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David Américo Ortiz Arias was born on November 18, 1975 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He's nicknamed "Big Papi" and plays baseball with the Boston Red Sox. Ortiz is a designated hitter (DH), and also occasionally plays first base in interleague games.

In 1992 Ortiz was signed by the Seattle Mariners, who listed him as "David Arias". He played for the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, a Mariners farm team, until 1996, when he was traded to the Minnesota Twins as the player to be named later in an earlier transaction for Dave Hollins. That's when he informed the team that he preferred to be listed as "David Ortiz." Ortiz made his Major League debut for the Twins on September 2, 1997. For several years, he split playing time between the Twins and their minor league affiliate in Connecticut, the New Britain Rock Cats playing at first base and as a DH. The Twins released him after the 2002 season. On January 22, 2002 Ortiz signed a free agent contract with the Boston Red Sox.

Ortiz is a nine-time All-Star, a three-time World Series champion and he holds the Red Sox single-season record for home runs with 54, set during the 2006 season.
Ortiz has hit 456 career home runs, which ranks 35th on the MLB all-time home run list. He is the all-time leader in MLB history for home runs (405), runs batted in (RBIs) (1,316) and hits (1,851) by a DH.


World Series 2004, 2007, 2013


David Ortiz
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Submitted by Theresa Corr (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Ortiz,

My older sister Donna Kane is a HUGE fan of yours and the Red Sox. You actually met her in April of 2013 - she gave you a necklace and you wore it at your next game - which thrilled her beyond wildest dreams! And....her local newspaper printed an article and a picture of you together!!

The reason I am writing to you is because she is currently in Rhode Island Hospital in the Coop Care Unit from complications of her disability - and is expected to be there for an extended stay (a couple/few more weeks). I was hoping that maybe someone from your PR group could give her a 'shout out' and wish her well. I know this would brighten her spirits tremendously and help her make her stay more tolerable.

I'm sure you don't remember her, but she is on FaceBook, so if you want to take a look - maybe you will remember her.

I understand that you and your staff are very busy...any little thing would be greatly appreciated!! If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for all you do on and off the field!

Theresa Corr

PS I was going to post this on your FaceBook page, but she is a follower of yours and didn't want her to see this.

Submitted by Kathleen Sullivan (not verified) on

To whom it may concern or help, I'm 41 years old female and have been diagnosed with rectal cancer and the doctors feel it has spread to my lady parts. i dont know what lies ahead of me, but before i have surgury in june , I'm going to CT to see family and friends. i grew up there , my dad who has passed was in the navy. I grew up in CT RedSox , Mr. David Ortiz , I don't know if this is over reaching because I know you do a lot for kids . I've been a RedSox fan since I was born , thanks to my elderly mother.. I'll be in CT may 20th to 23rd. after that its back to tests and tests then surgery .. My partner and my 5 year old son are coming with me. If the RedSox are in town are there any extra tickets the team could spare. My son will be a Sox fan. Your poster is hanging in his room . And you've made all my dreams come true with your spirit, commitment , and pride you've shown being a RedSox.. Before you retire I would love to meet you and thank you for all you've done.. I have pathology reports to show I'm not lying.. It's a chance I'm taking but it never hurts to ask .. I just ABSOLUTLEY love to meet you or the team too. It would lift my spirits. As I'm about to lose half of my lower body parts love ya papi .. Sincerely Kathleen Sullivan

Submitted by KEVIN (not verified) on

Sports stars and holywood stars that are beloved always seem to wait until they make their money before going public with their political views. Then they lose half or more of their fans, but don't care anymore. Or in Kapernick's case 85% of his fans. Please stay out of politics. Sports and movies are our escape from politics. When you folks get involved in political public opinions, we have lost our escape route.

Submitted by Jennifer (not verified) on

Hi, we attended the Saturday October 1st tour and game. We saw Mr. Ortiz walking into the stadium my son ran to him trying to get his autograph on a ball. However, we were unable to get an autograph but I managed to be pushed by one of the men escorting Mr. Ortiz. I ended up with a bruised lip and from the push my phone fell from my hand and screen cracked. I have pictures if you need them. My son stayed crying because he was unable to get his autograph. If possible can someone call me in regards to the incident- Jennifer

Submitted by Jon McGuire (not verified) on

Hey Big Papi,

Want to play softball?


Submitted by Keri carrow (not verified) on

My dad passed away early December. He and my mom were married for 43 years. They used to joke that Papi was my moms boyfriend! They love the Red Sox! Trying to think of a good gift to give her that surrounds this concept. Any suggestions? Can't be too $$ I'm an underpaid teacher $$ money wise!! Lol

Submitted by Harvey (not verified) on

I teach at Lincoln elementary school in Springfield ma. And we have a large Hispanic population and we are in the middle of our state testing and it would be great if you could come and speak to them and tell them how you succeeded. I hope you read this and think about making these students very happy.

Submitted by Jimmy Rogers (not verified) on

Dear Big Papi,

I have a teacher who likes you and i was wondering if you could meet her and surprise her at westborough high school

Submitted by Braden Kretchman (not verified) on

How much did you get paid? Besides getting old was there another reason you retired? How many dinngers did you hit in your career?

Submitted by Bruce Beasley (not verified) on

What does young Rafael Devers have to do to earn the nickname Lil' Papi? Much thanks for all you have done for the Red Sox and fans over the last 15 years!

Submitted by Steve Reyes (not verified) on

You are a great mentor for the kids today. I’m a Yankees fan, lmao. So when you played against the Yankees I would watch the games. You make all Latin races proud. I hope you are felling better. Thanks for representing all Latin races

Submitted by Art (not verified) on

Hi big papi I recently saw you on tv wearing Roberto Clemente jersey in Iowa I just wanted to thank you for remembering my childhood hero and one of baseball’s first Latin players Thank you for honoring our first latino and great humanitarian

Submitted by Timothy parr (not verified) on

Mr. Ortiz I just watched your pregame for game 3 of this year's world series.outside of Nolan Ryan I would like to thank you for all you did for the game,bet the twins are pissed they let you go lol..all jokes aside I've been a lifelong tiger fan but thank you for what you done and still do for the game..hell I even became a Red Sox fan because of you..keep doing what your doing big papi,baseball fans everywhere love you,
All my love and respect,
Timothy parr

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