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Pierce the Veil is an American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2007, the group was founded by brothers Vic and Mike Fuentes after the disbandment of the group Before Today (formerly Early Times), which was formed out of the San Diego punk rock scene. Other members of the band include Jaime Preciado (bassist and backing vocals) and Tony Perry (lead guitar). Pierce the Veil has released three studio albums and has continuously been inducted into several worldwide tours since the release of their debut album, A Flair for the Dramatic in 2007. The band released their second full-length studio album, titled Selfish Machines in 2010. Their third and latest album, Collide with the Sky, was released in 2012, and is their first album under the major record label Fearless Records.


Pierce The Veil
13772 Goldenwest St. #545
Westminster, CA 92683


Submitted by KadasiaH on

I've listened to every song you ever made, it makes me feel like I'm worth something, it'd mean so.much if you could sing to me personally

Submitted by Ace Gerada (not verified) on

Hi PTV band (vic, jaime, tony, and mike) i was an avid fan of yours located off-shore and I don't want to miss a chance to see even atleast a dedicated video of you playing kissing cars for me. I know you don't know me but if it happens I will treasure atleast that video or that memory in my head before my death. Im fighting in life for 21 years now. And I just want to see you guys the one who influenced my music perform my favorite song ever :) thank you and hope so that this comment message i've wrote for you will cross your eyes. Thank you.

Submitted by Captain Rex*_* (JK) (not verified) on

PTV, you guys have saved me in life and gave me my happiness back:). I have a good life but you know some things just kick down sometimes and you just need that hand to help you up. You guys were my sanity when I was sad and that hand that picked me up and i'm very grateful that your songs have so much meaning to me. The first song i ever listened to was "Match into Water" and i loved it so much that i even sang it for a talent show! You have inspired me so much and i'm so happy that you are part of my everyday life now! KEEP MAKING GREAT MUSIC!

Submitted by Kyra richardson (not verified) on

dear PTV i love ur songs the first one i ever listen to was Bulls in the bronx after i heard that i instantly became a huge fan and u ALWAYS made me happy after a rough day (or any day for that matter) in fact i believe u saved my life but my parents listened to and banned me from it:C i haven't been as happy sense. I'm also doing an informational writing on all of you. My parents believe it was the messages that were in the songs that i have listen to that caused my self harm thoughts. But it was really cause my life is stressful right now. but they said it was for my own good.i attempted to protest but it didn't work.so I'm sitting here not listening to music and crying as i type this. I would like to request a song that has no bad massages (killing swearing and dying) in it so they can see it's not you thats causing my problems I'm a tween trying to figure out who i really am. I love you all. and the sooner u come out with something like this the sooner i can listen to you again and i can be a happy person. your one of the things that makes my world go around.i asked my mom if i could listen to you today and she told me no so I've been listening to Fall out Boy, Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides, Bring me the Horizon and my Chemical Romance(other bands i listen too) but its not the same as when I listen to you and Sleeping with the Sirens (she banned me from them to). I love you all and i don't want to lose you from my life please do this for me it would mean so much then my world could spin again.

love, Kyra D. Richardson

Submitted by My friends call... (not verified) on

So, I am the "outcast/emo/Misfit" and the middle child and I've been listening to your music since last year and it helped me through a lot. When my friends come over my older sister is never home and my younger sister gets almost all the attention and I wanted to say thank you for helping me through tough times and bullies, so thanks!

Submitted by Melissa Higgins (not verified) on

I'm so upset about the whole mix-up with the tickets for your up coming tour, I tweet out to you asking for help because the link that you gave your fans the day before was not working and I had to buy tickets for another state
and then find out that your company had a problem with the site so then you made the upgrade tickets available for today, So again I'm on the computer now trying to upgrade my tickets, I get them and I'm checking out and the site crashed. I'm so devastated,I was buying the tickets for my younger sister who has been sick for over 2 years and she is finally graduating from High school. Your her favorite band in the whole world. Your music actually help her deal with everything she has been going through. She actually went to one of your concert and meet and greets when you were in NY . The whole time when she met your band she cried, it was one of the happiest times in her life and she even gave Vic a picture she had made . I want to surprise her for her graduation for not giving up and finishing High school with everything she has been going through. Please help me make her happy like the first time she met your band. She really is amazing person always caring about every one eles.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

I just wanted to say you guys are absolutely amazing and thank you for making music! Every song, every album, it never disappoints. The instrumental talent, the profound meaningful lyrics, that is what real music is! Keep doing what you guys do! I am already looking forward to more of your music, until then every album you have made thus far will be on repeat.

Submitted by Iloveptv (not verified) on

I love all your music the first song I ever heard was bulletproof love and I fell in love with all of you toney perry when u come to Atlanta GA for the Misadventures tour I have a Star Wars picture it's original art from the original trilogy name is (L.Robert.F) congrats Jaime I love you Vic mike tony and Jaime and I hope you can make a music video bc all the songs are good

Submitted by Potato (not verified) on

I believe by far Misadventures is amazing. <3

Submitted by Hoss (not verified) on

Your music inspires me so much. I want to buy your space and tydye wristbands (hope i spelled that right...) but I don't have enough $$. So yep just wanted to say your music is so awesome and you play in sync so well.

Submitted by Allie Barnes (not verified) on

I went to the Misadventures tour at the NorVa! Four spots from the front! I almost got the guitar pick Jaime threw... It was wonderful. Your songs speak to me like no other bands. Come back soon, Maybe at the I the mightys headline in a few months?

Submitted by Evette Lopez (not verified) on

Pierce the Veil. I have depression and whenever I listen to your music I forget what depression is. I just want to say thank you so much for making the music that you guy's do. You have done so much more than you know and Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Submitted by Angelica Carbajal (not verified) on

Vic .. You changed my life completely and i seriously don't wanna sound desperate or crazy .
I have been going through a lot lately
I got hooked on drugs and I lost myself .
I have a boyfriend who sticks by me every move .
But were miles away .
It hurts cause I push him away not intentionally .
I am sober .
And my cravings are back .
I was on heroin.
Loosing every aspect of myself ..
I listen to your music .
Every word.
Its awesome how you put effort and support for your fans .
It'd be nice to meet you one day but unfortunately I don't have the money .
I would love to meet all of you guys in fact .
Y'all just. ... You guys are amazing .

Submitted by Maddie (not verified) on

I think that you guys would get this a lot, but you have all saved me from the hate in this world. Your band gives me hope. All the things that people have said to me, 'fat, ugly,slut,fake,attention whore, worthless and a waste of space' with your music I no longer pay attention to what they say. All of you have really saved me, I have attempted to stop self-harming becuase your music makes me think that I am so much more. My attempts keep failing though. My family, they beat me and my brother and father keep telling me that I should kill myself because I'm not worth anything, but with your music I get through the day and feel like I am really worth something in this world. All of you (Vic, Mike, Tony and Jaime) you are all my heroes and you inspire me to keep living. I have been listening to your music since I was in year 5 and I've only had enough courage to write this.

Submitted by Tai (not verified) on

Thx for making music u saved my life I may still be hurting but at least I'm not thinking of ending it all so thx

Submitted by mc3isme (not verified) on

Dear members of Pierce the Veil, I personally love you guys. You four amazing musicians have made my teenage years amazing. I love you guys and thank you for being fucking kick ass. If you guys read this thats awesome. I see you guys do a lot of bowling shit, because well bowling is kick ass. I work at a bowling alley in Virginia Beach, and I want you guys to come there and like shoot a music video, or just you know hang out with me there. I'm also a bowler dork and have shot two 300s wearing your shirt both times. If you guys read this please contact me, my name on here is my Instagram name. Ok, you guys keep making the best music you can.

Submitted by Abbie Smith (not verified) on

I just wanted to let you know that you guys are my inspiration in life and the only reason why i am alive. If feel like your songs really made me feel like i am worth something and you helped my get through depression and self harm. I am not going to beg you to reply because i doubt you will even read this. But i want you to know that if you ever do come across this message then never stop doing what you are doing, you saved my life i cant wait to see what else you are capable off. Love you xxx

Submitted by Anna (not verified) on

Vik, I love your music so much. All of it is so well written out and has so much thought into it. From Bulletproof love to circles. Every song you have ever written is amazing. I would love to go to your concerts one day. Your music brings me so much happiness. It keeps me going. You and your band are so talented. Thank you for everything. My best friend, sister, and I love you so much. Thank you for all this amazingness you have put in my life.

Submitted by Jordyn Richardson (not verified) on

Me too!!! At least I got to see them the one time Oklahoma had a warped tour.

Submitted by Israel walker (not verified) on

You guys are my greatest inspiration! I love y'all so music so much and I hope you guys don't break up so I can see you in show.. you guys have helped me through some really dark times, and I recently gotten a tattoo from the song hold on till May and it's helped me as well..I love you all and especially you Tony!

Submitted by Avery (not verified) on

I just wanna say how fucking much I adore your music and how much it has helped me through dark times in my life. Your music made feel alive and free when I was trapped with troubles. I just read that y’all will be going on tour again soon. 😭😭😭💕 I miss you guys so much plsss come back I might just die please I’m coming for y’all as soon as you do and I want a fucking hug from all of you. Sorry for the loving aggression. I’ve just been listening to you guys since day one so when I saw that y’all would be coming back soon I literally cried. I really hope you guys respond 🥺💕 much love. One of you many many many big fans

Submitted by Lea (not verified) on

I just want to say, I love your music. It's beautiful...and comforting. It makes me happier, less stressed, more carefree. Like I don't have to worry about anything, your music is my home and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love it.. trust me I do, just ask anyone I talk to . Thank you for creating music. You guys are the best, huge fan. Have the most wonderful day! You guys deserve it.

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