Randy Travis

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Randy Bruce Traywick
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"Forever and Ever, Amen"
"On the Other Hand"
"Digging Up Bones"
"Three Wooden Crosses"

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Randy Travis was born in North Carolina in 1959. When he was 18-years old he was discovered by Elizabeth Hatcher. The two moved to Nashville where Hatcher secured a job managing the Nashville Palace, a tourist-oriented club near the Grand Ole Opry, while Randy (who for a time performed as Randy Ray) worked as a short-order cook. After several years of trying to make a name for himself, Randy was signed by Warner Bros. Records in 1985. Travis' first single, "On The Other Hand," reached a disappointing No. 67 on the country charts. Despite the lackluster debut, Warner Bros. released Travis's second track, "1982," which secured a place in the Top 10. Optimistic over the response to "1982," the label decided to re-release "On The Other Hand," which immediately skyrocketed to No. 1 on the country charts. Since 1985, he has recorded 20 studio albums and charted more than 50 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, and 16 of these were number one hits.

In the 1990s, Travis concentrated on an acting career. He won roles in the made-for-TV movies Dead Man's Revenge (1994) and Steel Chariots (1997); and made appearances on some of TV's most popular series, including Touched By an Angel, Fraiser and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.


Randy Travis
266 Blanks Road
Tioga, Texas 76271


Submitted by Ronelle Kumjian (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Travis, Every other day of my life, now at 72, I listen to many of your songs. They give me so much happiness as I walk . I have loved your music for so many years and enjoyed your acting on "Touched by Angel" and working with Andy Griffith. Your are an inspiring man and I pray each night for your return to Country. God bless you and what a lovely thing to see you and the CMA program recently. Your fan Ronelle

Submitted by Lorna (not verified) on

When my little boy was born I call him Travis Randy he was sick and had to have his name put on him right away he died at the age of 5 and we both loved your songs

Submitted by Stan Welker (not verified) on

I’m also a VERY BIG FAN of Randy and I miss his presence and voice !! It’s a tragic loss of one of the best country stars ever !! I really miss him and I wish him the BEST!! Randy you are so missed and can never be replaced!!! We love you Randy !!!

Submitted by sandy (not verified) on

I still love to watch your videos and listen to your songs. You could make a song so much more interesting with your facial expressions and that great voice you were blessed with. God Bless you!

Submitted by Kelley Barrera (not verified) on

A few years ago when Randy was wrapping up his tour, my sister and her husband had the opportunity to go to Randy’s concert in Tacoma. This was a very special vacation for her and her husband. They had saved money for a long time to be able to travel from Montana to Washington to see the show. You see, my nephew,Jase, has Duchenne muscular dystrophy along with several other health problems which will shorten his life. He was around eight years old at the time and they had never left him overnight since he was born, so this was very special to them.Life expectation for Jase is maybe mid teens to 20 years old. He just turned 12 last week and is the joy of everybody’s life. Unfortunately, during the Concert, somebody broke into the back of their vehicle and stole several items adding up in the thousands of dollars. Jase had an iPad that was specifically designed for his disabilities which allowed him to communicate. They took that. There were lots of extra add-ons to it that made it very special and unique to him. She had also saved money to purchase T-shirts and memorabilia since Randy Travis is absolutely her hero! She had taken all that stuff to the vehicle so it was stolen along with all of their luggage and spending cash that they had in the vehicle. A police report was filled out, but nothing ever came of it. Despite that, it was the best time of her life. She said she would’ve done it all over again, even knowing what happened. A few days ago,I watched an interview with Randy Travis and his beautiful wife on TV. They talked about his recovery from his stroke and how amazing and strong he is. Both of them had amazing attitude and outlook on what has happened to Randy.We feel the same way about Jase. He’s a fighter and he is strong. I have been looking for some Randy Travis T-shirts and memorabilia from that concert in Tacoma because I want to replace it for her but haven’t been able to find any. If anybody out there knows where I can get my hands on some of this please let me know! I would at least like her to have that to remember her concert by. If Randy ever performs again, I am going to make it my goal to get her there to see him again. Randy, thank you for being an inspiration to so many people. Thank you for being an inspiration to my sister who dedicates every second of her day to her son who she knows she will outlive. I wish we could meet you some day And G’s shake your hand. I am really hoping there are future performances in store for you! Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers all the way from Montana as you continue to recover. God bless.

Submitted by Mike Adkins (not verified) on

Randy's music has helped me thru some pretty hard times. Divorce, finding love, death of parents. His music is a truly spiritual! My mom passed from Dementia / Alzheimers a couple of years ago and my dad passed on New Years Day this year. They were both members of the Church of Christ and dad sang gospel music and always told me Randy was his favorite too. Randy's music kept me grounded and provided me a way to grieve. Now, I'm no musician, but I have a guitar and I try to play some of his songs.. Good Intentions is one that hits closest to home.. Except I'll never be a better man than Daddy. God Bless Randy Travis!

Submitted by Gloria childrey (not verified) on

Hello, this is Gloria childrey, how are you doing, I am pray for you

Submitted by Holly Hennessey (not verified) on

I love Randy & Mary & continue to follow them. I constantly cover them in prayer. I know God is leading them & He has a path for them to follow. It’s a different path that they may not be fully aware of yet. I fell extremely ill many years ago. Doctors had no answers. But God is my answer. Today I am well & minister to many who believe they have no hope. What satan meant for evil God meant for good & if God be for me who can be against me.

Submitted by Caelan (not verified) on

Your voice truly is exceptional, a one of a kind. In my opinion, your voice is as great as George Jones. I have enjoyed multiple hours just listening to your music. Your struggles have made you an inspiration to many upcoming artists and as a fan, I will never put your music on the shelf. Love you Randy!!!

Submitted by sabrina (not verified) on


Submitted by Vicki Burris (not verified) on

I have always listened to your music, but lately, the song Promises has become my all time favorite song. Just you and your guitar----perfect. I know life has been rough for you lately, but please know, there are many of us out here that are still supportive of you and of everything you do.

Submitted by Stuart schuster (not verified) on

Love Randys music, especially his gospel/christian songs! Im a stroke survivor too who is getting neuroacupuncture treatments from dr. Hao in albuquerque. Small world. We pray Randy will soon be able to tour and record music very soon, forever and ever, AMEN!

Submitted by Joe Ward (not verified) on


You have been a part of our family for 30 years. I love your voice and emotion in all your lyrics. I know every song by heart. My daughters grew up knowing that our road trips, especially the 36 hour trips between Saint Petersburg, Florida and Winnipeg, Manitoba, would include listening to Randy Travis greatest hits volume 1 and volume 2, then repeat. I know you have had health struggles recently an have been thinking about you. I continue to keep you in my prayers and often play your music to pick me up. I am sure you have been a part of many peoples lives and felt compelled to reach out and say thank you. May God Bless You!.

Submitted by Mary McKenzie (not verified) on

Dear Randy Travis, I have just learnt of your stroke after searching the net. I want to thank you for your wonderful music and wish you well. No one in country comes close to you. I have ordered your book and look forward to reading about your life. I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert in Adelaide South Australia many years ago. I have a number of your early cds. I’ve just discovered Three Wooden Crosses which brought me to tears. I relate to it as my sister was killed in a car crash. All the best to you and thanks for all the great heart felt music.

Submitted by April gallagher (not verified) on

My name is april gallagher i am in a wheelchair an your music has always brought me great joy i battle with depression alot but all i have to do is turn on any song of yours an that sweet voice of yours an everything seems to fade away or if i am just having a hard day i think of all you have been through an say if randy travis can battle back as much as he has then so can i it has been my dream to meet you an your lovely wife mary who i adore always expecially for standing by your side through it all

Submitted by Jack Glatts (not verified) on

I just want you to know the soldiers of TF 2/505 PIR really appreciated your trip with the uso in 1989-1990 in Sinai Egypt great concert AIRBORNE

Submitted by James Fulton (not verified) on

Hello my girlfriend's Dad recently passed away and he was huge Randy Travis fan. In fact all her childhood memories revolve around listening to Me Travis' songs and on repeat. Lol. She woke to Lifesize cardboard cut out of Randy Travis. Posted directly at foot of her bed. She is battling depression badly. I am surprising her with tickets to Renfro Valley Concert in Kentucky tonight. We got great center floor tickets. I was wondering if Randy could tell Jennifer Warfield that her Dad is proud of her. It would mean the 🌎 to her and all those who love her. Thank You very much for your time.

Submitted by Teresa Bailey (not verified) on

Hi Randy,

I pray this message reaches you quickly. I am not a fan, but I do love you and some music of yours. However; this is the only way I can contact you since I don’t have social media as it was pressed on my heart by the lord. I needed to reach out to you because I have a relationship with Jesus and he speaks to me in dreams as a gift and revealed to me about your health. In my dream I seen you having a stroke and seen symptoms, and the setting we were in the hospital. But what also was revealed to me their is a family member that there is unforgiveness in your life and heart. And family members were not there for you or support. I believe it seemed to be towards your dad. Jesus wants you to truly forgive and let it go. In this there is peace and love. Love is greatest of all even if people don’t deserve it. That’s the true love of Jesus. Read scripture Matthew 16:14-15. And ask the lord to help you open your heart to forgive. And he will help you in all matters of life. He cares deeply in every details of life. I pray for your health and the lord put in my heart and I pray you forgive and Love others. ❤️

Love, Teresa!

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