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"Dancing With The Stars Dancing" is an American dance competition show airing since 2005 on ABC in the United States and CTV/CTV Two in Canada. The contestant pairs consist of a celebrity paired with a professional dancer. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges' points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges' points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.



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Submitted by Sandi (not verified) on

I find it very selective to do live voting. The westcoast can't vote so only the East Coast gets to select the winners. Yes we can vote at 5:00 before we even see the dances which makes it nothing but a popularity contest. I will not even to watch if that is how it is going to be run.

Submitted by Susan Johnson (not verified) on

You guys have lost your minds.
Shawn Spicer: Really!
I'm out folks! Never watching again!!

Submitted by Pam (not verified) on

You are so right about those people loosing their minds. Hate the show already. Send Shawn home already he sucks at dancing

Submitted by Stephanie Magallon (not verified) on

I am very disappointed that only east coast and central coast can vote on DWTS. I live on the pacific coast and have voted in previously seasons. Now this season I cannot. This is not the only show to do this to fans on the pacific coast. You will be losing more viewers since we are not allowed to participate. Very disappointed.

Submitted by James Zagata (not verified) on

People Hannah Brown makes me very mad at her and I'm not gonna forgive her for this one cause I'm mad at her forever. Jimmy

Submitted by Pam (not verified) on

What happened to the dance contest? It should not
Be a popularity contest. Sean can not dance why is he still on. I am not happy with the changes on this show.

Submitted by Stanley (not verified) on

REALLY!!!!!! Don’t be surprised if this is the only negative comment made tonight. Good dancers are going home because of some “Fish Out Of The Water” is still flopping around on the floor. This show is becoming a BIG JOKE!!!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Angry at the shows rules and ways! Professional judges need to be voting not the public. Sick of seeing Shawn

Submitted by Deb (not verified) on

Perhaps DWTS should discontinue viewer voting. It is
obvious that the best dancers are being eliminated because
Sean Spicer is associated with Trump. What has happened to this show? I thought voting was based on DANCING. I’m so disappointed. I watch the show for dance, not politics. This could very well end the show’s integrity...too bad.

Submitted by B. Gold (not verified) on

The results reflecting the saving of Sean Spicer clearly shows that that this is a dance competition in its purest form; a race to the bottom! Either your viewers suggest the Stevie Wonder has 20/50 vision relative to your van base or this is the most politically fixed portrait of programing at its worst. Although the judges, lifelong dedicated dancers have the sense to be critical, the network does not. This long time fan is permanently gone. The point is not that he disgraced this country: The point is tour net work and show decisions has. The other guests who have worked themselves to the bone to bring credibility to dance program should walk off. Congratulations om your race to the bottom.

Submitted by Jerry (not verified) on

Last year was a joke and this season is trending towards the same...I have watched my last show!!! The best dancers are not winning

Submitted by C. O’Neill (not verified) on

I’d just like to say that the negative comments by mostly Len Goodman are disgusting. We live in a world where people are bullied and I don’t think a show with this much noteriety should have such negative comments for some of the contestants!!! Keep in mind these are not professional dancers and they are doing the best they can!! Your comments to Sean Spicer are completely uncalled for!! Yes, he can’t really dance, but he tries very hard and for him to have to stand up there and be cut down in front of the whole world is the worst kind of bullying. You should be ashamed of yourselves - especially Len who is too old and grumpy and should be kicked off the show. Sean Spicer is a veteran, by the way, and not one of you had the decency to wish him a happy Veterans Day and thank him for his service - you were too busy being awful.


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