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Jonathan Paul Manziel was born December 6, 1992 and is currently a backup quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. He was nationally recruited out of high school as what's known as a dual-threat quarterback, which mean he can run the ball if he has to in a game. In 2012, Manziel debuted for the Aggies as a redshirt freshman during A&M's first season in the SEC. He broke numerous NCAA Division I FBS and SEC records, which include becoming the first freshman and fifth player in NCAA history to pass for 3,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a season. At the end of the regular season, he became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy, the Manning Award, and the Davey O'Brien National Quarterback Award. Manziel was given the nickname "Johnny Football" by fans and students at Texas A&M before the start of the 2012 season and now the nickname is a registered trademark.


Heisman Trophy 2012


Cleveland Browns
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Berea, OH 44017

Texas A&M Athletic Department
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Texas A&M Athletic Department
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Submitted by Solomon (not verified) on

Johnny Manziel I have enjoyed watching you on television I believe you are a suave debonair athlete with the potential to be a great NFL Player. The reverse part of that you could fall apart before your eyes part of your personality character you like to be in the light you can't get away from that you can't get away from who you are. The media has been poking holes in everything you do and every where you go all of your mistakes and errors they make what you do look like it is a huge wrong when really you are a young man just trying to live and have fun outside of the football life. This can really hurt you and if your career does not add up the way you taught people will begin to mock and make fun of you and all the people that was around you will not want to be around you and the media will talk badly about you all of your life. Where am I going with this I believe reputation management won't hurt your career and life you need to think outside the box and do something that most athletes do not do that most famous people don't do. I would suggest instead of fighting the media before you go out to a place invite them every where you go. They are going to follow you anyway so why not invite them that way its not dirt you are inviting them in voluntarily and it becomes the life of Johnny Manziel in that you have the opportunity to show the world how a professional football player lives and acts and you get the opportunity to build your reputation. After a while of everyone following you around (the Media) someone is going to want the rights to do a reality Television Show on Johnny Manziel the Athlete and man. It would be a good Idea to sign a contract at that point that way the rest of the media can't follow you anymore the Reality T.V. Show owns the rights to that and you only have one person on your back following you not every body. the whole world will still get to see a reality T.V. show on a Pro Athlete. I wouldn't suggest going right off and doing a reality T.V. Show it will appear like you are starving for attention. I would suggest you Invite the Media everywhere you go, after a while the reality T.V. Show will present itself and then take it. The media can't say anything because they have been following you around like you was on a reality T.V. show anyway. that is how you protect and preserve your reputation and continue to play football. In the mean while work to be the Best Cleveland Browns Quarterback you can be.

I know everyone might see this post but I also know they can't help themselves to following you around that is part of their character Mr. Manziel use that to your advantage.

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

Merry Christmas! Just want to let you know that all of us TRUE fans know you will do well in the NFL. You just need more playing time as the NFL is different than college. We will ALWAYS believe in you and wish you the best! DO NOT listen to the haters. Looking forward to seeing you play in 2015!

Submitted by heatherc@webefl... (not verified) on

Johnny keep your chin up! You are a fabulous football player. You will show all those knuckle heads what kind of player you are. Don't let anyone tell you can't do it. Never ever give up. I always told my son when he wsd playing. If you know your going to lode at least hit them do hard they remembered who they played. Good luck kiddo!!

Submitted by Gilbert Meadows (not verified) on

Johnny, you are a gifted athlete! Pull your head out of your butt and start doing the next right thing. Your fans like myself are being denied the ability to enjoy your talents by your stupidity off the field. Get a grip and be a man!

Submitted by carisahinchliffe (not verified) on

Hello Johnny,
Die Hard Browns fan and a mother of a 13 yr old daughter who wanted to spend the money she saved up all summer on a jersey with your name on it. $100 might not mean anything to you but it was all she had!
If you don't care about yourself maybe you should care about all the children your letting down! If not, refund her money so she can buy a jersey with someones name on it that really cares!


Submitted by Darren (not verified) on

Johnny, I believe in you. As you continue to learn about the NFL, I'd love to see you reach out with, and work with, Brett Favre for the off season to help on your development and your NFL Journey. I'm a huge Favre fan also, and I see so much that Brett has learned throughout his career that he can pass on to you to help speed up the learning process. Please reach out to him. You have a ton of attributes it takes to be successful in the NFL - grab on to a good mentor to help!

Submitted by Dominique (not verified) on

Johnny my boyfriends brother is a huge supporter and believer in you! He is currently battling terminal cancer and one of his wishes is to meet you! We'd do absolutely anything to make this happen! Please if you could just possibly give him a call or meet him that would be wonderful! We love you! If you could find the kindness in your heart to meet with is young man we'd be so greatful!

Submitted by Garrett (not verified) on

Hey Manziel, tough game against the Chiefs. You looked like shit. To make it up to you, I'm going to offer you the chance of a lifetime, to come hang out with me and my friends. We'd love to see you around some time. Shoot me an email if your interested.

Submitted by anynomous (not verified) on

hey man I understand rough times, I am a 30 year athlete who trains with top level mma fighters, I have suffered from insomnia, ocd, and bipolar disorder for 12 years been psychiatrically hospitalized four times. but now I am okay. do what u need to do be well and happy. forgot the media and people opinions follow the guidance of mental health professionals and ur elders and fuck the rest man. the nfl is a tough place but u can handle it just be ready to die everytime u walk on that field, I knew danny amendola in high school, he was a tough great guy, maybe he is still that way and can help u out. u are still my favorite athlete man, I am an aggie btw, I used to tell people as a joke, I would have ur babies man, u were fucking awesome man, and I still know ur a great athlete man. I will always love ur abilities man when u were on that field I was emotional u are the only player who ever got me into the game like that. and tebow a little bit. but u were 90% he was 10% and the rest of the dudes were like 0%. u be u fuck the media, fuck all ur past fair weather friends, love ur family listen to ur elders and health professionals and move like lightining. may u jesus guide, u may ur ancestors view u positively and may the warrior spirit in u take over, whether u make it in football or just in life either way ur successful.
god bless rest in peace

Submitted by scott (not verified) on

Johnny bring your ass to my house and I will help you straighten up!

Submitted by Maria bergamine (not verified) on

Dear Jonny
I am praying for you get your life together and please
Go to rehab if you don't you will die
I told my husband who was drinking it is either me or we divorce
He chose to stop drinking for our marriage
Please for skip ballas he is your best soppertor and your father wants you to get
Help enter rebab now
Thank you
Maria bergamine

Submitted by TONY (not verified) on


Submitted by Noel Orsborn (not verified) on

I was blessed to have a very successful life like you. Not on the football field but on the field of corporate America. When I turned 50, my company let me go, and I lost a key part of who I thought I was. I turned to alcohol for comfort. So much so, that my wife demanded that I quit. Even the threat of losing the love of my life did not scare me into sobriety. Alcohol had me by the stones. She left with my 3 kids and I was left alone with my alcohol to deal with my lack of identity. I was a high powered corporate success married to a beautiful lady and 3 great kids. Now, I did not know who I was, but I knew what gave me comfort and it was alcohol. After many many times of treatment and meetings, I kept going for what I found was comfort. Finally, I found a higher power and a better way to live. Johnny, life is not about your job, your career, your girlfriend or your fame. It is not about trophys. Jobs are lost, bodies age, trophies rust, and money runs out. Life is about being a child of a loving God, a child of loving parents and having 3-5 really good friends. After my losses, I found that I only have 3-5 really true friends. The 1,000 or so others were just along for the ride of my career success. Johnny, listen to those 3-5 true friends, you know who they are, and follow their advice. You have a lot to offer beyond that short lived carpet of grass. The creator has a grand plan for you and he loves you very very much!!! Wishing the best for the man, Johnny!!!

Submitted by Wendy (not verified) on

Hi I just want to send a message saying think Johnny is a great player, love watching the grace and speed on youtube. All the best for the future bro. I hope you have the best advice for investments, health and look after yourself.

Wendy from New Zealand

Submitted by Keegan Hurley (not verified) on

Stop acting like a child or your career will end sooner then you think with agents firing your ass.

Submitted by dce (not verified) on

dude you such a you a woman beater....if you ever get back on the field you will be destroyed...johnny football...yeah right

Submitted by Ivan Orama (not verified) on

Do you understand anything about addiction? It's a diease just like cancer and diabetis, no known cure, only with hopes of controling it, he's is going to be fine, we do recover

Submitted by KCZ1 (not verified) on


First and foremost: Seek a reputable place for rehab. It is a must to begin the road to recovery. A MUST!
There is no doubt in my mind you are also taking some type of BENZOS along with the alcohol. A terrible combination that interferes with your everyday thought process & actions. Take this advice from someone who has experience and whom has lost a great deal due to this combination. If not stopped now, you will eventually LOSE everything that you have worked for and then some. BOTTOM LINE: IT WILL CATCH UP TO YOU ONE DAY, SOONER THAN LATER. GET HELP BEFORE ALL YOUR DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS ARE COMPLETELY GONE! Do it for yourself, family, & your friends. IT IS NOT TOO LATE....BUT IT STARTS WITH YOU AND YOU ONLY. Start immediately as each passing day is another day going directly towards the BIG BLACK HOLE you will eventually find yourself in.
WORDS OF WISDOM.... "JUST DO IT"...... That is if you want to make a SERIOUS change for the better. YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR ENTIRE FUTURE DEPEND ON IT!
From a former Alcohol & Benzo abuser who never thought it would happen to me. I would be happy to chat with your about in total confidentiality.
One more thing.... Breaking free from these addictions will literally set you FREE..... BIG TIME!! I am living proof who has endured the struggle and only wish you the very best as a human being. When you are no longer a slave to these sickly addictive poisons... IT WILL BE A GAME CHANGER!

If you honestly want to change. START NOW... YOUR LIFE & FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!




Submitted by PaulZ (not verified) on

Johnny, I have been a huge fan of your's for a long time and only wish you the best. You will get through these bumps in the road. I know that you can do it bud. I have no doubt that a come back is in your future. You have way too much talent to let it go to waste. So please do what you have to do not only for yourself, but for your family as well. See you in the positive spotlight soon. Paul

Submitted by James (not verified) on

So am not a fan really, but just someone thats telling you it's not too late to turn your life around, with or without football. I believe You can still become a NFL player if you want, and make this One of the greatest come back store of all time.

Submitted by JT (not verified) on

My own parents turned their back on me and made me sit in juvinile hall. Only you and the man upstairs are in control of your future. Rootin for you from Long Beach brotha

Submitted by Russ (not verified) on

I hope you read this. My 19 year old son came to us for help with an addiction problem. We got him in rehab and is living in a sober house. He's 90 days sober and seems to be doing well. It's a real gift to get to know the real person he is. He's returned to his job and found new friends. Real ones not the kind who want to be around just to get high. He's found happiness. I hope this for you and your family. Good luck and be strong.

Submitted by Craig Weincek (not verified) on

Dear Johnny:
I have a provocative, unusual and creative proposal for you to consider. I’m inviting you to become a player-coach, offensive coordinator and sponsor of the Algarve Sharks, the number two-ranked team in the Portuguese American Football League. I am the assistant head coach of the team and think this might be an effective if unique way to rehabilitate your deadman-walking career.
Let’s face it, we don’t even need you, but, at least, we would think it would be great for you to be a part of our organization. We lost the championship game by the score of 28-26 to the Lisbon Devils, who had one ex-NFL player. Obviously, if you were our QB, we would win the championship. So that’s why we want you.
Why do you want us?
Right now you’re a PR disaster, with just about everybody (scratch just about) taking a hands-off approach to you as a player. What you need to prove is not that you can play—you won the Heisman fucking trophy for goodness sake—but that you’re a good guy and not an asshole. Now, I don’t know what kind of person you are, but I’m not worried. We can both agree that people need to think you’re a fine fellow again. That’s where the Sharks and I come in.
I’m 71 years old and even known as “the old coach,” so I’ll play the role of mentor, uncle-figure, advisor, life coach, and under-the-wing taker. Frankly, I don’t expect to change you from who you are, but it could prove quite useful if it appeared that I did. As long as you don’t get arrested or cause a car crash, while living in the Algarve province of Portugal, I’ll be there acting as your guide to a much more productive, professional and respected reputation. I don’t even believe you need to change and I don’t expect you to want to. Heck, what fun is it being a professional football player, a quarterback even, if you can’t be yourself and have a good time?
It’s just now; everybody in the media is all over you and posting every little thing and then some. Your rep needs a total overhaul. That’s where my plan comes in:
Johnny Manziel turns over a new leaf by:
• helping to promote American Football in Portugal by generously coaching the inexperienced guys to new heights;
• setting a good example as a hard-working dedicated athlete;
• demonstrating excellent team spirit through unselfish play (Yes, we’ll make every effort to help the other guys succeed too.);
• adding awareness of American Football in Portugal and Europe (while at the same time keeping away from the direct spotlight where you’ve been burnt in the past.)
• learning humility; generosity; cooperation and respect for others; while reestablishing on-and-off-the-field leadership skills.
• doing something for nothing. That’s right, we’re not going to pay you; you’re going to help sponsor the team. I’m thinking $50 thousand should do it--$25 thousand minimum. Nobody gets paid. It’s all volunteer.
After your stint with the Sharks, you’ll not be known as a greedy, self-centered playboy, who doesn’t care about his teammates, but rather as a great guy; a quiet leader; who shares mutual respect with his fellow players and coaches and who always preforms at the highest level.
To accomplish that and more, you have to get out of the mainstream and away from the media. However coming with us does not mean you’re being sent to purgatory. Our southernmost section of Portugal has consistently beautiful weather, scenic beauty, lots of charm and history, great food and wonderful wine and a very low cost of living, so you can afford to pay your own way and help the team that you’re taking over. As long as you don’t do anything criminal, you can have a great time in one of the most popular vacation areas in Europe, where English is spoken everywhere. The league does not test.
It is a relatively long commitment—from October through May. The league consists of basically club teams that don’t play every week, with time off for Christmas. You can go all over Europe, without being recognized and still attend most of our practices. The good part is that at least half of the season is during the offseason with acceptable to nice weather. It will be mostly fun.
As long as you don’t fuck us, you know, by acting like a total prima donna, or by leaving us in the lurch, or deserting us, we’ll have your back and as your coach, I’ll vouch for you and sing your praises. I plan on being very discreet and I consider confidentiality to be a very important component of our future relationship.
Let’s put a new face on what has become an ugly-duckling career. Instead of nothing but trouble, we’ll help you become an ambassador for good ol’American football; a guy who has given much without asking to be repaid; an all-American man on a mission to do the right thing.
I know there’s lots more details to look into and that this is an extreme move, but if you expect to turn things around without heading in a bold new challenging direction, then good luck with that.
I’m currently retired and living in Panama (I’ll head back to Portugal in October), so I suggest that you come on down to Panama City and stay with me for a couple of days in my mountain retreat and we’ll sort things out. You can find out more about us by going on (our Facebook page is a closed group); but the main thing you should do is FaceTime me on an iPhone at 507-6524-2225 (yes, there one extra digit for cell phones in Panama). You’ll see that I’m a likable guy who can pull this off.
Your smart-ass advisors will tell you this is bullshit but it’s not. It could just work.
Coach Craig

Submitted by Richard lauterio (not verified) on

If this message could reach Johnny I would greatly appreciate it. My name is Richard I am a recovered addict. I have been shown a new way. If there is some thing I can do to help you please feel free to let me know. I would be more than willing to show you what was shown to me. God bless and good luck

Submitted by kenneth (not verified) on

Im alot worsre than you! 22 years in the army and still messed up. Tired of everyone running you down! If you haven't experienced the life shut the----- up! GOD bless you! You are young and you are doing nothing different than we all did when we were your age.

Submitted by NIGEL (not verified) on


Submitted by Robert Seeley (not verified) on

I hope this reaches johnny manziel. I have been a fan of your since the A&M days And i honestly truly still am. When I read your interview with Ed Werder I was excited. I am honestly looking forward to seeing you back on an NFL field and I would really like that to be the Houston Texans. We are in desperate need of a playmaker of the QB position and you are the guy who can do that. You're young. Still explosive and if you've been working on your passing then you can still make deep accurate passes which is what we need we have 2 explosive receivers in DeAndre Hopkins and Wil Fuller. Please get your name out to the organization.
I hope to hear back from you. Robert Seeley

Submitted by Cory hobbs (not verified) on

I don't know If this will ever get to u or not. The very first college game I
Ever watched was when u beat Alabama. You're an exciting player. Love how u had the talent on the field and the attitude to give ppl in the crowd the finger knowing u were better than them. I'm a huge patriots fan but there's nothing more that I'd like to see than u prove everyone wrong. You made mistakes , shit happens. But you're still young. Please do this

Submitted by Mike Brody (not verified) on

Johnny- !! Its time to shock the world-!!** Nobody wants you to succeed in the NFL- Nobody thinks you'll ever get the chance again....But I got news for all the haters out there....They shouldn't under estimate the football prowess of Johnny Manziel -!! I"be NEVER in my 58 years seen the saavy you've displayed on the field-!!** I can't wait till you get with a team...and when you get your chance,you shock the world- make every critic eat shit-!!
I know you can do it....KICK ASS JOHNNY-!!!!!***

Submitted by Ivan Orama (not verified) on

Mr. Manziel, I don't know you and you don't know me, I hear things but who cares, I've been there. You are a very gifted athlete and so was I, I chose to self destruct and 30 years later I can't stop thinking about what if.... I have a great program and it is fee of charge, I help people all over the place to regain their lives back. All you have to do is want it, My email is registered on this site and will really like to work with you, if I did it, so can you. Let's get you back on what made you JOHNNY FOOTBALL and show the World that you are here to stay... God bless you and hope to see you playing again.

Submitted by Dan Remley (not verified) on

Johnny go up to cfl and do what I know you are capable of doing,keep your head on straight prey everyday for Gods grace. I will see you back in the NFL soon,I am rooting for you.

Submitted by David Bardell (not verified) on

I have been a Texas Aggie fan all my life. Johnny Football was Great and will continue to be great for Texas Aggie football. I pray that Johnny Manziel will continue to comeback and show how great he really is. Hang in there!

Submitted by Chaz Smith (not verified) on

Johnny, Having just learned of your bi-polar diagnosis, I felt led to share this. It wasn't until after my brother's suicide on October 10, 1979, that we learned of his bi-polar condition. A piece of our families heart will forever be missed through his loss. We struggled for several years in a fog of woulda, coulda, shouldas'. Your willingness to live has saved your family years of grief, and the joy you will bring in moving forward is priceless.

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