Tyler Posey

Birth Name: 
Tyler Garcia Posey
Best Known For: 

Teen Wolf (TV series)

Short bio: 

Tyler Posey (born October 18, 1991) is an actor and musician. He is known for his role as Scott McCall in MTV's show Teen Wolf.


Gersh Agency
9465 Wilshire Blvd
6th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


Submitted by kevin (not verified) on

IHi I am a big fan of teen wolf and the new kid I love you and ples emaiil me bake

Submitted by Luisa (not verified) on

I'm a big fan of you, I love you and I respect you for being part of the "Teen Wolf" TV series
You will be in Italy? I would like to meet you with others
it would be my biggest dream ...

Submitted by Riley (not verified) on

Ever since I watched Teen Wolf and laid my eyes on your face i went head over heels and many people may say that their your number one fan but that's bull. No one knows you like I know you and they dare not challenge to me to see who the real number one fan because I know everything about you and cherish you until the day I die.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Submitted by Mia Jeanene Nor... (not verified) on

Hi i'm such a big fan but when are you doing you next movie or tv show?

Submitted by Julie Green (not verified) on

Hi Tyler, you are a great actor and I like you so much. I have watch you on Teen wolf and I love the show. I even like the special effects make up. I did a make up and special effects and I am very interested in how they do it. Send me a message, Julie from New Zealand.

Submitted by Kayleigh (not verified) on

You’re actually so fit, sorry. I love Teen wolf and have nearly watched all of it, I love how you play Scott and how trusting of everyone you are in it.
You look good with a beard, by the way. Love Kayleigh x

Submitted by Jordan pizzoferrato (not verified) on

Hi Garcia posey email me so we can have a decent conversation and I'm a fan but not a crazy fan

Submitted by Jana Moon (not verified) on

you make me happy and help me through life as a foster child

Submitted by Trinity (not verified) on

hey I love your movie teen wolf I know its for 16 years and older but I enjoyed watching it Im only 13 and ur my fav actor and fav character on teen wolf.

Submitted by iz (not verified) on

this will be pretty basic and will never be read by Tyler but here it goes,
dear Tyler, you have been a big part of my life since I found teen wolf, I am a big fan of teen drama series and sci-fi stuff so teen wolf had it all, action, sci-fi, love, friendship etc... but teen wolf and tv shows like it really help me become the person I am because I can relate to fictional characters than people at school and they really make me happy to watch. I have a passion for acting even though nobody knows it and I am a really shy girl at school but I have been breaking out of the shell recently and I always tell myself that when I’m out of high school I will start my acting career but I want to start doing big things in my life now. I have this strange need to grow up and get a license, get a job, get older, but I can do basically anything at any age and I want to be an actress and author because I have so many great ideas and I know that if I try I am a good writer and actress but I have no confidence for those things. I want to be able to help people the way that you and teen wolf have helped me through so many difficult things in life.

Submitted by Damian Rodriguez (not verified) on

I was just wondering when the Teen Wolf movie is coming out and who s going to be in it

Submitted by Andreea (not verified) on

Dear Tyler Posey,I wanted to say that i am big fan and I am thankful for watching movies with you.I rly liked how you acted in Teen Wolf,Scott was amazing and had a kind soul,just like you.Hope to see you at a fan concert!
God Bless you!

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