Eric Church

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Kenneth Eric Church
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"Like Jesus Does"

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Eric Church was born in Granite Falls, NC on May 3, 1977. At 13, he bought a guitar and began writing songs of his own. Before moving to Nashville, Eric graduated from South Caldwell High School and then Appalachian State University with a degree in business. When he finally arriced in nashville, he started recording with different producers. Capitol Nashville showed an interest and watched him perform but they were not convinced enough to offer a recording contract. Finally, Church scored a meeting with Nashville heavyweight Arthur Buenahora, a publisher at Sony Music who also signed Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. Church played him "Lightning," a ballad he wrote after watching the movie The Green Mile”. After that, Capitol was convinced and signed him to a deal.

His first single, "How 'Bout You" peaked at No. 14 on Hot Country Songs and led off his debut album Sinners Like Me. In April 2006, he performed on the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. The Outsiders, was released in February 2014. It became his second No.1 album on the charts early in that same year. It also includes four new singles in its title track, "Give Me Back My Hometown" (which became his fourth number one on the Country Airplay chart), "Cold One", and "Talladega", all released in 2013 and 2014 ...


Q-Prime South
131 South 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206


Submitted by Tim Hill (not verified) on

Why do you take credit for writing these lyrics why does Jeff Hyde while the person who actually penned these never received a dime or his name on the credits or received any of the accolades I am appalled that a songwriter would steal from a writer a veteran and a man whose wife that like Jesus does was actually written for.

Submitted by Beverly (not verified) on

No longer a fan! Blame that on the NRA you moron!

Submitted by John (not verified) on

My wife and I have tickets for your Dana Point Beach concert coming up. We will not be attending though. You said some horrible things about me and the other 6 million NRA members. You had to go and open your mouth like the Dixie Chicks...nice move! I am really okay with you having your own opinion ( we all do and that's your right) just not using your public stage to push it. It's a little like Hollywood Eric. No longer will I give you another dime! PS: I sent the NRA $100 in your name... thanks for the support!

Submitted by Old fan (not verified) on

Will not spend another dime on you.

Submitted by Jeff (not verified) on

I was once a fan, but no more. Your asinine NRA comments show that you are clearly not a "Second Amendment guy". You're welcome to your opinion, but I no longer respect you I won't spend another dime on you.

Submitted by billthebird (not verified) on

GOD BLESS YOU, Eric Church, for your brave, Christ-like and perfectly sensible stance on the evil NRA, and this country's SICKENING worship of guns. You are a true hero, and a true patriot. We can only hope that, one day, some of your misguided, fair-weather fans (I'm not naming names) will join you in singing a rousing version of Hank Williams' "I Saw The Light."

I am a fan FOR LIFE!

Submitted by Holly (not verified) on

Hello just want to say I love your music I've never seen you live but I have met you. I was a therapist in NC and treated your grandmother. You came in and gave her a demo. You were just getting on the radio. She was so proud and told me to watch out for you you'll be famous. I lived in Granite falls close to your parents. I also treated their neighbor who had so many great things to say about you as a person. Im really glad to hear someone so famous is still so humble. Keep up the great work and I'll be listening.... I'm in Colorado now. Always a fan of the man... and music. 🎶
Hope you actually see this...

Submitted by Donnie j chaves (not verified) on

I simply want to say you are one of the very few artists performing now that I immediately get the newest album without any reservations. Every album is a new journey with you. I have finally been able to afford tickets to come see your live show in Greenville sc in December. My wife and I are soooo excited to finally get to see you.