Kid Rock

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Robert James Ritchie
rap, rock, hip hop, pop, country
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"Bawitdaba" and "Cowboy"

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Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971), known by his stage name Kid Rock, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and actor. His 1998 studio album Devil Without a Cause sold 13 million copies worldwide. He is a five-time Grammy Award nominee and has sold 25 million albums in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan. The RIAA certified him selling 23.5 million albums. He was Soundscan's number one selling male solo musician of the 2000s, selling 17.6 million albums; he was 17th overall for the decade.

Rock was a rapper and hip hop performer with five releases between 1990 and 1997, including a reissue and an EP. After signing a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 1998, he gained commercial success in the rap-rock genre behind the singles "Bawitdaba", "Cowboy" and "Only God Knows Why" (the latter foreshadowing his move into country rock). After Devil Without a Cause '​s success in 2000, he released The History of Rock, a compilation of remixed and remastered versions of songs from previous albums as well as the hit rock single, "American Bad Ass".

Rock's follow-up records became more rock-, country-, and blues-oriented, starting with 2001's Cocky. His collaboration with Sheryl Crow on the song "Picture" was his first country hit and biggest pop hit in the US to date charting at No. 4 on the Hot 100. After 2003's Kid Rock and 2006's Live Trucker sales declined from the previous releases, he then released Rock n Roll Jesus in 2007. The album featured the song "All Summer Long", which charted at No. 1 in eight countries across Europe and Australia. In 2010, he released Born Free, which featured an eponymous song that became the political campaign theme of Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

Rock released Rebel Soul on November 19, 2012. "Let's Ride", a war anthem to the United States military, charted at No 105 on the Billboard Charts and No 8 on the rock charts. The album was certified gold in April 2013. Kid Rock released "First Kiss" on February 24, 2015 with the lead single being the title track.


Kid Rock
Artist and Brand Management
9320 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 212
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Submitted by Garret Scholin (not verified) on

Things happen in people's lives for many different reasons! Music helps me through many of them. Being laid off hasn't helped me out with anything in life, my profession has had a bad year and money has been really tight! Sounds like our spring will be real busy though. Bills piling up, threats of foreclosure on the house and doing what I can (if possible to) stop that! The reason I talk about this kind of stuff that is personal is because I believe something will happen to change my current situation and music movies me to believe that! Just got done listening to"Only God Knows Why", I absolutely love that song and I'll listen to it when I am down as a pick me up. Your music is all over the place and that is one reason I will always be a fan. I write as well, never played an instrument, have a guitar hoping to learn to put music to the songs I've wrote! Don't know if this is the right spot to write this, but hope it gets back to you. You're going to be performing up our way (don't know if I'll be able to afford to go though) . Music is inspiration, inspiration is what dreams are made of! Oh yeah Wefest is the event that you are going to be at! Hope to see you there. Keep doing what you are doing for music and don't change it!

Submitted by Bart Williams (not verified) on

cant wait to see you there me and my girl are both partialy paralyzed and was shock the event had no special spot for handicapped people and vets I will be there still I did get a room across from the Daytona stadium and a special golf cart but don't know if ill be able to get even close god bless and keep rockin

Submitted by Dave b (not verified) on

Love the grill. We want to have it at place, check out the tactical farm on fb or web
It's located in mooresboro Nc .

We would love for to come and target practice on the other grills

Email is or 717-576-6577

We are to all about supporting American made and our beloved veterans, and our fellow Americans

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hey Kid, heard ya on Stern a couple of weeks ago. I loved hearing your appreciation for the military. My youngest Son just came back from Afghanistan. I never served either. I don’t have the balls. Must have got them from his Gramps! My wife & I had our first Son when we were 20. Gotta a lot of odd looks from friends & more disappointing, Family. We stayed together m, raised two AWESOME boys. Our other Son is an Engineer. I fell down a few times in life. My Wife could have kicked dirt on me & move on, but instead she picked me up & dusted me off. Privately held me accountable, publicly held me up because I was the man of the house, the face of the Family. She’s the greatest. No sad story here & yea having a Family early sets you back, but I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. Why do I tell you all this; because your music & personality helped through the deal. My Wife & I today couldn’t be in a better place. We raised our kids, gave them an education & straight teeth. The rest is up to them:) We’re damn proud & appreciate your contribution to the process...much love!

Submitted by William Aquilla... (not verified) on

God bless you and your music. The album rock and roll jesus stirred something in my soul. It is good music. Thank you. You articulate the struggle to walk a more righteous path. God bless you man

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