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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
soul, pop
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"Chasing Pavements"
"Rolling in the Deep"
"Set Fire to the Rain"
"Someone Like You"

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Adele is an English singer-songwriter, musician, and multi-instrumentalist. She was offered a recording contract from XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace in 2006. The next year she received the Brit Awards "Critics' Choice" award and won the BBC Sound of 2008. Her debut album, 19, was released in 2008 to much commercial and critical success. It certified four times platinum in the UK, and double platinum in the US. Her career in the US was boosted by a Saturday Night Live appearance in late 2008. At the 2009 Grammy Awards, Adele received the awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Adele released her second album, 21, in early 2011. The album was well received critically and surpassed the success of her debut, earning the singer six Grammy Awards in 2012 including Album of the Year, equaling the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night. The album has also led to her receiving numerous other awards, including two Brit Awards and three American Music Awards. The album has been certified 16 times platinum in the UK; in the US the album has held the top position longer than any other album since 1985, and is certified Diamond. According to IFPI, the album has sold over 26 million copies worldwide.

Adele is the first female in the history of the Billboard Hot 100 to have three singles in the top 10 at the same time as a lead artist, and the first female artist to have two albums in the top five of the Billboard 200 and two singles in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously. 21 is the longest running number one album by a female solo artist on the UK and US Albums Chart. In 2011 and 2012, Billboard named Adele Artist of the Year. In 2012, Adele was listed at number five on VH1′s 100 Greatest Women In Music, and the American magazine Time named Adele one of the most influential people in the world. In 2013, she received an Academy Award as well as the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song for her song "Skyfall", written for Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond film.


XL Recordings
1 Codrington Mews
London, W11 2EH


Submitted by Justine Salvatico (not verified) on

I'm writing to adele to show how special she is to me and how much her music has touched me.. I discovered Adele in 2010 when I first got together with my now husband. We both share the love of Adeles music and we're excited to discover such a fantastic , talented new artist. I've waited 7 years for her to tour Australia and wanted tickets so bad I spent two days calling nova 100 to win some, it's just so happened that her concert dates fell on the weekend of our first wedding anniversary (paper/tickets) how perfect, I had to get tickets! Spent so much time calling nova I nearly lost my job! But I won and was exstatic! i get the tickets from nova Tuesday (the week of the concert) and find out they are way up high, level 3 of etihad when I was willing to buy the best tickets on offer.. I wish I had known what "winning" tickets would be.. I wouldn't have wasted so much time trying to win them.. So upset with what we won I then had to buy tickets from viagogo and pay double the price. My husband didn't speak to me for three days but I know it will be totally worth it! Can't wait to see u Adele!! Do us proud or my husband will kill me!! Lol.. I know you will be amazing, thanks for Sharing your gift with the world!if u see this by some miracle,shout out to us and get me back in the good books with my husband! Love from Justine Salvatico Melbourne Australia , etihad stadium , Saturday 18th march, level 1 ,aisle 11 row n seats 16/17 xxxxx

Submitted by Debra Simmons (not verified) on

Hello Adele from the other side of the world (Australia). I went to your concert in Paris on the 9th of June 2016 and then to the Melbourne concert on the 19th March for my birthday. I wanted to get the lithograph posters but couldn't get them. How can I get a copy of the 2 concerts I attended. By the way the BEST concerts I have ever attended. Thanks for coming to Australia and making my 55th birthday the very best.

Submitted by Helen Canning (not verified) on

Dear Adele. I did not attend any of your Australian concerts but I was dismayed to see that lots of balloons were released at the concerts. These are an environmental problem for the turtles here as they can fall down into the sea and turtles swallow them thinking they are jelly fish. The balloons are indigestible and can lead to a slow death for the turtles. You may not be aware of this problem but I urge you to consider ending this stunt in the future. Hopefully the releasing of balloons will be banned in the not too distant future but with your influence people may end this action sooner.

Submitted by Patricia (not verified) on

It was just the best therapy for my life experiences with the men in the world who have been able to manage to get close to me. Not many of them have been successful and adelle s words spoke of her first album how it was made and why. When I heard this and how she got through the episode she inspired me and I realised that it is really good to have the memory of something that you have been through even if it turned into sadness. It helps to heal.
Thank you for helping me heal and realise that better things will come.

Never live your life by somebody else's values and ideals.

Arohanui Adele

Submitted by BOSTON GIRLS (not verified) on

Hi, Adele! My bestie and I flew from Boston to see you at the O2 on 3/20/16 - best concert EVER!! We were in the third row and we had glowing necklaces on and a Boston T-shirt for Angelo (hope he got it!). We spoke to you during the concert and you promised to get us tickets to your Boston show in September. Your handler took our information but we never got the tickets!!! I don't want to seem greedy, but I just heard on the news tonight that touring isn't for you.... Now I'm wondering if I'll ever have the opportunity to see you live in concert again. We saw you at the O2 for my friend's 60th birthday and if you could get us tickets to your big show finale at Wembley Stadium for MY birthday (6/29) it would be unbelievable!! Oh, and by the way.... Fire that handler!!! I know you're a woman of your word and would feel horrible if you knew this generous offer on your behalf fell through the cracks. Regardless.... THE BOSTON GIRLS LOVE YOU!!!!! Thank you!

Submitted by Neil Lyons (not verified) on

I think you are the most beautiful woman alive. Not are you strikingly beautiful, but you have the most amazing voice ever. Freddie Mercury was my favorite singer ever but, you run a very close second. Thank you for your time, if you are in interested in knowing more about me you can look me up on Facebook at Neil Anthony Lyons.

Submitted by Janet (not verified) on

Sorry, with my last email, I forgot to tell you Adele, I with my sisters own a fabulous B and B surrrounded by wineries(yay I say! Lol) but also history of Adelaide....our building was build in 1863, and anonymity is key!!! I HATE popin do you? Lol you your hubby and baby would be welcome there, so you can just 'rest'

Submitted by Bruce Howard Hamlton (not verified) on

Adele reminds me of 'the kind of dream
whose only purpose is to rouse a scream
confusing everything with cool dry steam
officiously about to bleed some stream .... ' [maybe!]

Submitted by Radwan (not verified) on

Adele .. After hearing your song " someone like you " and because i lost my love .. I wrote a few lines and I want you to take a look at them , I think you will like them. I love you so much .

Submitted by Amanda Spicer (not verified) on

I'm so excited to come see you at Wembley on Wednesday. As an American living in Britain and removing my partying ways to become a mother I've moved through my angst ridden 20s in parallel with you. I would have given you a run for your money on the night. I bought Hello and the album on release and after laughing and crying with you through all life up and downs you were there for the most crucial moments my fathers untimely death right before Christmas.

The placed me in my bathtub when the shock wouldn't wear off and left your album on for me in the background. The track Hello will always bring not just the grief but the healing for this life changing moment. My relationship with my Father had always been difficult ...4 kids, he'd rather party and he would always make us leave answer phone messages before he'd pick up the phone. I never resolved the hurt of my childhood and here he was now dead and I wouldn't have the chance to get to the other side of healing with him.

Remedy, Hello, River Lea hell all of them helped heal my soul. As I left my husband and children for the 24 hours plane trip to rural America I boarded the plane with only your album as an escape from the chaos around me. As everyone cheered and was ready for the Christmas holidays I sat on the plane over Christmas Eve and balled like a baby. When I met my mother at the airport your album was immediately on repeat we would both be using your words to mend our souls.

Your show Wednesday night will be the closure I need to carry on being the best wife, friend and mother I can be in spite of loss and lost chances. Thanks for always being there and give us a wave up in the stands we'll be the ones sobbing, snotting, laughing and singing. Can't wait Amanda Spicer x

Submitted by Tony & Rowena F... (not verified) on

Back in early 2016 we didn't think that you'd ever travel down under to Oz, so at the last minute we managed to get 2 tickets for Antwerp on 15 June 2016. From our home a 4 hour drive to Sydney then 33, 530 kms to Sport Paleis and back, total of 34,170 kms. Thank heavens the 'shits' didn't stop the show.

Then on 10 March 2017 our 'hometown glory', 95,400 fans,18 songs non-stop and pre-show Mexican waves, thanks to Sydney's transport stuff up. Only an 8 hour return drive this time, 640 kms.

As a 43 year wedding anniversary present off to Wembley on 29 June, round trip 34,600 kms. Only hope that the set for Set Fire to the Rain is as good as Sydney's. 68,400 kms - should've been a roadie! Understand why you might not want to travel down under again.

Submitted by Anna Barone (not verified) on

Seriously what stress. Paid loads of money to viagogo for tickets for tomorrow's concert and they haven't arrived! I can show I bought them and will turn up anyway. But is it worth the stress! How can these companies charge so much for tickets with face value of £45 (up in the Gods!!) and then not get them to you? Can anyone help please?

Submitted by Clare McCarteny (not verified) on

I don't know who to contact but I am writing on behalf of my sister. She was recently in England for the Adele concert. She is a huge fan and bought tickets for the Saturday and Sunday concerts. She saved for this trip for a very long time and traveled from New York. Is there a way to get her airfare refunded as she would not have gone to England if it were not for the concert. I can provide her tickets if needed. If she had the funds I would not be writing but she is not a rich person and had also accommodations to pay for which were not cheap. I know you get a lot of requests but this is genuine. I do feel bad Adele could not perform but there are true fans like my sister that traveled very far. please advise what we can do to get a refund? I do wish Adele luck in her future.

Submitted by Elise (not verified) on

Hi! My name is Elise and I just wanted some singing tips. I want to sing Someone Like You for an audition, so, any tips are helpful!

Submitted by Audie Siegel (not verified) on

Please take care of your vocal cords and all. Love you sooooooooooo much! Would love to hear all is well with the vocals.......

Submitted by Apsingh (not verified) on

To be true... I have heard much of your songs earlier, but I've read much about about you, if it's true then i can say you're a kind a human deasined to be extraordinary, you'll be pained at most of the steps in your life, because you can never be happy, it is true for some people happiness is mere blink, and to set things straight you'll do as much as you can to create happiness, that strives for achieving happiness would make you all perfect as you are now, you are perfect and i love you.

Submitted by kimpiepaarntie (not verified) on

We motten ff een clip voor je maken dus morgen in je huis met een fanboii. dit mot van school dus zeg ff ja met je pretmuil :)

Submitted by Derek Trusk (not verified) on

Adele I am a police officer going through a tough time and wanna know if you will drive in my police car and do a carpool karaoke

Submitted by Matthew Carson (not verified) on

My class and I would like permission to use your song "Hello" in the background of a class project. We will not do anything other than show the video to our class of about 25 students. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Thomas and Candace (not verified) on

You and Neil Diamond are both timeless. Every year we play Coming to America non stop on the 4th of July. We think an Adael version of that song would inspire generations yo come. Please be timeless.

Submitted by Bobby johnson (not verified) on

Listening to your songs has really got to me . Since my marriage I went through life drinking , drugs , you name it I probably did it to the point I thing my life and everyone around me . I starting listening to your songs and after all the tears after many years I think it time to pick myself back up and mabe repay the people that stuck with me and never give up on me. I love you for that and sorry for all the heartbreak your life has brought you

Submitted by Maegan Ward (not verified) on

Adele about this time last year I wrote you a letter and mailed it to you, not sure that you got it. But I wrote in to tell you about my aunt whom I was very close to, lived with her for six years, at any rate when I wrote to you last year she had just had emergency surgery because she had a perforated colon she ended up going septic and passing on us. Needless to say this has been the hardest year of my life! She loved you as do Iand while she was in the hospital in ICU and in a medically induced coma and we didn't know what would happen with her, to comfort myself I would listen to your music and many times fall asleep listening to it. I still do it to this day when I'm having off days and grieving my aunt badly your music helps me so much! We used to rejoice together while listening to your music! My favorite song I'm obsessed with by you is Water under the bridge. I doubt you will read or get this message but I had it on my heart to let you know what an inpact your music has on society but especially people such as myself going through turmoil in their life right now. I hope one day I will be able to attend one of your concerts in honor of my aunt, in the mean time keep doing what you do you definitely have a God given talent and are very blessed!

Blessings Maegan Ward!

Submitted by LINDA COLEMAN (not verified) on

I have an 8 year old rough and tumble grandson who thinks you are the greatest thing ever! Didn't care much about music antil he heard your CD. His favorite song is rolling the deep which we play over and over in the car . He has had a tout life. His mom,my daughter,gave him and his brother to their dad as she was on drugs. He was3 at the time and didn't remember much about her but his brother did when she told his teacher that she hit him. She spent time in prison and I haven't seen her in over 4 years. Jordan, the 8 year old has led a life filled with sadness and confusion. Listenito you has made him smile and when your song ends he keeps saying again ! Thank you for making a little boy smile !!

Submitted by Ronnie Goodson (not verified) on

Hi, I hope so so much we havnt seen the last performance and recording from you.
I have tried and better tried to get tickets to see you live. The ticket totes seem to get there before me.
Please let's hear your voice again , live, maybe I could be lucky and get a ticket.
Best wishes
Lots of love
Ronnie xxx

Submitted by Alivia (not verified) on

HI! adele i have been a fan of you since i was like little and i just love you voice and how you are not afraid to stop the song if you have something to stay.But i want to know on how to become a singer or start on the right path so if you can help me that would be great.....LOVE YOU

Submitted by Kirklynn (not verified) on

Hi Adele, I know this may not get to you but it has always been a dream to meet you one day. You have I spires me to do my talent show at school and sing. You have been such an inspiration to me for so long. I know of that I may never get to meet you but it is just 1 wish of mine

Submitted by Glenn (not verified) on

I love your voice listening to your songs lift my heart all the time. The car karaoke showed how real and down-to-earth you are. Someday I will be lucky enough to meet you.

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on

I would love to hear Adel sing Todd rundgren The Verb To Love off back to the bars album think it is about time this song was rerecorded with a female singer

Submitted by Andre (not verified) on

Hi Adele,
Thank you for opening your heart with your songs. I can really relate to your experiences in love and relationships. I was unfortunate enough to date a "lady" called Adele *****, just when you released 21 in South Africa. I loved it but she fancied herself a bit of a vocalist and always said that she did not relate to her namesake. We eventually broke up and the irony was that you, Adele, vocalised exactly how I experienced my relationship with her but just with the male / female roles reversed, and after a few late nights, thinking "We could have it all" and drowning out the pain with Vodka, "I set fire to the rain", not my proudest moment (I scratched all her CD's that had the word "Love" in the title). I still carry with me a few "what if's" but like you know, it is the scars that we hide inside that ultimately makes up our character and helps us build resilience to the hard facts of life! Not wanting to sound clichéd but i would like to meet you someday and look into your big, beautiful eyes and see a faint reflection of what I went through hidden behind the amazing woman you have become. That is when we realise, pain helps to mould us, but it will never define us! 247365

Submitted by Sheila Guckin (not verified) on

My husband and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary. We married when I was 18 years old. We have a 21 year old daughter, 19 year old son and 18 year old son.
I love your music. I fall asleep to it. Thank you

Submitted by Randy Bass (not verified) on

Adele, I would like to here you sing some of the great Patsy Cline songs. "Crazy" and others. No singer has been able to recreate or improve on her songs since she died. I think your voice may be able to provide a new and wonderful sound.
Randall Bass

Submitted by Crystal (not verified) on

Hello! :-)
First and foremost, I must say that your music has helped me and others so very much, I appreciate you and the hardwork that goes into putting out your album(s) as well as touring, replying to fans, ect.
With that being said, I must go on with why I found myself on this page in the first place...
I work for a non-profit organization that supports adults/children with disabilities. There is one gentleman in paticular that I am fond of. He has a morbid sense of humor, just like I do. :-)
He is a huge fan of yours. He has a traumatic brain injury that affects his memory/humor/ect. Typically he has trouble remembering if he had breakfast that day. But the lyrics to your songs, he remembers... By heart. Him and I will belt out the words (sometimes out of tune lol), and in that moment he is clear headed and coheirent. Your voice and songs take the fog away from his brain for a few moments. And for that, I am endlessly grateful.
I am trying to talk his family into letting us travel across the country and come see your upcoming tour in NY. If that does happen, I was wondering if you'd be interested in meeting him? :-)

The support behind your new fan ;-)

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on


I’m just recently discovering your music. I’m 61 but still remember what it was like being romantic and enduring failed relationships with users and takers. I finally found my soulmate at 48. Never stop writing because you give your fans hope for true love. Love is worth every disappointment and heart-breaker. Now I help all my children to seek their true love and not settle for users that disrespect their tender empathetic hearts.

Submitted by Monique Bakker (not verified) on

Are you aware you are a new-age child. In my honest opinion you are a so called starchild. If you'd look that up on the internet I think your world would change for the better. Things that feel unconfertable wiil change into awareness. Your perception of things will change for the better.
-all to my humble opinion.
With love, Monique

Submitted by Christa Larson (not verified) on

I have never tried to contact an artist before but something in me wanted nothing more than to let you know my support for. I've read about criticism of your weight lose and all I can say to myself is really? What is wrong with people. As one who has struggled with weight loss all her life i applaud you for wherever you are at in your journey. You are talented no matter what your weight. Why do people have to be so cruel?

Submitted by Cathleen (not verified) on

Dear Adele,
Hello!! I am a nurse and I’ve been lucky enough, despite this pandemic, to be employed running a COVID testing drive thru line. My staff is exceptional and mostly comprised of bad ass Pre-Med students. One of them specifically amazes me. He will be the very best doctor and he’s worked so hard through this pandemic and his amazing GPA proves it. The kid was wait listed to Harvard. I write to you because he is crazy about you. Apparently his friends tell me he was #2 in the country in “Adele trivia” and he blasts your music all the time. Like ALL the time!! I’d do anything to give him a little message from you. It would make his world.

Thank you!!!
Cathleen O’Shea

Submitted by Amanda lennox (not verified) on

I love to sing your songs and have no inspirations that I could keep up with you but I would love to. If it wasn't for my stage fright I wish I had half your talent!!!

Submitted by Katharine Barlay (not verified) on

I've been listening to you ever since I was little. As a little kid I loved sad songs and for some reason, they didn't make me sad. I'm only 14 now, but your music has a special place in my heart. Thank you for working so hard, I can't wait for the new album. But take your time!! Love ya Adele, Katharine.

Submitted by Chelsie (not verified) on

Hello from the other side Adele. Lol. No pun congratulating you on all your success. Im happy you feel good about yourself and your work to lose weight. I also need you to know that when you were a bit heavier you still was and still is one the top most natural beauties i have ever seen. I do believe you have dominated the 1-10 scale...youve always been a 100! I think some people shamed your weight bc of their own personal issues. Im sure the process was very hard on you and im sorry people are so cruel. I have bn through awful cruelty. The thing i had was my mom and god. Im grateful you made it. Im still working on making it. God bless you always.

Submitted by Liz (not verified) on

That song saved my life. Adele thinks shes falling apart but at same time , she is saving people

Submitted by david crooks (not verified) on

i love your eyes and you are beautiful and you deserve a better man than you have had love you

Submitted by Rae (not verified) on

I put this message on Adele’s Twitter : Hello I know you will probably never read this but I just need to tell you how much your music means to me and my family I am a 65 year old woman and grew up with the best like Joni Mitchell, Carol king, Jackson Browne and on and on When your voice came along I was taken aback! You are a true talent and we appreciate all the depth of the songs you write and perform with that said i just need to share with you I have a 4 year old granddaughter who performs your song along with you and my jaws drop when I see and hear here sing “easy on me” the depth of feeling she puts into it just amazes me and she does hit every note ! Not all the words yet ! I just wanted to thank you for your music! Rae Doan guthrie oklaha

Submitted by Willow (not verified) on

Hi I have been wanting to meet you for ever I really like your music my favorite song is Skyfall and I love you.

Submitted by Jill Newkirk (not verified) on

My dog HOTROD was shot by a deer hunter 13 years ago.... YOUR MUSIC HELPS HIM SLEEP

Submitted by James Bailey (not verified) on

I fell in love with a girl in 1972, when we were 8 years old, we went to school together for 6 years, until I had to move away. We reconnected in late 2015, and after one night of talking, we became a couple. We married in 2020, and she passed away in August of 2022. She was a huge fan of Adele, and introduced me to the music, as well as the talent of the woman. Many of these songs will carry with me to my last day, Thank you Adele, you found a way to express, what so many of us are feeling. I wish you much happiness in your future years!

Submitted by Maria M. (not verified) on

My daughter who is my world loves Adele is turning 21yrs old in May 2023. Her dream is to see her in concert.. We have so much to thank Adele for. She with her music helped my daughter how to read. In 4th grade my daughter was in. Extra classes to help with reading and her special ed tech lead that my daughter loved Adele and printed up her music and and my daughter learned to read off her lyrics.. she did amazing! They even had her perform an Adele song at a assembly.. I would love if my daughter could meet or go to a concert to so we could thank her

Submitted by Patrick Thomas,... (not verified) on

Hi Adele, I want you to know that my daughter, from an early age, was so inspired by you she chose to pursue music studies here in Las Vegas at UNLV. When she graduated she auditioned for the Juilliard school of music in NY. She was accepted and finished with a Masters in Music and Opera.... She was only the 2nd student in the history of UNLV to be accepted to Juilliard. It is sometimes hard, as an artist, to realize how much your music inspires people. Please know your music made a true difference for Nicole. I was hoping to take her to see you here in Las Vegas, but at $1300 or more per ticket that is beyond my means right now. However I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your inspiration and passion. As I watch her perform with a tear in each eye I often think of you.

Submitted by Adele Hamilton (not verified) on

Seriously doubt Adele will see this, but my name is Adele (yeah, I'm WAY older and was paid, much less, to sing in my younger years) and we are FINALLY going to see Adele sing in Las Vegas on June 16, 2023 in Las Vegas. Dream come true to be with my 3 daughters (me-Adele, Sara, Catherine and Caroline Adele) for a mommy/daughter trip!!!


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