Billie Joe Armstrong

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Billie Joe Armstrong
Punk Rock, Alternative Rock
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Lead Singer/Guitarist for Green Day

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Billie Joe Armstrong was born on February 17, 1972 in Oakland, CA. He attended Hillcrest Elementary School in Rodeo, where a teacher encouraged him to record the song "Look for Love" when he was 5-years-old. He met Mike Dirnt while attending elementary school, and the two instantly bonded over their mutual interest in music, forming the band Sweet Children when the two were 15 years old. The band changed its name to Green Day, and would later achieve massive commercial success. Armstrong has also pursued musical projects outside of Green Day's work, including numerous collaborations with other musicians.

He also co-owns the record label Adeline Records, with his wife Adrienne and skateboarder Jim Thiebaud, with the collaboration of Green Day's guitarist Jason White and more recently Green Day's manager Pat Magnarella.


Billie Joe Armstrong
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Submitted by carrie macleod (not verified) on

I'm going to write a letter also but want Billie Joe to see a 21 yr. Old son drew of his guitar.Its amazing. He lost his dad from alcoholism at 38. Then 8 mo.s later my bf we lived with died of a heart attack @ 30.This yr.he was on acrosswalk
oh his skateboard & a car hit him. He had a severe brain injury, broken leg & broken arm. Was unconscious for 9 days I played Greenday & Blink to wake him up. One of his 1st stories was about Greenday.Gee plays guitar & draws so it is amazing he can still do that. Just wanted to share the pic. Carrie

Submitted by Jonathan Dougla... (not verified) on

I love green day u guys rock always wanted to meet you if you can I would like to meet you but any way you guys been kicking ass at the concerts lately I'm actually getting more excited evry concert that comes on YouTube ok so I just got a bunch of cloths that look like the ones in the music videos of American idiot
U rock keep it up

Submitted by M (not verified) on

Hi Billie,
You're my favourite person ever. Like in the history of the freaking universe. My friend feels the same way but right now he's going through some hard times. Today he told me he's going to kill himself and I think if he got some encouragement from his favourite singer he might reconsider.

Just give him some hope.

Submitted by Aryaa (not verified) on

Okay, as strange as it might seem, there are millions of Green Day fans in India, and I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!! and so do many other people, the CD's aren't available and to even order them online, you have to beg the person then give some ID's and's just kinda sad that you are oblivious to your fans in India...anyways even if I you don't do anything about it...(I know you've heard it 1000 times) but I AM your biggest fan. And I love you and your music and I'm not just saying it.
Thanks for reading so long,
Love you lots

Submitted by Justice (not verified) on

Hi, first of all i'm a green day superfan and i love the things you sing about, they are really important. Someone my mom know said he actually randomly ended up in a surfing class with you in California, do you recall this?

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

Hi Billie,
My name is Laura and my 9 year old son Brody is your biggest fan! He is mildly autitistic and he absolutely loves your music, books and all! Thank you for inspiring him to be a Little Rock n roller!

Submitted by Laura Bogdan (not verified) on

Hi Billie Joe!

Happy Holidays! My 10 year old son Brody with Autism is your #1 Fan! He plays the electric bass in his schools rock n roll band and his Christmas show is December 18, 2018 and he would be totAlly stoked if you could come! I know you are an extremely busy rock star but, it doesn’t hurt to ask. He goes to Andersen elementary in Newport Beach, Ca. This would be a Christmas miracle. Just had to ask. Love and blessings, Brody’s proud momma.

Submitted by victoria lowe (not verified) on

dear billie joe armstrong. I am on of your biggest are my celebrity crush. even tho you don't sing anymore and your older. i whant to hear more i listen to you every day and you keep me happy. just looking at you. i'm only thirteen and i will probably never see you in real life. i live all the way in hoopeston illinois. I love your sont still breathing. when i first heard it i cried but then i felt more confident about
myself.i love you.

Submitted by David (not verified) on

Green Day is my favorite band but I was unfortunately only born in 2008 and I couldn’t come to any concerts and it would mean so much to me if you can start touring again

Submitted by Maeleena Graham (not verified) on

Green Day means so much to me, the music just gets me you know? Whenever I'm having a problem I can just listen to the amazing vocals of Billie Joe Armstrong and the amazing drums by Tre Cool and of course the amazing Mike Dirnt. Hella Mega is coming up soon and I'm trying my hardest to save up money...being 14 and having no job doesn't help. But if I can somehow get tickets...You bet that it will be the best thing that's ever happened to be.

Submitted by #thefiretrucken... (not verified) on

Dear Billie,
I am Caitlin, age 16, from Southwest Missouri, and I have a wide variety of mental disorders such as autism, depression, and more. I wish you came to Southwest Missouri and visited me. I could do lots with you such as tell stories that I want to tell you, make memes because I have seen Green Day funny moments on YouTube, listen to music, maybe I could make a music video with you if I had the right equipment, and so much more. Life has been a little difficult for me I want to tell you more about it, but I hate typing on a phone. I also would want to show you some of my 'how tos.'
I would make a video and post it on YouTube, but I need people trustworthy enough. I asked my family, but with me trying to be myself, they do not seem to help any. It even makes me feel wierd to be myself in front of them. For example, I have been getting into ninjas and stuff like that, I avoid trying to dress like a ninja in front of them unless it is my underclothes. I have to take the stuff more detailing to a ninja off.
Another thing, I wish this coronavirus stuff would be over and then when my high school graduation comes, I could invite you to my graduation party (if I even have one😒).
My mother has told me, because the way I am, she told me that the songs Brain Stew and Basket Case best describe me, I think this because my actions and stuff are similar to yours. I kinda think that me and you have simlarites.
If I was told that I could date or hangout with any adult celebrity for the rest of my life, one of them would be you.

Caitlin Maxwell
The Fire Truck Enthusiast
The Ninja
The woman/Missourian version of Billie Joe Armstrong

Submitted by Lori Golden (not verified) on

My sister is one of your biggest fans, she has been to your concerts, and has pretty much every album.
She is a wonderful person, caring loving, anyone would be lucky to have her in your life. She suffers from scleroderma, and has good days and bad, she has no immune system and doesn't fell well most of the time. Is it possible to have you send her a autographed picture? If so that would be awesome! Thank you for listening. My email address is goldentoo at Lori

Submitted by BadBrad (not verified) on

I am huge fan since Greenday came out. I was into the whole punk and grunge wave, and still am to this day. I would love to go to another one of your concerts. You rock live, and I played in a few bands for the local scene, and got lots of history in the art to know. after this pandemic shit is done with. It would be great to catch a show from you guys. Keep us posted my friend

Submitted by Jill (not verified) on

Hello!!! I have been listening to green day for 2 years and it even inspired me to play guitar in May last year! I really love your music. I tried to go to your concert once but my dad said no sadly. I mean,it's understandable. You are a huge inspiration to me. I play electric guitar. I have learned only two songs so far because East Jesus Nowhere took forever to learn. I'm starting to also play Smells Like Teen Spirit. I also learned Lake of Fire. But anyways, I'm a huge fan and I wish I could meet you. We had to do a portrait on someone who inspired us in art and I did you! I'm not as good as art as much as I am at guitar though. I don't know if this is getting sent to you or what, but I hope you take the time to read this! I wish that I will find some friends willing to be in a band with me! Part time, of course. My dad introduced me to Green Day,kind of. I'm kind of at school at the moment so I'll stop here.
I hope you read this Mr.Armstrong!

Submitted by Jason Cole (not verified) on

Grew up listening to Green Day and loved it all. Today I happened to see Ordinary World on Netflix, and couldn't get enough. Really dug the acting you did, and really appreciated that it was a family fun film. Can't to have my boys watch this.

Submitted by Rachael (not verified) on

Hey, I know that you are very busy and probably won't ever get to read this. I just wanted to let you and other fans know how much you have encoraged me to be myself, as a troubled child and an angry teen, thing life throws at you. I'm now I'm a happy mum of 6, still with the same father and we are all happy. My troubles started at young age, I now shelter my children from the things I was exposed to and I want to thank you Green day because I want my kids to know they have a choose and they don't have to go down the same road as me or you, they need to find their own way. I am 30 years old and you have played such a huge part in my life, since the age of 9 when I first came across you and have been my fav band since and I just want to show my love! All the new things you are exploring is great, I know you don't give a fuck and that is what I love! Congrats keep doing what you love! All my love Rachael from England

Submitted by Jon Nelson (not verified) on

I loved Greenday growing up as a rebellious teenager. I learned guitar techniques by practicing good riddance. I was a punk.

Time passes, we grow up, things change. I became a parent to one, then another beautiful girls. I dont really know any lullabies, and was always in charge of getting little 'uns down to bed to let mom have one blessed moment of peace from the exhausting ordeal of new motherhood. Im not a mom, but being a new mother looks hard, like really hard.

Anyway "Time of yife" and oddly enough, "basketball" have become nighttime rituals for the last five years. My girls can't go to bed without me singing your songs to them. Granted, Basket case isn't the most child friendly song, so I had to change a verse for them, and I thought I would share. One day they will grow up and be like "wait a minute......."

It goes as follows.
"I went to a shrink
To analyze my dreams
She said it's lack of food that's bringing me down
so I went to the store/
That's where I bought some more
I bought some eggs and bacon and some hasbrowns."

We love breakfast in this house, and we love Greenday. Rock on.

Submitted by KurtCobain (not verified) on

Most of these comments are guilt trips💀

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