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James Cameron

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James Francis Cameron was born on August 16, 1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. His family moved to Brea, California in 1971, when Cameron was 17 years old where he dropped out of Lutheran High School of Orange County, then attended Troy High School to further his secondary education. Cameron enrolled at Fullerton College, a two-year community college, in 1973 to study physics. He switched to English, then dropped out before the start of the fall 1974 semester. Next, he worked several jobs, including as a truck driver, writing when he had time.
Cameron quit his job as a truck driver to enter the film industry after seeing the original Star Wars film in 1977. His first film was called "Xenogenesis" (1978). He was the director, writer, producer, and production designer. Later he found employment as an art director in the sci-fi movie "Battle Beyond the Stars" (1980). He did special effects work design and direction on John Carpenter's "Escape from New York" (1981), acted as production designer on "Galaxy of Terror" (1981), and consulted on the design of "Android" (1982).

After completing a screenplay for "The Terminator", Cameron decided to sell it so that he could direct the movie. However, the production companies he contacted, while expressing interest in the project, were unwilling to let a largely inexperienced feature film director make the movie. Finally, Cameron found a company called Hemdale Pictures, which was willing to let him direct.
The Terminator was a box-office hit, breaking expectations by Orion Pictures executives that the film would be regarded as no more than a sci-fi film and only last a week in theaters. It was a low-budget film which cost $6.5 million to make, cutting expenses in such ways as recording the audio track in mono. However, The Terminator eventually earned over $78 million worldwide.

After "The Terminator," Cameron became a popular Hollywood director and was hired to write and direct "Aliens" (1986); three years later he followed up with "The Abyss" (1989). He found further critical acclaim for his use of special effects in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" (1991). After his film "True Lies" (1994) Cameron took on his biggest film at the time, "Titanic" (1997), which earned him Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Film Editing. After "Titanic", Cameron began a project that took almost 10 years to make: his science-fiction epic "Avatar" (2009).

Cameron's directorial efforts have grossed approximately $2 billion in North America and $6 billion worldwide. Cameron's "Titanic" and "Avatar" are the two highest-grossing films of all time at $2.19 billion and $2.78 billion respectively. In March 2011, he was named Hollywood's top earner by "Vanity Fair", with estimated 2010 earnings of $257 million.


James Cameron
Cameron l Pace Group
2020 N. Lincoln Street
Burbank, CA 91504


Glenda 's picture
Submitted by Glenda (not verified) on

You are a genius your first are captivating and inspiring. My children love Avatar and the story is amazing your imagination is breathtaking. My daughter said if you are ever in London she would like to meet you. Please continue to make such captivating moves Glenda932

JB's picture
Submitted by JB (not verified) on

hi sir, i am very much inspired by your amazing Avatar. and now i have an advance and revolutionary concept. i have tried to convert it into a script for you but have not completed as required format. but i would like to share it with you and only you.

Grunt's picture
Submitted by Grunt (not verified) on

Please tell It is true that there is coming more avatar movies, i just love the story and the movie.

Julio is coolio's picture
Submitted by Julio is coolio (not verified) on

I don’t understand why that dude had a arrow tattoo thing why not a fox tattoo instead it would have been better so I suggest changing it into a fox a bat eared fox to be exact

Rajeeb Biswas's picture
Submitted by Rajeeb Biswas (not verified) on

Hi James, you may like to think of making a film on a group of aliens taking hostage of the International Space Station and how the space scientists find a way to abort the mission.

minhyuk pang's picture
Submitted by minhyuk pang (not verified) on

could you put the same type of helicopters in the second movie?

minhyuk pang's picture
Submitted by minhyuk pang (not verified) on

I was wondering if you could put aerospatiale sa-2 samson in the avatar 2?

Anonymous 's picture
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Dear Whoever This May Pertain To,
It has taken me seventeen years to watch this incredibly despicable movie. Now, I finally have and regret it to an extent of anger in my decision and am just fully unimpressed with its display. I cannot believe this movie got so many great reviews and awards because it was just terrible. I hope that you people learn from your mistakes and do not do this again. Don't get the hopes of little children up to watching something as terribly produced as this movie. Thank you so much for ruining my night.
Not a fan from Ocala, FL

Hamid Khayyam's picture
Submitted by Hamid Khayyam (not verified) on

Hello Mr. James Cameron
My name is Hamid Khayyam. I am Iranian. I am interested in your films, Because he is very professional and meaningful. One of the ways is earning Authors. I've written a science fiction story. The story is the Ultimate Simulator. I believe, Making a film based on this story, Especially by a powerful director like you, A historical and international cinematic masterpiece will be.
If you desire, Send a personal email address, I secretly sent to this story. Then read it, Finally, if accepted, you can build your movie.
Thank you, and wish you good luck

David Eric Frenzel's picture
Submitted by David Eric Frenzel (not verified) on

Will you please never make Avatar2 to make me happy. It will make me happy if you never make Avatar2, because you need to copy DreamWorks, because you need to know that it's evil for DreamWorks to still never make The Prince Of Egypt2, and that's how you'll copy DreamWorks, because it's evil for DreamWorks to still never make The Prince Of Egypt2, because I'll never forgive Miriam for convincing Moses that Moses is not A Prince Of Egypt, because of course Moses is A Prince Of Egypt, and Moses had fun getting Rameses into trouble as A Prince Of Egypt. Will you please do exactly as what I say to make me happy, James Cameron?

Josh Scoggin's picture
Submitted by Josh Scoggin (not verified) on

I had a crazy thought the other day...Wouldn't it be cool to remake Titanic with modern day computer graphics and make it 3-D? You could even still use Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet which is also something that's never been done...A movie has never been remade using the same actors...Just an idea I wanted to share

Morgan Graham's picture
Submitted by Morgan Graham (not verified) on

If the watertight doors were shut almost immediately then how did the water spread and the boat sink? Thank you for your time

Sarah's picture
Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

All your movies are so wonderful, it's hard to choose a favorite.. though I have a soft spot for action thrillers like Aliens and Terminator. However, that's not why I'm here. I'm clamoring, like so many, for an entirely uncut Titanic-- yes, like 4 hours of film-- because all the cut scenes are so amazing and add so much to the story! Titanic is a subject that will always fascinate, and I literally cannot get enough of it, from the underwater dives (I've seen your exploration of it too), to the first photos, to the dazzling sets and romance in the film. Please please please give us the whole shebang! She's earned it!!

Rob McKenna's picture
Submitted by Rob McKenna (not verified) on

I am a science teacher at a small private school, and I've shown your Deepsea Challanger video to my classes. One of my students was asking how you avoided decompression illness (the bends) on your comparatively rapid return to the surface.

Simon's picture
Submitted by Simon (not verified) on

Mr. J. Cameron, I realy like your film Alita Battelangel and i wanted to aske you of you will make a second film to complete the Story.
My Friends and me are very hyped and i think everyone who saw that film thinks that there has to be an other Film about Alita.
All your Fans hope that there will be other films of her because Alita Battelangel is the best Film on earth.
Could you maybe add a person named Simon Shadow who has a good style and a black Chat and maybe a cool sword and he should have a scar trough his right eye but still se with both?
That Would be very cool from you.
Never forget all your Fans Like you.

Jennifer Q. Wilkerson's picture
Submitted by Jennifer Q. Wil... (not verified) on

First I want to say that I am a huge fan of the Terminator movies. I am positively thrilled that Linda Hamilton is going to be in this one however I noticed that a character is missing. I hope that I'm wrong but I'm probably not. The man who played Kyle Reese in the first Terminator should really somehow be in number 6. Even if it's a cameo. You started with all three of these characters and for me number 6 and having all three of them in it would be the absolute icing on the cake. Possibly even having their son John Connor. So you have these four main characters that really need to be in this sixth installment. As a fan I'm just giving my opinion. But for me this would be outstanding.

Peter Mey's picture
Submitted by Peter Mey (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Cameron.

I have just heared that the Movie Alita is not as succsessful as it shoud be. I can not understand that. It ist truly one of the best stories i can imagine and i was fascinated. It looks wonderful, has a "one in a million" good story and absolutely made my day a good one. I purchased instantly the original manga series (books) and now i can see, with how much love to the details, the story and especially the characters this Movie is made. It will be a very sad day to me, if there will be announced, that the following movies will not be made. One of my own projects (i am writing books) has a lot in common with the story of Alita. That is one point, why i love your movie. I hope so very much, that the people in Japan and China love this story like i do. There must be humans, who can really see a good story. They can not all be "mainstream-watchers"? I look forward to the moment, where i can purchase Alita on BluRay 3D and i will cross every possible finger to wish Alita the success, that she deserves.

Peter Mey

Harrison's picture
Submitted by Harrison (not verified) on

Mr. Cameron - I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for making Alita: Battle Angel. It was a wonderful movie, seamless and meaningful. The heart of it for me, literally and figuratively, was when Alita offered Hugo her heart and said that for her, if she loves someone, it must be 100%, she knows no other way. Little Alita was a warrior in the truest sense, right down to the core! Thanks again for a wonderful movie. I hope there will be a follow-up. Best, Harrison

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