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Jerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones Sr. (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman. He is the owner, president, and general manager of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

When he graduated from college in 1965, he was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his father's insurance company. He received his Master's degree in business in 1970. After several unsuccessful business ventures (including passing up the opportunity to purchase the American Football League's San Diego Chargers in 1967), he began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally successful. His privately held company currently does natural resource prospecting.
Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989, Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. "Bum" Bright for $140 million. Soon after the purchase, he fired longtime coach Tom Landry, to that point the only coach in the team's history, in favor of his old teammate at Arkansas, Jimmy Johnson. A few months later, he fired longtime general manager Tex Schramm, and assumed complete control over football matters.

The Cowboys won the Super Bowl at the end of the 1992 and 1993 seasons. After the 1993 Super Bowl victory, reports began to surface in the media that Jones had made the statement that "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls", given the type of talent that he (Jones) had drafted and signed for the team. Jones also stated to reporters at a late night cocktail party that he intended to replace Johnson with former University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer. The next morning, however, Jones famously denied those reports by stating that it "was the whiskey talking". Johnson was eventually forced out in 1994 and Switzer was hired to be the new head coach. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl for the 1995 season.


Super Bowl Championships 1992, 1993, 1995


Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Center
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Irving, TX 75063-4727


Submitted by KVH (not verified) on

Time for Jerry to stop holding a grudge and put Jimmy in the Ring of Honor where he belongs. Fans have waited long enough!

Submitted by Zeke937 (not verified) on

I know it's your team but without the fans you would have no team you and everyone else in that organization needs to listen to the fans and Kevin Moore doesn't get it together he needs to go Mike McCarthy also needs to go if he doesn't get it together all of us long time fans one another ring but it seems like the organization that you run only wants the money I hope in a long time fan ever since I was 10 or 11:00 Roger staubach Tony dorsett era and evolved in the years I've never seen a team ran like this we have two predictable every year we are injury prone every year which cannot be helped sometimes no no discipline on the office of mine would let players go we shouldn't let go then we in need of a player for that position like now why would we let amari Cooper go why do we not get a backup quarterback they're still quarterbacks out there so why not get one don't get me wrong Cooper Rush is okay but he's not good all I have to say is get it together Jerry it's not just about you it's about the fans that support the Dallas cowboys

Submitted by Scott Schneeloch (not verified) on

Sign Vontaze Burfict. He’s a cheap signing and a heck of a player! Get to the next level.

Submitted by Andrew Grumbles (not verified) on

We either need a new offensive coordinator or kellen Moore needs to get his head out of his ass and call to the weakness of the other teams js.

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

This QB playing For USC need be Are Next QB we need a New One Chris Williams number 13

Submitted by Gene Soslow (not verified) on

Jerry, I find it necessary to make these suggestions for next season: Sean Payton as head coach and Max Duggan as rookie QB. You can’t lose with these moves.


Submitted by Sean (not verified) on

Get rid of McCarthy. He is no good of head coach his plays suck to loosen the cardinal is a disgrace. That's all coaching problems

Submitted by Breon A Miller (not verified) on

Jerry Jones I don't know if you will see this or not but yesterday was unacceptable yeah I need to get rid of Dak Prescott and put Trey Lance and because it's getting ridiculous every year and I'm getting tired I don't know if it's Vegas or it's really your quarterback I don't know if I could be a Dallas Cowboys fan again if he is continues playing how he is. It's no way we we should have lost to the Arizona Cardinals yesterday what is this madness?

Submitted by Frank Pulice (not verified) on

Wishing you a Happy Birthday. I too was born on October 13, 1957. After being a Steeler fan for most of my life, I visited AT&T Stadium and have been to a couple of games. I was smitten and now I’m a Cowboy fan. Good luck for the rest of the season and have a Happy Birthday.


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