Seth Meyers

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Seth Adams Meyers
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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Seth Meyers is an actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, television host and comedian. He is a former head writer for NBC's Saturday Night Live and hosted its news parody segment Weekend Update. Meyers currently hosts the talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, which premiered on Monday February 24, 2014, on NBC.


Seth Meyers
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Submitted by Gay Ann (not verified) on

Enjoy your show, enjoy you. Just thought you might consider giving Eric Trump some credit instead of always giving him a bad time. After all, so far it looks like he is the only Trump who is not involved in criminal activity. Or is he?

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

I am so disappointed that you are straight. You ARE so beautiful. All these people screaming about hate, should look back into history and compare Trump's tirades to what Hitler said. Has anyone as a historian read Mein Kompf ?

Submitted by Beggs909 (not verified) on

President Trump has modified and changed what is needed at the southern border to try and compromise with the democrats. This only shows that President Trump cares more about the safety of Americans and immigrants preyed upon by drug cartels and traffickers. The Democrats had made themselves useless in every way by blocking and moving the goal post so nothing gets done. This will not hurt President Trump but it will cause them to be booted out of office.

Submitted by Beggs909 (not verified) on

President Trump has modified and changed what is needed at the southern border to try and compromise with the democrats. This only shows that President Trump cares more about the safety of Americans and immigrants preyed upon by drug cartels and traffickers. The Democrats had made themselves useless in every way by blocking and moving the goal post so nothing gets done. This will not hurt President Trump but it will cause them to be booted out of office.

Submitted by Barbara Zimmerman (not verified) on

There's a clip of Johnny Carson doing an interview skit w/ reporters' questions to a president while he's strapped to a polygraph machine. There is one woman, a young woman, in the skit who looks like an older woman with blond hair who also portrays a reporter in your interview skits. Is it possible that it's the same woman? Their mannerisms are identical.

Submitted by jay rabbitears (not verified) on

has seth pointed out that trump had two years of a republican congress to get his wall'
he never pushed for the wall
the republicans never offered him one
the government was not shut down for one
...and remember the mexicans are gonna pay for it

Submitted by Hilary Fuller (not verified) on

Hello Seth, I and my husband have always enjoyed your humour, so we were disappointed when we saw/heard you mocking Marianne Williamson, a Democratic candidate, on your show, implying that she was a hippie or a would be cult leader of some kind.
She is neither. Were you not watching the debates? Did you not hear her intelligent, eloquent, powerful remarks? Did you, like Anderson Cooper, dismiss her (he was incredibly rude to her) based on assumptions rather than truth? Did you assume that she was a religious wing nut? (She’s not.)

In recovery we call this “contempt prior to investigation”; as far as I’m concerned this attitude is one of the least admirable a person working in the media could take.

Consider reading her book A Return to Love; consider really listening to her on policy or on anything else for that matter. Learn, then judge.
Come on Seth, you’re better than that.

Hilary Fuller
Democrat Abroad
Vancouver Island, Canada

Submitted by Kathleen Kilpatrick (not verified) on

Love the show, specially a Closer Look. Can’t end the day with out a good dose of Late Night. Recently, however, troubled by words in a segment on Trump’s pathetic media conference on Coronavirus, and his bloodless focus on the market — so far so good — because, it was stated, the market only benefits Trump’s billionaire friends. Really? What about anyone of us millions of working people whose pensions depend on the market— teachers, labor, first responders, etc. — and many more millions of younger workers whose future is in 401Ks now that pensions are have become rare. It was a wholly ridiculous statement, ignorant of the reality of market and the precarious position of working and middle class Americans — seniors and the young alike. Go after the fool, but don’t let the writers’ zeal make them stupid.

Submitted by Big Nats (not verified) on

Very grateful that you all are continuing to entertain and keep us laughing through all this. Watching the late show during after dinner dishes is the piece of routine I've stuck best to- thanks for keeping the good times rolling

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

Hi. I am hoping that during this time of extra reruns you you might be able to dig into the archives and put on the show where Seth talks about a homemade Christmas gift for his mom. I remember something about it ending up looking like a jar of shit. It was the funniest story he's told. Maybe instead of some recent rerun you could put together a show with some of these funny bits. Please consider, thanks. Kelly

Submitted by Patricia Ireland (not verified) on

Hi, Seth. Love the "at home" show. Martha Stewart has suggested changing out the lamp. I am suggesting changing the books on display every night, just like you changed out the mug on your desk on every TV show. You could use books that have meaning to you or to the political scene or pick whatever suits you as an excellent producer and comedian. Don't take it personally that I listed comedian last--I think you're great and, as I said, love the show! Pat Ireland in San Antonio, Texas.

Submitted by Dr. Robert Brake (not verified) on

Why not replace the controversial current lamp on set with a leg lamp, currently available via eBay? Might induce a few chukles..

Submitted by Matthew Costello (not verified) on

Good morning I would like to thank you for continually giving us some news in a uplifting entertaining way. I am a fan up in Connecticut. In these verry troubling times it is needed and appreciated for the updates of Covid19. Being in CT we have stayed in some of the top outbrakes in the country. I just wanted you to know that due to my job I can't always get the news, I drive for a living as an hvac tech. So listening to your closer looks on my drive between jobs keeps me updated and entertained. So please keep doing what your doing from the tiny door in your attic.

Submitted by Sandie (not verified) on

Hey Seth and Staff
You are doing such a great job trying to bring a little extra laughter and regularity to my life. You are even looking like you are getting a litter more comfortable doing things without a live audience! I can’t even begin to imagine how much more difficult it is to put on a daily show for us. I very much appreciate all your efforts.The Easter parade was certainly creative!
From my little village of Carbon, Alberta Canada to all of you in New York, Thank you, all so much!

Submitted by Sandie (not verified) on

2020 - 20 seconds to wash your hands, 2 metres apart, zero excuses. Stay safe. Laugh lots. We love you too!

Submitted by Susan Vogt (not verified) on

I love your late night show, especially the "Closer Look" segment, BUT, I recommend that you wear something a little more formal, maybe at least a casual suit.. I know you're doing your show from home and it's nice to have a homey look and end with the kids running through, but your shtick is to look like a serious newscaster and the informal attire detracts from the look.

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

I love watching the 8 G band playing in their homes. You get to see a little more about them. Marnie is my favorite.

Submitted by Calvin Branche (not verified) on

I taught that book for many years in my High School Mystery Fiction course. It was fun to see it on your daily pile of books.

Submitted by TC (not verified) on

Seth. I love your show....but...
I do not have a Facebook account. I have never tweeted. I have never reviewed a purchase. I say this so you will know how unprecedented this comment is for me. We have suffered enough change. Part your hair back on the other side. I can’t take it! Please, just do it.

Submitted by Janet (not verified) on

Hi Seth, I love your show and in our family we all cheer when you tell the truth about the arrogant, narcissistic, lying braggart who lives in the White House (except, of course, for the Old White Man in this white family). I am wondering about one thing I saw on your show recently: a dog and two cats were tested for Coronavirus and tested positive. Now, I adore animals and made a career out of caring for them at one point in my life. I am a serious animal lover; but I am wondering how these dear pets got tests for Coronavirus and yet the African-American health worker I heard about could not get one and she died. Please tell our dear Amber that I was just wondering. Keep up the great, great work!

Submitted by Gabriel Marques (not verified) on

It's great how your political takes carry a morale.

Submitted by Col (not verified) on

I love your shows

Submitted by GeorgieGirl (not verified) on

Dear Seth Meyers,
It makes me crazy when you say Segway when you mean segue. Segway is the vehicle, segue means to make a transition.

Submitted by Cory on

Please don't tell me you say "seg-gew" when you say segue. Segue is pronounced the same way as Segway.

If you don't believe me, Google "pronounce segue" and "pronounce segway".

Submitted by Karen (not verified) on

Saw your interview with Colin Farrell, talking about “In Bruges”. We had nothing better to do, so we found it and LOVED IT! Great movie! Thanks for helping make our quarantined afternoon better😀

Submitted by Scott Morris (not verified) on

Can we make this a #???

Problem: white people think that there are only a few bad cops. I hear this again and again and again.

We need someone like Amber to start the #tag, so we can open the eyes of whites by sharing our stories: #run-inswcops.

Please send to Amber!

Submitted by Toast (not verified) on

After 15 years of opting out of the TV wasteland, found myself driven to try again by TRUMPVID-20 boredom. Imagine my surprise to find the humor of you and Fallon to my genuine liking! I have NEVER written a fanboy note to anyone,,, so another self revelation. What has prompted me to "overcome" reservations, was your on air inclusion of Amber Ruffin. Very impressed with her witty humor and magnetic camera presence. Thank you for putting her in my face for some minutes that were not wasted, but pure enjoyment. If you ever take a real vacation (presumably when efforts like yours lead us to a new president and some restored sanity) seriously consider Amber as your stand-in. In the meantime, stand strong and keep looking closer. best

Submitted by Jeannnette Harter (not verified) on

I usually tape your show and watch it the next day. You had a monologue about a 20 year old golden retriever and didn't treat the dog with much respect, making unkind jokes about her and her age. You also called dog a he, when she was female.

I was disgusted about your comments about the senior dog and turned the show off. Please treat animals, who are dependent on us, with more respect.

I understand poking fun, especially at political figures as they often behave in ways to bring it on themselves. But not animals.

Submitted by Molly Strong (not verified) on

Hi Seth, I noticed on your guest appearances on CNN or MSNBC that somebody in your home loves Thorn Birds. On my honeymoon in 1978 to Lake Tahoe, my husband was reading the paperback version. It was THE must to read novel of the summer. He spent all his spare time reading it and I wanted him to hurry up and get finished so I could read it too. So he casually walked into the kitchen of the place we were staying and found a knife and cut
the book in half. He gave me the first half and kept the second half. Then when I finished the second half, he duct taped it back together. I still have great memories of Thorn Birds on my honeymoon!

Submitted by Jackie (not verified) on

Hi, Seth! I rarely miss your Late Night shows, as they are helpful to retain my sanity in these surreal times. Have enjoyed your comedy since SNL days. I have One complaint! Slow down! Lately, you have turbo charged your verbal delivery. It's not as funny, as it requires one to intensely concentrate on what you r saying. Has anyone else brought this up?? Usually, in the late evening I'm in more mellow mode and your new delivery style doesnt work.

Submitted by Terry Whalen (not verified) on

Okay. Just watched Governor Newsom on the Democratic Convention. I seiously couldn't tell if it was the governor doing himself, or your brother doing the governor, or the governor doing your brother doing the governor. You should have him do a bit every night (perhaps side-by-side with said governor). And another with Sarah Cooper. Thank you.

Submitted by Elaine Cali (not verified) on

Seth, These are rocky times, but thank you for making me laugh as we cruise down this bumpy road. You've been the right mixture of funny, serious, silly and just crazy with a thinking man's humor. I truly appreciate all that you bring to the airwaves. And your family is so adorable too! Stay safe, wash your hands, we love you.....

Submitted by Ron Louthan (not verified) on

Although I was an English major at UCLA, I somehow never got around to reading The Thorn Birds. But after watching you every day in your attic for what seems like several years, I finally picked up a copy from my local library. Good read. Thxs for the tip. Who says watching your show is a wast of time?

Submitted by Michael Fick (not verified) on

Seth, my wife and I are huge fans of your show, and love every minute of it from the monologue to your interviews and entertainment. You are one of the funniest late show hosts on television. You are also one of the best interviewers as you seem so natural with your guests and have a natural interest in them that I know makes them feel at home and easy to talk to.

We also like the way you mix your guests with celebrities, authors, and news media which keeps the show well rounded for us as liberal viewers.

We were watching this past week before the Christmas break and you had a segment discussing the Electoral College, and your view that it should be disengaged and replaced with a popular vote. I used to feel the same way, but trying to fact check things and to keep an open mind, I recently did some research on the Electoral College; its origin, how it came about, and why it has been hanging around for past 200+ years. You should either read Tara Ross' book Why We Need the Electoral College, or watch a short video on Amazon Prime called "Safeguard: An Electoral College Story, both bipartisan publications. Well worth investigating. It's a wealth of information on why we NEED the Electoral College. I'm sure you will agree.

Thanks again for brightening our evening each day that you are on. We look forward to a new season with you and our new government without DJ Trump dominating our lives.


Michael Fick

Submitted by C Clark (not verified) on

Those who say that now is the time to move on and heal are like dysfunctional family members who pretend that Dad didn't come home drunk last night and terrorize the family. The next morning they act like nothing important happened last night. There is no healing until Dad admits what he did, repents, apologizes, and goes to treatment. All the congressmen making excuses for him are Dad's abusive brothers who are caught up in all the dysfunction.

Submitted by Russell (not verified) on

Still going on about Trump. ?? Let It Go please. are not funny its old and Trump is gone. OK? We will be better prepared for cheating and stealing next election. You are desperate and it your job and be funny not angry and are on your way out , so go out with class , humor, and not so bitter, angry, negative and tired. ..

Submitted by Steve E. (not verified) on

Are you sure your not talking about tucker carlson? Seth just won an Emmy for his show. I really don't think he's going any where.

Submitted by Jeff Dyer (not verified) on

People may not believe this. Seth told the story of how the last three times actress Christina Hendricks was on tv her interviews were interrupted by a breaking network news story. Well, 30 seconds after he said that the NBC affiliate in Rockford, IL broke in and tested the EBS (emergency broadcast system) and it cut off some of his interview. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Submitted by Eliseo Camarena (not verified) on

I usually dont stay up this late. But Man. Finally. Someone who has the balls to call out the trash in American politics. You are the fkcn man!!! Smart and strategic. These are the balls we Americans needs. I love my country. And am an American citizen. But fuck this shit. Have a fkcn back bone. Stand up for what you believe in. America!!! No fkcn hate. We are better than that. America!!!!

Submitted by Richard Keller (not verified) on

I would to see a compilation of Psaki taking down Republican reporters. Maybe have a commentator that does monster truck show. ‘That reporter just got Psaked’ ....
Maybe even pay for it to be shown during commercials for Fox News (which should be changed to Fox opinion since they might report news 1 hour in a day)


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