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"What Makes You Beautiful" and "Live While We're Young"

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One Direction is an English-Irish pop boy band based in London. Band members are Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. The band appeared on the X Factor in 2010, finished third, but signed with Simon Cowell's record label Syco Records anyway. One Direction's two albums "Up All Night" (2011) and "Take Me Home" (2012) broke several records and topped the charts of most major markets. The group has sold over 14 million singles and 8 million albums.


One Direction
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Submitted by Bayan1118 on

Hey 1D, I am a HUGE fan of yours u don't know how much I love u guys I have pics of u guys everywhere on my wall. Out of the whole group the one dude I i really love is Liam <3 ur really hot. I hope to see u guys one day in person (that'll never happen) I hope u guys see this and reply back especially Liam. Always remember I am ur BIGGEST FAN. Bye loves <3<3<3

Submitted by mrs.niallhoran on

Hey 1D i love u guys espically niall horan and harry styles I love u guy so much (kiss)

Submitted by Ashley Almond (not verified) on

hey,I hope yall are reading this and i am a BIG FAN and so is my friend i luv louie he is awsome i hope i get to see you all bye

Submitted by mckenzie (not verified) on

you are so sweet.... (not)

Submitted by mckenzie welbourne (not verified) on

hi my name is McKenzie..... I really love you guys so much I think about you guys all the time I would really like for Harry to answer me back but im not going to get my hopes up her I am just an ordinary girl who is 13 and is in love with 1D .. Every time I fell sad I listen to your songs and they make me fell so better .... I love your song steal my girl, what makes you beautiful those are my two favorite I have one direction all over my wall and my dad comes in my room and says you need to get a hold of these boys... so here I am trying to get ahold of you guys your my little cup of happiness I really really would like you guys to type me back.... thanks, Love McKenzie

Submitted by Dakota six (not verified) on

Harry I think you are so cute im dakota six and i think we would be a perfect couple . i think you are the cutest out of the whole band

Submitted by shannon (not verified) on

Hi 1D, i have liked you since i was 8, now im 14, iv'e been a fan since the start, and have never had a chance to go to a concert or meet you, if you could please do me the favor of meeting me, i would be so happy, because you guys light up my world like nobody else!

Submitted by Jonathan (not verified) on

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you how awesome it is to be able to listen to your songs, because I've been listening to your songs ever since I was 6 years old and now I'm 10, and those songs are what inspired me to start doing this, and someday I want to be just like you! Anyways peace out!

Submitted by Lucy Hudson (not verified) on

Your songs have changed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I was going through depression earlier this year and when I listened to your music it helped me feel so much better! You guys don’t know how much I appreciate it!! Y’all are the best!! Js Harry you’re fantastic!! Thank you again!!

Submitted by Chidiuto eburuoh (not verified) on

Dear One Direction,Happy Birthday from your number 1 fan ChidiutoI love you guys so much that I want to meet you guys in LondonI knew that you birthday is this Saturday, Feb 1.I love all your music and your band forreal. I know that you will get back together in 2020 because I love all the 5 guys in the band.
Love you.

Submitted by Nevaeh branscum (not verified) on

Hi i just want to say your my favorite band and you guys had the best memories i know that for sure i just want to say that i hope u guys are okay and have a good day u guys are amazing i don't know what the world would do without you your the best💗💗💗😁

Submitted by Nevaeh branscum (not verified) on

You guys are the best i love all of you guys i love your music and your personality i can't wait until u guys get back together in 2020

Submitted by Bernice (not verified) on

Hi, I am a 35 year old woman, from the small country of Malta. English is not my first language, so sorry in advance, for the grammatical errors you’re going to see.

I’ll start by the fact that I used to ignore modern pop music, so I became a fan only recently during the quarantine. If something good happened to me this year, was this band coming into my life. My only regret is that I didn’t start to like it 10 years ago, now I have 10 years to recuperate, solo careers included.

I don’t like this band for the talent and music only, but because the 5 members of it are awesome people that I admire and feel I have in common with, from the few things I ‘’know’’. My life was full of struggles and toxic people, and thus I started to be bitchy with people, until I learned that I should treat people with kindness, and sometimes it even works. Maybe helping others, will be my way to heal the permanent damage that was caused to me.

I’m also trying to accept myself and face my fears, anxieties and depression. It’s a pity that I started to follow you only now, from what I read, you used to be very close and nice with your fans.

I was also bullied numerous times and made bad decisions. I’m trying to learn from my mistakes and move on, everyday. It’s difficult and many times I’m failing, but I’m trying, me accepting the fact that I’m just an imperfect human, is the most difficult challenge I have to face. We’re told, ‘’don’t give up, stay strong, you can do it’’ all the time, yet the more a person tries, the more it becomes difficult, thus it creates more stress on the individual. But we should keep trying, right?

Now I’ll write something to each member individually:

Harry: I admire the fact that you fight toxic masculinity, gender stereotypes, labels and stand beside women on feminism. I also like the fact that you fight and donate for causes and that you’re genuine, passionate and driven. I’m also amazed how you can be kind in a world full of hate and toxic people. You’re almost perfect. I totally admire you.

Louis: I admire your strength and humbleness. I also like your sarcasm and funny attitude, as well as your sass. Totally admirable. You’re also very talented and have a lot to give to the world, more than you can imagine. You have lots of fans who love you and support you for a reason. You’re also a wonderful partner and father.

Niall: I like the fact that from time to time you speak to us on twitter. It’s a pity you never responded to me. However I still think you’re a good and funny guy. I miss your tiktoks. I also like the fact that you’re outspoken and aren’t afraid to express your opinion and I admire that.

Zayn: I can relate to you due to anxiety and mental health. I also heard you used to give free merchandise to fans. That is admirable considering most artists treat fans, as clients instead of people. I’m also sorry that people still talk badly about you because of the past instead of trying to understand you. We need more empathetic hearts and less judgemental minds, in the world. They should see the good you do instead. We also have something in common, our birthdays, 12th jan, only difference is the year. You’re also a wonderful partner and congrats for your future parenthood.

Liam: I enjoyed your quarantine you-tube videos a lot, I hope you’ll return. You’re a strong and hard working person. I also saw that you check for the best light when taking selfies with your fans. I honestly don’t know why you receive so much criticism, when you’re such a good person. I also heard you helped during the pandemic and participate in charity events. That’s so administrable considering we live in a world where selfishness is celebrated and altruism is looked down. I think you have a big and good heart. I imagine you being very caring towards others, nonetheless you were called the dad of the group, during your 1D days. You’re also a wonderful partner and father.

You are all beautiful internally and externally. Anyone who met you and is close to you must be really lucky. You were raised right and your families love you, this is clearly seen by how you treat others. Your fans, at least those who have been from the beginning, saw you growing up from nice boys full of dreams, to great established man, still working hard to achieve their dreams, and you’re good at it, you work hard, fans see that and you achieve the goals you deserve to gain. Yes there have been mistakes committed in the past, but what counts is that, you learned from them. I actually think more people should follow you, regardless of tastes in music.

You’re good people, you’re a good example to society, people should learn from you, especially men, should learn from you how to treat women, it’s a pity in effect, that not many men are in your fandom. You’re one of the few men you don’t objectify women, before knowing this band, I used to say men are trash, now I have a little bit of faith, that maybe, maybe, good men still exist.

As well as, being humble, a trait I like about you, is the fact that you don’t act like divas, but you remained humble despite your success. And I guess this is part of your popularity, because regular people hate celebrities who behave like divas. Like usual there have been people who tried to harm you in the past, because people can’t stand others having success, but you always came out victorious and didn’t let anyone put you down.

Anyway, I’m glad that I discovered this band, even though late, but better late than never, right? I’m thankful that such a band like yours existed, you entered in my life during a difficult time and I’m not referring to the pandemic only. Your music saved me because it came during a moment when I wanted to end it all. Therefore, thank you.

ILYSM xxx from Bernice

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