Blake Shelton

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Blake Tollison Shelton
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cover of Michael Buble's "Home"
"Mine Would Be You"

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Blake Shelton was born June 18, 1976 in Ada, OK. After graduating from high school at seventeen, he moved to Nashville to pursue a singing career. There he got a job at a music publishing company and, in 1997, Bobby Braddock helped him get a production deal with Sony Music. Then in 2001 he was signed to Giant records who released his debut single "Austin". It spent five weeks at Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The gold-certified debut album also produced two more Top 20 hits ("All Over Me" and "Ol' Red"). Although the album was released on Giant Records Nashville, he was transferred to Warner Bros. Records Nashville after Giant closed in late 2001.

Shelton's second and third albums, 2003's The Dreamer and 2004's Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill, were each certified gold as well. His fourth album, Pure BS (2007), was re-issued in 2008 with a cover of Michael Bublé's pop hit "Home" as one of the bonus tracks. Shelton's fifth album, Startin' Fires, which had an appearance by his then-girlfriend Miranda Lambert, was released in November 2008. It was followed by the extended plays "Hillbilly Bone" and "All About Tonight" in 2010, and the albums Red River Blue in 2011... Based on a True Story... in 2013, and Bringing Back the Sunshine in 2014.

Overall, Shelton has charted 24 country singles, including 11 number ones. The 11th No. 1 "Doin' What She Likes" broke "the record for the most consecutive No. 1 singles in the Country Airplay chart's 24-year history". He is a five-time Grammy Award nominee. He's also known for his role as a judge on the televised singing competitions Nashville Star, Clash of the Choirs, and The Voice. He has been on The Voice since its inception, and four out of the seven seasons (2–4, 7) his teams have won.


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Submitted by Ron (not verified) on

Cant understand why none of your country singers have done any of Joe Diffie’s songs.

Submitted by Shaun gross (not verified) on

The world needs a great song about dating people with kids.
Everyone gets attached to the kids and vice versa. If the relationship doesnt work, your heart hurts more because of the loss of the unconditional love that child has for you. And of course the child's pain in the loss. I've dated girls with kids. The hardest part of the breakup is the disappointment the child feels. Its heart breaking:( I've said many times that I loved the girl, but was In Love with the child💞

A perfect Blake and Gwen duo!

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

I would like to complain about your choice at the beginning of the knockouts. I would like to inform you that you made the wrong decision sending Levi home. Me and my family were rooting for him, and he was the obvious choice. And we can’t believe that Levi was sent home. ☹️ 🥵

Submitted by Nancy Cunningham (not verified) on

I took a video of my child signing God's country and she wanted me to make sure I share it with Blake so he knows it's her jam but I don't know how to do that.

Submitted by Joe Gonzalez (not verified) on

Blake, we love your show but as as john Legend is still there we stopped watching your show. God bless you and your family. We love man.

Submitted by Dawn M-M (not verified) on

My boyfriend and I are huge fans not just of your music. You are a lot of fun to watch on The Voice and in your interviews. I am watching to see if you ever tour in New York State (near Syracuse). It is my boyfriend's sincere desire to meet you one day. He is a bass player. Until then, keep being Blake!

Submitted by Mike Mercer (not verified) on

My wife to be and I just want to let you know that you and Gwen's relationship and your music have been an inspiration to us. I used your song Nobody but you on Karaoke night to propose to the very women that make me feel rich on minimum wage. As we get married on the 29th of January 2021 we hope to continue to be inspired by you and your beautiful lady. keep up the good work Blake and thank you for being the patriotic country valued voice America needs

Submitted by Lisa Marie (not verified) on

Hello Blake. I would like the opportunity to sing with you. I sing to my horses all the time and haven’t heard any complaints....Yet!

Submitted by Todd Ervin (not verified) on

My wife just loves you Blake. She has a life size cut out of you in our bedroom. We are just common people and I wish for her to see you in concert sometime. I would give anything if she could see you in concert. Thanks for listening to me.

Submitted by Aki (not verified) on

Blake, big shoutout to all of your loved ones, they should be so proud of you now, you are the singer who I looked up to as a kid, and will always look up too. Thanks for inspiring me to write music.

Submitted by Cathy Sucher (not verified) on

I just watched you Blake on Kelly Clarkson's show that I watch faithfully every day she is on TV. It was the best day watching you and Kelly go back and forth on your songs, just awesome. I really love your new hit "No Body." Blake you have been my favorite country singer since you started in the business. Since George and Alan are not around like in the past, you really became my favorite country singer. You make my day (88 years old now) and you fill me with such happiness with your songs and charisma, you are for real, just natural. I dislike pretenders. What you see is what you get and I love all 6 ft+. I have never missed the Voice since you started. I have many of your CD's (including your 1st hit "Austin" & Old Dog Red. but cannot play them since my record player, a huge entertainment unit from the 80's, I think, has been broken and I cannot afford a new one. I prefer 45's but they no longer make them. I play my 45's & CD's on a dinky one that does not sound so good. So I guess I will not be able to play "No Body". You are not on TV enough for your talent but I watch any show whenever you are listed to appear. I just cannot explain how you truly make me feel. I am happy for you and Gwen and wish you the very best. I know all about how you started in the business etc., as I said before I keep up with you. I believe you have it all now, a fantastic career, great wife and instant family and you never sounded better!! I was born in Lincoln, NE, so was surprised that it was the first stop on your appearances. I have lived in Illinois since 1954 after high school.

Submitted by Addie Davis (not verified) on

Hi Blake Shelton I am your BIGGEST fan I currently live in Tx and my dream is to be a country singer like you I was gonna audition for the voice but I was to late to audition but I want to be on there next year so I can meet you!!

Submitted by Joy (not verified) on

Blake! You have a Scott Stapp on your hands ....You Got This!!!!


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