Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK)

Birth Name: 
Richard Colson Baker
Music Category: 
Best Known For: 

"Wild Boy"
"Bad Things"
"My Ex's Best Friend"
Being engaged to Megan Fox

Short bio: 

Colson Baker (born April 22, 1990), known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor. He is noted for his compositional blending of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released four mixtapes between 2007 and 2010 before signing with Bad Boy Records. He released his debut studio album, Lace Up, in 2012, which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200 and contained his breakout single "Wild Boy" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame). His second and third albums, General Admission (2015) and Bloom (2017), achieved similar commercial success; the latter included the single "Bad Things" (with Camila Cabello), which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. His fourth album, Hotel Diablo (2019), included rap rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released his fifth album, Tickets to My Downfall, in 2020; it marked a complete departure from hip hop and entry into pop punk. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, the only rock album to do so that year, and contained the single "My Ex's Best Friend", which reached number 20 on the Hot 100. He achieved similar commercial success with its follow up Mainstream Sellout (2022).

Machine Gun Kelly had his first starring role in the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), and since appeared in the techno-thriller Nerve (2016), the horror Bird Box (2018), the comedy Big Time Adolescence and portrayed Tommy Lee in the biopic The Dirt (both 2019).


Machine Gun Kelly
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Los Angeles, CA 90067-6209

Machine Gun Kelly/MGK
c/o Interscope Records
2220 Colorado Avenue
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Santa Monica, CA 90404-3506


Submitted by Ricky Perez (not verified) on

Anybody reading this can you please help me out. My dream has been to meet mgk I get the opportunity to see him live Oct.1 in Indianapolis my 17th
birthday is sep.29 and to get the Chance to meet him would make things perfect for me. So I'm asking please can everyone help me try and persuade him into it, either if it's by twitter Facebook or anything will help. Anyone who is willing to help I'd really appreciate it and thank you. Help make a dream a reality

Submitted by JustAFan (not verified) on


Submitted by Bruce Roundz (not verified) on

Just tryna prove everyone wrong

Submitted by Samantha (not verified) on

I don't think he should sing that. I mean ya go for it if you want but your rap not rock. It might sound good I don't judge but I don't know if you should at a concert.

Submitted by Branden (not verified) on

Hey ur are the best rapper ever me and my wife love your music she's pregnant with suck with no cash I am having a little girl I am very proud of my self best birthday ever I wish I had money to get her a car I wish I was rich like u bro and hey fuck eminem ur better than he ever be 216 MGK

Submitted by Serenity Wolfe (not verified) on

I’ve been wanting to meet him too mine and his bday are the exact same! April 22! My 17th bday is coming up too

Submitted by Killy (not verified) on

So what are if it's the same what time were you born at.? cause I'm April 22nd 1990 and was born at 9:00am.. im exactly the same birth year month day and time so yeah..

Submitted by Becky Saulnier (not verified) on

I have gotta tell you that your lyrics, music, energy and just over all flow has helped survive. I deal with PTSD every day its a real thing that some days consumes me. I recently found the song "runnin". I was having a bad morning and was searching for another song by you and stumbled upon " running". That song hits home for me because well I gave everything that I could for my country. My primary job was a fuler. When I was deployed I did wht ever needed to be done to complete the mission. I worked as a bridge crew member, I operated diffrent equipment and I had the bad ass job of being a .50cal gunner for my company commander and severl others. Yes a female rockin a MaDuece! I loved my job it was my passion. Being a soldier is what I always wanted to be. After all I did......I got hurt. Messed up my back and went threw a bullshit medical board. I was discharge at 0% disability and was told "the VA will take care of me". I'm 70% service connected threw the VA now and I'm fighting to get my original discharge corrected. Anyway point was I have days where I'm so tired of runnin. There are just very powerful lines in this song that I can connect tothiswant you to know that you have helped keep this soldier ALIVE! Your an amazing man keep it up! Lace up!

Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

Im also a combat vet i got deployed and deltr with my fair of shit. "From all the bullshit that you came from, and worked hard to get away from, but the devil be there and you just can't shake um. One time all my dreamers out there

Submitted by VampireBarbie23 (not verified) on

MGK, really gives me inspiration, his lyrics are so deep. I'm not usually the type of person who gets star struck but, I do truly believe they've earned the spot they are in and I have a lot of respect for people can listen to his songs all day, if I'm sad they cheer me up. I had stop listening to music for a while because the lyrics had no meaning but, he changed that. I love his new stuff with Mod Sun I'm not a vet but, my father is at he suffers from PTSD as well. I know that's really hard to deal with, so I'd like to say, Thank you for everything you've done for the country.....truly.....sorry you had to experience those problems...I'm upset right now because I'm trying to purchase tickets for his concert in NYC and below, That's my struggle at this moment, lol...I really wat to go though!!! Stay safe.

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on

I went through something the same. Service from 2004 - 2010. I was released for PTSD, dismithia, and aggressive compulsive 3 weeks before I was to leave for LDAC. VA denied me for six years after I lost my career due to "their" diagnosis. Finally giving me 70 percent, total and permanent after I got Defenders of Freedom to review my case. I spent a year in Al Hillah (Southern tip of the triangle of death) with over 70 mortar attacks and multiple EFP strikes. My tour was hell. Came back to go green to gold as requested by my command just to have the VA destroy my career because of one visit with mental health to get a prescription for chantex (their quit smoking program). Since then I'm drunk most days. Live out in the country and can't get green so I just stay intoxicated as much as possible. Also lost my teeth to an infection from the water over there, that the VA has acknowledged but refuses to address. My life is ruined due to my service and I'm just chilling out here waiting to die. MGK speaks to me too. Something about his pain that I feel. Your not alone. And thank you MGK for giving us something to relate to. May not be the same life but the pain is real.

Submitted by Blake (not verified) on

I’m a veteran as well. Didn’t go through what you went through. I just want to thank you. Some people give a lot more than people realize to this country. I wish more people would realize the impact this dude has.

Submitted by Dakota Unkown (not verified) on

Reading this comment really helped me tonight, I’ve been home for a few months short of ten years, but I’m not home, I never really came back home, and I came here to message mom bc the lyrics he has no matter what song has really helped me pull through, but I’m so damn glad I’m not alone out there, you literally made me tear up, I’ve felt like I’m alone in this fight man, it’s just so damn isolated, my brothers are gone, no one keeps in contact.... Thank you for posting, I doubt you’ll read this but if you do, thank you!

Submitted by Abi Underwood (not verified) on

I seriously dont know what i would do without your music.. it has helps me with the pain. Im 17 about to be eighteen in january and what i would love more than anything for my eighteenth birthday is to meet you. Ive never had a birthday party and ive never gotten anything as a present that hasnt been taken back away to benefit the parents.. I come from a home where dad abused me and moms a ragin alcoholic who just recently went to jail for domestic abuse. I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life and I have struggled with drug abuse alcohol abuse and self harm . The first time I ever heard your music was when i heard swing life away. I have loved you ever since and meeting you would mean the absolute world to me . It would be something good that happened in my life something i would cherish forever and ever and never forget.. if i could just have that.. it would be life changing . Ive never had the money to afford to go one of your concerts and ive always wanted to... if any one out there could help make my dream come true id be so appreciative. Please help change my life. email me at Please

Submitted by vanessa (not verified) on

Me too me too I wish I could get vip passes for me and my boyfriend my uncle would of loved to meet him although I have been to a mgk concert which was my first and prolly last

Submitted by Carring mgk fan (not verified) on

Always keep your head held high you will get another chance to go to a mgk concert I promise just never give up an it will work out in the end I guarantee it.

Submitted by Marissa (not verified) on

I also went to my first mgk concert this last Saturday and I tried so hard to get to go backstage, but unfortunately those tickets weren’t sold... some bad things happened that night but it was all worth it. I’m sure it’ll be the very last concert I go to of his.. but just so glad I got to see him, I Now have a few years sober from heroin and I honestly owe it all to that man, his lyrics and everything that he has been through and then preaches helped pull me out of the darkest time of my life.. I was ready to give up, but one day I heard some of his music and decided to look him up and read about his past being similar to mine.. i was abandoned and abused by family members and then became completely over taken by opiates, I wish there was a way that I could express to him just how low I was and how far I’ve come just because of the story he tells in his music 🤘

Submitted by Steven Bolin (not verified) on

my first week at mpw industrial services that AK Steel Middletown Ohio being overpowered by 4 people shoved in a trashcan against my will after fighting still getting stuffed in a trashcan and left there and had to push myself off the wall just the fall out of the trash can and if the funny thing all about the whole situation is look closely by the fire extinguisher there's a sign that says think safety and I was wrongfully terminated for not reporting of me falling in mud yesterday and mpw won't return my phone calls or nothing and they say they're all about family but they fired me a 2 or 3 weeks before Christmas yeah that says family right there thanks again mpw glad you made my 8 month old daughter first Christmas special. And the only thing that gets me threw my life any more is your music and you thanks LaceUp .....I need more MGK tats

Submitted by diamond claiborne (not verified) on

When I was a little kid trouble became my middle name always fucked shit up but never wanted to take the blame
My family hated degrated me shut me out got to the point were I had to scream had to shout someone please listen open ya fuckin ears I know you can hear me man im standin right here. But not a word not sound not a peep so I close my hoping that this shit is just a dream

2 years later guess wat still that same kid this time got kicked out of school for illegal substances I got used to the quietness the never speakin and as the days went by man I started sinkin had to release my pain so I started bleedin literally man I cut that shit deep in mind this was the only way that I could speak. No attention tho shit still the same everyone in this house barely knew my name. Everyday of silence was a blow to the head wen I walked into a room everybody turned there head. I was tired of this life shit there
Was no doubt I was invisible to them and I needed out. Planning it out came to the perfect breach nobody was home time to have a lesson that im gonna teach. They gonna feel sorry for me watch and see. They gonna be wishin they had stopped before. My famliys gonna walk up in this house and see me on the floor lyin up in here in this dead state you gonna loose sane and scream diamond wake up right now today
WHOS THE ONE SCREAMIN NOW RIGHT CUZ ITS TOO LATE THIS WAS YOUR FAULT YOUR WRONG YOUR MISTAKE you shoulda listened the first time I screamed this case now your the one with tears,rollin down your face They gonna wish they had never called me a fuckin shame
Lets get to it then lets get this shit done but right before I was about to cut everything was shunned this song on my phone was playin and I started delayin this guy was rappin bout how life was such a card he was real and it touched my heart til this day I remember those lyrics and matta fact his words are"This is for the ones that had it hard the ones like me the under dog this for the ones that waited for them clouds to fall please god let it RAIN" stopping in my in tracks I listened as he sang who is this guy knowin all my pain how the fuck does he knoe this and wat the hell is his name I look at the tag and it says Mgk stands for Machine Gun Kelly he created the E.S.T
And I got something to say I hope you listen to me you saved,my life man u were a friend to the T. U were the light in my shadows of dark u.put me back together wen I was torn apart ur music molded me into a whole brand new so wen I look in the mirror I dnt see me I see u. And even tho im not in that crowd I always be your fan I always here your sound i'll always be in that est fam bcuz your the only thing that I know amen........

Submitted by Carrie (not verified) on

Hello, my name is Carrie. My daughter Skylah is a huge fan. The only thing she asked for for Christmas was tickets to your show. We live in Chillicothe, Ohio. It's about 4 hours south of Cleveland. As a surprise I purchased two tickets to your show in Columbus.
I would love to be able to make her wishes come true. It would mean the world to her if she could just shake your hand and say hello. Do you ever do meet and greets?
I'm sure you get asked this a lot but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Thank you for your time.

Kind regards,

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Your music is what gets me through my daily withdrawal. I have been detoxing for 2 weeks now and listening to your music helps me a lot. Being only 2 hrs from Cleveland I hope to make one of your shows soon. Again, thank you

Submitted by breanna napier (not verified) on

i found out about Machine Gun Kelly about 3 years ago,
his music has changed my life. i stopped listening to him for almost 3 months then i found out i was a pregnant adolescent... I have recently been told that im going to be the worst mother and im going to kill my own child. Well i thought about ending everything inclueding my own life and my brother told me to listen to some of Machine Gun Kellys songs and i did and it made me rethink everything.. his music is what keeps me alive and i want to thank him for that....

Submitted by Bria Johnson (not verified) on

My brother introduced me to your music zach Johnson. He got to meet you in person. Your music helped me face my fears last year when I had to get brain surgery for my seizures. Your music also has helped me cope with me having a seizure disorder I have always been upset because I couldn't drive because my seizure disorder or live on my own. Your music gave me hope. I am now 10 months seizure free. Thank you for your music it has really changed my life. I would love to meet you one day my email is I would really like to hear from you.

Submitted by Brian Lucas (not verified) on

I just want to say you seriously keep me pushing. I grew up in a broken home where I was abused, beaten, and treated like I was worthless. It caused me to try and kill myself, and get addicted to pills really bad. Some days I think about my past and it just slips me into a depression, but then I listen to you're music and it's like I have hope to keep going. I would love to meet you, and thank you in person one day. You're music is the reason I keep going when I have nothing to keep going for.

Submitted by chase (not verified) on

yo, got to see you live for the first time in bloomington il 10/26/14. bout one of the last three tickets the day before. drove from so ill to go see it lol. just know i got there and bout 7 blues for $10 in line lbs. get in im in the middle eventually made my way to the front. and turned out to be the most badass times of my life. and some guy that opened for you threw a blunt and i got it but security took it away. i helped some bitch on stage for you to play wit her tits lol actually found her on fb afterwards. and signed another girls tits in line then her friend made me kiss them lol. met her on fb too. suprised my friend at the concert he lives up there now so he had no idea i was going. all in all uhm my cousin owns a studio and i have been wanting to get a backstage pass for your concert to mention it. its in carbondale, IL uhm Screaming Owl Records is the name of it. South City Commisions is the name of the group. i want you to swing through sometime and check it out. we have a cave that you walk through to get to the producing room its pretty fucking legit. uh? LACE UP! oh i also got the anarchy A tattooed on my leg. but if this is really your sit and you read this reply and hit me up if ya would. thanks man your music moves #EST4LIFE

Submitted by McKynzie Weltz (not verified) on

I have never seen someone help someone so much just by the power behind their words. My man was on drugs and he related to you and quit doing drugs because your music gave him the power. He then sent his story to you, you called him and gave him tickets multiple times. Even had him on your tour bus and let him tell you his story. He is who he is because of you. You didn't even think twice about letting him in and being part of his life. His name is James, yall always ended up being at the same hotels when you had shows. I did not know him through all this. But coming into his life hearing the story's about what you have done for him makes me want to personally thank you for what you did for him. I wish I could find other ways to tell you how much you have done. But you make people better. And you wouldn't even think twice about it! Thank you! Maybe one day ill get to meet you or even attend one of your shows.

Submitted by collin (not verified) on

Yo mgk idk if you read this mail but your amazing, In matter of fact you brought me to the person I am now, I wanna become a rapper, I'm from central new York and ik your from Cleveland and probably will never cross paths with you, But I'm 16 and wanted to know any info into becoming a great rapper like you,I came from really nothing and your words make me feel normal and realize my dream of becoming a rapper may happen but please any tips on freestyling or anything it would be great thank you biggest fan

Submitted by collin brownell (not verified) on

Yo MGK idk if you read these I sent two messages to you and your probably always on tour and making new raps and stuff you very inspiring to the whole world you have showed the world you can be something even tho you may be at the bottom if you try hard enough you make it to the top. Man im Collin im 16 and a huge fan cant begin how to explain how huge your words mean you started this world as a kid with a dream now your big asf saving peoples lifes. I wish you could get a hold of me I wanna become a rapper I wanna help people change there lifes just like you. If you have time and could get advice to me at or thanks for changing my life.

Submitted by Bailey Liptrap (not verified) on

Hey Richard, I know that you won't actually read this and someone you pay will read it but I'm going to say what I want to say. You've been a huge inspiration to me through your music and the feelings behind each lyric. Your music has helped me through tough times and I want to say thank you for everything you have done even though you haven't done anything for me. I'm currently in the process of thinking of lyrics so I'm able to express my feelings through music as you have many times. If you actually do read this any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day.

Submitted by Anthony (not verified) on

Hey a couple of use have put together a four day weekend to have some of the est family meet up and spend time together. As one of the individuals who put the event together I thought it would be cool if machine gun kelly could show up out there and see use. If interested here is my email also for more info on the event here is the web site we put together

Submitted by Miranda (not verified) on

Your music has gotten me thru a lot lately & I thank you so much. Your lyrics are just so powerful it's undescribable. I so wish I could meet you one day!

Submitted by Richard Spence (not verified) on

Mgk, What's up man. My name is Richard, But I go by Spence . I'm from Cleveland Tn, Just wanted to congratulate you on all your success. But look I need some help I'm not one of those crazy fans that would sale your used napkin on ebay. If I saw you on the street. I'd just be like what's up man how are ya. Look my life's been pretty rough simaler to yours. So to help with all the anger I discovered a new way to deal with it. We can both thank Eminem, and 2Pac for that. But hey call me up and we'll rhyme together.

Submitted by sam pitsiavas (not verified) on

my names Sam and i live in Melbourne Australia, your music saved me bro, i know you will most likely never read this mgk but your music was the only thing that kept me sane when everything went to shit, there are many good rappers out there and theres no doubt you are one of them, but the thing that separates you from the others is that you care about your fans, i saw the video of the guy who walked for the first time because of you, and nothing has ever inspired me that much, it gave me goosebumps because thats the moment i realise how powerful your message is, EST is a movement, and i just wanted to say thanks so much for making my life a little bit better, your music is always there when nobody else is, machine gun kelly is my hero and if there was any chance i could get to meet him next time he comes to Australia it would change my life, you're an inspiration dude, you came from nothing and now look at you. that is proof that there's hope for everyone and its one of the reasons i never gave up, if there is anyone that sees this that knows how to get me in contact with mgk please email me at it would mean the world to me. EST FOR LIFE

Submitted by Shane peavy (not verified) on

Please anyone who is reading this my life dream is to meet MGK he is my idol he has inspired me to want to become a rapper and i am trying
If anyone and do anything please email me i check daily

Submitted by Dreamer (not verified) on

The first song I heard by you was Wild boy. I'm telling you what, I hated that song with a passion. My ex showed me mind of a stoner. I instantly had a connection, not only because I could relate, but also because my name is Dreamer (real name). I can't help but to giggle sometimes at these females begging you to contact them. I feel for you sometimes. It's like they completely forget you're human. I love how in touch you are with us (your fans). It means a lot more to us than you think. Your music is outstanding. I listen to it EVERY DAY. But there's something different about you than any other artist.. the connection. I'm speaking for myself, I feel it. And I am grateful you take time out of your life and share it with us. I'm not going to be a groupie and beg you to contact me because I'm not one. But if you do read this, know that you have love in Virginia. I love you Kells! Lace Up. EST 4 Life! My email: hit me up.

Submitted by Joe Troutman (not verified) on

I am sorry for my writing skills I have a learning disability and i can not write that well but I just wanted to say thank you to MGK I hope he sees this my story starts a while ago back in 1996 the year I was born my father left me but that didn't matter to much because I had a stepdad that was in my life in 2003 my mom died so I was 7 years old and my dad has left me and my mom has died and now my stepdad leaves me so now at this point in my life I live with my grandmom ( I still do to this day) so the father figure I took in my life was my uncle bill but my uncle bill killed himself 2 years after my mom so I had lost another extremely close person to me he was like my father I was bullied before I have seen a counselor for 11 years now I have moved around Philadelphia multiple times I have moved around once a year for 6 years of my life I do not have a room or bed I sleep on my couch for 5 years now I had people tell me they were going to kill me because I was a drug dealer because my family does not have money we are a low class family my grandfather has cheated on my grandmom multiple times I was depressed untill this year 2015 thought about suicide plenty of times I have been diagnosed with mild PTSD and Agoraphobia and last year when I found out about MGK my life has been getting better everyday I have no thoughts about suicide or anything like that MGK you have truly saved my life it would mean the world to me if you could see this I love you so much my number is 267-625-6083

Submitted by Jesus Rodriguez (not verified) on

I was told too let everyone see my talent in writing music so here it goes
Hook: I was born a screw up never could hold my anger so danger blew up see my best friend die shot down I threw up told my boys so we got the crew up x3 since then I knew I was born a screw up x2
Yup okay I was born a screw up my boys calling like you up? Yeah Im up sup? Lets get these bricks and move up from Columbus to Cleveland 2 different locations but same dreams an different area code but same college team an I root for my boys OH IO is what im screaming but back to the real subject do you know what's it's like not to belong and grow up in the projects color aint blind we all the same we all the subject white black mexican were all the police project but we dont care like watch it dirt off my shoulders to knock off my chip say the wrong thing and youll catch a whole clip so alot of yall bite your tongues and super glue your lips while I still talk shit yall say lil wayne is yalls favorite rapper well tupac and mgk is mine that being said I load the 9 fuck a bitch that's fine then go back to that struggling life...LACE UP

Submitted by Jesus Rodriguez (not verified) on

I was told too let everyone see my talent in writing music so here it goes
Hook: I was born a screw up never could hold my anger so danger blew up see my best friend die shot down I threw up told my boys so we got the crew up x3 since then I knew I was born a screw up x2
Yup okay I was born a screw up my boys calling like you up? Yeah Im up sup? Lets get these bricks and move up from Columbus to Cleveland 2 different locations but same dreams an different area code but same college team an I root for my boys OH IO is what im screaming but back to the real subject do you know what's it's like not to belong and grow up in the projects color aint blind we all the same we all the subject white black mexican were all the police project but we dont care like watch it dirt off my shoulders to knock off my chip say the wrong thing and youll catch a whole clip so alot of yall bite your tongues and super glue your lips while I still talk shit yall say lil wayne is yalls favorite rapper well tupac and mgk is mine that being said I load the 9 fuck a bitch that's fine then go back to that struggling life...LACE UP

Submitted by Brina (not verified) on

I think u r the best rapper alive I recently found the love of my life dead and ur music has helped me a lot of ur songs lyrics are exactly how I'm feeling a lot of urs songs every word explains how I feel..actually I don't remember the exact month but this year u came to Denver to see a rock concert and ended up getting locked up and went to Jeff co and u were in the same pod as my mans he showed me all the stuff u signed for him I dk I u remember but he had a big blue diamond on the front of his neck..but when I feel mad sad I put ur music on and they just help me get my mind off the torture I went threw the night I found him dead so it would be so amazing if u would respond back plz it would mean alot like I said to me ur the best rapper alive...thanks

Submitted by Ashleey Durleey (not verified) on

So I'm crying writing this... You're music helps me so much... I am a 15 year old girl.. I have been through so much and I love you to the moon and back youre amazing. Some days I wanna say fuckk it but I don't because put a smile on my face and make me believe I can get thru it... Please Reply..<3

Submitted by brandon neville (not verified) on

Mgk if your reading this man lace up all day everyday your words are my life as we speek i am homeless im 22 and ive lost it all ive been in and out of jail my whole life for i was the kid who parents didnt want there kids aroumd man since ive dedicated my life to the lace up movement im now traing for an amatuer fight im working lil peace shit job but its work your words your movment change and ia changeing my life everyday THANK YOU MGK FOR BEING THE VOCIE WE ALL NEEDED I HOPE AND PRAY THAT I GET TO MEET THAT MAN WHO CHANGED MY LIFE. LACED UP EVERYDAY READY ANYTHING THANX MGK

Submitted by Bailey Constable (not verified) on

Listening to your music has helped me so much. Most people don't realise how ad some people have it but you do. You have helped me get over so much. I have nearly lost my emotions, but when I hear your songs, they come flooding back and I just want to thank you!

Submitted by Teresa Collins (not verified) on

Mgk. My son Is A music lover, he has it, he is meant To do bigger things, he needs motivated n Call from u or something would be tht plzzz help me?

Submitted by Jack Duran (not verified) on

HI my name is Jack Duran and MGK thank you I am a sad kid and I am getting better I tried to kill myself and I just listen to your music and it makes me fell better and thank you I write rap because of you thank you please contact m eplease if there was no MGK ther would probly be no jack thank you
Jack Duran

Submitted by Tony (not verified) on

okay so me and my girlfriend/sons mom had a downfall due to me having a drinking problem. we split up fr 9 months and this girl was the love of my life. i use to jam to your music and honestly it would make me feel like someone knew what i was going threw. then one day she went out and got herself a new boyfriend. i tried to kill myself by driving a car into a tree. i was banged up for a couple days but the paramedics told me someone had to of been with me. my sons mom came over and helped me threw it although we where still split up. after that experience listening to your lyrics was on a whole other level and it uplifted me to continue on and live life to the fullest and be there for my baby boy. 6 months later (one month ago) we started talking again and last weekend got back together. i love her so much and she is the one and only for me. to make it better you are her favorite artist. me and her will be at est fest in ohio no matter what this year and i was just curious if you would mind us being on stage while you play "her song" my girlfriends favorite song so i can propose to her after it if you could make that dream come true for us it would make it the best proposal ever for us. i hate to be that guy to ask for something but its not for me its for a very beuatiful girl that deserves the world!!!! if you wanna get back to me thank you for reading

Submitted by Gabriella Sanchez (not verified) on

This is amazing

Submitted by Kirby mckee (not verified) on

I don't know what to do anymore I've been abused for 10-11 years and it's so hard eventually I told the police and stuff they took pictures and they sent me with my mom.It was way easier for me.But I got really bad I fought with family a lot my aunt and gma turned
There back on me.I got really depressed and thought nobody cared anymore so I started hanging with some really bad kids started smoking weed and cigarretes.I started stealing cigars and started drinking and then I found out my grandpa was going to jail and I got twice as bad.I got so out of control my mom sent me my bro and sis back and I was really mad because he beat us and she didn't tell me she just dropped me off.The courts dropped the case. ur music inspires me so much I want to become a rapper just like favorite song is tears by u Thx


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