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"Best of Me"
"Learn to Fly"
"My Hero"
"Times Like These"

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The Foo Fighters are a rock band, formed in Seattle in 1994. It was founded by Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl as a one-man project following the death of Kurt Cobain and the resulting dissolution of his previous band. The group got its name from the UFOs and various aerial phenomena that were reported by Allied aircraft pilots in World War II, which were known collectively as foo fighters. Prior to the release of Foo Fighters' 1995 debut album Foo Fighters, which featured Grohl as the only official member, Grohl recruited bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith, both formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate, as well as fellow Nirvana touring bandmate Pat Smear as guitarist to complete the lineup. The band began with performances in Portland, Oregon. Goldsmith quit during the recording of the group's second album, The Colour and the Shape (1997) when most of the drum parts were re-recorded by Grohl himself. Smear's departure followed soon afterward.

They were replaced by Taylor Hawkins and Franz Stahl, respectively, although Stahl was fired before the recording of the group's third album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999). The band briefly continued as a trio until Chris Shiflett joined as the band's lead guitarist after the completion of There Is Nothing Left to Lose. The band released its fourth album, One by One, in 2002. The group followed that release with the two-disc In Your Honor (2005), which was split between acoustic songs and heavier material. Foo Fighters released its sixth album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, in 2007. In 2010, it was confirmed that Smear had officially rejoined the band after touring with Foo Fighters as an unofficial member between 2006 and 2009. Over the course of the band's career, four of its albums have won 11 Grammy Awards winning Best Rock Album four times. The band's seventh studio album, Wasting Light, was released in 2011.


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Submitted by Clint Kaster (not verified) on

Strangely, I've never seen the Foo Fighters in concert. But I feel pretty damn connected.

My first show with my first band was, as it turned out at the last minute, opening for a band from Aberdeen in their first Portland show at a club called Blue Gallery. There was no way to expect the impact. There was no internet. We had hoped that our three brand new local bands would have opened for Cat Butt (whom we believed would sell a thousand copies of their next single - woah, a THOUSAND!) but there were complications and so we wound up opening for a young Nirvana. I can honestly say that I chased that particular dragon for the rest of my 20's.

In the years since I moved into doing sound for my friends in Portland, touring a little, and finally establishing myself in a niche working with charitable groups doing fundraising and award dinners. I think our highlight was having Bob Mould come out to DJ in a warehouse venue that we built from scratch for a gay rights group. My whole crew managed to do the "Mr. Mould, you're a total inspiration..." thing in various ways. We had a great thing going on and alternated seasons between fundraisers, boutique summer festivals and big fall events. The pandemic has, to put it mildly altered that. But that's all just backstory.

During this last year I've taken time to do a lot of camping, write a lot of garage rock songs, and try to out-think the virus. One of my new pastimes is watching Foo Fighters interviews and I cannot stress how much it has meant to me. This is the most challenging thing I've ever been through -- this pandemic seems aimed directly at the live sound, large-public-gathering market, and it's terrifying. Listening to the good-natured every-guy smarts of the band has kept me optimistic and carried me through a year of "oh fuck". It's really appreciated. You have kept me amused, sane, connected, and hopeful through this entire stupid thing.

As a side note, I caught Taylor playing with Alanis at a small club in Portland the week they #1 with Jagged Little Pill. He may have managed to catch my girlfriend mauling the girl in front of the stage (our neighbors were....grossed out? wanted us to get a room? fuck 'em) but despite the Penthouse fantasy scene in front of me, I managed to be impressed by his drumming. The Foos have been a total inspiration to me ever since. Your sensibility and honesty mean everything. I've never written a fan letter to a band before. I can't imagine anyone else who deserves it. Thank you for being there for me as a fan and as a fan of music. Namaste? LOL.

Submitted by Rockin' Patriot (not verified) on

Since the start, I've been a die hard FF fan. My whole family was.. Bought every album, every concert, lots of respect, lots of memories, and lots of love. Now, I'm so sad and grieving the loss of a beloved band I once cherished.

You see, bands, actors, etc... think that because they have a microphone, they should use it as a political platform, instead of just rocking out. This sucks. You, and the others, forget that you have fans that have supported you through the years with many, many backgrounds, beliefs, political views, and interests, but we all came together, as one, to hear you guys. Now, you've sold out to the media. To the game. To the lovers. You've abandoned the fans that you believe don't meet your agenda. We've forgotten all the fans' differences to hear and support you, now you sell out and abandon, ridicule, and break the hearts of so many by treating us like shit. You've forgotten that your music is what we've spent our hard earned money on and now over half of us, that you now hate, aren't worth your time.

You are no longer musicians. Your using and abusing your fame. No one fucking cares what you think about politics. We care how your music sounds and makes us feel.

I think of Tom Petty......he would have never gotten involved at the fear of offending his fans on either side. It was always only about the music. He would have been so disappointed.

Shame on you guys. What a disgrace to rock and roll.

I hope things change, but until then, I cannot support a band that doesn't support me back.

Please tell the rest of the band to stop the fucking political shit, movie cameos, Ford truck commercials, inaugurations, democrat/republican siding, fan bashing, America bashing, global dividing, and humanity blaming bullshit and just play your fucking music for ALL your fans. Black, white, republican, democrats, vaccinated, unvaccinated, gay, and straight fans. Your music is all that matters. Nothing else your views on this fucked up, divided world don't fucking matter. You are supposed to get us through this with unity, support, and your music.
You've officially Sold. Out.

Submitted by Suzanne Moss (not verified) on

Heard the above Osmonds song and thought I'd love to hear a foo fighters cover. Never realised til now whst a great song it is.


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