Chris Brown

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Christopher Maurice Brown
R&B, Hip Hop, Pop
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"Run It!" "With You" and "Forever"

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Chris Brown was born in the small town of Tappahannock, VA where he learned to sing in church. At 13, he was signed to Hitmission Records, a local production company near his hometown. The team recorded a demo of Brown, and then shopped it throughout the NYC music labels. He was eventually signed to Jive Records and released his first CD in 2005.


William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Submitted by Shanae Marchaman (not verified) on

Dear Mr.Brown,

My name is Shanaè Marchaman, or just call me Shanaè (no other name than that (meaning no nicknames(seriously))). But anyway, I truly don't want to get to know you. You act like a pretentious bitch to the public. These days it seems mostly unclear to people around the world as to what you are trying to do these days. But you clearly have overestimated yourself (Why? you ask) because I see things. Let it be known that this is coming from a girl, who by the way, that has her head on straight. But moreover, being that this is about you, not me. This is me sharing what's on my heart and on my mind, or does that not apply to what you consider towards you and your stuck-up ass, so-called ''Friends'' views people like me as unqualified human beings. Moreover, on 3/14/2015, I wanted to attend the first concert of my life which was by the way so close to me. It was also St.Patrick's Day. Anyway, I live in Charlotte,NC (that's also where you performed at for the ''Under The Sheets'' Tour(which btw sounds very provocative)). That night I wanted to go to the show, but I couldn't because I didn't have any money to buy a ticket. I guess what I am trying to ask for is a free show or maybe to see you in person(maybe that is if yo want to). I am not up for begging for such a request, but it is also very true that I have never been to a concert in all of my life. Basically, I wish to see you perform being that you are the only up to date black music artist that I listen to. For that reason, your music has changed quite dramatically ever since you first started out to the public eye. I know it may seem like a lot to ask for, but there are people out in the world today who are way worse off than me and you. I'm just asking for something I've never had before. But if you could possibly see where I am coming from than I am grateful for this request. I can see if can't do it, but it would be very appreciated if you just responded back to me. Thank you very much.

Submitted by allana (not verified) on

chris brown i love u. what u did to rihanna was wrong but i forgive u and rihanna forgive u too u should tell rihanna to give u one last chance together both u and rihanna make a good couple. i know u goin and become a father thats great but rihanna loves u very very much go back to her one last chance :) please

Submitted by SKYE GUERRERO (not verified) on

Hey chris, my name is Skye and i been your fan for the longest since i was 17 and now im 20 years old with my first son. I know you became a father and i know being a parent is hard. I never understood why people was always judgemental about because you are not perfect and nither im i.. Nobody shouldnt judge for what you did back when you was 19 yrs. everybody gets mad! I do too! Chris you are not a bad person and i can relate to every sistuation you are going through. Because everyday i go through it as well. I wish i can have a hug from you then just leave with that rememberence of that hug but you dont know me and im just a fan to your eyes nothing more. I also heard what happen with that women entering your house which was CRAZY! Personally im your fan and i felt that was disrespectful what she did. She couldnt at least wash the dishes and she didnt even respect your property! Thats crazy.. Smh.. But anyway chris you the best i hope we can talk through phone at least because i really like you as a friend and would love to be there for you anytime you have a problem.

Ps my number is 347-651-6717
Love your fan,
Skye Guerrero :)

Submitted by Natasha (not verified) on

Hi Chris Brown! I'm an absolute fan ever since 2005, so for a decade to be exact. Even through your hard times I prayed that you would overcome and you did. This is my 1st time every reaching out to a celebrity but you're different. I wish you nothing but continued success. Always, be in the present of good people who want nothing but the best for you. You have the power to lead your destination and career. I would love to me you 1 day just to learn more about you. I'm a married woman with a pretty successful career, so I have no motives. My email address is mikaherr2015@ Look forward to speaking with you.

Submitted by Vanessa (not verified) on

Hey! Chris. You probably won't read this but I just need to express the love I have for you and your music. You're so amazing and aren't like any other! My first time seeing you in concert was in Houston for your "Between the sheets tour" on 3/16/15. Gosh I couldn't get over it. Before the concert I couldn't stop talking about how excited I was. I had everything planned out on how I was going to react. I was on the right side of the stage up at the top. Not a good spot but I didn't care where I was at that point. Anyways when you finally came out and got closer to where I was I didn't know what to do, I was speechless. It felt like a dream, it still does. The second time I seen you was in Austin,Tx. (WHERE I LIVE) On 9/9/15 for your "One hell of a night tour"And I almost didn't make it, because of my financial wise. Long story short. I made it all the way to the floor reserved spot somehow. And OH MY GOSH. I literally started crying. I love you so much always have and always will. You're such an amazing person and I know it. I'm going to be here with you on your journey through the ups and downs. I love that you've become a better person in so many ways for your daughter Royalty. I always knew you would be a wonderful dad! All I wanted to say is, I love you so much and your love for music,Dance& art. And hopefully one day I get to meet you!!!!!!

~Vanessa Romero. <3 xoxoxo!

Submitted by Bibi (not verified) on

This is a message from God to you. Chris Brown God loves you. Don't feel as if it's to late. Trust me I know everything already it was revealed to me. Your soul will never be of the devil. You were suppose to be a messenger of God. Listen I don't know if you remember this but God is telling me to tell you this. He said when you were around 7 or 8 years old, you had attended church with your mother. You felt so happy that you looked up to the sky and said God I love you and I will worship you forever. Chris the devil has been controlling your soul and you know this because you gave it to him. Now is time for you to take it back before it is to late. Money and fame is nothing. Once you die you will leave it all behind. But will you rather have your spirit in hell eternally? This is it. I was never a fan of your music but I saw something really powerful in you. But you don't even know it your self. Jesus is here for you and don't be afraid to confess your sins. Your spirit is not with the occult, it's with the church. I'm taking a big risk doing this. But whatever the almighty pushes my spirit I will do it. Don't be afraid, it's not to late.

Submitted by Christian Sims (not verified) on

Bibi this is wonderful message you we're trying to get Brown to see. I hope there are more good messengers like you out there. God Bless You!.

Submitted by Hogg1 (not verified) on

I too feel that I needed to tell Chris Brown this. He can find salvation through Jesus Christ. The devil wants him to think he can not be saved. But listen to your heart, as it cries to be with Lord Jesus and ask him for deliverance from the devil. Christ be with you Chris.

Submitted by Esmeralda (not verified) on

Hi Chris I have always listened to your songs and I loved them.My favorite song is Say Goodbye.I am always going to be your fan.I hope I get to meet you some day.I also hope you have a great time making music.Enjoy making your albums and thank you for bringing your music into the world.I love listening to your music and hearing you making mew albums.

Submitted by calysta crawford (not verified) on

Hi chris i have always listened to your music and i love them all but my faviorte one is no bullshit. im always going to be your biggest fan and i hope i get to meet you one day back stage of one of your concerts. i love listening to your songs and hear that you make new ones. thank you and i think your the hottest rapper out there.
love your biggest fan calysta crawford

Submitted by Dee (not verified) on

I am so sick and tired of people blaming only Chris for what happened. Stevie Wonder could see the situation for what it was. Chris had scratch marks on him. Rihanna had history if bad temper. No doubt in my mibd_, she started beating on him while driving and he was forced to defend himself. Unfortunately, we live in a society where its ok for a woman to beat the shir out if a man. And if he loses it and tries defend himself, he's the bad guy. Sick!

Submitted by kels (not verified) on

Making good music. We love it in Kenya...

Submitted by Isaac neramui (not verified) on

Dear Chris brown..
I'd like you to know this my brother, God send Jesus into this world to safe everyone of us.
GOD demonstrated HIS great LOVE to us through Jesus.
My brother Chris you have to know this. Jesus died once and rose again...He died so that we'll be free.

This is the very time repent to God in the Name of Jesus. Get on your knees and pray to God our Father, so that HE will forgive you and set you free...
Remember before you were formed in your mother's whom God as appointed you or choose you to bring Glory unto Him... Devil came to this world in order to steal, kill and to destroy. But JESUS came to this world so that we might have life, life in all it's fullness.. See in the bible John 10:10.
Jesus is coming back.... This is the end times. Don't let your mind be fill with things of this world..
Change the world with the word of God through music.
Brother Chris it's not too late... Fight your way out in the name of JESUS.

Submitted by christine (not verified) on

Hey Chris, at 40 I should be a fun of grown artists in the music industry but I have always loved your music and will always do. Your love life on the other hand hasn't been super great to the public. Please do me a favour. Stop the war with Miss Tran. Two of you make a wonderful couple. If you are not in a relationship, please try all your best to reconcile. PLEASE. This time change your approach. Softer Chris I mean and PUT a RING on it straight away.

Submitted by cap (not verified) on

Hello Chris,

I been serving my country so almost 9 years now and I'm a fan, but I have a specail woman in my life that I knew for over 10 years now. Through the years of knowing each other we lost connect and we just started reconnecting again and its like we didnt miss a beat. She loves your music and you. She's a big fan and it would be a honor to her to have you in her presence. I'm trying to find a way or get input on what it would take to get you to the state of South Carolina for her 30th birthday party. This will mean the world to me and her. I just want to continue to see her smile and be happy.

Submitted by Hailey (not verified) on

i just wanted to say that at first i didnt know much about you. i have heard your songs and i knew they were your songs but i didnt know anything about you. my mom told me that you were this terrible person who didnt deserve to make it big and live great. then, i looked you up. i saw that you beat on your past girlfriends and you werent very loyal. i was about to call it quits and just get off right then and there because i am very anti domestic violence but i decided to keep scrolling, and im glad i did. i dont usually like to judge people i like being honest with them so im just gonna tell you, i was DEFINITELY NOT happy with the things i had read but then i noticed that you had started your own non-profit foundation "Symphonic Love" and you were helping out other charities and foundations as well. i noticed that your foundation was about domestic violence and how you want to end it. how you want to help those people give power to themselves, to help them stop it. i also noticed you were becoming a very respected and responsible man. i think it is truly amazing how you just turned your life around like that. how you stopped your bad habits and you are trying to help others do the same. i think its even better that you help out with all those other charities and foundations as well. im glad that for once i didnt listen to my mom because you are a great man Chris. dont listen to all those people that dont think youve changed or say you cant sing or something like that. they are just trying to get noticed. they are trying to get you and everyone else to notice them so that they can do what you do. they think they are better than you because you made a few poor choices in your life. well guess what? you are greater than them. you are the star. you are the one that turned your life around. you didnt do it for them so why should there opinions matter? just worry about you Chris and you will do just fine in this world. i believe in you, because you are truly amazing. -Hailey.

Submitted by Daimonique (not verified) on

Hey there Chris just wanted you to know that however you maintain living this life in the spotlight staying on top and a father to such a beautiful and i could only imagine smart young princess. Im proud of you i know i dont know you but i thought of you and figurefigure most people see a meal ticket or sex symbol. I do think your handsome. But your spirit is what keeps me a fan i see your smile andi see you not cheis but maurice. You work so hard for the better world for your baby. Sorry for rambling just wanted to say get it and its okay to be tired. Get some peace and gather your thought before you move your legs and i know thats hard for you lol. U are important and you matter with or without the music. But isnt it cool to have your own soundtrack in a world of noise. Love you brother from another mother

Submitted by Jose Carrion (not verified) on

Hello Chris Brown, I am a big fan of you and I know a lot of your songs and I'm only 13 but I really would like to become famous.....could you help me out with that.

Submitted by doesn't matter (not verified) on

I been reviewing your videos and your hair changes, and I believe you don't know who you are anymore. Being famous is difficult but your becoming another stereo type you allowed your self to become what you see as the realist, I know the world stares at you, but the world is not the only person who is staring at you. You may never read this, but I see that you need help and I hope you find it because your going through a brutal stage and life and many people will try to kick you when your down. So you need to find your self quickly before you no longer know who you are and what truly matters and your life.

Submitted by Wayne A Tussey (not verified) on

Hey Chris my name is Wayne Tussey I'm from a small town such as yourself called spencer located in central Indiana,i am 21 years old this next April, I am not a very popular place you have performed a few concerts close by in nobelsville Indiana which I was in able to attend due work and trying to pay bills and support my family but with that aside If you are actually the person who reads this, I know you here this a lot but I am probably one of your biggest fans not only for your music for the person you are, the talents you have and the for love you have for your fans, i am not a popular person by no means and don't necessarily wish to be just a guy that wishes to meet and speak to his biggest inspiration in life aka Christopher Maurice brown, everysince i heard your name heard your music and saw you dance for my first time, you inspired me being as young as you were when you started, it still inspirers me so much I listen and whatcha and teaching myself to dance like you, my dream is to become a great well known choreographer teaching younger generations as well as my generation and inspire those who have a dream to dance. Every since I was in diapers I have always loved to dance and when people asked me if I could do anything or be anything what would it be and still to this very date on Tuesday 12/27/16 I will still say to them I would fallow my dream and become a choreographer and my biggest dream is to meet and dance on stage with Chris brown you are my biggest inspiration Chris along with my beautiful fiancé, my two year old son, and our lil baby girl or boy on the way you guys mean the world to me and writing this letter to you is a big step in my life hoping I will get some type of response at least I don't ask much of anything but it would mean the world to me I am determined to meet my idol in person and at LEAST shake your hand and get an autograph in person. I have keeping up with upcoming shows and events and I plan to make at least one or two if possible and will spend the money for VIP if I have to so I can meet you. I'm sure you here this a lot but it's true I'm not just another wanna be big and popular person nor care to be I just have a a dream and an inspiration and will try my best to meet you before I die ha well for the time being and that said until that day thank you for giving me this opportunity to write this unpunctual and badly written letter in all hopes for a response I say safe day good luck and your and amazing person and are once again my biggest inspiration

Submitted by Sherri Wactor (not verified) on

Hello CHRIS my son name is Khassaun and he suffers from Epilepsy and he LOVES YOU 4ever. He is 24 and everyone tella him he looks like you and dances and sings. I asking you to please send him a live video jst saying HELLO and you would make him the happiest person On EARTH. We are not well off so I cant afford to bring him to one of your shows, but he contstantly watche your videos and keeps up on everything you do. If you can send him a video my email is I APPRECIATE ANYTHING YOU CAN SEND TO HIM. HAVE A BLESSED DAY.

Submitted by Amirah (not verified) on

Dear chris
Keep singing your heart out because without your songs i would not be the person that i am today, i am only young but i have probably been through more in a year then you in your entire life. Keep singing because it gives me strength and happiness whenever I hear your songs through my grief.
All the best of love

Submitted by Cyriel Desire (not verified) on

I know you might night read this i just wish you can make my mom smile she been thru so much an I wish we can send her to your concert she lost so much but never let us down she is so beautiful an to see her cry hurts but she says its tears of joy we noved from where we used to live to out of town cause my dad always hit on her if you can for my bday have her cone to your concert I will be 11 on may 14 thank you sir love you

Submitted by Alexsia Edwards (not verified) on

let’s just keep this short by saying I’m a big fan and I love you and your music so much , and I love how you’ve overcome your past and ignored the haters But anyway I hope I get enough money to see you in concert this year #Heartbreakonafull moon ....❤️❤️

Submitted by Toni (not verified) on

I am 83 years old and didn’t get a thing for my birthday! Glad your taking care of your daughter , I could have paid my house mortgage off with that ! Love your a great father G-D bless you and yours

Submitted by jamal (not verified) on

hey chris how are you , omg love your music and love you , i wish i can sing like you and believed in my self im trying my hardest to be like you even though im young need to try harder. one day imma be singing with you love you heaps again thanks for motivating me.

Submitted by Penelope (not verified) on

Thank you Chris Brown for being a inspiration to every1....Goodluck and bless your darling little heart Xx

Submitted by Kyanna Connors (not verified) on

You probably hear this everyday, but I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved you, I am now 21 and I have love you since I first seen run it on TV in 2005, I was 8 years old.. From that day I went to school telling everybody that you were my boyfriend.. Also played games and yes, you were my boyfriend. (You don't know this, but me and you have been married for 6 years HA x ... Then I saw Rihanna on TV and I thought omg she is sooo beautiful, I want to be her. So from there on, when me and my cousins would play our little games, I was Rihanna and my boyfriend was Chris Brown... Then you two got together, which absolutely freaked me the F out- it was kinda scary. I know this probably won't even go to you, or if it does, it probably won't even catch your because you get thousands of maileach day.. But Chris I absolutely am inlove with you x and also want to say that you are amazing, and some of your songs helped me get through a rough childhood, so thankyou sooo much xox :) Thanks for your time :) love - Tha Wiiffeeyyyy xxxxxx :P

Submitted by Babs (not verified) on

End of the day we all have problems but always remember you cannot please everybody you made it so what you getting some credit you getting some hit but I don't do them let them know that you had the best at what you do and you showing every time you have a concert I live in Virginia I'll be there next year to see your concert but I want you to know you're young man live your life enjoy your life and f*** them credits

Submitted by Jordynn miller (not verified) on

Your music is what I go to no matter what kind of mood I’m in. You have a song that fits every emotion I’m ever feeling, including if I just want to hit the club and have a good time. I watch your documentaries & your music videos in my free time and you never fail to give me goosebumps. Your love for your daughter and your career is so inspiring.. I just want to say thank you for the impact you have had on my life by just being the talented person you are. Keep doin you, it seems to be going pretty well!

Submitted by Luffette Adams (not verified) on

Heyy Chris Brown, I am one of your bigs Fan I love all of your songs. I also follow you on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. CHRIS BROWN FAN FOR LIFE. YOURS TURLY Luffette Adams, Chicago ILL

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