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Dancing With The Stars

Show Premise: 

"Dancing With The Stars Dancing" is an American dance competition show airing since 2005 on ABC in the United States and CTV/CTV Two in Canada. The contestant pairs consist of a celebrity paired with a professional dancer. Each couple performs predetermined dances and competes against the others for judges' points and audience votes. The couple receiving the lowest combined total of judges' points and audience votes is eliminated each week until only the champion dance pair remains.



CBS Television City
7800 Beverly Blvd.
Bungalow 1
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Judy Grant's picture
Submitted by Judy Grant (not verified) on

I’m done with your show. It’s been on a downward slide for sometime now, but the best dancer went home tonight! Why?
This is a joke. These people aren’t stars and who ever is voting is playing some sort of a stupid joke.
Time to hang up the shoes and call it a night. Not a fun show anymore

Linda Galligan's picture
Submitted by Linda Galligan (not verified) on

I have never missed a show on dwts since the very first show, however, I will
not be watching any longer because recently the public votes come in for a
"popular" star vs the ones who are dancing well. Grocery Joe has been near
the bottom, if not the bottom, of the scores and that just isn't fair to the other
dancers and certainly not entertaining for us, the audience! Can't someone
Figure a better way to have votes match the star's ability instead of popularity
or looks. Shame to bringing such an INSPIRING show down!

Amy's picture
Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

Tom has been such an enjoyable host of dancing with the Stars since the very beginning and has watched hundreds and hundreds of dances in 27 seasons. The show would not be the same without him. I would love to see him out on the floor dancing! Whether just for one surprise dance with the pros or whether as an actual "star" one season. 😍

Deborah Eller 's picture
Submitted by Deborah Eller (not verified) on

If I was Cheryl and Juan Pablo I would demand a recount!! That's so unfair they received straight 10s all night. You have lost about 7 viewers just in my house not to mention other viewers

Marie Ray's picture
Submitted by Marie Ray (not verified) on

Why oh why was this couple eliminated?? None of the other couples even come close to the brilliance of Juan Pablo and Cheryl!! End of the line for me!!!

Dennis's picture
Submitted by Dennis (not verified) on

I am totally furious about this! That was the most inane outrageously unfair crazy neurotic nonsensical decision I have ever seen in my life. Juan Pablo was far and away the best dancer, as good as the professionals. He actually got two perfect scores today I think he got 60 points to 2 - 30 Point dances. This is outrageous I'm not sure I'm going to watch Dancing with the Stars ever again! We have to protest and send in letters. I can't stand this. Juan Pablo is the best!!

Jane Kaplan's picture
Submitted by Jane Kaplan (not verified) on

That is the WORST elimination I have seen and I have been watching since Season 2. You need to add a judges’ exemption or perfect score exemption or something, because someone who scored 60/60 should not be going home. Awful!!

Wendy & Mike's picture
Submitted by Wendy & Mike (not verified) on

We have enjoyed watching DWTS for years, but after tonight's results it's likely to be the last time we tune in. To witness the debacle this evening actually ruined the show for us. My wife has been a dancer all her life and left the room in disgust. It's a joy that you can showcase contestants like Juan Pablo, who has risen to lofty heights under the tutelage of his coach Cheryl - together they, and others like them, bring genuine excitement to the evening as viewers anticipate their performance each week. Tonight proved the show is nothing more than a popularity contest - whoever has the most rabid texters in their camp will win ... talent and performance become irrelevant. Next season you could introduce a refrigerator to the competition, if it has the most active voter base, it will win. Maybe the voters will be satisfied, but more and more viewers who truly enjoy the art, will tune out ... and rightly so.

June Guinan's picture
Submitted by June Guinan (not verified) on

I was totally disgusted by tonight's elimination. There was no way Juan and Cheryl should have left. There seriously needs to be some type of Judge's saves when this happens to the best dancers. The show is rigged and you are about to lose a lot of fans from this. Ridiculous! See the FB comments and you will realize what has happened. No way Bobby should be in the finals. Juan should have hoisted the mirror ball. You Cant be that amazing and suddenly go home! GET IT RIGHT!

Dara Alverson 's picture
Submitted by Dara Alverson (not verified) on

Over the past few years we have enjoyed dancing with the stars until this season . your scoring method is simply wrong and the best dancers are eliminated.this show should be about dancing not a popularity contest. Juan Pablo is an amazing dancer and he got the big boot all the while dancers who do not come close to his ability remain.not to mention other dancers that have been earlier eliminated when The likes of grocery Joe remain, who have no dancing ability to speak of.the show has become frustrating and needs to be re-vamped

Ginnie's picture
Submitted by Ginnie (not verified) on

Will you FINALLY do something about the type of voting that has been a popularity contest all along. It is just not fair to the best dancers. When the best dancers are eliminated it just makes me not want to watch the show any longer. I have many friends that don't watch the show anymore because of the the vote takes place. PLEASE DO SOMETHING LIKE ADD IN THE JUDGES SCORES ALONG WITH THE POPULAR VOTE, OR COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSE THAT WOULD BE FARE TO THE BEST DANCERS. ( a very disappointed viewer.)

John Rushong's picture
Submitted by John Rushong (not verified) on

We were shocked when Juan Pablo was eliminated last night. He is the best dancer we've ever seen on your show. The judges scores need to count more. Let your sponsors know we will not be watching the finals. The trophy belongs to Juan Pablo.

Teresa 's picture
Submitted by Teresa (not verified) on

What is wrong with the voting system and the public? What a disappointing night for me and many viewers . Juan and Cheryl VOTED OFF ...I am DONE .. no more dancing with the stars for me or my friends ..this is not the first time something like this has happened but it will be or last ...NO MORE!

roy swisher's picture
Submitted by roy swisher (not verified) on

My wife and I have not missed one episode of Dancing With the Stars. We love the show until last night. The show has become a popularity contest instead of a DANCE CONTEST!!. Right now we don't care who wins and I doubt if we ever watch another episode until Dancing With the Star let the judges make the decision on who wins. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Louise Thompson's picture
Submitted by Louise Thompson (not verified) on

Like millions of other viewers, I was shocked when Juan Pablo was sent packing Monday night. Although he will not officially receive the Mirror Ball Trophy, he is the unofficial champion in my heart. Debra Kelleher, if you read this email, I respectively ask that the DWTS scoring system be revised to more accurately reflect a dancer's talent and ability. In my opinion, the score should be 60-percent from the judge, and 40-percent from the call-in votes.

Gruffy's picture
Submitted by Gruffy (not verified) on

My husband and I have been fans for 25 seasons. After last night, we’re done. We don’t care who wins this season. What a disgrace!

How about changing the rules when something like this happens? The judges should be able to overrule such a blatant error. If that happens, we’ll tune in again. Until then, no thanks.

Susanor's picture
Submitted by Susanor (not verified) on

Dear judges,
What Juan Pablo danced was not a salsa, it was a merengue!

Stephanie Johnson's picture
Submitted by Stephanie Johnson (not verified) on

I am so tired of the put downs that were given to Joe during all of the dances he performed, what is the point of the constant put downs, you knew he was not a dancer when you asked him to come on the show - I have seen this before it is not amusing; just hurtful - either don't ask people that haven't any dancing experience to come on the show or give positive feedback without the snide remarks it just makes the judges look like an ass my apologies but no other work fits - i am not going to watch your show anymore - i am done - Sorry Joe you had to endure just tasteless & unprofessional behavior.

Tim Donnelly's picture
Submitted by Tim Donnelly (not verified) on

After Monday's show. it it obvious that you need to take another look at how "Stars" are eliminated. Everyone know that you just eliminated the best dancer and kept one that should have been gone long ago. Here is an idea. Let only the judges scores count unless there is a tie (and there are plenty of ties). The viewing audience can then vote to break that tie. This should eliminate the embarrassment like that of which happened happened last Monday. Bobby bones knows he should be gone instead of Juan Pablo DiPace. If Bobby Bones wins, I am afraid you will lose a large part of your audience, at the very least, you will lose one, as I want to see the best dancers not the one who get the most votes. It is obvious your current system doesn't work well.

Darlene Rodgers 's picture
Submitted by Darlene Rodgers (not verified) on

If DWTS is going to a popularity vote, I will stop watching, as will my friends and family! Time to revise the format and allow the judges to control the vote in semi finals and finals! It’s about dancing people, not who happens to be popular!

Debra Sarullo's picture
Submitted by Debra Sarullo (not verified) on

I have watched every season of Dancing with the Stars, and I have had just about enough with the judging boiling down to popularity or just how good the stars dance. I welcome both as they do for every season, but when you get down to the quarter finals, semi finals, and finals, judging should ONLY be on their dance ability, NOT popularity! The show is not called Popularity of the Stars, its called DANCING with the Stars, and should be judged accordingly. I am so upset over Juan Pablo being eliminated, that I may not watch any more DWTS seasons. He was definitely the best dancer and should have gone into the Finals. Truly unjust!!!

Mary Kay Carlesso's picture
Submitted by Mary Kay Carlesso (not verified) on

I have been a fan of dancing with the Stars for a very long time. For me it's a relaxing night to be entertained by the couples dancing. It has been great to see the dancers improve each week. I have been upset in the past about certain dancers getting voted off but nothing like last weeks elimination. We all know that Juan Pablo should have clearly moved to the finals. I'm not sure exactly how the voting works and what the ratio is from judges to home votes. I do know for sure that more emphases needs to be placed on the judges votes. I'm sorry but "Grocery Joe" stayed on the show way too long and Bobby Bonds should not be going to the finals. Something needs to change!


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