R Kelly

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Robert Sylvester Kelly
pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B
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"I Believe I Can Fly"
Trapped in the Closet

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R. Kelly is a singer-songwriter and record producer. A native of Chicago, Illinois, often referred to as King of R&B,[2] Kelly began performing during the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement. In 1993, Kelly went solo with the album 12 Play. He is known for a collection of major hit singles including "Bump n' Grind", "Your Body's Callin'", "I Believe I Can Fly", "Gotham City", "Ignition (Remix)", "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time", "The World's Greatest", "I'm a Flirt", and the hip-hopera "Trapped in the Closet". In 1998, Kelly won three Grammy Awards out of five nominations for "I Believe I Can Fly".


R. Kelly
Red Light Management
8439 Sunset Blvd
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Submitted by Coko (not verified) on

Let me just say I love some R KELLY and I’m sure then he had no clue his change would come like it has now I pray for this man not R KELLY but the man his soul no matter what he may have or have not done he still has a soul and what troubles me is we spend so much time hating the man and not the sin. I have seen everyone in America rise up and point the finger and blame but I have yet to see out leaders our Pastors and Elders and Church mothers and Etc to rise and say but God and wrap there arms around him and pray him thru. If he was just a average man nothing would be said we would wrap our arms around him or her and love them right on in. Let’s be careful cause not one sin is greater than the other and what have you or I done that we just didn’t get caught in or maybe we did but our name was not R KELLY! I pray for this man still. Sometime we lose to win! I’m still a loyal fan and will continue to be until God says different . Much love and prayer. Peace be unto you my brother.

Submitted by Yellow Bunny (not verified) on

Miss your music. You're such a talented man. Only God can judge us. Only you and He knows what really happened and went on. Keep you head up. Through it all your number fan since day one. Love you forever Kells 💋

Submitted by RoRo (not verified) on

1st sending Prayers! 2nd just want you to know I/The World is Missing You & Your Talented GOD Gift to MUSIC to OUR EARS & 3rd Praying, Sending Love & Light!…We Humans are Not Perfect! I am So, So Sorry Your Life has taken Route, this Turn of Events…Praying for Your Redeemed SalVation. Ask GOD & BELIEVE IN GOD to ReDeem Your Heart & ForgiveYour Ways…He is a ForGIVING GOD, HE JUDGES NOT BY OUR SINFUL FLESH & GRANTS FAVOR to OUR GENUINE HEART of GOLD & PURENESS that WE WAS BORN WITH! Salvation Is Granted & Favor & Peace is Given to the ReMORSEful SOULS of SIN! Just ASK GOD for ForGiveness (BELIEVE) & IT SHALL BE GRANTED! Miss You Much & Praying for You Stedfast 💯! 🙏🏼❤️ Everybody Deserves REDEMPTION & PRAYER! Amen 🙏🏼🔥❤️

Submitted by Ami (not verified) on

R, I'm praying for you and that the truth comes out and you are freed sooner than later and that you are able to finish your trapped in the closet saga, i need to see what happened on Out of the closet with Larry, I hope while you are in the cage, that you are coming up with some wonderful material...Please my fellow Capricorn. BE Safe, Stay encouraged, Remember that you still have people pulling for you. Stay Strong Brother!!!

Submitted by Lovely39 (not verified) on

Happy Birthday Kelly. Keep your head up. You have people out here still pushing for you. I wish I could write you. I love you deeply! East Saint Louis love!

Submitted by Gal (not verified) on

I just to met with u and talk with u. OMG I will die and go to heaven..... Love u bro keep ur head up GOD will see ur problems just keep praying love,...... Love u always

Submitted by NYC SISTAH (not verified) on

I’m still a fan, will always B!! you have undeniable talent use this time to pray, I know you gone come back with the hits!!! Maybe some gospel songs? You are the Greatest remember that!!!

Submitted by Tyler Davis (not verified) on

Mr.Kelly whether you done it or not I’m praying for you and your family keep your faith in The Lord and savior Jesus Christ he is the only way out and no devil in hell can touch you everything gone be alright bro p.s if you can you should look at our church services on called out 1955 Pentecostal church of God prayer changes things

Submitted by Light worker (not verified) on

Don't let this world break you down. Find yourself in your spiritual path again. Have faith. Don't give up. You have healing to do, and a lot of spiritual work. You're not meant to commit suicide you're meant for greater things. Start your healing so this chapter of your life ends.

Submitted by McGraw (not verified) on

No lie I still listen to your music til this day. I pray for better days for you. You made me wanted to be a singer. I had a song I wanted you to record. I don't even know how to even write to you. But you been a big inspiration in music and writing

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

Sending love to you R kelly it’s free you til your free praying for you as well you will forever be my favorite singer

Submitted by Temeka waddell (not verified) on

You in my prayers you’ll be home soon you still my king be safe love you 😘

Submitted by Sheena Shaniyah... (not verified) on

You will forever be my favorite artist. No matter what this world has against you, I will forever be your biggest fan. R Kelly, you're a child of God and everyone has flaws and noone is perfect but God. You was dealt a bad life from the beginning and everyone close to you was your enemy and didn't show up for you at all. What happened to you when you was younger was wrong on every except of the word. It's not your fault at all. You've done nothing wrong.

I will always stand behind you and beside you. You are forever love by all your fans and supporters. Never ever forget that. You're very talented. You're awesome in every sense of the word, as well as, gifted. God knew exactly what he was doing when he molded you into the man that you are still today and that is blessed.

I love you R Kelly and that word is strong. My loyalty to you has always been with you and when it comes to your music I still listen to it. Now you know who was there for you and with you versus those that messed up your career and life as a whole. They didn't break you R Kelly they just made you stronger and more wiser to know to know you can't messed with everybody and not everybody was suppose to be in your life.

God is punishing everyone who done you wrong and the whipping he is putting on them will forever haunt their butts because you're God's child and his armor is protecting you.

You WILL be out soon and when you do I will come out and present you with a hug to let you know you are still very important,supported and cared for.

KEEP YOUR HEAD UP KING!!!!! The storm will pass and the sun will shine and you will rise again because what god gave you can and will NEVER be taken because it was already established.


Sheena Shaniyah-marie taylor

Submitted by Sheena Shaniyah... (not verified) on

R Kelly, you've been my favorite rn&b artist since I've heard your music. You are a great artist and very gifted. God new what he created when he molded you into the man you are today. It's very sad that others feel like you have to keep the image up from not being broken in your childhood and they forget that everyone isn't perfect. I know exactly what you've experienced because I too went through a very rough patch. However, we take it and stride for bigger and better. I love you R Kelly. You will always have a supporter in me. Keep your head up. I still listen to all your songs and albums. You are a soldier and you have so many supporters in your corner. Always remain humbled and know that your strongest supporters are your motivators and we will be here to the very last end. I will continue to keep you in my prayers R Kelly.

Submitted by Kananelo (not verified) on

I hope you holding up well ❤️

Submitted by DeAsia S Boykin (not verified) on

I You're a victim also just tell your side of the story I'm a mother of 4 boys I believe you can get saved everything will fall in place we need you !

Submitted by DeAsia S Boykin (not verified) on

I miss you even though I never kissed or touched you don't let them win survive fight it be strong just come back home I'm here for you always .

Submitted by Nina Gallaga (not verified) on

Stay positive r Kelly we love you no matter what

Submitted by Ciedah (not verified) on

We love you Robert! Your still the greatest to me! I wish I could actually write to you.


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