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Tom Brady is an American football quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League (NFL). After playing college football for the University of Michigan, Brady was drafted by the New England Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

Brady holds nearly every major quarterback record, including passing yards, completions, touchdown passes, and games started, in addition to the most Pro Bowl selections. Never having a losing season, he is the NFL leader in career quarterback wins, quarterback regular season wins, quarterback playoff wins, and Super Bowl MVP awards, as well as the only Super Bowl MVP for two different franchises. The only quarterback to win a Super Bowl in three separate decades, Brady has also been noted for the longevity of his success. He is the oldest NFL MVP at age 40, the oldest Super Bowl MVP at age 43, and the oldest quarterback selected to the Pro Bowl at age 44. Brady is the only NFL quarterback named to two all-decade teams (2000s and 2010s) and was unanimously named to the 100th Anniversary All-Time Team in 2019.




Tom Brady
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Tom Brady
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Submitted by john (not verified) on

My daughter Olivia is by far one of your greatest fans. She has done more than one report about Tom Brady for school projects. Her projects have all recieved excellent reviews form the teachers. She tells my wife and I she wants to be the next Tom Brady. Olivia is a twin 11 years old. She does quite well in school and can just about tell any stats about the patriots that are out there. She has been your fan since the first game we watched together when she was 5.You are a great roll model keep it up.

Submitted by Howie Strickland (not verified) on

Hi Mr Brady...I'm writing this on my son's behalf serving on the military base in Qatar and that he had just missed seeing and meeting you. Thank you for visiting supporting our military service members and he would've loved for you to sign his military hat as he is a die hard Pat's fan. Please contact me if we can arrange something for him. I really appreciate it. And good luck on upcoming season
Many thanks,
Howie Strickland

Submitted by maymay2 (not verified) on


Submitted by Nikkia Vann (not verified) on

You are one of the good guys the way love kids and take care of your family and I'm trying to take care of mines my kids name nikayla she have been having a little trouble at school with bullying it have made so sad and she thinks down of her self she go to the king school in dorchester if you can ple help me make my baby feel better about her self please write her. I think she will love that think for hear me out.

Submitted by Kerrie Verrocchio (not verified) on

Happy 41th Birthday Tom! :)
My middle daughter, Dominique, and you have the same birthday. She turned 12 today. The first thing she wants to do on her birthday is E-Mail you a birthday wish! So...………………………………………………………..……………….....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM.....YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!

Submitted by Bob Clark (not verified) on

We, your loyal fans, totally support you !!!!!

"illegitimus non carborundum est"

So, Be You, & do your thing as You see fit !!!!!

Submitted by john (not verified) on

My daughter is a huge fan, she has been a fan since she was 3 years old and could understand football. For school projects she has done a history of the patriots team, since there inception, she has made a figurine of Mr Brady for the school. She is your fan club for her school in west warwick ri. There are a lot fans here in Rhode Island along with my daughter. It would be appreciated if time permitting that you could let the middle school know that you know they are out there. If you do have time contact info on request.

Submitted by Bob Martin (not verified) on

Hi Tom, I am a NY Giants fan. But I admire you and wish you the best of luck in this super bowl. Go for as long as your body and mind lets you. Rootin for the Pats, Bob

Submitted by anne (not verified) on

Great Quarterback, Super Bowl Hero, Athletic Skills to the Max, Attractive Wife, Kids, too many homes and white picket fences to count.....definitely time to retire and spend time with the family. Should be a good thing as the son of a bitch cheats!!!! We have had enough of you TOM BRADY!!!

Submitted by anne (not verified) on

Whoops....I forgot to add....THE RAMS ARE GOING TO BEAT YOUR BUTTS!.....

Submitted by Mike Sichi (not verified) on

Maybe next years super Bowl in 2020 the Rams can beat the patriots! The difference of the game was the patriots defense of line had bigger boulder shoulders than The Rams offense of line thus it put more pressure on the ram quarterback all game long he threw lousy passes! But the Rams are still young and they will learn from this lesson their lines needs bigger boulder shoulders to win it all next year! Anne have a nice day where ever you are!

Submitted by Janet (not verified) on

Please Tom Brady, have your team hit Nickell Robey-Coleman very, very hard. I am saying this for many N. O. Saints Fans. He is unfair and should not be going to the Superbowl, NOT AT ALL! Have one or two of your team members give him a kick wear it hurts. We are hoping you and your team wins. Thanks!!!

Submitted by Nelson (not verified) on

Tom Brady, you’re old as shit now and you have 6 Super Bowls. Just take it easy man you already proved yourself

Submitted by Red A Perea (not verified) on

Dear Tom my name is Red Perea. I have been your fan since 2001. Since you took over for Drew Bledsoe. Wow I am just so happy that he was the only quarterback in the history of the nfl to win 6 Super Bowls by himself. He is definitely the goat 110%. I love to meet you someday Tom. I my heart your my best idol and best GOAT of all time. I love to meet you definitely and I will wait for that time absolutely. GO PATS. Let’s GO!!!!!!

Submitted by roy smith (not verified) on

I'm from florida and have been following your career from day 1.The patriots are the best team in the nfl.
I here from haters all the time and my response is always to be the man you got to beat the man.I have a cabinet filled with patriot items.I consider you my hero you do your job and do it the best. Thank you for giving me happiness when the patriots take the field .If ever you can send me a signed picture it would represent my whole collection .
thank you mr. brady you are the greatest of all time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Mike Sichi (not verified) on

Mr. Brady as a Ram fan your defense of line had bigger bolder shoulders than the Rams offense of line and that was the difference of the game!!! Congrats 🎉 now let’s talk about your life after football 🏈 you are a good person ! To many people you are inspiring because you know how to win and winning can be addictive To many people that can be taught By you ! One way is in politics I believe you’ll be super at it Be advised Sen. Markey’s senate seat 💺 is up in 2020 I know you can beat him as a Republican this election will be your stepping stone To the White house 🏡 if you want it! You have a beautiful wife and she will make a beautiful future first lady! Therefore your dream Will be playing football 🏈 at the White House 🏠

Submitted by Rebecca (not verified) on

You have a huge platform. Please discourage the use of whips during horse races such as the Kentucky Derby!
Thank you!

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Dear Tom, you are amazingly insensitive and tone deaf regarding your application to trademark "Tom Terrific." That moniker belongs to Tom Seaver -- always has. That you would think to do such a thing, particularly given Seaver's health condition is a new low for you. I hope your bid fails. Joe

Submitted by Maria Medeiros (not verified) on

Great game Tom Brady and New England Patriots. I’m from Toronto Ontario Canada. Also a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan. But truly admire and watch every Patriots game and always hope your team wins. Well not against my Steelers lol. You guys definitely serve to win another super bowl in my opinion. Great game this Sunday October 27 2019. Good luck when my Steelers don’t get to go to the super bowl. I always pick New England Patriots to win. Fondly Maria Medeiros

Submitted by Cathia Helbling (not verified) on

Hi Tom.. I am a Steeler fan, but I have a request to the “Best Quarterback “ ever.. Please help Antonio Brown.. He listens to you.. I believe he has had head trauma and is out of whack..God bless..

Submitted by Kathryn (not verified) on

I’m 68 been your fan all my life while being a 3rd generation Cali girl... I’ve supported fought and have worn #12 with pride! Don’t be like the others players that leave the fans the city that supported them! We Have believed in you knowing in your Pats heart! You need teach the next QB for the Patriots ....your a gift please don’t go

Submitted by John Moberg (not verified) on

Listen you have been hearing a lot of things from a lot of people, Tom please be loyal to the fans who have been loyal to you, even joe said he regretted leaving his team for a couple seasons. Keep your legacy true and don’t be a Bret farve sellout just for a few bucks. New England loves you, and will always be where you belong, to most fans if you leave they will look at you as a sellout. Your not a tackle or a wide receiver, your the face of our franchise, please stay. No matter what you do you owe it to us fans to let us know asap. Thanks Tom! Please stay, a true real pats fan!

Submitted by Kate (not verified) on

Tom: We are your biggest fans even though we live now in Texas. Just want you to know that we will always support you wherever you go. We hope Bill leaves and you stay! Kate and Dave

Submitted by drew bagdasarian (not verified) on

Thank you for 20 great years, Tommy. You were the most inspirational athlete of my generation. Sad to see you leave NE but do what you need to do since you took pay cuts for long enough here. You have always been a class act and I wish you well!

Submitted by Joseph Voros Jr (not verified) on

I don't know why/how you haven't already tumbled to this, and maybe you have, but you have 20+ years of football experience and knowledge in your head. I think you "next chapter" should be as a player/coach at the very least, maybe even as an offensive coach and writing a book! Maybe even as a color analyst in the broadcast booth for ESPN.

You could do that anywhere, you have great friends and connections, and you could possibly spend more time with your family.

Submitted by Vince (not verified) on

Sorry to see you go Tom. I don't know all that went into your decision but I do know this. The Patriots gave you a chance at 199 when no one else believed in you. And you rewarded them with excellence. But no one like you gets paid millions to play a GAME without fans, period. You have left your fans and your teammates without a QB. Can't say I feel good about that. I was taught that you put others first ALWAYS, not for 20 years then it's your time.
Best of luck in Tampa. I think you are about to find out why they haven't been to the playoffs in years.

Submitted by Jack malone (not verified) on

I absolutely cannot believe Tom has betrayed all of his fans after 20 years with the New England Patriots.
How can he do this to us in to this organization?

I will never watch Tom Brady play another game or ever appreciate any of his accomplishments again

Submitted by Ian (not verified) on

Thankyou Tom Brady for your dedication and hard work bringing the patriots to 9 superbowls and 6 rings. I watched your games while deployed in Iraq and watched your games to the last one. I will always be a fan. I wish you great success at Tampa and look forward to new beginning for the patriots. Too bad I will be able to watch you from New England though. Good luck

Submitted by James Abraham (not verified) on

Tom Brady I really think you are the best NFL player of all time and I hope you win another super bowl in the years to come

Submitted by Brady Landis (not verified) on

Hi my name is Brady my I hope Tom Brady sees this but that will probably not happen i your biggest fan I started following you since I was four years old I love you and you’ve always kind of bin my hero and I live in Maryland I’m not even from New England and it would mean the world to me to meat you or FaceTime you please reply

Submitted by The goats still... (not verified) on

I had my doubts the day moe lewis cleared your path but I must say you were one of my favorite athletes to watch and I'm a pucks fan LOL Best of luck on the rest of a spectacular career.

Submitted by Amanda Johnston (not verified) on

Our wedding story
Written by my fiancé :

The classic question, how did you two meet?! I always hoped I had some fun story to tell people when they asked about how I met my wife, and boy do I have an interesting one. While most couples story starts off with love and compassion, we started off as rivals and had a very competitive relationship! I met Amanda my sophomore year of high school in 2006. She had just moved with her family from Massachusetts to Arizona, and I had just transferred from a private Christian academy to our Foothills High School. Before my twin sister makes the claim, yes, it is true, Amanda was my sisters friend before I was lucky enough to meet her.
Football was more than a tradition in both our households, it was a way a life and a passion. At first you would think that sounds great, we would have so much in common but It didn’t take long to unfortunately realize that Amanda and her family, were die hard Patriot fans. This didn’t sit well with a die hard Colts and Peyton Manning fan, and so became the heated rivalry of “who’s team is better.” I thought to myself, ill take it easy on her, after all she’s just a girl. Boy was I wrong, I’ve never endured such a spicy little woman who made sure to let me know every mistake Peyton made in real time. This evolved into awesome debates, a flurry of text messages every weekend, and my awesome ability to disappear when I knew my team had failed. We had debates over wins, stats, physical characteristics, their post games interviews, the sounds of their voices, the color of their jerseys, and even their family lives. Ive never shared such an intense but amazing competition in my life.

Not everything was so heated between us, I remember the first time I met Amanda. She had came over to stay the night and hang out with my sister. Little did I know Amanda was a night owl, the complete opposite of my sister. By 9:30 the sounds of any activity would die as my sister would fall asleep, leaving Amanda lying awake in sheer darkness. I of course told her she’s more than welcome to hang out with me, as I was awake and would be for a while. We would hang out from late at night, till the sun rose, talking about life, family, and listening to music we both loved. This happened often, and I began to realize I was more excited Amanda would be staying with us than I think my sister was.

Unfortunately Amanda one day told me that she was going to move back to the east coast to finish up school. I think deep down I always knew she would go back, as she missed her old life there with her friends. I remember the morning before she left, she came over and hung out with me until her parents told her she needed to be home to hit the road. I felt happy for her as I knew this meant the world to her. As she drove away I couldn’t help but feel like I was losing something truly special in my life.

Life carried on and we were getting used to lives in different states. Of course social media made it easier to keep up on things in each others lives, but I feared that would eventually die out and i would lose the bond we had created together. Now this next statement will take a lot to say, and I never thought I would say this but….THANK GOD FOR TOM BRADY! We would talk here and there during the year, but as soon as football came back, it was like she’d never left! Year after year, the football season brought us back to each other, and for those few weeks, it was perfect. This heated competition created ties that kept us close even on opposite ends of the country. I remember the day Peyton retired from football. I watched his retirement speech and felt so emotional. To me it wasn’t the end of a heros career in football, but it was the end of a riverly I was so thankful for.
     Finally, a break through! Amanda had messaged me one day about how her mother moved back to Arizona and she was coming to visit. I can still to this day remember her exact outfit she was wearing the first time she visited. I remember we sat and talked for hours, updating each other on the time we had lost. It wasn’t until a view visits later when she mentioned she was thinking about possibly moving back to Arizona. And yes I absolutely took advantage of that. At the time I had just bought my house and I had empty but fully furnished rooms. After constant pressure and questions, she decided she would move and come stay with me. The first few weeks felt like a dream come true. Our old life, alive again! But what I didn’t expect, was to realize the more I learned about her, the more I began to love every little thing about her. What was a friendship slowly started to turn into a love for someone so special to me.
There is a saying, “treat a man as he is, and he will remain as he is, treat a man as he could be, and he will become what he should be.” I owe all the good that I am to Amanda. She constantly pushes me to become the best version of myself each and every day. I can not wait to marry the love of my life, and my best friend.

Submitted by Trevor Hedrick (not verified) on

Hey mister Brady, I understand you are a busy man and most likely won’t see this but as a great man once said “ you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” My big brother died yesterday, we are both Tampa boys and he would have loved to see the bucs win the super bowl. I’m not asking for publicity or money or anything like that, just the win sir he was taken to young and I know he would have been the happiest man on earth if the bucs win the super bowl so please mr Brady win for my big brother.

Submitted by MARY HUBBARD (not verified) on


Submitted by Thomas S Frederick (not verified) on

Congrats on the Superbowl win! Thank you for giving me a voice! I am a middle class father of seven. I love my country. I supported Donald Trump. I believe that the covid response is overblown. Watching you enter the stadium mask less and then at the end of the game call the announcer to come closer gave me a voice. You are an inspiration to my son and my whole family. THANK YOU! May you win multiple super bowls in the future! Stand strong!

Submitted by Dan Campbell (not verified) on

tom brady is the GCoat.....
Greatest CHEATER of All time. When I was a child, if I was caught cheating I would be punished and that could include a whippin' ! Now it's Glorified. No one talks about his cheating, the democrats cheating etc. Many of us will ALWAYS view you as a cheater tom. If you were EVER the greatest.....WHY THEN DID YOU NEED TO CHEAT. Only that LITTLE corner called new england believe you. The rest of us DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TWO ball boys DEFLATED THOSE BALLS and then put them into heaters to disguise it on their own accord (as if they knew what was best for tom brady) 😂🤣😆. EVERYTHING that you have accomplished has a BIG ASTERISK next to it. We do not know if you have cheated more or not. You may STILL BE CHEATING !!! The REAL
T.B. 12 is Terry Bradshaw(Back to back in 6 years).....AND I "AM NOT A STEELERS FAN" !!!!!!!

Submitted by Sure Thing (not verified) on

Tom Brady. All my life I have been a Seahawks fan like my father before me and remain true. Like most fans of other franchises I have never wished a champion ring to Brady. Though it is time to give him the respect he deserves. Tom more so then your warranted G.O.A.T. title, I am most impressed by your self respect and not letting people bully you out of your opinions and beliefs. Keep it up, keep standing your ground America is with you. Except next season go Hawks!

Submitted by Miguel Vigil (not verified) on

The best Quarterback in history.

Submitted by Alex Sandoval (not verified) on

You started coming to me for a lower styled haircut on the sides you liked the idea of a new look with texture on top as you usually have but with more definition and then you became open minded between certain games to get specific detailed simple design work on the sides it was great and it became a very trending topic and trendsetting reality to people it felt unreal hope this vision comes to a reality.
I’ve been cutting hair for over 15+ years and the best 5 star fully booked barber in my city. My Instagram is @superior_barber_ hope to hear from you champ 🏆

Submitted by Brenda Thomason (not verified) on

Hi Tom:: I watch you play all the time believe it or not. I have seen all your games. I live alone on a fixed income and I only get $1243 a month. I can’t afford clothes, food, or anything. I need a vehicle very badly but I can never get one because of my income. Sometimes I don’t even get to buy groceries.! I live in a very safe environment and I hate where I live. I have kids, 2 grown girls but they don’t even come to see me or do anything for me. I don’t know why but I keep praying that one day they will show back up. I just wanted to let you know that I watch all your games and keep up the good work.
God bless always

Submitted by Blair (not verified) on

Hi my name is Blair and I am nine years old. I like Tom Brady he is the best player in the whole wide world. I like that he is a good football player and is very handsome. If I could have any wish in the world it would be to have Tom Brady as my boyfriend. Even if Tom Brady sent me a picture saying happy birthday I would be so happy.

Submitted by Christopher Bagdon (not verified) on

Well, Tom, I never like you, because I am a Dolphins fan. I'm, also, a Yankees fan. You came back in great favor, with your remarks at the White House. I was a Bernie Sanders fan.

Submitted by Douglas Dau (not verified) on

Tom relax it’s ok if you retire you have a nice nest egg and good family life it will be ok to adjust to. Unlike me that had to quit work because of health and loose most everything and now trying to find way to pay for a new roof I need bad. Enjoy the time forward you paid your dues.

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

Congratulations on a stellar career. But never forget where you came from. The skinny 6th round pick out of Michigan. Not good looking at that time either! So Bledsoe gets hurt, and you methodically march us down the field. You definitely had poise. And then Belichick decided that you would play in the Super Bowl. And, as they say, the rest is history.
Always remember that the Patriots had your back during Deflategate, and that you had the best coaching and opportunities available. Yeah, Belichick isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy, but he believed in you and developed you. As did Charlie Weiss - not a warm and fuzzy guy either. And Josh McDaniels. You became the goat while playing for the Patriots. As fans, we watched you struggle sometimes, and at other times be amazing.
So the Buccaneers hired the goat. Of course you had a say in players and could lobby for who you wanted. Your praise of them is a little bit over the top though. What if Belichick decided to play Bledsoe? And won? Would you then have been the backup??
Always remember that timing and luck are huge parts of peoples’ successes. And that the right people were in your orbit. You are amazing! And how amazing that others recognized that in you and fans and family believed in you. New England helped make you the GOAT. We will always be proud of that.

Submitted by Lisa matherly (not verified) on

Ur my all time favorite football player my uncle and I watch u on tv and root for u

Submitted by Dwight Witherington (not verified) on

Tom, this probably never will reach you but Tom-LEAVE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!! Your wife is worth that isn’t she??????? From the sound of it, you were given 2 options: your wife or football. Football isn’t going to love you back in 5 years when you need love dude! Leave football man…

Submitted by Milton Delgado (not verified) on

Listen to this warning and save yourself from future heartache and permanent regret:
Retire from football...enjoy your freedom, your life, wife, and your family. You have been richly blessed with a beautiful career! You have have proved yourself over and over's time to leave ON Top. Time to hang your ego...why risk an injury. Stay with your wife and live life and give God the glory!


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