Harry Styles

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Harry Edward Styles
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Best Known For: 

Being a member of One Direction

Short bio: 

Harry Styles is a member of a boy band, One Direction, and dated Taylor Swift.


Harry Styles
Modest! Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Rd
London, SW6 3BU


Submitted by Joidyn Waites (not verified) on

Hi! My name is joi and I am your number one fan I love you sooooo much my username for everything is JAY_STYLES432 because i love you so much

Submitted by Rylynparker (not verified) on

I love u

Submitted by Andrea Rose (not verified) on

Hi, I want to marry Harry when I grow up. But I am only 5 1/2 now, so we would like to have Harry come over to our house for water balloon fun fight. He should bring a bathing suit and a towel. It will be so much fun. We live in Toms River, NJ. My birthday is October 15 and then I will be 6. When you come to play with us in NJ, we can take you to our really fun boardwalk and go on rides and have some delicious food. I would love to go in the Fun House with you. We will win a Fidget Spinner for you.

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

hi im megan I am your number one fan!!! I know you love every single one of your fans but I am best for you!!!

Submitted by Madison Hall (not verified) on

Hi Harry, My name is Madison Hall and I'm a massive fan of yours. I miss you and the other One Direction boys together. Please make me happy and reunite the band. You really inspire me to sing. I can't believe it's 2020 already!! I wish I could get front row to meet you. I also wish you could pick me up bridal style and kiss me like you do to your other fans. I hope you read this and know how much I love your music.

Submitted by Kyra (not verified) on

Hi harry I'm a big fan but I would also just want to know you for you, the real you, I can't go to any of your concerts but I would enjoy meeting you and getting to know you. I also hate how everyone doesn't think about how your a person. Everyone wants to meet you because your famous I want to meet you because I like how your kind to everyone and even when they are disrespectful. Please make my dream come true. 😊😛

Submitted by Madison Hall (not verified) on

Hello Harry, it's Madison again and I hope you are having a good day. Stay safe from the virus please, I don't ever want you to get sick or else I will cry and hold on to my Harry doll for dear life. I also hope you remember me from the 2014 Where We Are tour. I was in the front and you kept looking at me with a smile. You and I are 6 years apart and I think that's close enough. I finally have both of your albums Harry! Adore You is my number one favorite by you because it is really sweet. You and I are also both shy and cheeky. I would be the perfect girl for you because I love being chased. LOVE YOU HAZZA!!

Submitted by lexi (not verified) on

Hi Harry, I love your music. Over the years I've become a bigger and bigger fan. Your music makes me very happy. I want to thank you for all you do. I love how committed you are to your work. I admire who you are as a person, and how kind you are to your fans. You're my idol, and I am a very big fan. I just want to say thank you so much. I love you.

Submitted by Madison Hall (not verified) on

Hi Harry, I hope you are doing well. I just sung all your songs. I really hope you are safe from the virus, I'm concerned for your safety. Please make my dream of reuniting with you come true. I'm turning 20 July 8th. If I see you again, can you hug me and kiss my cheek? I love you so much!!

Submitted by toni walsh (not verified) on

hi harry , thanks for helping me and my grandmother through the sad loss of my grandfather and it was really kind of you to think of us that way and through the cyclone that hit here last year and we're really grateful for it and your music is really nice and i listen to it every day and the songs i listen to is lights up and one off westlife's album is if i let you go and they're irish and i really appreciate your random act of kindness towards me and my grandmother , i'll always be happy to help , from toni

Submitted by Tameria Diane Jones (not verified) on

Hello Harry Edward Styles my name is Tameria Diane Jones and I want to say that you are a hot and sexy Brit and I love your singing voice and smile and your hair is to die for. I just want to know are you married to Olivia Wilde because if things don't work out between you and her I would love to be with you Harry I would love to marry a guy like you. Love you ❤️.

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