Suzanne Collins

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Suzanne Marie Collins
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The Hunger Games trilogy

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Suzanne Marie Collins (born August 10, 1962) is an American television writer and novelist, best known as the author of The New York Times best selling series The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy (which consists of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay).


Suzanne Collins
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Submitted by Ruby Spradley (not verified) on

Can you please get Mockingjay written from Peetas perspective A lot of people are desperate for it

Submitted by Ivy Waters (not verified) on

Hello. I am an upcoming 9th grader who's obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy. I read the series multiple times and every time I'm still overwhelmed. Your writing gives me goosebumps. I love your characters and story plot. In fact, I was so obsessed with the Hunger Games that I wrote a fan-fiction called The Hunger Games Before the Mockingjay. I recently finished the three books of the series with over 200 pages. I'm hoping to get it published on a fan-fiction website. However, I haven't done so yet. I'm not sure what the policy is for publishing fan-fic stories. Anyway, ever since I finished writing my stories and reading your books, I haven't been able to find a new series to get into. I've read multiple series and still, I cannot find one that makes me go, "HAUH!" as the Hunger Games did. I think you're so creative and inspirational. No author can write a book quite as good as the Hunger Games. It has everything from survival to romance! Thank you so much for your talent!

Submitted by Carmen Richmond (not verified) on

So, I finished the Hunger Games series this last weekend. Ten years after my childhood ended. Which is a bit later than expected. When I started the series, during my childhood, I think I fell in love with Katniss because a woman figure was finally portrayed as a hero saving a man and the world, rather than other way around.
I really would love to know your inspiration and work, and now, ten years later, I am in college, studying English with a minor in Psychology. Something middle school me reading the Hunger Games books never would’ve thought. I don’t know if I’ll teach in the future but I do know I’ll continue to write for as long as I can. Thanks for your inspiration. All the best. Carmen Richmond

Submitted by Plamena (Pam) (not verified) on

Hello, firt of all I want to say that I absolutely adore the book about president Snow, the story is just too good.. But something has been heavy on my mind and I cant not share.. Maybe if some day there is a movie about Snow and his life I cant stop thinking of Bill Skarsgård playing the role.. He is in my opinion such a great fit so please considers him, Im in a loss of words how amazing he is gonna be as Snow.. Thanks

Submitted by Mom (not verified) on

I just finished reading the Overlander series to my eight year old son. We both loved it. Children should have literature that introduces them to the brutal realities of this world in a way that does not steal hope or harden them. That is what you managed to do.

Thank you. Mothers need good writers.

Submitted by Louis (not verified) on

Hi.. Suzanne Collins , I would like to ask you about The Hunger Games story. Are you sharing the story with some else. It seems that something in the past has come to my attention.
What were the instructions or plan. It has something to do with the actress Jennifer Lawrence.?

Submitted by gale x katniss (not verified) on

i love hunger games but i want to know why you made katniss love peeta they were created by the capitol gale loves katniss and knows how he got her courage to stand up instead of running away ....... if he was so selfish than why would he feed katnisses family when she went to the games and why did he get them out and rescued them to 13? katniss only saves peeta with the berries because she owes him and she even says " gale knows i chose him over peeta because peeta and me was something the capitol created " . #gale-x-katniss

Submitted by Jessica Hicks (not verified) on

I recently got round to reading Songbirds and Snakes, and not only was it a really compelling and interesting book (seriously wish there was more), but as a Classicist I loved all the little inside jokes with references to Greek and Roman mythology. I enjoyed the occasional name drop in the original trilogy too, but being Capital based there was a lot more room for creative play with them. The twins Diana and Apollo, the hubris of Arachne, all of Sejanus' story, and so much more. Really loved it and made an already incredible story that much more special to me. Really hope you do another one on another games and another POV. Thanks again x

Submitted by Nathan in Mrs. ... (not verified) on

Dear Ms. Collins, I am reading your book Gregor the Overlander in school right now. I was wondering if you would ever make a picture book about it? I think that would be amazing if you could do that. I know that would a long time, but knowing you, I'm sure you could make it work! Thanks for considering it! Nathan (from Mrs. Brown's class)

Submitted by Matthew Bentley... (not verified) on

I love your Hunger Games Serious and I think its a very creative serious. I would also like to say you made the characters really good for the plot of the book. Thank You for Making such a Great Series!!

Submitted by Tiffany Rimmer (not verified) on

I absolutely love the Hunger Games series and would love a continuation of Haymitch's games and background and Johanna's as well. So my question is, would you ever consider making more novels just for their stories and games? I can tell it's definitely something a lot of people would love and think it would overall be a great hit! Please consider and I'm so excited to see the most recent movie in November!

Submitted by Coralgirl (not verified) on

I love the book The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes so much! I've spent hours thinking about it and read it several times. I have many questions and many theories that I would like answered. I have a theory that Maude Ivory is Katniss's grandmother. I don't want to know what happened to Lucy Gray. I think one of the best parts about the book is the wonderful mystery just like in her ballad. Was Lucy Gray really in love with Snow, or was it mostly an act to survive? I don't think she was the sweet little helpless girl like some people thought she was. I think she was doing what she thought she had to, to survive. Also, SUZANNE COLLINS: Please give us more details about Tigris! That is a mystery I would really like to know the answer to! What is her story? What happened with her and Snow? Was there a falling out with them? Why did she become basically a living tiger with all the plastic surgery and stuff? What was her thing with raw meat?

Submitted by Starrdust (not verified) on

Please, Gregor the Overlander was amazing, but at the same time... I was totally left hanging. The ending didn't feel completed, it was actually quite depressing. Does Gregor just, move on? Like, you know he'll never forget all the things that happened to him. I feel like he could never rest easy knowing he just... LEFT. I mean, I do get that he's a kid and all, and he wanted away from the crazy. So I'm thinking that when he got older, he would probably go back. Like, could he REALLY stay away? I don't think so.
I was depressed for two weeks after that ending. So anything to bring me peace about this would be amazing.

Submitted by Ally (not verified) on

I LOVE The Hunger Games!!!

Submitted by Paul Argy (not verified) on

Suzanne. Haymitch's story SCREAMS making a book about it. There is enough room to not only make it action filled, but to add so much to his character and how he BECAME sour after Snow eradicates his family and perhaps girlfriend. Please consider it. His story is a GREAT story that should be told.


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