Maroon 5

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"She Will Be Loved"
"Moves Like Jagger"
"One More Night"

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Maroon 5's sound changes from album to album. Songs About Jane consists of songs about Levine's ex-girlfriend Jane. On It Won't Be Soon Before Long, however the songs are less personal and are more electric with more use of synthesizers, creating a retro feel. Hands All Over continues the band's lost love theme, along with songs about Infatuation and was re-released in 2011, with the hit single "Moves like Jagger", an electropop song which represents a drastic change in the band's sound, with more of a dance feel to it. "It was one of those songs that was definitely a risk," Levine said. "It's a bold statement. We've never really released a song like that. But it's exciting to do something different, do something new. I'm just glad that everyone likes it." When announcing their fourth album, Overexposed, James Valentine called the album "our most 'pop' record ever and we weren’t shy about really going for it." In a separate interview about Maroon 5's fifth album, which is still being written, Valentine said: "The stuff we're working on now, it definitely has gone maybe a little darker in its sound, maybe back a little bit more to what we kind of did on Songs About Jane."


Maroon 5
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Submitted by Trinity (not verified) on

Dear Maroon5 and Manager,

My Aunt (my hero) and I are huge fans! I am 13 years old and my hero is about to get married. I am hoping you can help me want to make her dreams come true. She has always done great things, being like a big sister to me, always helping others and then joining to Coast Guard. I heard a story that you all have crashed weddings, how awesome! It would be amazing if you could do this at my aunts wedding. She is 22, has been a fan for a long time like me!

Her and her fiance are both in the coast gaurd and its hard to find something great enough for them. I dont have much money but I can give you all of it and if its not enough will find try to find a way to get what you need. The wedding and reception are scheduled for Saturday, September 12 at 6pm in San Diego at the Rose Creek Cottage.

Please help me show my hero how much I care.

Thank You

Trinity Foreman

Submitted by Kendall Simone ... (not verified) on

My name is Kendall, I'm 19 years old and I recently went to one of your concerts. It was the best concert I've ever experienced in my life! My sister and I had a blast there; singing in each other's faces and just having a good time. However, I'm the one who's a huge fan of Maroon 5! I shouted the lyrics to every song I knew from club level. Adam Levine knows how to rock the stage!

Submitted by Julie Riggs (not verified) on

I really hope you will not be performing at this year’s Super Bowl 1/2 time. It is an insult to your fans to dis Colin Kaepernic and Black Lives matter.

One of the few TV shows I watch is The Voice. I feel I will have to stop watching the show, as well as not listening to your music, if you show this disrespect.

Submitted by Larry Kroger (not verified) on

My god he was making enough$$ Who cares! If I want a political message, I'll watch one of the biased news channels!

Submitted by David (not verified) on

As a veteran I beg you not to disrespect the US flag and all veterans who died for this country do no kneel for your performance

Submitted by Kirstie Waddicor (not verified) on

Just want to say thank you for your new song memories, it reminds me of my mother who passed away 12 years ago, I was a young carer and loved my mum and still miss her.
This song made me remember all the good times and made me smile, so once again thank you so much xxx

Submitted by BJ (not verified) on

I have always loved your music, but have to say the your song "Memories" is the most beautiful song and touches my heart to all the loved ones I have lost, especially to my beloved son Jermaine. He was a beautiful soul and gone to young at the age of 25. Your song says everything that I say to him and his kids so often. What a beautiful song. You have touched my heart in such a beautiful way. Music is everything, what would we do without it, especially in these stressful day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep making music. God bless you! I'm sure you will never read this, but I feel good writing how much this song means to me! Best always! BJ Irizarry

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