Janet Evanovich

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Janet Schneider
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"Hot Six" and other novels featuring the character Stephanie Plum

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Janet Evanovich was born in South River, NJ on April 22, 1943. After attending South River High School,[3] she became the first in her family to attend college, Douglas College a part of Rutgers University. She later married and became a stay at home mom. That's when she began to write novels. She wrote three different manuscripts, but failed in selling them to a publisher. At that point someone suggested she try writing romance novels.

She shopped two manuscripts, but was unable to find a publisher. Thinking she would never get published, she decided to go to work for a temporary employment agency. A few months later, she received an offer to buy her second romance manuscript for two grand. "Hero at Large" was published in 1987 under the pseudonym Steffie Hall. After finishing her twelfth romance, however, Evanovich realized that she was more interested in writing the action sequences in her novels rather than the sex scenes. Her editors were not interested in her change of heart, so Evanovich took the next eighteen months to formulate a plan for what she actually wanted to write.

Inspired by the Robert De Niro movie "Midnight Run," Evanovich decided her heroine would be a bounty hunter. That's how Stephanie Plum was born. The sixth book in the series, "Hot Six," was the first of her novels to reach Number 1 on the New York Times Best Seller List. Her subsequent Plum novels have each debuted at Number 1. In 2010 Evanovich published "Wicked Appetite," spinning off the character Diesel from the between-the-numbers Plum books.


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Submitted by shelly (not verified) on

I think Stephanie plum should sleep with Morelli and Ranger around the same time and at the end of the book, finds out she is pregnant but doesn't know which one is the father! A great lead into a new book! I am sure Ranger had a vasectomy so Morelli will be the dad? lol

Submitted by Dianna (not verified) on

Would love to see the Plum books made into a tv series. I could binge watch Stephanie and Lula’s antics all day long

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

Hi Janet! LOVE your books & rntranced by your sense of humor & writing style! Please, please, please...put me out of my old lady misery & tell me which Bulgari is Ranger's favorite??! I'm sure you've answered this question @ least a Mind Boggling Million times (feel free to use that when you get there... 😉) however for the life of me, I can’t find it... Thank you for the hours of escapism & unbelievably, well-written entertainment! Kathy

Submitted by Steve Yarkosky (not verified) on

Okay, here's the thing. I love to read. I'm 67 years old and was really hooked on legal thrillers. Thus, I've read every John Grisham book written. I still like his writing and David Baldalcci and Patricia Cornwell. Quite a while back I picked up and read "One for the Money." I know you wrote that eons ago and it was maybe your first. Saw the movie too. Anyway, I've now read a bunch of your books and I'm hooked on your work. I don't care which Stephanie Plum book you read, you are going to laugh at times and just really like it. I don't think I've ever needed more than 2 days to read any of your books. I get hooked right away. Please don't stop writing. You are now really my favorite writer. God love kiddo and keep em coming. Thank you so much for keeping me entertained. Steve Yarkosky, Albia, IA

Submitted by John lidge (not verified) on

Janet evanovich is an incredable writer. Her stehanie plum novels are extremely entertaining. I laugh most of way through her novels. Lula is a great addition as the two of them try to apprehend bail jumpers to little or no succes unless ranger steps in to help.
Way to go janet. Keep writng. I will certainly miss them if you stop.

Submitted by Rachel (not verified) on

I enjoy all the Plum books and the Diesel books and have not really read any of the others yet, but having just finished Plum #26 (again!) I've realized I have some questions in general and I start #27 (again). Whatever happened to Grandma's dog Henry? Did he go live with Valerie and the kids? Have we ever been told Lula's last name? In #27, Stephanie says Charlie Shine is a big bond for Vinny, but I remember Ranger helping Stephanie take Charlie in from the Molehole' was Vinny crazy enough to bond him out again!!! And in the Sugar Plum between the numbers, at the end it is suggested that Mary Alice might have "special gifts/abilities" one day - does she??? That's enough for now other than I love to listen to Lorelei King read your books!

Submitted by Donna (not verified) on

PLEASE ………. Let me have a Stephanie and LuLu in my life. I love them!

Submitted by Deanna Jordan (not verified) on

I absolutely love reading your Stephanie Plum series, it is always spot on and hillarious.

Submitted by Karen (not verified) on

I've had many laughs listening to the Plum series but became disappointed at the lack of character development for Lula. Does she have a loving family? Can she evolve in a more positive direction?

Submitted by Teresa (not verified) on

I have been reading for twenty years! Your lastest novel lives up to the first in the series. Thanks for the fun of reading in your books. Like a trip home every book. Teresa

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