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The Maze Runner

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James Smith Dashner (born November 26, 1972) is an American writer of speculative fiction, primarily series for children or young adults, such as the Maze Runner series and the young adult fantasy series the 13th Reality. His 2008 novel The Journal of Curious Letters, first in the series, was one of the annual Borders Original Voices picks.


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Submitted by sama (not verified) on

good evening, let me start by saying im a huge fan of your book series maze runner but why have u stopped at part 5? known as the fever code? I've been dying for more of your stories your stories inspire me I really love them may you please tell me why have you stopped?

Submitted by 7rippled (not verified) on

I loved your book and think it was amazing

Submitted by Gauri (not verified) on

I really loved the TMR series. While reading it was like that I lived in the world of TMR that you had created. I had started using the maze vocabulary as well. It was fun . But when Newt died , I just couldn't believe it. My heart was broken. He was not the main character but he stole the show,man.At the ending it felt like the story is left incomplete. Not your fault because I was so much into it. But thanks for giving me such a wonderful world.I loved the books and Lots of love to you as well.

Submitted by John (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Dashner,
I am a student in the 10th grade and I can tell you first of all that I do not like reading any books no matter what kind. But for a book report back when I was in middle school I had to choose which book to read so I chose yours; The Maze Runner. Now this book and the rest of yours are amazing. Your books are the only ones that I have truly enjoyed reading. Now after reading the books and the prequels, I started to watch the movies. I love the movies, they are a great representation of what is displayed in the books while still being very very entertaining. Now I was wondering if you were going to make the prequels into movies too. I would love to see those as movies as well, just because I am totally blown away by the books and movies that are out right now. Let me know what you think you are going to do.

Submitted by angry but loving fan (not verified) on

Hi- so I read you books and let me say, BIGGEST FAN. I wish I had read them sooner! Anyway, I was finishing the death cure today, ya know all fine and dandy, and guess what? YOU KILLED NEWT. I REALLT CANNOT EXPRESS MY ANGER ENOUGH NEWT WAS ALL I HAD IN THIS WORLD IM SO SAD. WAS READING IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS AND STARTED CRYING. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! All I’m asking is for you to write a very small part for us fans that want it, just for a reality where newt DOESNT die. PLEASE. Love,

Submitted by Fint (not verified) on

Oh haha just wait till the Crank Palace, you'll see ;)

Submitted by bob ig.... (not verified) on

you're not the only one who cried.... the movie was sad, but at the time i expected it.... Newt was m fav and kept me together forever he will be missed. i loved him i shall go cry in the nearest corner now....

Submitted by Just another fa... (not verified) on

Hello there Mr. James Dashner,
I would just like to say, WHAT THE SHUCK IS GOING ON HERE?! WHY?! JUST WHY?! ARIS AND SHUCKING TERESA?! I USED TO LIKE ARIS! (I always knew that there was something off about Teresa) WHY 1) ARE THEY IN SHUCKING LOVE?! 2) KISSING IN FRONT OF POOR THOMAS?! LIKE, I HATE THAT SHUCK-FACED SHANK THAT DESERVES TO DIE (I'm talking about Teresa by the way). In the words of Minho, she is the 'Shuckiest shuck-faced shuck there ever was.' I seriously love Minho though. But I love your books and I love your writing. As you now know, I am up to the second book and I absolutely love it. It's hectic and dramatic, though I really hope Thomas sees that Teresa is a shank that deserves to die. I also hope he sees that Brenda is perfect for him and that she WANTS TO BE HIS SHUCKING 'Crank bride'. But still, the books are so good and I cannot wait to read the rest.

-Just another fangirl

Submitted by Olivia Watt (not verified) on

If your only on the scorch trials, let me just say without any spoilers, you are in for a HELL of a ride. Just want to get that out there.

Submitted by Kc (not verified) on

Please tell us what happened to bark! Love the book but WHAT HAPPENED TO BARK?!

Submitted by Donna (not verified) on

What should I read after Maze runner

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