Amanda Bynes

Birth Name: 
Amanda Laura Bynes
Best Known For: 

Holly Tyler in "What I Like About You"

Short bio: 

Amanda Bynes was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, CA. She's the youngest of three children. Bynes first appeared on television in a commercial for Buncha Crunch candies. She also did a ton of stage work appearing in shows like "Annie," The Secret Garden," and "The Sound of Music. Later, Bynes became a regular cast member of Nickelodeon's "Figure It Out" and "All That" and later starred in her own sketch comedy show called "The Amanda Show" in 1999. Bynes made her film debut in 2002's "Big Fat Liar". Her first leading role was in 2003's "What a Girl Wants", co-starring with Colin Firth, Oliver James, and Kelly Preston. But she's best known starring alongside Jennie Garth in The WB's "What I Like About You" from 2002 - 2006.


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Submitted by Chad davidson (not verified) on

Amanda your the most beautiful amazing women in the world I'm so inlove with you. I'd give anything to be with you

Submitted by Bri Borger (not verified) on

Hi, so Apparently I am made my mom record you are my VHS every night you performed! You will always be the most iconic girl I’ve ever seen on TV! Till this day 2021 all me and my girls will sit in binge watch all your movies all the time and will will have like 2000 movies every single freaking movie we watch has you in it! I hope you’re doing well because you were you inspired so many girls of my generation that I hope you know that we still love you so freaking much! It’s 2021 and none of the 1990 girls are over you we fucking love you and I hope you’re doing well Amanda because I am still in number one fan girl

Submitted by Bobby Hanson (not verified) on

You're a few years older than me, but just wanted to say that I used to love seeing you on All That! And when you did you're own show the Amanda Show. I think I was like 9 or 10. Anyway I grew up in the 90s and a lot of shows from that time I keep in my heart. Please keep up the good work.


Ps. I don't care for autographs or anything, nor am I saying 'I'm in love with you' or anything like that. I just want to say that you are a terrific actor and I hope you do some amazing things!

Submitted by Marshall (not verified) on

Amanda welcome back to mainstream you will do great. Knowing you got a mark on some audiences sight only means you will forever be remembered. Like some other elite you now are able to change the flow of the stars. Im hoping you get through the issues and use your away time to your advantage. Assisting poor people and allowing psychiatric personal to teach you the reality you know brings you to the next chapter in your life. Network strong with the people you know and grow the individuals that you come into contact with.

Submitted by Nathaniel (not verified) on

You've always been awesome Amanda. You're great. Hope everything's going well for you and I hope everything continues to go well. You don't need to be a celebrity to be a star.

Submitted by Eddie (not verified) on

Dear Amanda, I stumbled on an older movie you were in, and ignorant in knowing who Amanda Bynes is or was at the moment, I was inspired by your acting but more on how funny you were in that movie that gift you have. My health isn't all that so I felt that to cheer me up I would watch "your the man" again, and after the movie I googled Amanda Bynes, to know whom this person was. It was all coming back to me a little bit before though, your that funny girl in the Amanda Show! Your show! Ok, I remember now. I always loved you in that show, you were so funny on it. But also I want to thank the director in "your the man" for putting it together the way they did. Oscar performance! I know at least half is owed to the director/writer, who ever it was. Anyways I was heartbroken to see you out of shape and it dawned on me that age, no one's immune to it, I used to think at some point in my life I was handsome but now I'm over weight, and for the life of me I can't stop over eating, smoking and drinking. Plus I can't exercise like I planned when I was younger when I used to read men's health magazine and I feel that my body has changed so much, that I might not get to be able to see such a day. All the drugs, smoking, over eating, neglect. It breaks my heart to see you in the same boat, but I wish that you can see your day again and try to stay away from that smoking. You inspired me to laugh and I would like to say that more than anything I love a girl with a sense of humor. You inspire me to write to you, something I never dreamt of doing, but most important take care of your body.

God bless your future works and best wishes, I hope to see you overcome your challenges, always a fan, and I'd love you in whatever shape your in but, you still got some fire in you, turn it around and keep doing.

Sincerely your's Ed

Submitted by Cassidy P (not verified) on

Just wanted to say I read your break the internet interview and I am so happy to see you doing so well. I grew up watching your shows and movies and always thought you were so beautiful and hilarious! I went through the same drug abuse you did around the same time, and reading about your experience really resonated with me. Thank you for coming back into the spotlight and sharing your experiences with us. You really are inspiring and have the potential to shine light on so many young people. Can’t wait to see what you do next!!

Submitted by Marco (not verified) on

Hey amanda its marco from Michigan just wanted to let you know that I well we all care about you an really want the best for you. I met you at great lakes crossing shopping mall in Michigan in the early 2000 you told me to get ahold of you after your manager or assistant pulled you forward. So just letting you know love you your shows an movies just want the best for you your friend marco

Submitted by Samuel Rooks (not verified) on

Hello Amanda, My life growing up was always watching your amazing performances as an actor. Your beauty is one that captures the heart of any man, even one such as myself seeing as how I am a gay man. Every man should have the opportunity to say there is one woman i life they would be willing to give their heart to and my choice always has and always will be you if I ever got the chance to be with a woman. Now, to be honest I cannot stand all the hateful experiences that you have went through because this world saw an amazingly beautiful soulful person and used it up to the point of no longer able to cope. If everyone loved you so much as they say they do it should really start to show. One thing that took me a long time to realize, even in my life, was that this world will use you til they find no more value in you anymore. I realize that your experience is very different than mine but I wanted to say how proud I am for you finally sticking up for yourself, even if it wasn't in a way that the world wanted. You define you, the world no longer gets that privilege. You worked so hard to be where you are and I only hope I can measure up to that i some way. I am sitting at work now watching your movie What A Girl Wants and that was the very movie that brought out all your innermost beauty. Inside and out. If I ever get a chance to travel to California, I would be honored, privileged, and grateful to even just have a lunch with you. I would prefer a whole day with you, shopping, sights, maybe hiking in the mountains since I could use some exercise. Just a day with you and seeing the world through your eyes, NO ONE ELSE's. If you ever just needed a friend I would be so grateful to be that friend to you. All I ask in return is your honesty. I will gladly give you the appropriate attention you deserve and the honesty in return as well. I may not be the smartest man in the world but I am the most soulful honest guy in the world. This message is from my heart and I pray it reaches you because you deserve it so much.

Submitted by Jules (not verified) on

I'm Jules .I live in Texas. My birthday is coming up on the 28th of April. I saw something special in you. I know you've heard that a million times. My cousin lives in Hollywood. I'm more of a Broadway kind of girl. I think you and me could talk. if you'd like to look me up on Facebook. Julia C. Peppel.
P. S. I think you need a friend.

Submitted by Vicki S. (not verified) on

Amanda the things of this world are passing. We are a vapor in the wind. Here today gone tomorrow. God loves you so much that He sent His one and only son to save you to reconcile us back to Him through Jesus. He loves you. You can come as you are. This world will destroy you without a thought. Give Him all of your broken pieces. Don't let satan take you out or down. Read the book of John. Praying for you. You will be free if you let Him.

Submitted by Adele R. (not verified) on

Hey Amanda,

I have been a fan of the shows/movies/interviews you've done for as long as I can remember. I think you're an exceptional actress and an inspiration for aspiring young actors/actresses. Although there's a lot that happens behind closed doors, and we can't say for sure that we know your struggles, I would like to believe that we would get along if we ever crossed paths. It's impossible to know who the real Amanda is, especially given how the media scrutinizes your every move, but it would be interesting to see that you're just a person living your life to the best of your abilities. People are so quick to judge, when in reality we're all pretty much the same at surface level. Anyways, hope life is treating you well and can't wait for your next release.

Submitted by Gabriel valdez (not verified) on

Hey just wanted to say keep your head up girl aint nothing you cant handle if you can make it through the dark theres a brighter day we all go through stuff in this world but at the end of the day thats what makes us who we are what your going through is tuff but i believe your strong enough to make it through what ever it is that your going through were rooting for you your a blessing thats been given to the world to bring us joy your a star cant wait to see you get better

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

I'm proud of you for still doing this movie star thing. I'm proud of you for being confident about taking a break from it and finding out what you want to channel your energy towards and how to go about it.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

my birthday is also April 3rd

Submitted by Brenda Meyers (not verified) on

Hello I’m almost 60 and believe me seen some shit in my life. I don’t know you but I want you to be positive and believe in yourself. You are amazing. Everything you have done. I cannot claim that. I am a addiction/ domestic violence counselor in the state of Colorado. CACIII. Bachelor degree. I fell sick with a stupid bone illness so I haven’t worked in a year.
I just wanted to tell you to be true to you do not allow all the crap that this crazy world can give out to get to you. I definitely see strength in you. Always know that is something you have . You are smart well spoken strong and very capable. I also have bipolar Somedays are better then others but we just keep pushing. You will get where you need/want to be. Alway here for you and always in my thoughts and prayers.. Love you sugar!!!

Submitted by Aaron Kay (not verified) on

My first Wife was a recipient of a TBI, and I was appointed her Conservatorship for several years.My second Wife struggled with similar health issues as yours were diagnosed. I am 56 years old, and my Wife is 43, though no longer prone to psychotic episode. The worst she suffers is a bit of Insomnia. If you ever want support, or a vent, please let us know. My Wife grew up in LA, now 3,000 miles away. Life is funny that way. Feel free to contact my Wife or I. Best regards.

Submitted by Pamela lovato (not verified) on

Hi my name is Pamela I her up watching u I'm sure u heard that before but the last few years you have really been going through alot. I just want you to know that you are definitely not alone you may not know me and I don't know you but I know we are all in these struggles together no matter who we are or how much money we have or family we have and friends. We still feel alone and that nobody cares or knows us for who we really are in this life. If u ever need someone to really just listen to you and not judge u for who u were or are now I am always willing to just let u vent and talk. I'm sure u have plenty of people to help u with that and listen to you. But I don't know you to judge you or look down on you. I think no matter what there is always a way to make things better and to change who u are. If you want to do nails then you should definitely do it you always look so pretty so I know you would be a great nail artist. Keep trying to pass the exam don't give up on ur dreams no matter what. I hope you have a good rest of your life and don't let anyone bring you down your in control of your Future nobody else 🙂

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