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Gary Wayne Kubiak was born in Houston, TX on August 15, 1961 and is the current head coach of the Denver Broncos. He's held that position since January 2015.

Kubiak was selected in the eighth round of the 1983 NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos, the same year quarterback John Elway was drafted No. 1 overall by the Baltimore Colts before forcing a trade to Denver. Kubiak played his entire career for the Broncos as a backup for Elway. In nine seasons, Kubiak went 3–2 as a starter, throwing for 14 touchdowns, 16 interceptions and 1,920 yards while part of three AFC championship teams.

Kubiak won his first Super Bowl serving as the quarterbacks coach for the San Francisco 49ers in 1994. He went to the Broncos the following season as offensive coordinator, and signed on to serve as head coach for the Houston Texans from 2006 to 2013. In 2014, he left the Texans and signed with the Baltimore Ravens to serve as offensive coordinator for one season.

On January 18, 2015, Kubiak signed a 4-year deal to become the head coach of the Denver Broncos. The Broncos finished the 2015 regular season with a 12-4 record, winning the AFC West and securing the number one playoff seed in the AFC. In the postseason they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-16, advancing to the AFC championship game against the New England Patriots. They defeated the Patriots 20-18 in the AFC Championship, advancing to Super Bowl 50 where they will play the Carolina Panthers


Denver Broncos Football Club
Executive Offices and Training Facility
13655 Broncos Parkway
Englewood, CO 80112


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