Big Bang Theory

Show Premise: 

The show is centered on five people living in Pasadena, California: roommates Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, both physicists; Penny, a waitress and aspiring actress who lives across the hall; mechanical engineer Howard Wolowitz and astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali. The geekiness and intellect of the four guys is contrasted for comic effect with Penny's social skills and common sense.

Over time, supporting characters have been promoted to starring roles: Leslie Winkle, a physicist colleague at Caltech and, at different times, a lover of both Leonard and Howard; Bernadette Rostenkowski, Howard's girlfriend (later his wife), a microbiologist and former part-time waitress alongside Penny; neuroscientist Amy Farrah Fowler, who joins the group after being matched to Sheldon on a dating website (and later becomes Sheldon's girlfriend), and Stuart Bloom, the cash-strapped owner of the comic book store the characters often visit.

Production History: 

The Big Bang Theory premiered on CBS on September 24, 2007. It's now in its seventh season which premiered on September 26, 2013.


CBS Television Network
51 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


Montana Higgins's picture
Submitted by Montana Higgins (not verified) on

I think Amy's mother must have named her after Farrah Fawcett. Don't you think there's a wry twist to that? Let's meet Amy's mother and get her story...

Nishchal kaushik's picture
Submitted by Nishchal kaushik (not verified) on

Hello Dr Cooper,
Hope you are doing great, my mail is regarding to finally add a new member to friend list and a stoner would be the perfect match, as he could be very much able to understand your working on string theory and might also help you to enter in different dimensions as you always desired. I might be able to help you as recommend a perfect stoner; me, who is also an engineer, I know I know not a deal as compared to a physicist. I will let you consider my application and look forward to hear.
Nishchal Kaushik

Nishchal Kaushik 's picture
Submitted by Nishchal Kaushik (not verified) on

Hello again Dr Cooper
I thought if we will be friends we might need a friendship agreement to make sure everything works in order, I have prepared an agreement if you will be kind enough to provide me your mail if I will forward it to you.
Nishchal Kaushik

Charles Looker's picture
Submitted by Charles Looker (not verified) on

for years now i have been watching the big bang theory and it has become (not to sound cringy) a part of my life. I am not known for my patience and now everyday when i wake up i check my laptop for new big bang episodes. I do the same thing after school and before bed. Please make more episodes because you are killing me here

Laura Long's picture
Submitted by Laura Long (not verified) on

A fun episode would be the mothers (Leonard & Sheldons) vying for the 'attention' of the 1 Mississippi doctor (Billy Bob Thornton)....just a suggestion

Carla 's picture
Submitted by Carla (not verified) on

Was watching reruns amd realized in the very first episode, Penny stated she was from Utah. Now she's from Nebraska. Someone made a mistake. So which is she from?

Beverly francis's picture
Submitted by Beverly francis (not verified) on

Episode 99 of the New Yorker involves Mr Lang and I thing it could provide many ideas for episodes of TBBT. The girls could take up the hobby, guys discover Langs former profession, options for using origami in today's world

Shelly cooper's picture
Submitted by Shelly cooper (not verified) on

I am currently watching episode 15 of series 8 and sheldon folded a top all wrong. As he folded the sleeves in first and then the bottom and then the neck part. When it should be the sleeves folded in, then the sides a little bit and then the neck to the bottom. Please teach sheldon how to fold clothes properly as this really frustrated me

Steve Cooper's picture
Submitted by Steve Cooper (not verified) on

Your show is the only TV show that my wife and I have to watch! I can't remember if Sheldon's dad has ever played a part in the show. If not may I suggest that the host of America's Test Kitchen, Christopher Kimball would make the perfect person for the part. Every time I see him with his mannerisms and looks I always see Sheldon. Watch him and see.

Daniel Schulz's picture
Submitted by Daniel Schulz (not verified) on

In one episode there was a statement that reptiles do not feel heat which is completly wrong considering that they need heat to survive in first place and stand still in at heat sources, they feel heat like we do but may react to it diffirently. I don't think this has ever been corrected in the show kinda sad. Next logical mistake in same episode was the call that they can cut off their tail *cook* and eat it. While this is only a temporarily way to solve hunger it is illogical to cook it to lose a lot of stuff like water that it contained making your body's reproduction (which if even there doesn't regenerate without it being not as good as before) and to begin with after it regenerated you are weaker than before because of the lost.
There is also another statement in another episode about frogs (amphibian) if heated up very slowly will die before notecing which can only be partly wrong because at the moment organs get damaged they would try to leave the place. I would really appriciate if the show corrects that at least on a side note (I may not be 100% sure about the frog thing but the other thing is surely wrong).

Daniel Woody's picture
Submitted by Daniel Woody (not verified) on

Many reptiles (ie. snakes) sense heat to detect the presence and direction of warm (blooded?) prey.

Nik's picture
Submitted by Nik (not verified) on

Wow, Big Bang season 11 is bad. Uncreative, rehashed dialog. Should have quit at 10 seasons or hired new writers.

compuknight's picture
Submitted by compuknight (not verified) on

Seeing as the guys on the show are MASSIVE Star Trek fans and play a LOT of video games I am shocked that the show has never mentioned or featured the MMORPG Star Trek Online. I could see an entire episode revolving around this.

Kathie's picture
Submitted by Kathie (not verified) on

I love your show and have no complaints. However, why can't Penny wear some cute, stylish clothes. She's starting to dress a bit like Amy. Just because she's married, does she have to look like an old married lady. She is so cute and has such a beautiful face and body, I think she should wear clothes that accentuates those features. I realize you don't think shorts and tank tops should be her thing, but please no more nice, but old lady blouses. Thank you

Steven Shamchuk's picture
Submitted by Steven Shamchuk (not verified) on

Episode - The explosion implosion - Sheldon pointed to the model rockets on Howard's workbench, talking about his childhood, in his basement saying "had it, had it, burned down the garage with it" - but one of the models he pointed to what the new Orion capsule mounted on top of the new SLS (space launch system) which is currently being developed and hasn't flown yet! This is from a Canadian in the far North (Edmonton, Alberta) so I'm sure that won't "fly" with others.

Daniel Woody's picture
Submitted by Daniel Woody (not verified) on

Probably commented about many times before (but not by me), listened to many times (by me) until it is unbearable! Autotrophs are PLANTS, they don't drool... Hetrotrophs are ANIMALS, they do drool... Smoke that (ie. smoke an autotroph:-)

Sandy's picture
Submitted by Sandy (not verified) on

I love the show and watch every week, however as a series it's going the same way as friends. Everything is kind of settling down and although still very funny is becoming predictable. I think a great twist for the show would be if Penny went to the audition Leonard gave her for Star Wars, or another sci fi movie. And she became a BIG star!
It would allow for different plots, cameos from famous actors, and some great red carpet and comicon shows. Maybe Stewart and Raj can update and get in on some Hollywood swinging. Would be more exciting as a series than work and babies.

K's picture
Submitted by K (not verified) on

I know the show is based on some geeks in America and the environment should be realistic, but is it really necessary to always show them eating fast food and therefore always eating with plastic cutlery, plates and bottles. This creates an image of intellect people being recless and not caring for the world where there really should be an image of responsibility and progress, particular in an academic environment. They could do one episode about this and change to eating from real (reusable) dishes.

VK Roker's picture
Submitted by VK Roker (not verified) on

Season 7 episode 4 - Amy got it wrong...if Indy and Marion had not stopped the Nazi plane then the Arc would have made it to Germany- possibly. Without their interference the trip by truck to the spot the Arc was opened would never have happened. Just saying...

Ebony Lewis 's picture
Submitted by Ebony Lewis (not verified) on

In all the seasons of Big Bang Theory , can someone please tell me why there is no African Americans on your show ???? Are the writers and producers saying that African Americans dont know about Science ???
I love this show and watched from the beginning but as an African American I'm wondering about whether or not you as writers and producers even see this issue .. I'm not saying add a group of folks but at least one would b nice .. I mean even Seinfeld and Friends had an African American on there show.

Lauralynn Zegelien's picture
Submitted by Lauralynn Zegelien (not verified) on

Mayim has a lovely voice!
I think the Big Bang Theory creators & writers should capitalize on this & do an episode with a girl's night out at karaoke where the other two sound awful & then Amy gets up there with her 'dowdy' looking self & just kills it. :D lol That would be so cool.

Andrea's picture
Submitted by Andrea (not verified) on

I am watching episodes of past shows. About 15 minutes ago there was the episode of S. Hawkins and a remote controlled toy.
How unbelievably terrible.
I was diagnosed a month ago with ALS. You have no idea how much this is so unacceptable as a joke.
I am at a loss to tell you what an insult this is.

Steven figueroa's picture
Submitted by Steven figueroa (not verified) on

In s7 e3 while Raj is on the Mike explaining the scavenger hunt, behind him on the refridgerator is a few keychain hooks with keys hanging on them, there is one particular keychain with a yellow keytag attached to it, is this a Narcotics Anonymous 9 month clean time tag????

Rich's picture
Submitted by Rich (not verified) on

It absolutely looks like it to me in the finale you get a halfway decent shot of it and you can make out the yellow tag, gold grommet and gold shadows (writing on it) Kayley has had addiction issues in the past so it could be an Easter egg like the picture of the actress who died that played Howard’s mom on the fridge

Tina 's picture
Submitted by Tina (not verified) on

Why can't Leonard eat cheese? He is lactose intolerant not allergic to the protein in the milk. It's a big difference

Kathi P's picture
Submitted by Kathi P (not verified) on

As much as I never miss Big Bang Theory - it seems that Sheldon is getting a bit obnoxious. Can the script writers calm him down a bit? Cut back on the smart aleck remarks.

Keep em coming though - Love the group.

David's picture
Submitted by David (not verified) on

Sheldon needs to abducted by ALIENS

Kayla Richard's picture
Submitted by Kayla Richard (not verified) on

I just want to start off by saying I love the Big Bang Theory. I thought it would be pretty interesting to add a character from the south (louisiana)! Just a thought not many current TV shows have southern characters again I'm a big fan! Thanks for your time.

Kriste ashley's picture
Submitted by Kriste ashley (not verified) on

Anyway you can make Wolowitz chew with his mouth shut?

Dr. David F. Richards's picture
Submitted by Dr. David F. Ri... (not verified) on

You have brought up negative reinforcement in two episodes and have gotten it wrong both times. The first time you treated it like it was positive punishment. The second time you defined it as taking something desirable away, which is negative punishment. Positive reinforcement is a form of reinforcement which, as such, has the effect of increasing the probability that a behavior will happen again or increase after it is applied.

Negative reinforcement is defined as removing an aversive stimulus, or undesired/annoying environmental event, in response to a desired behavior. This increases the probability that the the behavior will occur again to remove the aversive stimulus again. In simple terms the behavior is reinforced by making the bad thing go away, so you engage in the behavior again to make it go away again. .

Thank you for the show, Other than this mistake I'm a big fan because I am both a licensed psychologist, a board certified behavior analyst, and a mechanical engineer. And because the other kids called me 'big words' when I was a child, and not with a positive tone.

Dr Prerna das's picture
Submitted by Dr Prerna das (not verified) on

Sheldon,u r my fav.u know I cannot stop myself watching u again and again.

Jodie Mc's picture
Submitted by Jodie Mc (not verified) on

have the show end with Leonard getting a big award; Penny and Amy both getting pregnant; Amy getting a big award too. Raj getting a forever girl; Bernadette making a discovery at work; Howard getting his doctorate to shut Sheldon up. It known that you will take care of Sheldon, blah blah.

Jodie Mc's picture
Submitted by Jodie Mc (not verified) on

why does Chuck Lorre's shows always have people laughing at animals being hurt/killed/injured (Penny's pet pig), attack Christian faith, or human trafficking (where Penny had nails done)? some things are not funny.

Meghan's picture
Submitted by Meghan (not verified) on

Hi - my 5 year old son has a question for Sheldon Cooper - he wants to know if there is a flag for hospitals? He saw our neighbors police flag, and another one for firemen, and wanted to ask Sheldon if there was a flag for hospitals.

R.T.G.'s picture
Submitted by R.T.G. (not verified) on

I think it would be fun to have the elevator being repaired all along. that Sheldon put the tape back up
after the repairs be cause he enjoyed the walks up and talking with his friends the most.

Carol Seta's picture
Submitted by Carol Seta (not verified) on

I have never watched one episode that didn’t make me laugh. Until the first episode of this last season!! I am really tired of Sheldon saying “coitus”! Let it go writers!! There just weren’t any funny moments in this whole episode! I was sad that this was the final season, but unless the writing improves, it’s just as well!!

Lynn Estes's picture
Submitted by Lynn Estes (not verified) on

With everyone standing outside in the hall way between the two apartments the elevator bell suddenly rings and everyone looks toward it in amazement. The door opens and there stands Zack and as he sees Penny he say "Hello Penny ---- Hofstadter, thus telling us her maiden last name.

Sophia's picture
Submitted by Sophia (not verified) on

Dear Big Bang Theory, Producers, Directors and Cast.

We are such huge big fans of the show and every new episode is special and unique in its own way. We are so sad to hear of the show's ending to which I heard may be because Mr Jim Parsons is leaving. We want to suggest something that maybe could help you sort this problem. Mr Jim Parsons is definitely one of the main characters but the show wouldn't exist too without the rest of the cast so maybe it is not entirely fair that the show must stop as one is leaving. The contribution of all the characters can be as much or even bigger than the contribution of one. So, here is an idea: replace Mr Jim Parsons like to what happened with Joey in 'Friends' when he played as an actor on Days of our Lives and he was kind of replaced. And let the show go on please!! You owe it to us fans and keep your sparkling ideas and your amazing entertainment going. We love all the characters and we are so sad that Mr Jim Parsons is leaving as he may not think of as much of us as the fans. I am sure you will find someone who can be as good as him. If he doesn't love us fans, he doesn't deserve us unless there is an exceptional problem with his health or something. The episodes are continuously funny with clever scripts and amazing actors/actresses. We will always love you all and the show!!

Martha Watts's picture
Submitted by Martha Watts (not verified) on

If the show ends we will be very disappointed if Sheldon wants to end it why can’t it go on without him. Like Roseanne changed to the connors. I think it would be excellent to develop the other characters.

Rickie Muth's picture
Submitted by Rickie Muth (not verified) on

Now that Raj finally has someone. How are you going to wrap things up for Stuart?

Sean Odegard 's picture
Submitted by Sean Odegard (not verified) on

So last night while meeting up with friends, somehow we got on the discussion about how a math teacher of mine once told me that .9 repeating is equal to 1, which naturally started arguments from both sides. It wasn’t until someone said “ask Sheldon Cooper” that made us all realize that this argument actually did sound like something from the show

Elle's picture
Submitted by Elle (not verified) on

We love this show and don't want to see the end! Have been watching religiously from season 1. Could we grow old with this characters?Follow the lives of the characters' children and see them all in their mid- years and old age? Here's to season 30!!!!!!

Chuck Trottier's picture
Submitted by Chuck Trottier (not verified) on

In season five episode 14 Sheldon Cooper states fun with flags that the *spangled Banner line, “ like the flag over Forte Sumner I am still here“ The line in the Star-Spangled Banner is referring to the flag over for McHenry in Baltimore during the war of 1812 . Love the show wanted to point out where Sheldon was wrong.

Grace's picture
Submitted by Grace (not verified) on

I heard that Sheldon might be leaving and I was wondering if there was anyway you can make him stay I beg you I am honestly yur biggest fan ever. I’m 12 and this is my life plz persuade him to stay

Thomas Loggia's picture
Submitted by Thomas Loggia (not verified) on

With the show ending this season it would end on a sad note if Howard did not get a PHD.

TrayBN's picture
Submitted by TrayBN (not verified) on

A cameo by Neil Young as a train store employee would be fun since he is part of a firm that bought Lionel trains.

Lin Rayner's picture
Submitted by Lin Rayner (not verified) on

BBT does not need Sheldon. Do a spin-off with the rest of the cast. They are all great. Send Sheldon to the Arctic. The rest of the cast will do great without him. Start a movement to save the show

laurie's picture
Submitted by laurie (not verified) on

I'm bummed out that the show is coming to an end. : (
This show's content and characters (cast and writers) have made me laugh every week since it started. I will truly miss it!
Great job to all over the years!

John Chancellor's picture
Submitted by John Chancellor (not verified) on

As a fan of the show that has watched every episode, will.the writers reveal Penny's last name before the final episode? That would be her last name prior to wedding to Leonard.

William Stollar's picture
Submitted by William Stollar (not verified) on

Since Sheldon is so adept at offering little bits of trivia to his long-suffering colleague, and has a major interest in trains, perhaps he might explain the significance of the engineer tooting a "Dah-Dah-Dit-Dah" signal when coming to a crossing. "Dah-Dah-Dit-Dah" is, of course, the Morse code for the letter, Q." whicg was used by English train engineers to signal that the Queen was onboard.


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