Kelly Clarkson

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Kelly Brianne Clarkson
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First American Idol winner
"Since You Been Gone"

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In a career spanning over a decade, Clarkson has accumulated ninety-one number ones on the Billboard charts and eleven international number one singles, and has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. She is known for her vocal versatility and range. Her music has mainly dealt with themes of heartbreak, independence, and self-empowerment for women and young teens. Apart from her work in music, Clarkson has also ventured into television and film.


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Submitted by Nick terry (not verified) on

Dear kelly. I have just heard and watched a song of yours from your early years relating to family violence. I am a sgt of police in victoria Australia and deal with this every day. The challangers this insidious disorder affects not only our society but world in general is sestemic. Thank you for making a stand in your early years. I am committed every day of my life to make an impact and headway to change against this terrible disruptive motion/ilness.Thank you. Keep up your geat work. I will forever be comitted to this cause.

Submitted by Single Mom (not verified) on

I don't have the words to explain how your song "piece by Piece" touched me. I think it will speak to lots of people who have been abandoned, abused, or like me, my kids have been hurt. I would really like to share our story with you.

Submitted by Crystal Borelle (not verified) on

I recently heard your song Piece By Piece and it's been over a week that I listen almost every day in tears, I sent it to my father Lane Delker who married my mother and adopted me and my 2 sisters when I was young girl. Kelly that song hit home to me and has so many meanings of what my heart feels, I wish you could sing it my father personally so he knows how blessed I am that he stepped in and picked us up off the ground were we where abandoned by our biological father. My Mother's Day adopted father tried to have children after we were adopted and they couldn't he has proven for years that we are his unconditionally and worth more than a breath to him. I can't thank god enough he has sent me an angel. I hope you read this!

Submitted by tara (not verified) on

The song because of you it's real. I'm doing the same thing to my kids but I don't know how to let go.

Submitted by LL Bower (not verified) on

I am so proud of you for standing up for your weight gain with your baby. I too gained a lot of weight with both my pregnancies, but had healthy, happy babies in the end, and that's the ultimate goal. I did lose the weight but waited until I was done nursing before I tried to drop it. If you don't get good nutrition during your pregnancy and after, the baby takes what it needs from your body anyway. This way you both stay healthy. Our society is ridiculous about their "skinny" images of women, and I'm glad there are women out there like you who are secure enough in their self-image to not be flustered by the criticism. Keep up the great work, sister gal!

Submitted by J.A.B (not verified) on

I am a survivor. I've survived abandonment, sexual assault, suicide attempts and drug addiction. It took me a long time to start to learn to love myself. When I was a kid my mom became ill. My dad didn't know what to do. He left me with a family member in the middle of the night. I woke the next morning with no idea where I was. I didn't see my parents again for a year. During that year a grooming and abuse started by another family member. I lost who I was . Once I was reunited with my family the abuse continued and as I got older I just didn't know how to cope. I turned to drugs and I attempted suicide several times. May 5, 2002 my life hit a head and I almost didn't survive a car crash. I was in a coma until I heard a voice to me that is full of magic. My family put American Idol on the tv knowing this is something I would have loved watching. They didn't know if I'd wake up. I did once I heard Natural Woman sung by you. Your voice woke me up from a nightmare. You have remained a voice of strength for me. You were with me for my journey in recovering my life in all aspects. I really hope you see this. You did save my life. God brought you into my life for inspiration and strength. I may never actually meet you and I don't know if I believe people get their fan mail, I just really hope you see this and know how much you do for us. Today I am clean, finally feeling actual happiness, I am married , I feel love and I can trust others. Thank you so much! You have no idea what you have truly done for me.

Submitted by Faith Floyd (not verified) on

I was abandoned at 9 years old. I can totally relate to the song piece by piece. That song inspired me to let go of my past and that it was not worth it to live in the past. I was inspired when this song came out. I love you and your music. I have seen you in 2 different concerts.

Submitted by Brett (not verified) on


I do truly enjoy your music. I want you to know I was disturbed by this song. Not all men who walk away do not care or are bad. Please speak out on parental alienation too as my long hurtful story was created by my ex wife who did everything in her power to create this. I now haven't seen my children in years and still cry most everyday. I am no longer able to protect them. The courts do not recognize parental alienation as yet in Connecticut. Again, I think you are a wonderful artist and your genius struck a nerve, that is truly a mark of a great artist.
God bless you.

Submitted by Nadia Marcou (not verified) on

You are my favorite singer ever. I have watched American Idol for a long time and you are my favorite winner. You have an amazing voice. All of your songs are amazing. Piece by piece is my favorite. It was so touching. You are the bets singer ever.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

Submitted by alex (not verified) on

hello , my name is alex , i was born in 1991 , i see your all songs and i love your voice .
i think you are a kind woman and i think you can help me .
when i was child i hoped go to u.s.a for study and work and progress but i dont have enogh money .
i hope i go to united states of america , please help me .
thanks for take your time , very very thanks

Submitted by Rizza (not verified) on

Hello Kelly,,you are one of my fave singer... I love all your songs cuz it's very meaningful and really touches everyone's heart... as I was staring at my husband this morning the song just suddenly came up to my head,,, then I find myself writing it,, I can't believe I complete writing our whole love story in a song in just a few minutes... I want to share it to the whole world and all I can think about is you who can only make it heard... Looking forward to hear from you.. God bless

Submitted by Nina (not verified) on

You gave my pain a voice. Piece by Piece is incredibly moving for me and I can't listen without crying. Thank you for your voice and for speaking out on behalf of so many of us who need that voice to be heard.

Thank you and love of love and peace.

Submitted by aine cullen (not verified) on

I am a huge fan, live in the UK. Twice now I have had to false Kelly Clarkson Facebook accounts requesting to be friends with me. I know they are fake clearly I'm not a fool. But it scary how far these people will go. I have at the moment someone I am not friends with because i know its not real. pretending to be Kelly and telling me she needs me to help her collect a briefcase from Sony!!! I mean what the hell she said she cant trust her management team and was advised to go to a loyal fan hence picking me.As I love her music and follow her on face book some times. I just think if people are not clued in and fall for this thinking a real famous person is talking with them and asking for help that person should care enough about their loyal fans being robed of their personal information or cash. I am no sucker i love Kelly and yes A dream come true would be to speak with her but this is just sick mind games. Tell Kelly that her loyal fans are being targeted by these cruel money mad and power people and if it was me and I was Kelly i would want to know I would want to do something about to protect my lovely loyal fans who would do anything for her! Peace and love Aine Cullen from Northampton UK Google my name with the word "charity" i will come up I get up to quite a bit my self haha Love to Kelly and her beautiful family xxx

Submitted by Nell Heddell (not verified) on

Hi Kelly,
My 10year (at the time) old daughter seen your performance Piece by Piece on American Idol. She connected instantly with that song. She was verbally and mentally abused by her biological father for the first 5 years of her life until her, her sister and I finally escaped. My husband now came into her life at the age of 6. She performed and competed her very first Solo to Piece by Piece this year and dedicated that performance to my husband, who has sense adopted her. She has won awards and a trip to New York to dance with the Rockettes. We will be in Pigeon Forge July 8-15 competing at Nationals. I know this is a long shot but hey Life is about taking chances right? If you are in the area at that time it would be an honor for her to meet you and for you to watch her performance.
Thank you so very much
God Bless
Nell Heddell

Submitted by Alexia Fisher (not verified) on

Hey Kelly. I really hope you see this. I have dad problems. Your songs really help me get through them and all of my other problems. I am just a 14 year old girl who loves you and your music. Everytime I hear one of your songs, I feel a whole lot better. I'm actually listening to your song "I hate myself for losing you" while I write this. I would love it if I hear back from you in anyway. Thank you

Submitted by Charles Andre (not verified) on

Eh, my name is Charles just to tell you am living with a cancer since 6 months. This Tex is not to make you sad but just tell you that is one day you like to write a song for those who’s giong trough that mortals decease your title should be “what kill you will make you stronger survivor ” something like that am sure you’ll a better title !
Eh continue your great performance since the Idol!
By the way I bought the meaning of life very very nice

Submitted by Vick LaRoe (not verified) on

I am a Texas gal too and watched you, Kelly when you won American Idol. I have always watched The Voice, and I love Blake, Adam and Alicia. But this year, The Voice has new life because of you. YOU ARE ADORABLE! Your expressions are amazing, your advice is spot-on, your comments are from the heart, and I look forward to every Monday and Tuesday night so I can watch my new favorite singer give her all for this show. Please sign on for next year. Love ya.

Submitted by Jamie king (not verified) on

I've had epilepsy my whole life I've never been to a concert I'm 34 years old and the only concert I would ever want to go to is yours I can't because all the flashing lights I just want to know if you have any concerts with no lights flashing is this the guy that

Submitted by Lori Anderson (not verified) on

I been a fan of yours since the beginning on the Voice. If you leave it won't be same. You know how to pick the winners. Don't give in. You give really great music advice. Have faith and courage that everything will turn out ok. I loved that you picked out Chevelle and won. It is ok to that many times because you are really good.

Thank you,
Lori Anderson

Submitted by Aimee Natasha (not verified) on

I hope you read this and know that you saved me several times. Your music has inspired and has encouraged me to live my life to the fullest. I was abused at a young age by my father who was supposed to protect me and instead shattered my world to the point where I became an alcoholic. When I got pregnant with my daughter it was a wake up call that I feel saved my life and now she is 15 years old and I know that your music has helped me guide her and show her that life is worth living for. Every single day sometimes I feel like your songs are the only things that help me get through a day. I hope you understand just how much I admire and respect you for talking about tough topics and letting sometimes a vunderble side of yourself show through. Sometimes we all need to be reminded of just how much life is precious and short. Thank you so much for helping me and being there through your music through my tough times. As always we wish you and your family well may God bless you and all that you do thank you.


Submitted by Debbie (not verified) on

I will never listen to your version from the few lines I saw it sounds worse. The song is about two people flirting. I guess it’s ok for all the rap songs with all the cursing and more. Are we going to review every song written because of what it say, Hitler burned books are we going to burn records. I will always listen to Dean Martins version ITS the best one made.