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Cam Newton

Short bio: 

Cameron Jerrell "Cam" Newton (born May 11, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the Auburn Tigers in Alabama and was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is only the third player (and the first since 1950) to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in the same one-year span, joining Leon Hart and Angelo Bertelli.

In his rookie year, Newton broke numerous rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and running the ball. He became the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, shattering Peyton Manning's record by 120 yards. He also broke Otto Graham's 61-year-old record for passing yards by any quarterback in an NFL debut. Newton would go on to become the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season, as well as the first rookie QB to rush for 700 yards. He also ran for 14 touchdowns, more in a single season than any quarterback in NFL history, breaking Steve Grogan's 35-year-old record.

In 2015, Newton became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 in the same season (35 passing, 10 rushing). He also became the only quarterback ever to have 300 yards passing, 5 touchdown passes, and over 100 yards rushing in the same game.[9] In the final game of the 2015–16 season Newton tied Steve Young's record for the most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback—a record that Young set after 15 seasons in the NFL, compared to Newton's five.


2010 BCS National Championship

NFC Championship 2015


Cam Newton
Bus Cook Sports, Inc.
1 Willow Bend Dr
Hattiesburg, MS 39402-8552


Kristopher Seeley's picture
Submitted by Kristopher Seeley (not verified) on

I just want to say Cam; you are an amazing athlete and always be yourself. I would have reacted the same as you. We will win a super bowl this year no matter what people say.

Amber 's picture
Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Hi Can I'm a big fan and i wanted to ask for some quick notes to get into the NFL or college football I really want to be a Rb,Wr,and Cb.

Amber 's picture
Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Hi cam or anyone that knows some tips and some ways to help me on my positions which are runningback & Wide Receiver because I'm going into 10th grade and high school bal is where it all begins so could anyone please tell me stuff that could help me be able to play for the Panthers when I get older??

Amber 's picture
Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Does anyone know any ways that could help me for running back and wide receiver??cause I really need footwork help

Antoinette Williams's picture
Submitted by Antoinette Williams (not verified) on

Dear Cam,

I loved watching you play last season. In fact I never even cared about football until you took the field with such grace elegance and style. My husband and I plan to attend the Christmas Eve game when the Panthers face the Atlanta Falcons at home in Charlotte. I can not wait to make this memory with him. He is a disabled vet that served twelve years in the Marines and now is a disabled vet after two tours in Iraq. Cam I know you get pestered for free tickets all the time but if somehow your generosity finds me and my husband I would be forever grateful and it would be an honor to meet you sir.

Your fan

Antoinette Williams's picture
Submitted by Antoinette Williams (not verified) on

Dear Cam,

I loved watching you play last season. In fact I never even cared about football until you took the field with such grace elegance and style. My husband and I plan to attend the Christmas Eve game when the Panthers face the Atlanta Falcons at home in Charlotte. I can not wait to make this memory with him. He is a disabled vet that served twelve years in the Marines and now is a disabled vet after two tours in Iraq. Cam I know you get pestered for free tickets all the time but if somehow your generosity finds me and my husband I would be forever grateful and it would be an honor to meet you sir.

Your fan

Crystal's picture
Submitted by Crystal (not verified) on

Hey love. You are so cute and wonderful. I love you! I wish I could meet u in public and just give you a great big hug. Oh, I love u so much! Any who I cannot wait to see u play again.

Love your #1 fan,

P.s. Dab on em baby boy!

Antoinette Williams's picture
Submitted by Antoinette Williams (not verified) on

Cam congrats on being picked as the #1 NFL player out of the top 100. I must say they could ot have picked a better player to honor. I am still hoping to attend the game Panthers vs. Falcons at home in Charlotte on Christmas Eve. I would love tickets to the game and the opportunity to meet you. My husband is a disabled vet of the Marine Corps and I am his caregiver and this event would mean so much to both of us. Please consider my request.

macey's picture
Submitted by macey (not verified) on

Hi I have been watching you on "All in with Cam Newton" and it was so cool when you made those kids dreams come true. I was kinda wondering, I mean I know you super Famous and Busy but I was wondering if you could help me with my dream to be on America's got talent???? It's been my dream ever since I was 6 years old. I'm 14 now. I was adopted and my brother is handicap so I never had the courage to follow my dream until I saw how much you helped those other kids. It would mean the world to me if you would help me out.
Number One Fan

Antoinette Williams's picture
Submitted by Antoinette Williams (not verified) on

Hi Cam,
Its August so we are about six monrhs out from the Panthers vs. Falcons game at home in Charlotte! As mentioned in my previous post I was never much of a football fan until you took the field. Something abour your drive, dedication to your craft, your style abd grace just resonates with my soul. I cant thank you enough for the gift of watching you play. Once again I am requesting tickets to the December 24th at home game at BOA Stadium in Charlotte. I would be attending with my husband, a disabled veteran of the Marine Corps who would like nothing more than to attend this game wirh me and perhaps meet you. Please comsider my request. Thank you.

Ana Mack's picture
Submitted by Ana Mack (not verified) on

Arabia is a 9yr old who calls you her big brother, and prays one day to just be able to meet you in person. She is not athleti5but the very first time she seen you on TV SHE HAS BEEN CALLING YOU HER BROTHER.

Submitted by LAURA ROBINSON (not verified) on

my husband has stage 4 cancer, he just turned 50, he really admires Cam Newton and the way he handles himself with the fans, kids, etc. Is there anyway my husband could get a visit from him. His spirits are low and his hope is failing, please contact me

Mishka 's picture
Submitted by Mishka (not verified) on

Hi,Cam. My name is Mishka. I'm 8 years old and l really like your show.I think your a really good football player. Even though I live in New York City, I still like the Panthers :). I'm the singer in the family and really talented.I was hoping you could consider me being on your show. Being on your show would really help my dream of becoming a singer and i know you like helping people accomplish their goals. Even if you can't help me, I would love to meet you. I'm really looking forward to it.


Esau Fernandez's picture
Submitted by Esau Fernandez (not verified) on

Hey cam I heard your going to stop hitting the dab so I made this new dance move called the TAP and I think instead of doing the dab you should do the TAP you should check it out I have two videos on you tube the first one is "2016 dance the TAP" second one is "TAP goes international" also the link is in my bio it would mean a lot if u do it when you make a touchdown. Thank you. GO PANTHERS.

Anjellicia Barnett's picture
Submitted by Anjellicia Barnett (not verified) on

Hello can I'm Anjellicia I'm from gastonia nc I'm 26yrs old I'm from gastonia nc me and my significant other lost our house yesterday due to a fire I didn't have rental insurance and my land lord stated that if I would've let it completely burn he would've gotten 20,000 I'm work to hard to just loose my stuff could you help me get the burn smell out my clothes so I can place them in storage until I find another House?

Abigael Sublasky's picture
Submitted by Abigael Sublasky (not verified) on

Hey, what is up . I am not sure if you remember me, but I remember you. I went to the Boys and girls club last year and we meet you at the Thanksgiving thing that you did. I think you are the best quarterback ever. I use to live in South Carolina, but now I live in Arizona! I am 12years old. My name is Abigael Sublasky! You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PANTHERS!!!!!! Hope you win!!!

don's picture
Submitted by don (not verified) on

Watch the movie "Concusion" it's not worth your life to play football.

Mckenzie barbee 's picture
Submitted by Mckenzie barbee (not verified) on

Dear cam,
My name is Mckenzie and I'm from Stanfield North Carolina, I'm planning to by tickets for November 13 game cause it's my boyfriends birthday his name is Joseph, going to a panthers game is all he's been talking about, and I'm trying to get in touch with you to see if he could by chance meet you before or after the game I would do anything so he could it would be an amazing surprise I know he would love it, he goes to west stanly high school and he loved football its his dream to play in college and professional, but if you could do anything that would be great, your such an amazing athlete and we look up to you, please and thank you for your time.

Rob Evans's picture
Submitted by Rob Evans (not verified) on

Cam, you just went up dramatically in my respect for you for speaking out about the problems between police and African Americans. What I appreciated most was the recognition that it is not all police shootings, but within neighborhoods the culture has to change. As a white man, I don't think many of us (there are exceptions) can appreciate the anxiety, anger and prolonged problem of police shootings has on the African American psyche. Indeed, when will it be enough? Regards, Rob Evans Vincennes Indiana

samantha butler's picture
Submitted by samantha butler (not verified) on

I know that you propbably get alot of these messages about seeing if you can send signed photos or different items. my boyfriend is the world's biggest panthers fan and has been your biggest fan as a quarter back since you first joined the nfl. I want to do something really special for him and what I'm wanting to do is buy one of the blue panthers jersey with your number on it and see if there is anyway it can be signed. it would mean the world to him, if you get this I hope you can maybe do it. if not I understand you guys are busy especially with everything going on in charolette and in the season right now. I hope to get a response! thank you again regardless! sam

Sinyonnia Harkness's picture
Submitted by Sinyonnia Harkness (not verified) on

Hi my name is sinyonnia harkness an my 7yr old son is a hug fan cam he just had surgery on his intestines all he want ro do is pkay football an be like cam newton he wants ao badly to meet you he looks up to u an if rhis could be possible thank u for ur time

Cal 's picture
Submitted by Cal (not verified) on

Maybe spend more time working on your game...instead of working on your dance!

Jaroslava's picture
Submitted by Jaroslava (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Newton.My name is Jaroslava and I am from Slovakia.It is a small country in Central Europe.My husband and I really enjoy watching the NFL on TV. Panthers is our most popular team.Because of this, I would like to surprise my husband and I would like to ask you if you can not send me a souvenir of your signature or even more players.

As we approach Christmas, it would be a wonderful gift for her husband.If you can not fulfill my wish not mind, I'm sorry I bothered you. And we will continue to root for the whole team and keep our fingers crossed.P.S. Sorry for my English, and any errors.In case you would like to meet my wishes so glad we send you our address.

Sonya Coleman's picture
Submitted by Sonya Coleman (not verified) on

My husband is 23 yrs retired chief in navy. We will be coming to your game in December in North Carolina against Atlanta Falcons. Is there any way you could acknowledge him and get a pic with him plz. It would mean so much to him because he just loves you and your team. We live in Athens ga but he is originally from NC. He doesn't know that I am doing this so let keep it a secret please.

Gary Porter's picture
Submitted by Gary Porter (not verified) on

Cam it's about time you spoke up. I was mad after the first game they were horrible hits you blew it off.hope they do something about it .

Lewis B's picture
Submitted by Lewis B (not verified) on

Cam, i thought that thr rules were supost to protect all players but it is clear that they aren't. It is unfair that they don't! I think that the NFL has lost sight of what is right!
I think that you are a Classie Gentlemen!

Braeden Edwards 's picture
Submitted by Braeden Edwards (not verified) on

Hey Cam, you are one of my favorite players of ALL TIME! If you happen to read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are the best quarterback in the league, and you guys are awesome! You have influenced MANY young people like me, hoping to get into college, and if I am lucky, the NFL.

I know it hasn't been the best season currently for you guys, but I still believe you can win the Super Bowl! I missed the chance to go to the last one, but I hope to go this one in 2017! Again, if you are reading this, thank you soooo much, and I hope I could meet you someday. Rock on, Cam!

John 's picture
Submitted by John (not verified) on

Brother, It's weird for me to call you that, you being such a great star and me being a lowly teacher and coach but after reading the book "Shaken" by Tim Tebow I wanted to reach out to you and thank you for your profession of faith and testimony. I love how you love on your fans and always thought that you might be a Christian but not until seeing your profession in the book did I know that we are brothers.

I have been teaching and coaching for over 16 years now and in August I was forced to resign my position in the Dallas-Fort Worth area because I prayed with my team. A person who claims to be a Christian herself did not like the fact that I prayed and went over my principals head to get me fired. She made accusations that attacked my integrity but were easily proven wrong, but when it came down to it I did pray with my team and in turn forced the district to ask for my resignation.
What followed has been a very dark valley, we had to move to El Paso, Tx for a middle school teaching job, for the first time in 16 years I am not coaching, we found ourselves homeless for three months due to the pro-rated salary I am currently making and now we are living in low income housing, which has stressed my wife and I out because of our two toddlers. My faith was strong for the first two and half months, but then anger and bitterness towards God started to creep in. I would ask, "How God can you let this happen!, I have served you and my kids don't have a bed to sleep in!" , "God Where are you!". I have just came out of the period of that darkness and am starting to seek God again.

Shaken is a big part of the reason why I am at that point. I am still hurt by what has happened, I know that the Bible states ,"Blessed are you if you are persecuted for my namesake". I know the world will hate us because it first hated our Savior, it just really hurts to see my kids suffer for my faith in Christ. What I am learning is that Christ has put people in our lives for this season either to help our faith or for us to help their faith. My testimony is being made greater for God's purpose and what better opportunity than to be used by God for the glory of Him. Thank you once again for helping me see this truth, and know I am forever grateful.

In His Service,

John "Jay' Bohlin

Patrick's picture
Submitted by Patrick (not verified) on

What you did for that boy by visiting him was worth 10 Super Bowls.
God bless you and keep you healthy and winning!

Steaks on me when you go passed Elkhart, In.

Jerry Ferguson's picture
Submitted by Jerry Ferguson (not verified) on

God bless Cam Newton for making that little boys 1 wish before heart surgery to meet him in person come true! This is what a real life hero is all about! This is the best thing that I have seen in all of 2016!
I don't know how Cam held up as well as he did. What a heart melting event.
This is truely a demonstration of love for humanity.
Your a real hero Cam,
God bless you man!
Jerry Ferguson, TN.

ken's picture
Submitted by ken (not verified) on

So nice what you did for the young boy in the hospital. Not a fan of yours and your behavior after losing the Super Bowl was deplorable. But you deserve credit for that commendable, selfless act. Great job!!!

Latavia Ruffin's picture
Submitted by Latavia Ruffin (not verified) on

Hi Cam just want you to know my 6 year old daughter is a big fan of yours. Talking about dabbing, she does it all the time. She say Carolina Panthers is her team. She wants me to see if you could come to her birthday party in February. I told her I dont think Cam can make it. I said it would be nice. And said one day we will see Cam Newton!!

Paul Cannon's picture
Submitted by Paul Cannon (not verified) on

Cam get them out of your head. You must know your invincible. You use to think that. Michael vick use to feel that was until they locked him up. In the super bowl the bad call was on purpose to make you not believe in yourself. Self doubt will kill your career. Run people over. Be like superman. Make they say the quarter back is roughing up the defense. You will win many supwr bowls once you see yourself as invincible again. Have more say in who protects you. Racism is real so they must be black and no sell outs. You cannot fold say what you feel and don t let public opinion cause you to apologize for thinking and expressing your the best. Be like ali he was convinced he was the greatest before he proved it. I am broke black man . you can send me a check. You are the best.

mike 's picture
Submitted by mike (not verified) on

Hi Cam my son is big fan he has a sticker of you dabbing on his wall he has C1N cleats he has a cam Jersey if you or anyone knows how to get something singed by cam please tell me. Thanks

Erica kidon's picture
Submitted by Erica kidon (not verified) on

Hi! I am Lorden a mom we call him Lj for Lorden Joshua.
He is a 13 year old brace young man who I like to call my super hero.
Lj watches the show you host where you help kids dreams come true.
Lj does not know a whole bunch about football but because of you he would love to be a NFL coach. You have inspired him.
Our family are Eagles fans (sorry lol) but lj is a die hard panthers fan and dreams of meeting you one day. His future is uncertain so we are trying to make his dream come true.
You have a game coming up against the Eagles at your home stadium. We are going to possibly take a roD trip the 9 hour ride so he can see your stadium and watch you play.
Do you ever meet with your fans before a game?
He has no idea we are making the road trip yet.
I adopted lj on August 31 and as a ,,,we call adoption anniversary gift I am going to tell him about the trip.

Alex gonzalez's picture
Submitted by Alex gonzalez (not verified) on

Hello my name is Alex, I am from Washington State, I have a nephew who is a huge Cam Newton fan. A few months ago he became ill, with a rare blood disease, he has been away from home and all his family and friends for weeks, I was hoping I could get a message out to Cam Newton and maybe he could give a live video or even just a messsge sent out to my nephew. That would surely mean alot to him and the family. I ask this as a fan and a uncle who would truly appreciate a blessing from Cam Newton himself. I truly understand of this cannot hapened but it would truly put a smile on hos face. Hos name is Nathaniel Wood he is 9 years old, lives in Sunnyside Washington. I would just like to see you put a smile on his face. Frpm a gan from Washington State, thank you for your time.

Sherene Hawkins's picture
Submitted by Sherene Hawkins (not verified) on

Hi Cam I'm a single mom hoping to surprise my son for his 10th birthday & you are his football idol and such a positive role model. It would mean the world if you could contact him or surprise him at his 10th birthday party...PLEASE!!!## February 5th!!!

karla's picture
Submitted by karla (not verified) on

Where can a super fan mom find your pink cleats for my defensive end/tackle, olb daughter and special teams/kicker daugher? Only female and first football player at her middle and high school. My daughters only want to wear your cleats, but finding them in pink and female sizes is IMPOSSIBLE. Please help!!!

Ron Tarantino's picture
Submitted by Ron Tarantino (not verified) on

I am a 67 year old guy from Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. I have been a packer fan since watching them during the Lombardi days. But when it comes to quarterbacks my opinion you represent everything I could ever see in a quarterback on and off the field. There are a lot of great quarterbacks out there which includes Brady, Drees, and of course, Rodgers. But you have it all, skill, size, strength, confidence and being tough. I am writing this to try to add to your enthusiasm because I want to see you and Panthers go all the way to the Super Bowl. One day maybe I’ll see you play. Go Panthers and go Cam.

Doug's picture
Submitted by Doug (not verified) on

Hi Cam - I have never written any fan mail to anyone. Also I am a life long Alabama fan however not one of those that will poison trees. I’ve watched you since you arrived Auburn and afterwards as a panther.
I admire the way you support underprivelidged kids and kids with an illness. Giving back is the best way to celebrate your accomplishments.
I wish you the best of luck.

Alaina 's picture
Submitted by Alaina (not verified) on

Hi, I am a very big fan of you, My dad says I'm crazy but then again he is a Tom Brady fan. There are only three reasons I'm a fan of you 1 I like your TD dance aka dab, 2 your a Christian and following God, and you have inspired me to stand up for what I believe in, 3 Because you are the nicest Qb and NFL player I have ever seen play the game.
See you in the tv Alaina.

david benner's picture
Submitted by david benner (not verified) on

Keep pounding Cam. you still the bomb. we will get them next time.

CW's picture
Submitted by CW (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Newton,
I am a high school teacher here in North Carolina and a big fan. I am always seeking way to help and encourage our students. I wanted to know if you would be willing to come and speak to the young men and women at my high school. They too, are huge fans. I currently, teach in a small district and we have a large population of students who live in poverty and have little if any support outside of school. These young men and women need all the inspiration they can get. There are some awesome students and my school and they deserve to meet someone like you to further encourage them to succeed.
Many of the acc students, especially the young men build their hope on athletics and use sports to escape from reality and to make it out of their situations. They absolutely love the Carolina Panthers and you. I know you are busy, but if you can find time in your schedule to help me inspire these kids it would be beautiful.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


Jushun killon's picture
Submitted by Jushun killon (not verified) on

Cam Newton you are the man I look up to you in so many ways your my idol bro💯Cam I watch all the good you do and how much you love game you inspired me to do great things in my life as me being African American I try to model myself after you I want to some do give back the back the way you do


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