Garth Brooks

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Troyal Garth Brooks
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"Friends in Low Places"

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Garth Brooks is a country pop singer-songwriter. His eponymous first album was released in 1989 and peaked at number 2 in the US country album chart while climbing to number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Brooks' integration of rock elements into his recordings and live performances earned him immense popularity. This progressive approach allowed him to dominate the country single and album charts while crossing over into the mainstream pop arena.

Brooks broke records for both sales and concert attendance throughout the 1990s. Troubled by conflicts between career and family, Brooks officially retired from recording and performing from 2001 until 2009. During this time, he sold millions of albums through an exclusive distribution deal with Walmart and sporadically released new singles. In 2005, Brooks started a partial comeback, and has since given several performances and released two compilation albums.

On October 15, 2009, Garth Brooks announced the end of his retirement. In December 2009, he began a five-year concert deal with the Encore Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Following the conclusion of his residency in Las Vegas, Brooks announced his signing with Sony Music Nashville in July 2014. In September 2014, he began his comeback world tour. His most recent album, Man Against Machine, was released on November 11, 2014 via his online music store GhostTunes.

Brooks was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on October 21, 2012.


Garth Brooks
Major Bob Music, Inc.
1111 17th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212


Submitted by Matthew Hershon (not verified) on


I am currently in my second tour and this time I am in Iraq. I am coming home for 3 weeks in March and I would love to surprise my girlfriend hopefully soon to be wife with tickets to your show at the Houston Rodeo. Her and myself are your biggest fans and she has never seen you live before. If there is anyway to help me out that would be amazing.

One of your biggest fans
CPT Matthew Hershon

Submitted by Jesse Darcourt (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Brooks,
Ever since I met my wife she has always been your number one fan! Truth be told she knows all of your songs and follows you and your family on social media. I remember her telling me a story of her rough upbringing and having to sleep in her mothers car with her tape player and headphones while her mom had to work. This is just One of the examples of how your music has touched and helped people through day-to-day life. Goes to show you don’t have to be a physician to heal people, the messages you have inside your songs are enough to mend wounds and truely aid someone to a good life. I know for a fact if she had a signed photo of you she would cherish it forever. No words could express my gratitude for you and you music. So simply I say, thank you. My email

Submitted by Ian Gaunt (not verified) on

I have a cassette tape of Garth before he was discovered. It's recorded in Stillwater Okla. in a little bar called Wild Willies? There,three young ladies were friends with Garth and were probably instrumental in getting him to finally get out to Nashville to be discovered. I am wondering if anybody is interested in this tape. I also have several photos of the same time. Pictures of the birthday cake the girls made for him.

Submitted by Gerald Lee Ames (not verified) on

Garth Brooks I am very proud you stood down on this President. He is not doing very well is he?

Thank you for taking the high ground.

Gerald Lee Ames
Washington State

Submitted by Mitchell Edwards (not verified) on

Hey Garth, I know you probably get this a lot but you are truly the greatest inspiration to me. I'm a student at Texas A&M University and i don't think there's been a day that's gone by that I don't listen to your music on the way to class. My parents got a divorce and your music really got me through everything. You had a great show in Houston by the way, it couldn't have been better! I was wondering if there was a place that I could send a guitar to have it signed, it would mean the world! I don't know if you read these or not but thanks for always being full of love and inspiration.

Submitted by fan21 (not verified) on

Could you call Simon Cowell from Americas Got Talent he hoped you might write a song for Michael for the finals. Your music is just perfect.

Submitted by Tracey (not verified) on

I have been such a long time fan, but for me it’s about the whole package. I hear your music and love it all. There are so many messages that I hold dear to my heart and turn to when I need comfort. But those songs come from a person who believe each and every word. From what I have observed, you live as you sing. You help those in need and support those less fortunate. You have passion for people, something that more of us could use. Another shining example is when Simon Cowell asked you to writer a song for Michael Ketterer on AGT. I knew the moment he asked, you would say yes because you would love Michael for who he is and how he lives his life. I also wanted to know how much I appreciate that your fame has not gone to your head and you ensure that all people can access your tickets by keeping the prices low. I have been to all 3 concerts you did in Ottawa, and never paid a lot for the tickets. I once lucked out and got 3rd row seats and I don’t think they cost more than 40$ each. Thank you so much. You live with you heart on your sleeve and I love that. It makes you a better artist and more in touch with your audience. Koodos to you Mr. Brooks. Keep doing what you are doing and loving your art. Your connection with people is your halmark.

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

So I know this probably won’t happen but I have to try! My mom and I love you your music .. But my mom has cancer breast cancer and her dream was always to see you live ! But her favorite song is I got friends in low places! So I would love it if we could come to one of your concerts and sing that song to my mommy before she passes:( it would be so exciting for her to see that! Before well you know! I know you are a truly sweet and awesome husband and father .. So I’m hoping you get this and respond I will sing the song with you!! If that would be ok!! Lol I have a couple of reliitives in the music industry one is Dave Alvin from the blasters my brother in law and Fletcher Dragge from a band called pennywise anyway I hope you get this .. Because this would truly make my mom the happiest woman before she leaves this earth !! My phone number is(951) 332-1339 e maile is I hope you reach out because I know you are a true country boy with fantastic faith !! Again I hope you get this !! 👍 bye 👋 players 🙏

Submitted by MelIssa (not verified) on

The song the dance was my husband favorite song. Actually it was our first dance 2 am on a back dirt road. He told me our first date he wanted that song played at his funeral. We were married 6 years when he passed at the young age of 37. August 27 2006. I love the song but to this day it brings tears. To answer question yes I played it at his funeral.

Just want say Thank You

Submitted by Dave Austin (not verified) on

When did our country become such where we have blurred the office of president and the person. You Mr. Brooks were asked to play for "The President of the United States". I will presume if you voted, I know how you voted. You don't seem to me to someone who plays to the politically correct. I was wrong. You and the Dixie Chicks should go on the Anti-President Tour. Think anyone would show up? I'm sure some sadly.
I'm 59, heard you play that rememberable concert in Scottsdale, AZ when the storm blew in. I've followed your career since. I'm a professional, middle of the road, white, very open-minded, but strongly American with values this country was founded on. If I ever thought I'd pay to see you play again, and I was, I am not now. Since you don't respect the office of the president, then I'm sorry to say I don't respect you. I'm glad I live in a country where you can even have a choice like this. I've lived and visited countries where that is not the case. But I am also glad that I can say with absolute certainty, your music will not be played here. You of all people. Respectfully submitted.

Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

I’ll keep this short,, we were at the Baltimore concert you performed awesome even though there was a ticketron issue and the show didn’t get started till after 11 PM and you still hung in there till almost 2 in the AM. You were hoarse and still sounded great. You promised you would be back one day, please try to fit Ravens Stadium into your schedule, It will sell out within minutes, and I’ll be there with my 73 year old mom, cheering you on at top of our lungs. We love you and Mrs. Yearwood. I know you can’t be everywhere, all I can do is PRAY. LOVE YOU MAN!

Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

This song could not be more true, than the tragedy that struck my family while my brother was on his way to "The Dance".

I've thought about writing to you a hundred times, I just just felt like I wanted you to hear my story. I'm not looking for anything from you, I just wanted you to know how much this song and your music has impacted my family.

January 8, 2000 will be a day I never forget. At 17 years old, I lost my best friend, my brother. His name was Mike, he was 20 years old. Not only did I lose him, we also lost his girlfriend, Tanya. She was my classmate and friend.

You see, all of our family was at the wedding reception for my cousin and Mike's best friend. It was a great day. They had just gotten married and it was time to party. But, Mike waited for Tanya to get off work and then they were going to meet us all at the dance.
We were all having a great time, and your song "The Dance" came on. My boyfriend at the time, and I, of course, were dancing to the song. It was while we were dancing to the song at 10:30, that my Mom came up to us and asked if I had seen or heard from Mike and Tanya yet. I hadn't, and we went on with the night. Call it Mother's intuition, because at 10:30, my brother and his girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver on the way to "The Dance".

Now, you know as well as I do, that song has some very impactful words that are exactly related to our worst nightmare imaginable.

Fast forward to a year later, I was a senior in high school and had some incredible friends and family who had supported me while I dealt with his death. We had a new English teacher that year, who was having us write a persuasive speech. Well, I wrote mine on drinking and driving. Now, this teacher didn't know my story or anything about what the past year had been like for me, so she had scheduled me to give my speech on January 8th. I couldn't do. I couldn't bring myself to do it on that day. In fact, I didn't even go to school that day. And in the years following, I've never worked on thre anniversary of his death.
So, January 9th I gave my speech in the auditorium. Little did I know, the teachers in the school had allowed who ever had wanted to watch my speech, leave class and attend. The auditorium was full and when I was done with my speech, I played for song "The Dance" and there was not a dry eye in the place. Friends had gathered to grieve with me that day.

I still have but speech recorded on VHS. The school played it on all of the TVs in the school for years following, around the time of school dances and Prom, as a reminder that it's not worth it.

January 8, 2019 will be 19 years since they died. Nothing will erase the pain I feel from his loss. For years I couldn't listen to this song. You were one of his favorite country artists, and of course you are still one of mine.

Take care.

Submitted by Sherri (not verified) on

My husband and I have seen you in concert twice and what amazing concerts they were! Beyond disappointed that we won’t be able to see you in March 19’. Tickets are scarce and I’ve seen them on sale for up to $9900 each, can’t do that! Our first concert was Riverport 1992, you put a cap on the prices so all your fans could see you. Someday do that for us again!!!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

short message
thanks for coming to St. Louis
prior to the show - Bob Seeger cover Hollywood nights was playing by another band over the speakers
Who was the band?

Submitted by Connie Rieck (not verified) on

Dear Garth Brooks…
First, I just want to thank you for your amazing music and your dedication to first your beautiful wife and family, and second, your fans… October 15 has two beautiful meanings to each of us… It was the birth of our youngest son and it was the day you came out of retirement… Different years :-) We are so excited for our sons wedding this June and we have chosen your song “MOM” as our mother son dance. It is such a beautiful song and the line “her only goal in life”… Is so me! All I ever wanted to be was a wife, mom and Grandma....And all three are awesome! Anyways… With having our mother son dance to your song “MOM”, I was just wanting to ask for your blessing on this song for such a special day for my son! Thank you and God bless!
From a simple mom and fan..... Connie Rieck

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on

Hope you remember doing Baltimore back in January 2016 during a blizzard? You were amazing especially doing two shows in the same day! However, do you also remember getting us all worked up about coming back in the summer to one of our stadiums to do a concert without snow? Just wondering if you are still considering us? I truly hope so!
Love you man !
Paul, SFC, US Army Retired!

Submitted by Bethany Ellis (not verified) on

Hey what’s up I miss you and I love your music and I hope you have a great day

Submitted by Ben Anderton (not verified) on

I recieved my numbered legacy set today...i was able to get my anniversary date and i opened the analog recordings and told the wife not to bother me im going to enjoy the 90's again before i go to bed. What amazing work and taking me back to some of the best and worst memories in my life but wouldn't trade them for anything. Thank you for your music and thank God for giving you the gift of talent he did.

Submitted by Lilly Nicole Errthum (not verified) on

I like your picture

Submitted by Becky Blake (not verified) on

Garth am a 72 yr young fan of your I want to see you in may but I want to sit on the ground fool because am not good at steps but a marketplace is selling you ticket for as high as a 1200 dollars the cheapest one are 500 to 700 for one ticket am on ss I don't draw that a month please would y try and do something about this so people that love y can come

Submitted by WonderWoman222 (not verified) on

Dear Garth
Hello, been watching bio on a and e and you said that your dad is a vet Korea??? well, my dad was too If he is still around ask him if he remembers a Robert Glass??? would love to meet you someday hopefully that would be a nice Christmas present!!!Thank you very much WonderWoman222

Submitted by Russell (not verified) on

Please, please, please do a second show in Cincinnati Garth!

Submitted by Nancy Lendyak (not verified) on

My husband, sister and I have volunteered at the lighting of the National Christmas Tree in DC for the last 4 years to help the National Park Service. We always work the entrance checking credentials for the dress rehearsal. In 4 years, you and Trisha have been the ONLY performers to acknowledge us. You both told us “Good night!” None of the performers even look our way. Thank you for acknowledging us and noticing that volunteers are donating their time to help.

Submitted by Donald Clark (not verified) on

I love your music in 2007 I lost my son Jordan listening to your music got me though the loss especially the DANCE we even played it at his funeral he was 20 and my buddy thank you for your music

Submitted by Amber DeMars (not verified) on

I grew up listening to you, my grandparents adored you, My Grams called you her boyfriend!!! My Gramps laughed, and loved singing with her. She passed two years ago, my grandpa is still going strong at 77! My mom, and grandpa are in Florida, I will be going to Detroit... tomorrow after work, i get out at 2pm.. hoping I can get a ticket, I hope to get someone to come with me. Im a Nursing student, serve at a diner on the side....i can't miss your concert.... but gosh I pray to find a ticket less than 90$. You are an inspiration to me. If I don't see you, I wish you the best of luck and enjoy Michigan!! Yee haaaawww

Submitted by Paul Rohrer (not verified) on

I’m very disappointed that Garth is endorsing Bernie Sanders for president in 2020. Saw him wearing a Sanders 20 jersey. Can’t believe that an American country singer would endorse a socialist...

Submitted by Cory on

Garth was performing in Detroit and wearing the jersey of LEGENDARY Detroit Lions RB Barry Sanders. It had nothing to do with the election!

Submitted by Charley Burton (not verified) on

Howdy from Phoenix Arizona Class of 77!
Always surprised how similar our taste is in music. Skinny Black kid in Tucson listening to Marshal Tucker, Charlie Daniels, Lynrd Skynrd, the Police, but also Etta James, Dinah Washington, Diana Ross.
Stevland Morris (Stevie Wonder) Best concerts I ever sneaked into: Elton John (Honky Cat tour). Dan Fogelberg (Phoenix Tour) Willie Nelson at the stadium, Cat Stevens (Majikat tour) and of course Lynda Ronstadt and Stevie Nix (hometown girls), and James Taylor. You are amazing, you do good work. Say Hi to the Misses. New favorite song "You Wreck Me" LOL

Submitted by Andrew Witcher (not verified) on

Hey Garth,
I'm a huge fan of yours. I've always wanted to meet you and to see you in concert but funds are low at the moment. I listen to standing outside the fire all the time because of the message behind it. It's brought me out of tough spots in my life a lot. You are a true inspiration. You are definitely my favorite singer-songwriter of all time. It would be a great honor to just sit down and talk to you. I love in South Carolina. And if you're ever in the town of Summerville look me up on Facebook.

Andrew Witcher

Submitted by bigman062 on

Hey Garth,
You are definitely my favorite singer-songwriter of all time. My favorite song is standing outside the fire because of the message behind it. That song has gotten me thru some hard times. I've always wanted to meet you and to see you in concert but due to funds I can't. I love in South Carolina. My dream is to meet you and Trisha Yearwood. If you can make that happen my life would be complete.

Submitted by Robert Bell (not verified) on

May God always bless you sir I don't know how to play a guitar but I love to sing man I used to listen to your songs back in 1994 when I gradgurated high school

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

This song has taken on a different meaning for me. My wife of nearly 49 years has dementia and now resides in an assisted living facility. With the CoronaVirus, I can no longer get in to visit her with her face to face. She no longer knows my name. The last few times we were able to see each other and hug one another, the only sentence she can say thankfully is "I love you." I am thankful that the love "I gave her every day is going to be enough to stay" with me forever. Thanks, Garth, for that truly special song.

Submitted by Don (not verified) on

My wife, daughter, and I work in hospitals, myself in an ER, my daughter ground zero for covid-19 in Pittsburgh PA when you sang if tomorrow never comes it hit home more to us then most we never know

Submitted by Betty Lee (not verified) on

You and Trisha are the very best!!! Thank you so much for lightening our loud tonight and entertaining us!!! We appreciate you so much! ❤️❤️

Submitted by Jesse W Horton (not verified) on

Just wanted to say thank you from an out of work chef for always sticking to your guns and being who you truly are no matter what


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