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Robyn Rihanna Fenty
hip-hop, pop
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Being beaten by Chris Brown

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Rihanna was born in Saint Michael, Barbados, and her career began when she met record producer Evan Rogers through mutual friends in late 2003 and recorded demo tapes under Rogers's guidance. Her demo tape was sent to several record labels, and she subsequently signed a contract with Def Jam Recordings after auditioning for its president, rapper Jay-Z.


Roc Nation
1411 Broadway
38th Floor
New York, NY 10018


Submitted by garielle hope (not verified) on

Love u like a bff

Submitted by Princess (not verified) on

Im the biggest fan of yours! you're the best singer ive ever known! You have been such a big role model to me ever since I was 7!

Submitted by Ollie Edwards (not verified) on

You are an amazing person with huge talent and potential.

Submitted by Noname (not verified) on

If I go to jail tonight (uhn)
Promise you'll pay my bail
See they want to buy my pride (uhn)
But that just ain't up for sale

Submitted by Cheyenne (not verified) on

dear rihanna i from new yor i saw you at two of your concerts i will lobe to meet you one day i guess you can call me your biggest fan i love to sing you are my inspiration and i love you so much from cheyenne

Submitted by bright side (not verified) on

please sing songs that empower women. just saw you acting like a male gangster performing bitch where's my money.
please help women instead of harming us. please enough already with bitch and go. let's try respect for a change.

Submitted by Emanuel V Key (not verified) on

I'm thinking of you all the time, your greatest fan.

Submitted by Travis Gokey (not verified) on

My is Travis Gokey i am 23 years old kid.
I wish i could meet you in NYC at Colobliana children hospital because i really love you all in my heart the rest of my life.
Oh can you bring Eminem with you to NYC at Colobliana children hospital i want to meet you both. I love you Rihanna,Thank you God bless.

Submitted by Michael Todd (not verified) on

I LIKE YOU MUSIC, you put you heart in you music. some singer not put they heart in they music.

Submitted by Non ya Damn Bz (not verified) on

Rhianna I feel is over rated. She is pointless to the music entertainment industry. I guess when you aren't talented at what you thought you were good at (singing) you have to compensate in other ways by prancing around practically nude. Appearing slutty to the world by wearing skimpy clothes and taking nude pics and posting them online or for your cd this is not cute, it's poor publicity and actually makes more people turn away from your music not want to buy it. You do not have to go through all those extremes to get peoples attention or make them like you, sure you'll have guys looking, and bi females but for the rest of the world you'll lose their respect. Dear Rhianna if no one is buying your music trying acting not acting like a hoe.

Submitted by alonzo (not verified) on

hi rihanna my name is alonzo i jus started to rap an i wanted to know if u can help me to come up im from the cariibbean an if u want to contact me on facebook at lorenzo joseph thank you

Submitted by tichina stewart (not verified) on

i really love to see rhianna and chris together all humans make a lot of mistakes so please forgive him once again.

Submitted by Victor (not verified) on

I just wanted to let you know I like you work. And I love the left eye you have! I wish I had one too! God Speed!

Submitted by servant! (not verified) on

Hey Rihanna!

I love Halo! Who doesn’t? :)

Take care of yourself. Take charge of your money! You do it! I really like your beautiful homes. Like mansions in the sky? Don’t get hauled away like I did :(

Big Godfearing Fan,


Submitted by servant again... (not verified) on

I am sorry Rihanna

I really like “Umbrella”. It’s royal ;)

You and Shontelle rock!
please don’t twist my arm :D

Submitted by Nastasha (not verified) on

I have so many things to say. I wish I could meet u. We look alike. I named my daughter after you. I use to have depression issues but I tell myself if I look just like one of the most beautiful woman in the world how could I not be happy. Ur voice is beautiful, ur music gives me happiness like gospel music does. Every day I hear ur name because people think we look just alike I'm just short lol ... I think u will never forget me if we met. Im like u without the talent. I have a gift it's to spread love through the pain. I'm from a place no one cares about . Ur my inspiration to greatness....I love u....

Submitted by Jason A Walker (not verified) on

Thanks for the love music.
Thank you Hollywood for being nice.
You help me feel better when I'm all alone.

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