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5 Seconds of Summer

pop, rock
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5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian pop punk and pop rock band. They have been called a boy band in the media. Formed in Sydney in 2011, the band consists of Luke Hemmings (lead vocals, guitar), Michael Clifford (guitar, vocals), Calum Hood (bass guitar, vocals) and Ashton Irwin (drums, vocals). These members were originally YouTube celebrities, who posted videos of themselves covering songs from various artists in 2011. From there, they started to gain a small following in 2012 after posting a series of cover versions of popular songs onto YouTube, then rose to international fame when One Direction invited them on their Take Me Home Tour.


5 Seconds of Summer
PO Box 603
Leichhardt NSW
2040 Australia


Samantha Smith's picture
Submitted by Samantha Smith (not verified) on

My dream ever since my friend play Don't Stop to me is to meet ya'll in person

Ms_hemmings's picture
Submitted by Ms_hemmings on

Ever since hearing she looks so perfect I wanted to see you guys and tell you how much you mean to me

Desiree's picture
Submitted by Desiree (not verified) on

All I ever want to do is see 5sos not some sucky band like 1d

Just A Girl's picture
Submitted by Just A Girl (not verified) on

1D does not suck. They actual saves alot of peoples lives. Like mine and so has 5sos. So plz dont say that again.

caitlyn scarbrough's picture
Submitted by caitlyn scarbrough (not verified) on

i love 5sos so much i just want to see them for my b-day

Ashlee's picture
Submitted by Ashlee (not verified) on

I’m such a fan of the 5SOS coz a family friend is friends with Ashton

claire's picture
Submitted by claire (not verified) on

me too. i rly wanna meet them and hug them as tight as i can and never let them go haha. i want them to know how much i love them. i want them to know that i love them to death. (i'm a michael girl so) i want to hug michael so tight and smell him and look into his eyes and hear him say my name... that's heaven right there.

Courtney Stanback's picture
Submitted by Courtney Stanback (not verified) on

My friend Hope, is a huge 5SOS lover. She has always wanted to know how you guys felt about your group from the beginning? And how has it made a difference in your lives?

twitter//@crystallcalum // instagram//@believecalum's picture
Submitted by twitter//@cryst... (not verified) on


cabajar_ashley's picture
Submitted by cabajar_ashley (not verified) on

hi, this is Ashley from Oman, and I just want to say that you guys are my favorite!
because when I look at Michael, he is just so funny!

Jewel's picture
Submitted by Jewel (not verified) on

You guys are amazing!! I love you guys and all of your music. You are the inspiration of my new book that I am writing for a contest. Stay awesome!!

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Do they actually respond to fan mail written and sent to their PO Box??????????????????'s picture
Submitted by karacrystal23@g... (not verified) on

I don't really get the whole being famous thing ,to me its kinda like being in high school again .I like @5sos but I don't nessarly crush on them an make them my idols because yeah there music is pretty good(awesome) but there honestly just ppl .think about it Luke ,Micheal, Calum an Ashton all went through high school like us (all awkwardy an outcasts)but just getting noticed now that there famous ,yall are surfurcating them being all fangirl creepy that they cant even say hi without you fainting or snitching to the press about some really person stuff(cough calums personal pictures cough ) tone it down god they just wanna play their music .my message is #chill the fuck out

Alexis F.'s picture
Submitted by Alexis F. (not verified) on

Its funny how you guys call yourselves punk rock yet when there was a rainbow outside at one of your concerts you quickly took a selfie with it before the show.

5sos girl's picture
Submitted by 5sos girl (not verified) on

I love 5 seconds of summer. I love their music and their personalities. I went to their concert this summer and it was AWESOME!! I don't know what ill do if they ever break up.

Victoria's picture
Submitted by Victoria (not verified) on

ever since 2011 i have followed you, and tried to get your attention.. i went to your manchester concert!! and loved it and always dreamt of meeting you, witch is impossible..

A person 's picture
Submitted by A person (not verified) on

These boys inspired me to stop self harming and if it wasn't for me finding Luke Michael Ashton and Callum I may not be alive right now . But I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done

kylee irwin's picture
Submitted by kylee irwin (not verified) on

I love you guys so much. I wish I could meet you. I live in Georgia I am 13 years old. I think yall are amazing. if you want to send me a letter gmail me back. my friend summer got me into yall. I love your voice and you are so cute luke. calum, you are adorable and I love how funny you are and are so cute. ashtomn, you are so hot and I think your giggles are so cute and mickey, I love how you dye your hair, you have an amazing personality, ONE OF A KIND,
PS. plzz gmail me back I love you guys and I would for yall to cme to Atlanta Georgia!!


Sakora scheidegg's picture
Submitted by Sakora scheidegg (not verified) on

Inam a huge fan of 5 sos I love all of there songs

joella speed's picture
Submitted by joella speed (not verified) on

hey guys i love you guys so much and i hope one day i can mee tyou guys in person and for the record i love mikey and callum the most love you guys

Abigail Thiers's picture
Submitted by Abigail Thiers (not verified) on

5sos is awsome and i wish i could meet the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harley's picture
Submitted by Harley (not verified) on

How come 5SOS never comes to Oregon?

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