team. We Pray he stays a Warrior forever!!! God Bless you for who you are as not only an amazing player but also for your human integrity!!! Please heal quickly

Submitted by Meryl Bronstein (not verified) on

Dear Kevin Durant,

I want to thank you for always being an incredible inspiration to me and to the world. Watching you play, no matter for which team and no matter which game, you are always the picture of Zen. So centered, so focused, so calm. Your heart, your integrity, your amazing abilities are always So amazing. My husband and I have had the good fortune to see you live on two separate occasions and always react with awe and joy. My heat goes out to you as you continue to persue greatness and to overcome physical and emotional adversity and recover from your injury. You are a Zen Master. Your heart will lead your way. Thank you for your inspiration for all who aspire to be greater then they presently are. You will always lead the way.

Meryl Bronstein

Submitted by Paul Anderson (not verified) on

The actions you experienced in Toronto the other night are not typical of how we feel or act.
I was not at the game but watching from home.
I wish you all the best and have the utmost respect and admiration for you and your abilities.
Prayers for you brother

Submitted by Paul Archibald (not verified) on

Contrary to popular belief and to how it appeared when you went down with an injury in game 5, Canadians really do care and I totally disagree with the views of a couple of your colleagues (Mr Green and Mr Cousins) who just about trashed ALL Canadians.

In my view, you were the best player on the court up to when you left the arena. Remember that we are people too and we were also very emotional and saw how great you played. There were sighs of amazement at how very well you played. Also, this is the first trip to the the finals for the Raptors.

I personally want to wish you the very best and I know you will have a complete recovery. The game is not the same without you.

-Paul A

Submitted by Winston Drakes (not verified) on

I just want to send sincere Best wishes to Mr.Kevin Durant. I wish you a speedy recovery and May the good Lord continue to Bless you and your family with good health and happiness. You're such a wonderful human being and a fantastic role model. You are Blessed.

Winston Drakes
One of your biggest fans.


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