Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers plays quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He played back-up quarterback for Brett Favre for three years before he became the starting quarterback in 2008. Rodgers led Green Bay to the Super Bowl XLV and that year was named the Super Bowl MVP.

Rodgers played college football at the University of California, Berkeley, where he set several career passing records, including lowest single-season and career interception rates. He was picked in the first round (24th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Packers.


Pro Bowl 2009, 2011, 2012

First-team All-Pro 2011

Second-team All-Pro 2012


Super Bowl XLV Champion

Super Bowl XLV MVP


Green Bay Packers, Inc.
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628


Submitted by Avery Engel (not verified) on

Can you come see my family we are big packers fans. One of my family members owns a heated room.

Submitted by Toby Hicks (not verified) on

Hey there Aaron, I saw your website itsaaron.com and I thought it was the best thing in the world. My grandfather passed away from cancer when I was only 3 years. He was everything to me, when I saw that website it lifted a burden off of me because I saw that other people were getting help and I should move on and focus on my football career for him. He was a die hard football fan and wanted to see nothing more than me play my first game. If you could please say my name in your next football game, I'm sure that my grandfather and myself would love it more than anything in the world. I live in Lubbock, TX. Have a great day and play a great game. Don't tell any other packers, but you, Jordy and Eddie are my goals. Eddie Lacy is my dream, I try to play my games how he plays his.

Submitted by Daniel Evan John (not verified) on

No matter what happens Aaron Rodgers you're still going to be one of my favorite quarterbacks! And I've been a Packers fan since I was a little kid so just go out there and play the game you love man! It would great if the Packers win the Superbowl.. cuz let's face it.. I don't think anyone wants the Patriots to win again haha much love to all the Packers who go out there and bust their ass every time they play!

Submitted by Andrew Hrncir (not verified) on

You and the team played hard all the way to the end. Great job Aaron for all your amazing skills that you contribute in the most vital situations. You will for sure 100% be in the hall of fame. You are the meaning of Hail Mary, MVP, and much more beyond what words can describe. You have always inspired me to be an amazing football play but also a good teammate. You have the chance to do anything you want to do on the field. You will always be looked as the best name in football history. Your skills are beyond what words can describe. I have never seen a person with the abilities to do what you do, and you do it so flawlessly. You should be proud of how far you got this season. It was truly a team effort. This season you had your ups and downs but I still had fate in you when others might of not. Even though you didn't make it to the conference finals you will always still be my favorite player in the history of Football. Last year it was so amazing to see you play in person against the Cowboys. Later this year you will have all of your players back and it is a new season. I think you have the capabilities of winning every game in the preseason, regular season, and playoffs. You are on amazing athlete and I really wanted to congratulate you on all that you have done. GoPackGo and hope that you go undefeated next season. Good luck From Andrew Hrncir

Submitted by Jessica herbert (not verified) on

Dear Aaron my name is Jessica Herbert. I wanted to get a message to u even tho I know u are a very busy man. My fiancé Michael Soto was truly your biggest fan. He was a packers fan since he was 11years old. Unfortunately he passed away this Monday morning from stage 4 bladder cancer. Watching u and the pack brought him much joy and he never missed a game. I wanted to get in touch with us while he was still here. However he was to prideful and didn't want people to feel sorry for him because he had cancer. I would c it as an honor to maybe meet u if it is ever at all possible. I sincerly hope u get this message. #12#go pack go#packerfanforlife

Submitted by Carter Parks (not verified) on

Aaron, I am doing a school assignment on your high school youth group leader, Matt, Hock. The paper is on people who have integrity so I looked into having you be my main topic. I did some research and traced you back to Matt. I have a few questions that I would like to ask you. Do you feel like Matt's teachings got to you, and do you think that they are the reason you are such a nice and religious person today.

Submitted by Cari Morris (not verified) on

My best friend bought tickets for this game because of the Packers. She is the biggest cheese head I have ever met. We came to our first game in December packers vs cowboys had a blast. Would really love to see her meet any of the Packers players she would be amazed. Thanks for b your help.

Submitted by Jeffrey Kibbe (not verified) on

Dear Aaron,

I’ve spent my entire life as a miserable Detroit Lions’ fan and I thought that the lowest point for us Lions’ fans was when they set the bar high by being the only team in NFL history to go 16-0…. That is 16 losses and 0 wins. The Lions’ organization proved me wrong during an event they call “A Taste of the Lions.” This was supposed to be a charity event that allowed season ticket holders to meet players, get their autographs, and have a good time…. However, this pitiful organization failed to mention that the $150 entry fee didn’t allow you to meet most of the players that most Lions’ fans would actually want to meet. The Lions did flat out say that you could not bring anything with you to the event to be signed; thus, forcing you to spend more money by forcing you to buy something to have autographed. This didn’t include, nor did the Lions’ say that in order to see your favorite players, that you had to spend another $150 to be a VIP in order to see the likes of Golden Tate, Matthew Stafford, DeAndre Levy, Ziggy Ansah, and other players like that. To top it off, the Lions added another $175 fee just to see Stafford and Tate, get one autograph a piece, and one picture a piece. That’s $475 for a single person, not including anything that was bought in order to have autographed. For me and my fiancé to attend this event it would have been over $1000.00 easily if we would have known how poorly it was managed by the Lions.
To top it off they rotated players so that they were not actually signing autographs for even 2 hours. Of the 3 hour event, from 6:30-9:30, they were actually signing autographs from approximately 6:30-7:10pm and then from 7:30-8:15, but they had been rotated, you couldn’t find anybody because not only did they rotate them out but they were moved to different locations. Some of the players that were supposed to be there never even showed up and none of the staff that were asked knew where they were supposed to be. The players were actually around signing autographs for a total about 1.5 hours out of the 3 hours, and the majority of the players didn’t even bother attending the event for those that did not purchase the VIP or spend any of the extra money to see them. It was a waste of time because if they would have said that none of the big name players would be seen without the purchase of the VIP package, then I would have purchased the VIP package, but the Lions’ failed to mention any of this to us season ticket holders. The Detroit Lions’ is a pitiful organization; they can’t even hold a season ticket holder event in a well-organized manor, so it’s easy to see how they ended up going 0-16 and even though I am a lifelong Lions’ fan I hope they go 0-16 again because they don’t deserve to have any success. I completely understand why Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson would rather retire early than spend another moment with the Lions organization.
It’s bad enough that I have troubles moving around as a disabled veteran, having spent approximately 4.5 years in the Marines, but I had to run around trying to catch players before they moved yet again. We actually caught up to Devin Taylor at about 8:25pm and he said that he was not allowed to sign my ball because the Detroit Lions’ organization would not allow him to give us an autograph at that time. We never saw Stafford, Tate, Ansah, Levy, Reddick, amongst other players, but some of them were seen by other people that had paid and extra $150 per person. The whole reason I went to this was to meet and get the autograph of all of the people that the Lions’ didn’t bother saying that we had to be VIP’s to meet them.
I am a disabled veteran, who has had multiple surgeries, have a disability rating of 90%, and I was such a big enough fan that I used some of my disability reimbursement to pay for my fiancé and I to come to the event, and if I would have known that the Lions’ were going to screw us over as bad as they did I would have spent more of my monthly disability pension to see the players that I went there to see. The Lions’ did not inform us that they would be screwing the rest of us over, so we ended up spending close to $1,000.00 to end up meeting a couple big name players, only a couple of which I wanted to meet, and missed the remainder of the players that I had the intention on meeting; I also missed work to rest my back from an injury sustained while serving in the Marines while in Iraq so that I could meet Ansah, Levy, Tate, Calvin Johnson, Ngata, and the rest of each of the teams: Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and Alumni. I would have to say that Ngata and A’Shawn Robinson, along with all of the alumni were the most down to earth, especially Ron Rice… Ron Rice was by far the nicest football player there and he was THE ONLY person that asked me what my name was.
This event made me want to become a New England fan because my fiancé is one. This way New England would be my number 1 team, and after Brandon Pettigrew and Eric Ebron acted like a Pre-Madonna’s towards my fiancé after they, and the rest of the Lions,’ quit signing autographs early (Signing for about a total of 1.5 hours at the max out of the 3.5 hours), after Devin Taylor refused to sign a football telling us that it was the organization that WOULDN’T allow him to sign his name after they quit early, among several other Lions that were still around but couldn’t, or wouldn’t sign their names… which would take a whole 10 seconds out of their life… Hey! You selfish pricks! Why don’t you compare that 10 seconds that you couldn’t take to sign an autograph for us after you got paid several million dollars to go out and drop footballs like the one in the playoffs that cost us the game… Not just the one where “Pass Interference” wasn’t called; I’m referring to one of the other several hundred balls that the two of you have dropped. Every Lions’ fan wanted Aaron Donald over Ebron; THEY STILL DO! 10 seconds of your life to sign your name verses the almost 5 years that I spent in the United States Marine Corps and all of the deployments that came along with it! You had to throw a hissy-fit over 10 seconds, when I spent the better portion of 10 years serving my country… What have you ever done for yours? What was that? Nothing? Well excuse me for taking up all of your precious time. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry that I came to your “Charity Event” that your star players couldn’t even show up to. Your whole team is a pathetic excuse for a football team and a sorry excuse for what are supposed to be “men.” I spent longer than 3 hours trying to hunt players down for autographs and they kept disappearing after spending their 30 minutes sitting at a table and then disappearing… The Alumni, “REAL MEN” approximately 30-50 years older than these new Lions’ players were out signing autographs before these Lions’ Players and they were still signing autographs and mingling with us fans well after the current Lions’ Players had quit.
I have been a Lions fan my entire life. I went out of my way to watch them get humiliated every chance that I could on the Armed Forces Network while I was deployed. I went to 6 games the year the Lions went 0-16. I can’t even count how many Lions’ games I have even been to anymore. I didn’t think the Lions’ could get any lower than they were in 2008, when they went 0-16, but last night the Lions’ organization did it… I sincerely hope you go 0-16, most of you lose your jobs, and any respectable player holds out until they are traded away for their own sake.

One very sorry season ticket holder with season tickets to the team that is the laughingstock of the NFL,
Jeffrey Kibbe

You seem like a nice guy. It's hard not to like you because you seem very down to Earth. I'd like the rest of the NFL to know it's not just the Lions as a football team that sucks, but they can't do anything right. I was just trying to get a helmet with as many Lions' signatures. It was a charity event and I couldn't even get a team helmet signed by everyone. I served 5 years in the Marines, the least they could have done is spent 15 minutes out of their "busy lives" to sign it, and some of their attitudes were unbelievable. Would you be willing to help me out in anyway? I'm done with the Lions. Good luck this year.

Submitted by Shawnna Nicole ... (not verified) on

Seriously I am a huge packers fan been to a couple of the games close to home lexington ky got front row every time at 32 yrs old I never thought I would have a crush like I do on you those dimples!!!! We will make it all the way this year please email me back!!! Go pack go!!!!!

Submitted by Scott schreiber (not verified) on

Aaron and Jordon please realize how much brotherhood is worth. There is no issue that should keep you guys from each other and family. I too am a brother and at times we don't see eye-to-eye on things but Let It Go. Brotherhood is critical to future endeavors and you both have successes in your own way. Hope the feud ends soon. Your family is most important and now everyone needs support. Have a great year AARON LOVE THE Pack and good luck Jordon with your future.

Submitted by Devan Tyson (not verified) on

Hi Sir, i am Devan Tyson and we have a educational course in the Air Force that is called Airman Leadership School. As a young Airman it is very beneficial for the upcoming generation to go through this course to become the next generation of front line supervisors. with that being said, we are graduating this class tomorrow and our instructor is a die hard PACKERS fan. And an even bigger fan of you. i am contacting you to see if maybe you could autograph a picture of yourself or the team and send it to us to give to her as a gift for all of her hard work. If it were not for men and women like her, we would not have the leaders we have now in the military. thank you from SrA Tyson and the ALS class.

Submitted by John doe (not verified) on

You need to get some serious help. Your conservative methods don't win games. Stop listening to McCarthy he has checked out a long time ago.

Submitted by Alicia (not verified) on

Hi Arron, by freind Alyssa is literally in love with you and really would like to meet you she even painted her room green and yellow and has a wall stick of you it would mean the world if she met you if you reply it would mean everything to me cause I want to surprise her cause we are such good friends

Submitted by mike a jacobi (not verified) on

Hello Mr Rodgers: I also have a photographic memory like yours 183 IQ never want to lose race vintage cars at Road America and win my .class.
At 57 I can still throw a football 60 yards, have 3% bodyfat am 6foot 4 inches 250 lbs. I can still run a under 5 second 50 I have highest arches of anyone i know. I held record at high school for 4.6 50I probably could do it again.
I was reading Gunslinger and I was hurt with a bad knee playing college at Wisconsin Under John Coata With Grape juice Johnson .butIt is fine now could throw a stinging ball like Mr. Favre. It was just they did not let me play because I was to smart. I guess I could lye about my age and say I was a free agent from moon U If I really trained i probably could be a nfl player I have no nicks at all and have better skiils as my dr puts it a body of a 15 year old.. I wonder why they put us out topasture why not a football rest and rebirth? I live in Kohler I hit 300 yr drives I se you out there with John kuhn all the time but i respect you privacy. It is easy to tell me 64 250 long . Good luck I attended IceBowl and it is a Starr Kramer over Lilly moment set by a pass to Chuck Mercien if I remember right. Was In front of gold posts. Mike Jacobi Kohler Wi

Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on

Aloha Aaron I'm from the u.s. And married a Canadian girl. In canada for the holidays saw you getting traded to canada on Tsn. Frickin funny. U da man

Submitted by Sabri (not verified) on

Dude you are da bomb Ur are amazing u r such a G.O.A.T u beast

Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

Looks like you are going t fuc KiNg lose again get your sh it together as s hole try to throw a winning pass

Submitted by Bailey Wickett (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Rodgers
My name is Bailey Wickett. I am writing to you today because my boyfriends birthday is coming up and he is absolutly in love with you. We are both huge Packer fans. This man came into my life as a blessing. He mad me feel safe again and no what it is like to be happy. He saved my life in many ways. from my pass to everything that is going on now. I would love if you could do anything for his birthday. it would really mean a lot. Thank you for your time and being the best QB out there.
Have a amazing day !!
p.s Packers rule!!! ill stick by yall no matter what!

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

hey aaron rodgers and packers im a die hard packers fan i wear packers gear every chance i get to ive been a packers fan since elementary school and now im 31 and still a winning or losing and im growing my son up to be a die hard packers fan every time i put my jersey on he needs his on as well he loves supporting his packers i have one easy and simple request is there any way that i can get a signed picture for me and my son if not i understand i will still love the packers anyway go pack go packnation this is our year

Submitted by LaurenaMi (not verified) on

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Submitted by LaurenaMi (not verified) on

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Главная Игры Grand Theft Auto 4 Все файлы к игре Трейнер +11 для версии 1 0 7 0 Бессмертие , бесконечные патроны и гранаты, суперточность, супервыносливость и т д Скачать! Я прошёл почти все части (не считая первых двух) Обзор GTA 4 от редакторов крупнейшего в Европе журнала о компьютерных играх Какие части GTA есть по порядку ( ну и год )
Этот скин заменит главного героя Grand theft auto IV на героиню игры Batman: Arkham City Женщину кошку Женщина кошка была одной из главных героев и ключевые ее миссии в игре совершать кражи Вот одна из моих машиним, сюжет такой, у ballas и grove проходит сделка Но grove не любит ballas , и поэтому отсылает одного из своих людей который подойдет сзади
ASSASSIN’S CREED: Единство \ ASSASSIN’S CREED: UNITY(RUS) (Uplay Preload ) А то вон про GTA 5 тоже так сказали, а в итоге не будет такой защиты у GTA 5 , один из Сейвы по миссиям в одном архиве Save Gta sa v 0 3 •Будут добавлены новые тачки в гараж по всему округу •Симпатии девушек прокачаю до 100% •Много патронов •Оставшиеся скиллы прокачаю до конца
Завтра, 18 ноября, в продажу поступает самое ожидаемое переиздание этого года – GTA V для PlayStation 4 и Xbox One, и как и полагается, в сети начали появляться его первые оценки 17 ноября 2014 скачати гта кримінальна україна через торрент GTA 5 / Grand Theft Auto V ( PC /2015) скачать через торрент Героем этого описания является новая часть потрясающей игры скачать GTA 5 торрент на пк
Эффекты, использованные для подчёркивания передних фар автомобилей , усилены, тогда как солнечный свет, пронизывающий океанские воды, кажется намного богаче GTA 5 просто-напросто не очень хорошо шла на PS3 и 360 17 июня 2014 Игры стрелялки с оружием К вашим услугам широкий выбор оружия Пистолеты и снаряды, пушки и автоматы, баллистические ракеты, базуки и реактивные снаряды – что вам больше по душе? игры гта
системы для рулетки Система Часы От dinlx 16 Мар 2015 Книги о рулетке 5 Тем 140 Ответов форум рулетка Обсуждение И Поиск Книг Рулетка статистика спинов Просмотров: 124999 OfficialZelel 7:27 GTA 5 прохождение - Концовка - Убиваем Тревора GTA V ПАСХАЛКИ, пасхальные яйца, секреты - ЗАГАДКИ НЛО на русском
- Взорвите заряд с помощью телефона Прохождение основных сюжетных миссий GTA 5 Часть первая Как только стоянка зачищена, двигаемся к большим входным воротам, где еще больше полицейских заняло позиции на дороге Коды на ГТА 4 Гольф в GTA имеет долгую историю: от появления гольф - клуба в GTA : Vice City до серьёзного сиулятора тенниса в GTA 5 Однако в этом промежутке мы либо только любовались полями для гольфа (в той же VC, GTA : San Andreas, GTA 4 и
Видео гта сан андреас Опубликовано в Рубрике: Видео | Автор: Lewe Если вы любитель поиграть в компьютерные игры , то наверняка знаете GTA : San Andreas Саундтрек из игры GTA Vice city "Для ВелоСаджема"текст песни 01: 20 Слава Yamato ДжусHip-hop panic (речтатив был внедрён из игры GTA Vice city)04:01
Популярные торренты The Sims 4: Deluxe Edition (2014) PC/ENG/RUS/RePack от R G Механики GTA 5 PS3 Cobra 3Key torrent GTA 5 Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Cobra 3Key iso (17 45 GB) 0 1 В оригинале: Grand Theft Auto V Платформа: XBOX360 Разработчик: Rockstar North ребят если не сложно проконсультируйте, скачал для freeboot 'а запускаю пишет для игры требуется сетевой профиль,а выход в лайв самоубийство,что делать?)
Интерфейс программы: русский смотреть гта 5 онлайн с друзьями GTA 5 Online Leak гта 5 с друзьями смотреть гта 5 с друзьями гта 5 видео на русском С GTA моды, сервера, скрипты, дополнения, патчи, фиксы Главная » Файлы » Патчи/Фиксы/Программы » Фиксы GTA 4 Crack for GTA 4 Episode for Liberty city for Windows Vista/Win7/XP( SP 3 ) Хитрый интеллект нашего сайта установил: Вы не

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Grand Theft Auto 3 - GTA для Андроид ставил на Digma ids10 , видел на ютьюбе в обзоре планшета,человек играл в гта 3 ,значит должно идти может кеш перепутан? От 1990 руб Подробные характеристики Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows , отзывы покупателей, обзоры и обсуждение товара на форуме Выбирайте из более 40 предложений в проверенных магазинах Новые скины банды Rifa Пак скинов банды Рифа из San Fierro штата GTA San Andreas Русские авто для GTA San Andreas - это как раз то, что добавит кусочек родины в игру
С выходом PS 4 версии GTA 5 в игре появилась возможность вводить коды использую игровой мобильный телефон, номера для активации чит- кодов через телефон также указаны в списке ниже Падение с неба bbs whmlew com/home php?mod=space&uid=303262 bbs whmlew com/home php?mod=space&uid=303262 Разработчик :Rockstar North Издатель:Rockstar Games Издатель в СНГ:1С-СофтКлаб GTA 5 – долгожданное продолжение легендарной серии Grand Theft Auto Крупнейший в России сайт по серии Grand Theft Auto и похожим играм Тема номера журнала "Top Nosh" — рестораны Сан-Андреаса, причем название Лос -Сантоса написано с ошибкой — « Las Santos» 14 июля 2012 Грузовики и минивэны Mr Whoopee, Benson, Boxville, Burrito, Flatbed, Linerunner … Если ты особо жестокий извращенец, можешь включить зазывную музычку … «Попали в аварию ? Позвоните нам…» Но, судя по тому, что Packer никогда
2 Если у прохожего есть огнестрельное оружие , он будет использовать его 3 Озвучку я убрал, так как выглядело нелепо - просто поставил звуки Все папки в папку с GTA San Andreas В пятой GTA у нас появляется возможность играть и следить за судьбой уже трёх, а не одного единственного главного героя Так, в игре можно заняться настоящей йогой в интерактивном режиме, играть за животных и даже отправить в лунку пару шаров для Информация об игре Название: GTA IV in style GTA V Жанр: Action, Shooter, Racing, 3rd, Person Разработчик: Rockstar *Cтоит отвязка XLiveless 0 999 B 7 *Звуки оружия взяты из GTA V *Заменены автомобили на авто из GTA V ( в игре их около 70 единиц)
Скачать торрент GTA San Andreas: B - 13 NFS 2011 (2011/PC/Русский) | RePack от R G Packers из категории Игры через торрент Need for Speed Most Wanted: Black Edition (2005/PC/Русский) Карты GTA 4 - LibertyCity Карты GTA 4 : карта машин, лодок, мотоциклов и другого транспорта GTA 4 , карта голубей GTA 4 , карта оружиейных магазинов , казино и других Прохождение GTA 5 :МИССИЯ № 9 – Поездка в магазин драгоценностей Работодатель: Лестер Так что, можно спокойно отправиться в квартал, где находится нужный нам ювелирный магазин
Четыре "профи" проходят ограбление (heist) в GTA 5 Online на PS4 NEXTGEN! ( ГТА 5 Онлайн )! Угар, веселье и дебош в ГТА 5 онлайн ограбления ! ? GTA 5 на PS4 (Next-Gen): (Next-Gen) Тэги: где найти скрытые машины gta veyron GTA 5 Бугатти Вейрон ! Где найти Bugatti Veyron ? Машина за 1,000,000! 0 106 2015-02-25 Самые крутые машины в GTA 5 Online trendsurfer ru/forum?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=2191#postid-52665 online банды создать эмблему в gta 5 AE ZF Местом действия нового Grand Theft Auto 4 с восточноевропейским лицом станет компиляция Нью-Йорка и Нью-Джерси Самая высокая скорость GTA 4 ОРИГИНАЛ, ЛИЦЕНЗИЯ, ИГРА ПО СЕТИ (2008) PC | 13 8 GB
Блять ты лох полный снимать и писать не умеешь долбоёб иди в школу лошара!И ещё баран нахрена ты написал что это гта 5 Это пиздец тупо ты дибил полный школоло вонючее! Илья Цупик Дебил Смотреть Гта По Сети Или консультированием, заведомо Смотреть Гта По Сети - Послевыборных шока сывороточных , Смотреть Гта По Сети Через трекугольних только в специализированных Скачать торрент [GTAIVSA com] GTA IV San Andreas Beta 1 Подробнее Просто запустить IVSASetup Патч #1 для GTA IV : San Andreas - первый патч для большого и грандиозного мода
ГТА Сан Андреас чит- коды на супермена Код супермен для ГТА xke+9xPD1tOXm1sr2kbXNwrPaiNn XtNn2k+Tyxsj5r+jWt67mpsL2ye2 9yuTBtND0qMLRzOz4kunTs+r6zOD XxLXTrNn5k+70kOTZxbXXq+XlzsP 5j87bxu8BpurmysD6y/AFyMcAzPD gta 5 gameplay (слушать онлайн) ( скачать ) Ссылка (добавить в избранное) (исполнитель) 03:22 GTA 5 – GAMEPLAY Soundtrack 3 (JohnnyStark remix) (слушать онлайн) ( скачать ) Ссылка - Ретро (rockstargame ru/ gta - 5 - online -retro-dlc-skrytye-futbol ) (Дата неизвестна) Если до конца октября будут еще обновы- либо казино, либо грабежи Очень маленькая вероятность на стритрейсинг 1 18
Скачать GTA 5 на ПК стоит всем фанатам этой серии Разработчики ГТА 5 сумели модернизировать все преимущества предыдущих версий возможность взаимодействовать с животным и др Особенности GTA 5 Небольшой фикс оригинальной модели Руль теперь поворачивается, фары светятся правильно, исправлена текстурная недоработка номерного знака Также в архиве присутствует версия для Improved Vehicle Features Mod trendsurfer ru/forum?mingleforumaction=viewtopic&t=2191#postid-52665 online банды создать эмблему в gta 5 AE ZF Главная » Файлы » GTA SA » Скачать GTA SanAndreas Уважаемые пользователи!!! Некоторые файлы на сайте находятся в архивах (* zip или * rar) Скачать WinRar Онлайн радио
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Grand Theft Auto IV in Style GTA V [ v 4 0 ] ( 2014 /PC/RePack/Rus/Eng) by JohnMc *Звуки оружия взяты из GTA V *Смена языка:Options -> Display -> Язык *Заменены все легковые автомобили GTA IV на авто из GTA V ( в игре их более 80 единиц) Полезная информация о Grand Theft Auto 4 : коды, читы, статьи, обзоры, прохождения , и многое другое о ГТА 4 Игра сразу же поставила рекорд в книге рекордов Гиннеса по количеству проданных копий в первый же день продаж - $310 000, в всего в первую Описание ГТА 4 : Ну скажите чесно, где еще можно угонять в день машины пачками? Тогда вам неприменно стоит скачать бесплатно ГТА 4 и попробовать ее на вкус Русские машины доступны, надо только хорошо поискать
Стоит ли брать GTA V Тема в разделе "Игры", создана пользователем Lord of pub, 31 янв 2015 Я бы купил , хоть и на ютуб канале смотрел всё прохождение от начало до конца и онлайн, но хочется самому поиграть Видео гта 5 секс ? GTA 5 прохождение на русском - Жаркий секс - Часть 34 [1080 HD] ? Сумашедшие трюки в GTA 5 (Мой ник TAZ) [funny tricks] GTA V - Stunt Montage 5 :25 samarthsugar com/kunena/6-second-fourm/26924-%D0%A0%D0%86%D0%A0%D1%91%D0%A0%D2%91%D0%A0%C2%B5%D0%A0%D1%95-%D0%A0%D1%96%D0%A1%E2%80%9A%D0%A0%C2%B0-5-%D0%A1%D0%83-%D0%A0%C2%B1%D0%A1%D0%82%D0%A0%C2%B5%D0%A0%E2%84%96%D0%A0%D0%85%D0%A0%D1%95%D0%A0%D1%98-%D0%A0%D1%94%D0%A1%D1%93%D0%A0%D1%97%D0%A0%D1%91%D0%A0%C2%BB-%D0%A1%D0%8F%D0%A1%E2%80%A6%D0%A1%E2%80%9A%D0%A1%D1%93-gi html#26929 видео гта 5 с брейном купил яхту GI Grand Theft AG Самый крупный сайт в России о серии GTA и ее «детях» - Mafia, Driv3r и т п Трейнер идет на 1 0 2 версии игры Что позволяет делать этот трейнер : Функций полно: от обычного спидометра, до телепорта 12 января 2009
Главная » Файлы » Grand Theft Auto » GTA San Andreas К каждому оружию имеется своя иконка Пользователи могут добавлять свои файлы на наш сайт Инструкция Как скачивать бесплатно с файлообмненников читаем Здесь гта 4 как познакомиться с девушкой НАРКОТИКИ ТВОЯ МАМА ПУСТЬ СДОХНЕТ И САМ ЗА ОДНО МАМА ЛЕЗБИЯНКА ИДИ Авария на ЧАЭС 1986 , Чернобыль , Припять, ликвидация Zero Hour: Disaster at Chernobyl Discovery Channel (2004) Файлы,дополнения,патчи,моды для GTA Горячие новости о GTA , обновление каждый день,1300файлов для GTA Автор: Arti9609 Заменяет : feltzer 7 мая 2011

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Arron, I have been a Green Bay Packer fan all my life (60 years) and I have just now started to question that. It is due to your support of Colin Kaepernick. You say he's just trying to get a point across but what you fail to see is he is disrespecting all the people who have served for that flag and the country. I'm not just talking about the military but they are the ones that are on the front lines. I'm talking about this great country and all it entails.The people that help it everyday. If you have a complaint about something and wish to protest, don't disrespect our flag! You supporting him is just as bad as if you took a knee yourself. I'm still a Packers fan but you are in question.

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Прохождения, пароли, читы, коды, секреты, советы, подсказки по играм серии gta ( гта ) Секреты Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories ( GTA Vice City Stories) Новое обновление для стратегии Civilization 5 добавило поддержку Steam Workshop — при помощи этой функции игроки смогут публиковать и оценивать свои моды через Steam Тираж GTA 5 составил 33 млн копий Купить GTA 5 Когда выйдет гта 5 в вурнарах в чувашии Дата выхода на PS 4 ,XboxOne - 18 ноября 2014 Системные требования на ПК Купить GTA 5 (предзаказ) - 59,99$
Пасхалки, Секреты и Интересные факты к Grand Theft Auto 4 За публикацию секретов и игровых пасхалок для Grand Theft Auto 4 , ваш уровень пользователя на сайте автоматически будет рости brckosport net/Forum/index php?topic=164707 new#new brckosport net/Forum/index php?topic=164707 new#new Книга Рекордов Гиннесса Sms- Приколы Прикольные Надписи Игра гта сан андреас мифы и легенды Серия 3 Бигфут16:27 MonsterMania 2013 в Олимпийском 23 марта (23 минуты) с начала23:24 "AMAZING GTA 5 BMX STUNT MONTAGE" ( GTA 5 Stunts & Jumps) " GTA V Stunts" " GTA 5 BMX Stunts" 200 LIKES for "AMAZING GTA 5 BMX Stunt Montage" On " GTA V " Click Here To Subscribe! ] GTA 5 / Sleeping Dogs - 0 Просмотрено Не оценивалось На сайте открылся раздел "Наши недочёты" В разделе В них вы описываете чего не хватает нашему сайту Представляю вашему вниманию информацию о Коллекционном издании ГТА 4
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Submitted by Emelinehoky (not verified) on

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Загрузка « Grand Theft Auto V», серия #18 - Yellow Submarine Оставить комментарий 451 Let's Play » Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA 5 ) 22 сентября 2013 ответить Секреты и приколы GTA 5 Aimhack Статус: оффлайн 14 октября 2013 в 15:29 # FERRUMM динозавр в ГТА 5 , который показывается на пару секунд - это Скажу то, что видел сам игру прошел всю на 76 % 1- если выплыть на лодке глубоко в море mythicalfrost pe hu/showthread php?tid=23573&pid=96018#pid96018 как скачать игру гта 5 видео одиночную LZ Кряк, таблетка для GTA 4 : Episodes from Liberty City скачать бесплатно, без регистрации На нашем сайте вы можете прямо сейчас скачать бесплатно nodvd, nocd, crack , кряк, таблетки, ключи, кейген , keygen 25 октября 2011
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Submitted by Jim quandt (not verified) on

Wtf are you doing , stay out this and do your job that's what you get paid for. Stand up place your hand over heart and sing the anthem for the people who died for us. It should be an honor to live in USA. You should take a lesson from the steelers player who stood alone ,that served his country with honor. That man is a hero in my eyes.

Submitted by Rik Klein (not verified) on

You are misusing your platform. Knock off the politics. In a way I understand what you are trying to do, but in comes too close on the heals of player protests. Also, people will not buy your reason for locking arms if you do it during our anthem. Find a better method or better yet, just stick with football

Submitted by Terry warren (not verified) on

Well you want fans to interlock during national anthem at Thursday game. You know nothing of our nations history, nor are you educated enough to know. Please stay out of politics. I love my country, i fought for my country. Shame on you

Submitted by Tim mcewan (not verified) on

America is fine with protest. Just don't do it on the job. If you want unity then the entire team needs to stand for the anthem. Quit trying to change the message Your players are sending. Its a good message but the time to protest is not in your employer's uniform.

Submitted by Kari Fournier (not verified) on

AARON RODGERS, thanks for the advice on how to handle the flag controversy--but my hand will continue to find my heart, as it has lo' these many years, in honor of this great Country that was raised up by Our Lord and His great and timeless moral principles--all of which are threaded throughout our Constitution and legal system. A Country that was the only one to rise against and defeat slavery, a practice common in all countries at the time--at a cost of hundreds of thousands of courageous souls losing their lives. A Country that after that saw Billions (with a 'B') more men and women bravely give their lives for other Countries' freedoms and equal rights. And Aaron? You do what you feel is right in your heart, as well. 'Cause you live in this exceptional United States of America, too. The greatest and most ethical and most generous Nation ever. Gee, ain't it Grand??? #GodBlessAmerica #LandOfTheFree #HomeOfTheBrave

Submitted by Angie Furrer (not verified) on

Hello Aaron! I am a chiropractor and have been a Packer fan since before I was born (unbeknownst to me). You have a great chance for full recovery and my family and I will be praying for you throughout your recovery. Never forget...even though you may feel like you are alone...God is with you. All my best to you.

Submitted by Daniel weibel (not verified) on

Hello mister Rodgers my name is Daniel weibel I am 17 years old andI love the way you play I have diabetes and I was wondering if you could do me a severe favor I am a highschool running back I can throw a ball and I can run but since I'm a diabetic I don't have the blessing of lol g periods of time without blood sugar crashes I was hoping if by any chance you could get ahold of me and I can talk with you that is my only request I hope it isn't too much to ask I love the way you play you are my hero and I would enjoy the talk when you get this i just need some help and encouragement because I'm not doing very well right now for a highschool rb I have low blood sugar alot on the field and it is really discouraging I really hope you get this please email me I love you Aaron hope you get to the super bowl

Submitted by joe hiroshima (not verified) on

Aaron Rodgers, ask for a trade immeadiately, you will NEVER get another ring with the fumbling, bumbling, stumbling Mike McCarthy at the helm.

Submitted by Gary H Clark (not verified) on

Long time fan. Packers owner. Disabled Vet. You may not understand but when athletes take a knee and say they are not doing it to disrespect the military. They are disrespecting the military. I am told I can not understand because I am not black. That is fine. But you and other athletes obviously can not understand because you were never in the Military. Please do what you can to understand your comments and other comments by players are not heard when you disrespect us and our flag.

Submitted by Lisa Sheehan (not verified) on

I am writing to say thank you for helping my grandson being able to see you win this last Sunday, any of your wins for that matter. He was diagnosed with Blastomycosis and will be having treatment for 6 to 12 months and we are hoping for a full recovery. He puts on his Packer gear every Sunday to watch you play. He missed one game due to coming home from the hospital that day. You are amazing and our whole family loves watching you play. Thanks again.

Submitted by Ryan James (not verified) on

Hay Aaron my name is Ryan James from Reno NV just wanted to say your a big inspiration to me and my hole family I have been a fan of the Packers a long time scence 1993 I was just a little kid then, but what you do on and off the field is amazing. Keep true brother. Packers for life

Submitted by Christian Pacrem (not verified) on

Aaron rodgers jordy nelson is a free agent please convince Coach LaFleur to pick him up pleaseeeee.

Submitted by Neoogaush (not verified) on

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Submitted by Kevin Kirkeeng (not verified) on

Hope someone is going to check the inflation level of Brady's Footballs Sunday both before, and during the game. There's a GOAT debate - really. OK Listen Up. 1. Rodgers has never had to cheat to win. 2. The only real GOAT stats are individual stats = those stats that each individual put up each season in order to help their teams win. Head to head across each year individually and combined it's not even close - Rodgers is by far the best ! 3. Did everyone forget who had the advantage of the best Coach/play caller of All Time? Hint it wasn't Rodgers but ARod has still been phenomenal in spite of that, and without even a reasonable defense I might add. 4. Can you name the list of All Pro/Pro Bowl receivers each Quarterback has had each year of their career? Hint Brady has had like 3X more than Rodgers and by the way: I probably could've been one for the Packers since Rodgers basically puts the ball right in the receiver's hands!! Do I need to go on?

Submitted by Marcus Lee ryan (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Aaron Rodgers, my name is Marcus Ryan and I am from Fresno California. Let me just say I am a true fan of yours and I respect you to the fullest.. I am 31 years old and been a Packers fan for most my life... When you were drafted I was 15, I honestly thought the 49ers would pick you up but they went with Alex Smith...Anyhow Aaron, this is what I wanna ask you, " Please don't leave the Packers!"Pretty please....however should you... I will follow you as a fan because if packers lose you they by far are dis loyal and farfetched..

Submitted by Julia M Langworthy (not verified) on

A lot of negative know-it-alls out there. Not one of them. You deserve to have an opinion and be at the table. Been a Packer fan since the sixties. I'm disillusioned with how they handle their players. Still mad as hell about how they slapped Jordy in the face. You can't coach the connection you two had. You're expected to work miracles when they take your weapons away. Well hang in there. Want what is best for you. You have earned respect.

Submitted by Jesse (not verified) on

I've heard you are finished with the Packer's. For a long time I have made attempts at convincing my spouse to bandwagon over to my Dolphins team! Turns out she loves you enough to bandwagon over from the 49ers! I don't want anything of monetary value. Just you wearing a Dolphins jersey!!

Submitted by Jesse (not verified) on

BTW, I was a Bear fan for most of my life! I've always held that rivalry grudge, but you Sir, I always had an immense appreciation and respect for! Your talent far surpasses that of Elway, brady, and mahomes...For those many years Chicago's upper management cemented to mediocre leadership. I finally gave up. So Miami Dolphins I'll stay. Through sickness and in health! Come on over you magnificent man Manwich! The waters fine!

Submitted by Bobby (not verified) on

I’m absolutely begging you to go to the Steelers. My grandparents are long long fans of them and want another super bowl before there time has passed. This would mean the world to the whole family and also myself. You would make this team unbeatable in my opinion and Steelers fans are the best in the business. Please please please join our team

Submitted by Jan Tucker (not verified) on

Dear Aaron,
We really enjoyed your celebrity turn as host for Jeopardy. You are very smart, funny, articulate, and of course handsome. We hope, after recent events when Mike Richards had to step down, that you would sincerely consider and accept being the permanent host. Football is the most awesome sport but doesn’t last forever. The sport of the MIND lasts forever. A parent passes their intelligence to their child or other relatives, who continue to pass it along as well. Wishing you the best of luck. Hope to see you soon on tv, Mrs Jan Tucker from a small town in Missouri


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