Sabrina Carpenter (singer)

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Sabrina Ann Lynn Carpenter
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"Can't Blame a Girl For Trying"

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Sabrina Carpenter (born May 11, 1999) is a singer and actress, who stars as rebellious Maya Hart, the best friend of Riley Matthews (portrayed by Rowan Blanchard) in the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World which debuted on June 27, 2014. She is signed to Hollywood Records. On March 14, 2014, Carpenter's debut single, "Can't Blame A Girl For Trying", premiered on Radio Disney, and was released on iTunes later in the day. The song is the title track on her debut EP which was released on April 8 and was generally well-received. Carpenter is featured on the Girl Meets World theme song, "Take On The World", which also features her co-star Blanchard. Carpenter contributed to the song "Stand Out" in the Disney Channel Original Movie How to Build a Better Boy, which premiered August 15, 2014, on Disney Channel. On July 20, 2014, Carpenter contributed lead vocals to Disney Channel Circle of Stars's cover version of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?".


Sabrina Carpenter
Hollywood Records, Inc.
500 S Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-6369


Submitted by Dusten ogle (not verified) on

I love your music so much

Submitted by skylarpotterherrera (not verified) on

Hi Sabina I love u so much u and Rowan is awsome on girl meets world I <3 girl meets world are u ever coming to Oklahoma city if so tell me I live in Oklahoma I am 11 bye please gmail me

Submitted by isabella henson (not verified) on

hi sabrina my name is isa. in fifth grade i had a friend who said he was your cousin. his name was hunter carpenter.

Submitted by Haylee Cathorall (not verified) on

Hey, Im Haylee , 14 , and yeah! But I just wanted to say, I think its so cool how you have the courage to get on stage, TV, and things like that, and I just wated to say your my inspiration ! Thank you!

Submitted by Dylan Hope Ulrich (not verified) on

You are my idol you've made me the woman I am. Your music gave me empowerment. Keep being strong and wonderful!

Submitted by louis alves (not verified) on

i had a very very very bad seizure in 2012 i had to get rushed to the hospital i was in there for 20 days my teeth are yellow loove you so mush sabrinacarpenter your very very very sweet

Submitted by louis alves (not verified) on

i had a bad seizure in 2012 and it was realy bad and i had a anther one last night it was realy bad how can i imporove myself i bad at wirteing love you sabrina allways will your so sweet email me back

Submitted by Caitlin Beckham (not verified) on

Hi Sabrina Carpenter and I love your songs so much.

Submitted by Alyssa C. (not verified) on

I love you Sabrina and i love all of your songs and thank you for inspiring me to start singing and music i would LOVE and die if I ever met you :D

Submitted by Destiny (not verified) on

Hi my name is Destiny and I am 15 and such a fan of you, I've watched boy meets world and already seen all of the episode of Girl meets world so far and I'm so excited to see Adventures In Babysitting. I've listened to all of your songs, my favorite are Too Young and Smoke and Fire. I'm so proud of you to have the courage to get up on stage like you do. I really hope that one day I could go to one of your concerts. I've never been so inspired, the reason I like Too Young is because I can actually sing it myself just like you can!

Submitted by Rhianna secord (not verified) on

Hi your amazing I love your movie adventures in baby sitting it's the best I love your music and I hope I get to meet you some day. Are you ever coming to muskoka I live there. Email me back that would be a dream come true

Submitted by thomasking (not verified) on

I am a big fan of all your songs and of all your shows you play in

Submitted by thomasking (not verified) on

you are my idol and you are hot. i like all your songs but there are two songs i love which one is that you cant blame a girl for trying and the other one is smoke in fire. but i do love your songs. i am not like other people because other people love you because you are famous but i like people for who they are and not because they are famous.

Submitted by Cierra (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Cierra I'm 11. You got me to sing more and I have one 10 talent shows singing your songs! YOUR MY INSPIRATION! You are coming to my state for the Evolution Tour but my mom said I'm to young to goad I was crying! My favorite songs are Too Young and Middle of starting over. You rock and my #1 dream is to meet you and go to a concert of yours! You are my inspiration I've never met you but you are amazingly talented and you make me happy everyday, listening to your music. You are truly talented and I can't wait to be older to meet you and or go to your concert! You are awesome! #SABRINACARPENTER

Submitted by Lilly (not verified) on

You show everything I want to be I always wanted and I still willing always want to be you. I always wanted to meet you in person. I've watched and listened to your songs almost a thousand times. And I hope one day I'll be as awesome as you.

Submitted by xander dean pillois (not verified) on

I thank you are the best actor i loved you in girl meets world by the wayis that over

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Sabrina, I love your music sooooooo much. Im eleven. I'm going to your consert in San Francisco on the fitfteenth of July. I'll be the one screaming the loudest.

Submitted by Alyssa Evans (not verified) on

Hello Sabrina Carpenter my name is Alyssa Evans and I was wondering if u can do another concert at the bay City Mall again!!!! I love u so much and I know all of your songs by heart

Submitted by Abby Yeager (not verified) on

Hi. You don't know me and your probably not gonna see this but I like your movies, shows, and songs. You kept me alive when I was a kid. I'm 13 now. I live with my nana because my mom and dad divorced and so me and my siblings lived with our mom. She did drugs so we had to live with our dad. He married an abusive woman. She abused us for seven years and now we are living with her parents. I'm scared. My pawpaw hits me and my nana cusses and pushes me. I have been sent to a mental hospital for being suicidal and anger issues. My I'm to scared to tell anyone and I don't know what to do. But I want to thank you. You have been a great help. I just finished the show Girl Meets World and I loved it. You are amazing and I hope you are doing well.

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