Liv and Maddie

Show Premise: 

The story is based on Liv Rooney (Dove Cameron) who has just come home to Stevens Point, WI after a four-year stint in Hollywood filming a popular television program,"Sing It Loud!" There Liv lives with her parents, brothers, and twin sister, Maddie (also played by Cameron). The pair had hoped to resume their relationship from before Liv left, but have unfortunately grown into opposing personalities. Liv has become very girly and enjoys any time someone mentions her former career. Maddie has become a tomboy perfecting her basketball skills and is the captain of her basketball team.

Production History: 

Liv and Maddie is an American sitcom created by John Beck and Ron Hart and produced by It's a Laugh Productions for Disney Channel. It stars Dove Cameron playing identical twins. The series began production in April 2013 with a pilot episode airing on July 19, 2013. On January 13, 2014, Disney Channel renewed Liv and Maddie for a 13-episode second season slated to premiere Fall 2014.


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Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

I am suggesting a GREAT place for a new episode! Potosi Wisconsin! Hope all you great people consider the location!! :D

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

February2013 I sprained my (mcl) I could not do any thing I just sat there watching your show then an episode came on when maddie tore her (acl) it in spired me to get up and start back what I love most synchronized swimming I'm only 10 so i was told it would heel quick but 2years later it was not better thank you soo much I hope u read this

Submitted by Na'kayla (not verified) on

I was wondering on June 5 can you guys come to Myers elementary Grand bl, MI 48439 and just go to our website to see if Tori and come to our school.

Submitted by Belinda (not verified) on

I was at the Magic Kingdom today when my son noticed Ryan (Diggie) and Dove Cameron. They were standing off to the side speaking to a Disney cast member. I asked the cast member if the two standing with her, were who I thought they were and stated I didn't want to create chaos at all. She said, " I don't have the authority to tell you that information." My husband asked Ryan if he could just have my son stand in front of him and nonchalantly take a picture. He said, " What do you mean?" Ms. Cameron quickly jumped behind Ryan like she was afraid we were going to get a picture. I understand that they may have been trying to have time to themselves, but they need to try a little harder to look inconspicuous. Last year, we happened to run into Ally from Austin and Ally at Hollywood Studios. She was so sweet and even offered to take a selfie with us. I was not impressed with Dove and Ryan and can tell they don't appreciate their young fans.

Submitted by Athena (not verified) on

Hey ! My name is Athena and my little sister Dana is very fond of the show. She is 7 years old and is going to turn 8 soon, on September 28... I was thinking since she loves the show somuch , if maybe you guys would be able to send her a Birthday Video wishing her a happy birthday? It would mean so much... I would really appreciate if this was taken into consideration. THANK YOU.

Submitted by Shaley (not verified) on

i think the show could have an unexpected twist where their mom gets pregnant, she doesn't know for a while, when she does find out its twin boys

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

My little sister is in love with the guys that play Parker and Reggie and has had a crush on them since the show started and since Reggie was introduced. She really wants to meet them

Submitted by leslie (not verified) on

Hey..I'm a huge fan of u. I really want to meet u wen I grow up . I'm only 12 yrs old. I want to become an actress once I get to go to LA. please write back its a dream ive wished for from u. Thanks ..sincerely leslie

Submitted by A fan (not verified) on

I think y'all should show a Space ware wolves movie do we can see what it's like please consider thank you

Submitted by Abbigayle Sevening (not verified) on

On Halloween, liv is doing a concert live and her biggest fan, evie came to it and realized that liv is dressed in mal's dress (from discendants) and evie comes up to her and they both become friends again, while they catch up, prince Ben comes up to liv and introduces himself and liv kisses him and then her finally realizes that liv is actually mal in disguise. After the kiss, mal's cousin Carlos comes up and introduces his friend jay, then Ben and evie tell jay and Carlos that liv is actually mal. They all catch up on things and liv now introduces herself as mal and realizes by another one of her parents secrets that they were adopted at birth by Karen and (forgot his name) but over the summer malefisent put a spell on mal to make her forget about her life in Wisconsin and then Karen comes to pick her up from aurodon prep and she forgets about malefisent but when she sees evie jay and Carlos, her memory comes back and her parents tell her that she and maddie, are both daughters of malefisent but adopted at birth.

Submitted by Abbigayle Sevening (not verified) on

And then jay and Carlos Parker and Reggie okay pranks on mal and evie and their parents as usual

Submitted by konner (not verified) on

my little sister loves your shows and she wanted me her big brother to email you guys

Submitted by Selena (not verified) on

Oh please people!! This was ALL wrong! On the Maddie's Choice Episode it shouldn't have been Diggie! Diggie is a no-good dirty rotten loser! He already broke Maddie's heart a ton of times before and who's to say he isn't going to do it again! Besides, he's most likely going to leave again! That's how he is! He never cared about Maddie's feelings but maybe a little!! Who cares if he came back from Australia, I say he should go back already! Josh makes Maddie happy, and he's sweet, caring, and would do anything for Maddie including facing his fears just to make her happy! All he wants is for Maddie to be happy! Diggie and Maddie are just awkward, while Josh likes it best when Maddie just stays herself, that's the best way Josh likes her! Josh wants to be there for her and he really likes her too! They are the real true love and they can actually talk to each other along with they are cute together!! That's why there were even more votes for Josh instead of Diggie! And when people voted more on No on the "Is Maddie and Diggie meant to be?" Jaddie/Mosh instead of Daddie/Miggie!!!! Stand up together with me people and let's shout to the Liv and Maddie people "Change It! Change It! Maddie needs to realize she still likes Josh (*coughs* and even more) "! ChAnGe ThE sCrIpT

Submitted by Ltybug (not verified) on

My Twin girls are 5 1/2 and are big fans of the show, mostly because they are exactly like them!! Sidney is like Maddie, LOVES sports and is a total tom boy, she likes to play around with the boys, and like basketball. Sienna is a total Diva, loves pink and dresses nice and in dresses/skirts everyday, also loves to perform and sing for people. We laugh when we watch because they are just like the characters, even before we saw the show, and when they get older will probably still be like them! ha. It would be great for a Prequel to Liv and Maddie, the younger years, ha! So cool!

Submitted by R money (not verified) on

Although I appreciate Maddie and diggie aka miggie, it is unfit and unacceptable for you to leave josh stranded in the dust. I'm not sugar cost it man, I'm peeved offs dare in say pissle tickled off. And if you're with me, let me hear you say HELLLLLLL YEAHHHHHHHHHH

Submitted by Bri (not verified) on

Can't you guys come up with more seasons?! I'm obsessed with this show. After dinner I just grab my phone then all the EPs. Are over ;-; make more!!

Submitted by Nick Mariani (not verified) on

What episode is when Parker makes the Smart Grill

Submitted by May Coffron (not verified) on

Greetings!! Just wanted to say that I (49) and my granddaughter Aubree, (8) love love your show. Such a great inspiration of great morals attitudes and just plain fun for young girls.
However we bought thesee shoes at a local payless and she loves them!!! Only problem is the back straps do not stay on the heel.. we have tried several ways to help them , fashion tape even being used, but to no avail please research the placing of the back strap a little more...

May Coffron

Submitted by Kenadi chapple (not verified) on

I love this show, so plz don't mess it up and cancel like girl meets world!! U r the only other show I'm actually into so don't mess up plz!! I know u guys don't read these since u also have some from 2015-16-17. I just hope that I stay here for a while plz!!!

Submitted by Kenadi (not verified) on

On the last sentence I meant to say I just hope that u stay here for a while plz!!!

Submitted by Olivia (not verified) on

I don't want you to end liv and maddie it is my favorite show in the hole wide world. And my friends love it too so please don't end it I love it so much it is the best show on tv from Olivia

Submitted by Jaylis Lopez (not verified) on

Dear Dove,

Your show is so amazing and everybody is all so amazingly funny. I love the way Your characters are not afraid to talk to each other.

Please write back, Jaylis:)

Submitted by Tre and Tye (not verified) on

I've been watching you guys for 4 yrs! Please don't end because I will cry. I already cried last night watching the series finale commercial...

we would like to be in the fan club, how do we get in??

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

HEY, I have always watch your show and it was fantastic it was as if Dove Cameron ( Liv ) really have a twin. You guys have to never end the show. Dove Cameron, Joey Bragg, Tenzing Norgay, Trainor Kali, Rocha Benjamin King you guys are so talented and such a great actor I really wish that I have the chance to meet you guys I really really want to have a meet and great with you guys.


Submitted by Nyleven (not verified) on

Hello Dove Cameron i really love you show and i want you guys to make a season 5

Submitted by Jason (not verified) on

Hello I’m from a small town in Texas called Seminole and I just wanted to say, keep going! Don’t stop here! The show was just getting good so don’t stop. Make more seasons. And I recomend you get all the cast back especially Dove Cameron. I bet there are a lot of people out there that agree so don’t leave us alone, make more!!!

Submitted by Rochelle (not verified) on

My daughter would love to dress as Mattie in her Ridgewood high number 5 basketball uniform. Is there any way that we can buy one?

Submitted by Rose (not verified) on

I love you show Liv and Maddie I really miss you after watching all of your episodes everytime I see him I cry at the end I hope you put more season someday and can we also be really best friends I love you bye

Submitted by Orla Ridgeway (not verified) on

My son JENSON is your biggest Irish fan. He is 7 & watches you every day. He constantly sings your theme song, even in school. We live in Dublin & is it possible to get a reply as he couldn't have a birthday party due to Corona Virus- we had to cancel all of his friends & family coming to celebrate. 😥😥😥😥😥😥

Submitted by Trinity Rooney (not verified) on

Hi Liv and Maddie Rooney, My name is Trinity Rooney. How are you. Yesterday I was FaceTime with my best friend of sing it loud with her family and she has 1 sister to have fun, and maybe I want to be an actress Hollywood television popular 16 years old now so I wish I could go there and perform also outfits. Bam What! Thank you for the Disney videos from Liv and Maddie. You and Maddie are twin sister build in best friends so cute

Submitted by Victoria (not verified) on

Hello. My name is Victoria. I love your show. When I saw the last episode of Liv and Maddie I was sad and I was wondering if you can do more episodes. I know it will take awhile but if you can’t I’ll understand. Have a great day. Good bye.

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