Jimmy Fallon

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James Thomas Fallon
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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon is an American television host, comedian, actor, singer, musician and producer. He currently hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. Prior to that, he appeared in several films, and was best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004 and was the host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014.


Jimmy Fallon
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue of the Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067


Submitted by Marybeth (not verified) on

Hey Jimmy, Went to Universal studio in Orlando, couldn't wait to go on your ride. Too bad you have to pay $70 for a fast pass to get in between the hours of 10 am and 7 pm. What a bummer. C'mon Jimmy!!!!

Submitted by Tracy Hsll (not verified) on

Jimmy, I am a huge fan. I watched you on Saturday night live, the late show, and now the Tonight Show. You never cease to amaze me, you are talented beyond belief. Can I please come to your show and be hash tag the Panda? I got the moves! It would mean a lot to me. Tracy Hall I don't do social media, only email and text, I'm old. tracyfnp211@gmail.com

Submitted by Scott Burkett (not verified) on

Jimmy, you're unbelievably talented but buddy, the 70's called and they want their mustache back.

Submitted by Gerri Anne Armstrong (not verified) on

Love your show and appreciate your positive attitude and graciousness toward others!
Your full beard was handsome and appealing.
The mustache alone doesn't do your handsomeness justice.
Please grow the beard back.

Submitted by Mike s404 (not verified) on

Jimmy Fallon shame on you! Yes you are a celebrity and millions of people watch your show including me. My issue is that you have used your show to bad mouth trump during the election and now you're badmouthing him for taking "2 days to condemn the VA" situation. Your "heartfelt " preshow speech was ridiculous. Who cares it took 2 days?!? He condemned it. He's against it. You seem to be more shallow of a person than I ever expected. Maybe you should be more suggestive about positive things about trump. Why complain without suggesting a suitable solution? You stepped yourself down a few more points as you did during the election. Shame..for shame.

Submitted by Steve Pish (not verified) on


You are real and you are hilarious. The NBC Tonight Show has you acting like a trained chimp during your monologue. JUST SAY NO MORE!! Political jokes are not funny. They never have been. The come across to your audience as venting and they are perfectly aware it's an NBC agenda.

You've got to stand up on this one Jimbo. Tell the station the political jokes are a Tonight Show career killer.

Personally, I don't even turn your show on until 20+ minutes in just so I can avoid your monologue.

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on

Jimmy, I used to be a huge fan of yours, until your recent statement condemning Trump for waiting 2 days to pull the trigger on a specific group. If that had be Obama waiting 2 days until he got all the facts, which he never did and made a lot of bad calls, you'd be praising him. You're no better that the fake news. Very disappointed. I know you don't care because I'm just another average citizen barely getting by, and you have millions that'll continue to watch your show, but you should be ashamed. But you won't be, because you are obviously as narrow minded as the rest of the left.

Submitted by Pat Hauser (not verified) on

Dear Jimmy: Thank you for your humor. I've been a fan since SNL and you have presented some of the funniest Shows I've ever seen. Now, I would like to tell you that I was at my sewing group in their opinion was that there was too much political talk about President Trump. And that they will not watch the show anymore due to that content. Also will not watch anymore movies with actors that bash the president and any more Award Shows due to the same issue. It's sad that actors, shows and sports are not using their status to use it as a platform for their personal feelings. My Best to you and your family. Pat
Sincerely I wish you all the best, but my feeling are the same. I would truly appreciate if you could speak with your writers and use other content. My Best, Pat

Submitted by David (not verified) on

You've done a pretty good job of making jokes both political and non-political and I could always count on that. You don't need to try and keep up with the hating comments from the likes of Kimmel or Colbert. What they've seem to forget is 1/2 the voters in this country voted for Trump and your alienating them completely. When you total sucked up to Hillary and let her continue her lies on your program you went over the edge. Having your writers crawl up her rumpus as far as they did was pretty disgusting. Even FOX news is trying to stand up for you thinking your worried about ratings. Wake up, you are losing your conservative viewers and you'll never keep up with the other 2, they've captured the liberals with their nightly bashing. It's to the point where it's just not funny anymore. You can still make political jokes, just make them not so personal. We'll check back in a month or so to and try you again, but in this house for now, your off the air.

Submitted by Michele (not verified) on

You were a breath of fresh air when you took over the tonight show, I watched every night. Then you gave in to the political rantings of your counterparts and your whole show shown changed. You are not longer funny, just cynical and ridiculous. Your Harvey Weinstein feeble “if he keeps it up he’ll wind up on Fox” statement dismisses the severity of what he has done. Of course it will keep you in the good graces of your Hollywood chums and you can continue to pander to their causes. You have become pathetic.

Submitted by Scott vogler (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy,
My wife and i used to really enjoy your show, it has become so painful to watch that we and many of the people we know are no longer watching and will no longer watch anything with your name attached to it. What a sell out you are, horrible jokes about a president that finally cares aboutthe people of this country and you like most hollywood (so called elites) either dont see it or are so wrapped up in the leftist agenda that you dont care about the people that put you where you are today, i will say that if you keep it up that these same people will be the ones that ultimately take your carrer down, which i personally will love to see. Painfull to watch, shame onyou,i why dont you take a good hard lookmatbyourself and act like a person who cares about our country and about the people responsible of putting you on the platform your currently on, to host Hillary Clinton is a joke the biggest liar and thief that this country has had to endure. Personally i wish you and she would go get ost in the woods together and not come back, you would be doing us all a favor.
Scott Vogler
A previous fan of you and your show.

Submitted by Debbie (not verified) on

Mr. Fallon - I saw your comments in the last few days about why you don't do political commentary. Tonight I planned to stay up late (which I rarely do) to watch your show in support of your choice to not dwell on politics and the first thing I saw was a spoof on Hillary and making fun of the President. I'm very disappointed. I have been looking for a space that will just entertain. Every show host in the world does not need to berate the President of the United States. Every show host does not need to continue to give air time to the failed candidate.
I'm tired and will go back now to watching no show host.

Submitted by Judy Ferrie (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy, I viewed a taped program, your guest was Gal Gadot. She was talking about sitting beside a young Quantum Physics professor on an plane. Well, that was my son. He probably had her laughing and and inspired her in so many way. His name is Christopher Ferrie, he is brilliant, funny, modest. He is a wonderful son, husband, and father of 4. I think that you should look him up and write to him and have him on your show, he is a most interesting guy. Sincerely Judy Ferrie ( proud mama)

Submitted by Former fan (not verified) on

My whole family and I have been fans for years. That is until tonight. How ignorant do you think we are? Tonight Show Superlatives - NFL. Touchdown dances -NFL. Game with Witherspoon- Questions about the NFL. Then Bono singing with the flag behind him. REALLY? You are promoting the NFL. Currently, the NFL is as unAmerican a business as you could find. You are a supporter of the NFL in its current state. Therefore, you've lost my family and myself as fans. Good luck on your ratings.

Submitted by Sharon (not verified) on

Dear Jimmy I saw that your ratings are suffering. I know the reason and it can be fixed. You started out strong and your jokes were across the board. I enjoyed the antics with guest stars. But when you became a voice of politics, instead of just jesting you lost your core audience. To poke fun is OK, to rape and pillage someone because you hate their guts, just becomes bitter and unfunny.
I am a southerner, and we laugh at ourselves regularly, but all of a sudden we were ignorant, mutant racists. Ummmmmm not funny. To apply any personality trait to someone, and punch them in the gut day by day gets old. That is why I left, you were hateful, not jesting. Find the way back to being kind. You might get me back and more. Don't be afraid to say you are sorry.

Submitted by Brent Cosgrove (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Fallon,

Just wanted to pass on my wishes and prayers with the sudden passing of your mother the other day.

Brent Cosgrove.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Submitted by nina ovadia (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy,
I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your mother. I can tell she was a wonderful mother because you loved her very much. It's horrible thing to lose your mother at any age. I still miss mine and she's been gone almost 18 years. Mothers should live forever and never leave us. The hardest part is watching the sun rise and set each day without her and wondering how you can go on. But as you look into your children's eyes and see a piece of her there, hold them tight because she is there watching you and living out your pain of her loss in her grandchildren. And look at your wife and see how strong an influence she is imprinting on your children, just like your mother. For everybody loves their mother, who's had a wonderful mother like yourself, and this horrible pain you are feeling will slowly, very slowly turn to strength as you heal. I will finish this letter by wishing you healing and peace with your mother's passing, and hope each day brings you full cycle to understand why our mother's must move on to other worldly spheres, possibly to teach other women how to be as loving and as patient and inspiring as your mother was to you.

Submitted by Kathleen (not verified) on

I did the "i love u squeeze" in the past with my ex amd my kids. My mom has been gone more than 30 years and the hurt never stops. I feel for you. Stay strong. You are in a better place than me. I wish I had the support u do. ET story with Taylor touched my heart, not that u will get this.
God bless, Kathleen

Submitted by Jo Jo (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy! I know you are getting bombarded with Super Bowl action here in Minneapolis! We can make each others day with my special guest! We watch you every night here in Minnesota and we were unable to get tickets to see you! We are seriously devistated!!! Please call me @ 763 442
1637!!! My boyfriend has been following you for years, and I am right behind him!!! He has made such a great influence on my life, and I don’t know what I could do to ever repay him!!! Jimmy, YOU are the man and the answer to my prayers to show him how much I appreciate him!!! Please make this dream Come true!!!

Submitted by Jon (not verified) on

Big fan of Jimmy. Tuned in after several months of it watching. He started talking about Trump and I changed the channel. Half the Country voted for him, so he’s intentionally making half our Country mad by making a comedy out of the Presidency. Media and comedians keep us divided.

Submitted by jim tait (not verified) on

i would like to compliment you on the quality of your program--you are the only late night talk show host who i have absolutely no idea who you vote for----you are the class act of late night programming-thank you

Submitted by marc d (not verified) on

Jees, quit the apologies! Have some backbone, Jimmy!

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on

U were the only late night show I watched. I'm so disappointed you caved to the liberal bullies in your echo chamber. Will no longer be watching. You were the last hope of fairness in the sea of an unfair politically motivated,network.

Funny u did not seem to have a problem when Obama did exactly what Trump is doing with the illegal border crossings crisis. Funny u did u have a problem when Obama specifically stated on National TV that if u do not want to be separated from your children at the border, don't come here illegally.
Funny you care so much for these illegals that you won't sponsor them, instead you do the typical liberal cowardice move to assuage your guilt. U Donate! U care so much Jimmy Fallon why don' t u and your liberal bullies sponsor them and take them into your own home?

Why don't u go interview an Angel Mom and listen to her permanent separation from her child killed by an illegal immigrant who is not suppose to be here in the 1st place. Listen to the moms whose children are killed by MS-13 and how these animals mutilate, torture and killed these children. Listen to the moms who would give everything to hear their children voice once again over the phone. Imagine that was your mom, sister, or wife. Trump is trying to fix this. Something none of the past POTUS did even when they had the chance!

You recent tweets are a huge disappointment.

Submitted by Alan N (not verified) on

“A real man always tells the truth”

Submitted by Bob Hennessey (not verified) on

So disappointed in you Jimmy. You have now fallen in to the "group think" abyss with the other late night sheep. All of your shows are doomed to ratings failure by years end. Such fools to think that alienating over 50 percent of your fan base is a good thing.

Submitted by Johnny Rowe (not verified) on

Can you please cut a deal with SNL to do a christmas special with SNL you and Justin Timberlake please i beg you you two make me and my family laugh besides enough politics we need that humor this Holiday season Thank You

Submitted by Michelle Shanahan (not verified) on

I lost my parents and granddaughter and all alone now. I’m a senior citizen with a disability so don’t get out much. I actually look forward to the Tonight show. You are the best!

Submitted by Brad Zeigler (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy,

My wife and I after 33 years of marriage are heading to Puerto Rico on April 25 thru 29th. She is not a person who enjoys flying, but I always wanted to to take her on a nice trip. I have to let you know because she saw you story on your trip to Puerto Rico, she has agreed to go. I just wanted to thank you for impressing her enough to make the trip. I am sure it will be fantastic. Thanks Jimmy.

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on

I have suffered some tragic losses recently of both of my parents and my granddaughter and many issues such as car being stolen and my bathroom flooded and second story master bedroom fell down to the kitchen below...many many things but you get the idea. My saving grace is when I watch you everyday and even rewatch some because I forget my worries and laugh so much.

Just wanted to say that and I hope whoever is reading this will pass it into Jimmy.😊

I sure wish you were in LA cuz seeing you live is on my bucket list. I’ll have to plan a trip to New York someday.

Submitted by Martha Carter (not verified) on

Jimmy, Thank you for being vulnerable and funny from home for us. You are the highlight of my day. I never realized how talented you were when you were on SNL and you were funny on there. Right now we need the encouragement in a different way. Your daughters are adorable and act so natural. You are my new hero and thank you for staying upbeat.

Submitted by Thomas Adams (not verified) on

Thanks for doing the show from home. It's so nice get some current humor after watching all the painful stuff on the news and then re-runs all evening. On top of the humor, the realities you deal with working from home cheer me up as well. Man, I wish I had a slide in the house! Keep up the good work and thanks for being there!

Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on

Jimmy, watched your show tonight. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend from SNL. This Coronavirus hits us all and takes the best of us. This is literally the very first time I’m ever sent a message on a fan page, but I just felt so sorry for you and everyone who must be grieving with you. Keep doing what you do with the gift God gave you- keeping our spirits up. And take time to grieve. And take time for you and your beautiful family. Looking forward to watching your show on the flip side!

Submitted by Marla Baron (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy Please mention Nurses week this week to all the front line workers. PS You worked with my nephew James Kuklinski on SNL He played your son but can’t remember who you were but it was very funny and I’m a nurse in isolation. Watch you every night and luv what you and your family are doing every night! Always a fan, Marla

Submitted by Dean (not verified) on

You can be funny..... On your own, not so much.. You really need an audience.
Crazy new format.... COVID-19
I thought I had a resolution for you, them it hit me.....I'm not funny too!!!
Happy life bro! You're doing good for humanity!😇

Submitted by Jared Wollaston (not verified) on

You & your at home show & visiting your guests at home is a welcome joy .... you wife and daughters are your true jewels ..... stay home .... love the birch wall coverings ...
Best regards from one of your 1,000,000 plus plus fans
Jared Wollaston ... HARVARD Ma USA 👍👍

Submitted by Vickie Wojasinski (not verified) on

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your show being broadcast from your home during quarantine..your family is precious and the guests are so open/vulnerable in this format. I hope it never ends. My #1 fav tv show during these strange times

Submitted by Leola R Calamita (not verified) on

I always wondered if your happy outlook was real - I watch your show every night - it always makes me feel good to see how you are with your guest's - you seem to love people - now that you have been doing the show from home - I see why! How could you not be happy with life when you have those 2 beautiful little girls at home - you are a lucky man - I think you know it - keep on keeping on - I'll keep watching
love Leola

Submitted by Ya boi nickalick (not verified) on

I'm not gonna lie, I didn't like you at first because in snl starting out you just came out like a knock off adam sandler. But like any artist you matured in your comedic nature and I learned to love you because you're quietly wholesome like grandma's Turkey during this year's Starbucks boycott. And if you pass I hope leslie Jones takes your place just to have the longest "Whaaaaaaaaaat" ever. Mostly so we can have someone just saying "what" every time Donald Trump tweets. Sorry to seth Meyers but delivering news for him is like pete Davidson delivering a pizza; at least both of us are still gonna end up fucking ourselves. (I look forward to his new movie by the way.)

Submitted by Sherry (not verified) on

I have watched your show most evenings since you started, and really enjoyed watching your home shows during COVID. But I have to say I have been very disappointed the last month that you seem to spend so much more time dissing our president. I am an independent voter and I would very much prefer less political comments. I am not watching much right now- seems so decisive. I decided I should let you know my thoughts. Stay well and know that your girls are the sweetest😊

Submitted by Mr. South valle... (not verified) on

Jimmy I totally disagree on how you say Pecans. I feel the way you pronounce “Pecan” sounds like like something under an old person’s bed. 😂 We love you brother man !!!!

Submitted by Julie (not verified) on

Hi Jimmy,
LOVE your show. Hate it when you wear white shirts, they become the focal point of the entire screen. Lovved the clothes you wore during Covid, disappointed white shirts are back.


Submitted by Diana Wakefield (not verified) on

Hey Jimmy Fallon,
So good to see you back to your happier more relaxed self again. I used to watch you all the time but had stopped when you started taping from your home. The unhappiness and tension came through even over T.V. So it was great to turn on your show and see you're back to your easygoing and wonderfully happy self. Love having you back. I had stopped watching late night T.V. at all cause the other shows are so negative about everything. Love your show.

Submitted by Michelle Hamel (not verified) on

You have always had the cutest smile, especially when you can't fight a laugh. Your young face is what makes me feel connected to you. Believe it or not, your lower face is a huge part of your cuteness, because we can see you when you're killing your raps and other kick ass skits.
You are hilarious either way, but your facial hair blends into your backdrop on your show.

Submitted by Val (not verified) on

I’ve been a fan for many years so you can imagine how disappointed I was to hear about how badly you treat the staff and employees on your show. You seem to have an amazing life so don’t forget how you got there and all the support you have gotten from those who have worked for you over the years. Be a nicer person and be greatful for your success.


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