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Florida Georgia Line

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Florida Georgia Line is a country pop duo composed of Brian Kelley (from Ormond Beach, Florida) and Tyler Hubbard (from Monroe, Georgia). In December 2011, they signed a publishing/production/management deal with Craig Wiseman (Big Loud Shirt Publishing), Kevin "Chief" Zaruk (Chief Music Management), and Joey Moi's (Mountain View Records) partnership, Big Loud Mountain. Their second EP, It'z Just What We Do, charted on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. They played on the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour, along with acts such as Josh Thompson, Corey Smith, Gary Allan, Justin Moore, and Rodney Atkins. They have also opened for Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Jake Owen, Colt Ford, Jason Aldean, and Dierks Bentley.


Florida Georgia Line
Big Loud Shirt
1111 16th Avenue South
Ste. 201
Nashville, TN 37212


tia biller's picture
Submitted by tia biller (not verified) on

i love you guys i really wish i could meet you guys

Kecie Snow's picture
Submitted by Kecie Snow (not verified) on

I Would Love To Meet You Guys, I Am A Big Fan.

december's picture
Submitted by december (not verified) on

Luke you have such an amazing voice I really enjoy your music I wish I can meet you that would be amazing your music helped me through a lot of my hard times in life like when I was in the 7th grade I was bullied a whole lot but to make myself feel better all I had to do was listen to your music and it just made me feel so much better same with florida georgia line I just want to thank you guys for working so hard to make such great music.My favorite new music that Florida georgia line just came out with is called God your'e mama and me.And one my favorite songs from Luke bryan is huntin fishin and lovin everyday.That song totally describes me because I love huntin and fishin.I really want to go to a luke bryan concert or a florida georgia line concert so badly its just the tickets are so expensive.Oh well I will just work my hardest to try to work up the money to go someday.Thank you guys again for all you do and the music you put out.

From your biggest fan,December

shelby's picture
Submitted by shelby (not verified) on

dear florida georgia line my name is shelby im a big fan i love your music i love your videos and me and my friend carolyn and mom and daddy and our cleaner kat cant wait to see you guys at the pepsi center on september 30th saturday

Chris Brooks's picture
Submitted by Chris Brooks (not verified) on

Hey, my names Chris and I would really like to meet you guys and Tyler you live down the street from me it's pretty cool. It would be amazing to meet you guys sometime.! Your music has had a good influence on me. You guys rock keep up the good work!

Stacey's picture
Submitted by Stacey (not verified) on

My two boys ages 18 and 20 went to your concert in dallas the end of last year. This was the best night of their lives. My 18 year old who went with his brother as a present from him was innocently killed on 1/8/16 in a senseless high speed chase in midlothian Texas. His name was Garrett Tolliver. It would mean the world to me if you could send pictures signed to Garrett (who passed) and his brother Austin who will remember that night forever!!

Terri Porter/Grandsons are Porters too's picture
Submitted by Terri Porter/Gr... (not verified) on

I'm hoping (if Brian & Tyler/Florida George Line receives this), that maybe you can give a shout out to my 2 grandsons who are celebrating their birthdays by going to your June 19th Columbus Ohio concert. Brayden will be 8 in July and Mayson will be 6 one day before the concert. Brayden's favorite song is "Confession" and Mayson's favorite song is "H.O.L.Y."

Here's hoping!! Thank you!

maryloveseric's picture
Submitted by maryloveseric (not verified) on

I came to New York because my friend was taking me to your concert at Jones Beach, and last minute backed out (2 hrs before). I was going to get a signed autograph as a present for my boyfriend Erics birthday which is in 3 weeks and wanted to get him something really special. This would have meant so much for the both of us because this was the first band we listened to when we started dating, that made me fall in love with country music.

Charlotte Brown's picture
Submitted by Charlotte Brown (not verified) on

Thanks for your song. I don't think it was meant to be spiritual but I am about to undergo breast surgery and it reminds me of who is in charge. Almost no fear. Thanks so much.

Will's picture
Submitted by Will (not verified) on

If you don't like the police and don't want them around, who you gonna call when you need an escort out of town....oh yeah the POLICE that rightfully told you to go fuck yourself. You're assholes to the extreme!!!!

Spencer Harned's picture
Submitted by Spencer Harned (not verified) on

Hello so my name is Spencer Harned. I am currently a senior at Arapahoe High School in Colorado and we have our homecoming week coming up next week and on Saturday is the big dance. My amazing girlfriend and I have tickets to your concert at Fiddlers Green Amphitheater on Thursday the 22nd. I am well aware that this is short notice but I was simply wondering if there is any way I could get you to give her a shout out and help me ask her to the Dance. I'll plan it all but i was just wondering if you could make this dream happen or not. I understand that you must get stuff like this all the time and if you can't that make total sense and no hard felling at all! Thank you so much for your time to read this. We are huge fans and are super excited for the concert!!

Brady Rach's picture
Submitted by Brady Rach (not verified) on

Saw you guys last night in Saskatoon. Cant stop thinking about how great of a night my girlfriend and I had. That was the best concert and most fun ive ever had at a show. Such talented artists, made my entire week. Thanks again.

Brent 's picture
Submitted by Brent (not verified) on

I just wanted to say thank u guys your music has help me though the bad time and good time but alot of bad time I can put your music on and it's put me in a good mood I served over 6 year in the navy I was deployed over to middle east twice and the last time I was there I saved my ship from sinking in the middle east and I had a 500lb price of iron go into my skull I am proud to Serve by country and I just want to tell you guys thank you and I wish you guys would be coming to New Orleans cause I would love to see you guys thank you for your time

Dan from Green Bay WI's picture
Submitted by Dan from Green ... (not verified) on

Florida Georgia Line is my favorite Country music group. I am coming to see the show in Cedar Falls, IA on April 21st. A friend of mine and I are coming from Green Bay WI to attend the concert and I can't wait. I was going to sign up for meet and greet, but Cedar Falls is not one of the options.

I would do anything to meet both of you and have my picture taken with my friend and I. This is on my bucket list.

My email address is


Zerek Baker's picture
Submitted by Zerek Baker (not verified) on

Hey guys! Big fan. I've been very interested in your style of song writing.......I love your music so much. Anyway, I wanted to see if you could teach me a thing or two about song writing, and maybe help me make some music. It would be an honor to hear from you guys, and to maybe learn from you guys.

kassaundra Owen's picture
Submitted by kassaundra Owen (not verified) on

I love all your music I can't stop listening to your song's cause you guy's are really amazing to me an if one of my friends ask's me what song is your favorite from Florida Georgia line I say all of them cause I listen to you guy's when I am stressed out or when I am sad that is how much I love your music.

Taija Hillard's picture
Submitted by Taija Hillard (not verified) on

I am a big fan, i am getting married next year in July.
I would LOVE if you guys could come even id ita just for a min and get a photo with you guys. That would be a dream cone true for me.

Emma 's picture
Submitted by Emma (not verified) on

I like the song this how we roll it a very good song but i have a cold so i won,t be at Nebraskaland days but have fun singing

Cara Jarone's picture
Submitted by Cara Jarone (not verified) on

Hey Guys! I love your style. Are you interested at all in someone who is aligned with you who has a screenplay ready to go, all you guys have to do is produce it. It's called "The Path." I really love you guys and would love to share if you have a moment.

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