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Jake Miller

Birth Name: 
Jacob Harris Miller
Hip Hop
Music Category: 
Best Known For: 

"A Million Lives"

Short bio: 

Jake Miller was born on November 28, 1992 in Weston, Florida. In high school the multi-talented musician, who taught himself to play the drums and guitar at a young age, put out a few homemade music videos on YouTube. They immediately created a buzz and attracted the attention of music business insiders.

Miller released his EP Spotlight on July 29, 2012. The single "What I Wouldn't Give" played on radio across the country including SiriusXM Radio's Top 20 on 20 (Channel 3) and ranked near the top 50 on the Top 40 Radio chart. Miller has also released music videos for most songs off his EP including Day "Without Your Love" and "Runnin".

On January 16, 2013, Miller signed with eOne Music. On April 9, 2013, Miller released his EP "The Road Less Traveled", which debuted at #1 on the iTunes Hip-Hop Chart and spawned his hit single "A Million Lives", which is about overcoming tough times. On November 5, 2013, Miller release his debut full length album "Us Against Them" and has since hit the road on a 43-date tour in support of the album.


The Harris Law Firm, LLC
170 Prospect Avenue
Suite 3D
Hackensack, NJ 07601


Kassandra CLark's picture
Submitted by Kassandra CLark (not verified) on

I just listen your song "A Million Lives", and it brightened my day. I hardly can smile a real smile anymore, and the song made me really smile. :) I'm 11yrs old and I'm a cutter. Everytime I feel like cutting I'll just listen to that song. Your music is amazing, and so is your voice. I really hope you read this. Even if you don't it's okay. I hope you keep making music. Thank you, Jake Miller.

Shiayne Richards 's picture
Submitted by Shiayne Richards (not verified) on

Hello Jake,
My name is Shiayne and i listen to you everyday you are my idol. Im a cutter as well but whenever i listen to your songs it stops me from cutting. I also get bullied. Since kindergarten to now but when it happens i don't let it get to me when i feel like i wanna die i listen to you. Your songs have inspired me so much and your the reason im still alive. If i never would of heard of you nor your songs i probably wouldnt be here today. I hope you read this, but if you dont thats okay. I just hope you see this. And if you cant pronounce my name its cheyenne just spelt differently. I love you Jake thanks for being there for me when no one else was. You are truly an idol.

haley plotzke's picture
Submitted by haley plotzke (not verified) on

I can honestly say that you are one of the few artists that have saved my life. I am 19 years old and still battle depression and self harm everyday. When I feel like just giving up and giving in I listen to a couple of your songs and it reminds me that I am stronger then that so thank you.

Thomas Hazelwood's picture
Submitted by Thomas Hazelwood (not verified) on

I know you are a really busy guy but I hope you can help a kid committed suicide a while back and there was a kid who keeps talking about killing himself so I was wondering if I wrote a song if you could put it in a tune,edit it a little, and release it in his honor I know you probably can't but it would be awesome if you could I will write it if you reply

Kiera's picture
Submitted by Kiera (not verified) on

I love the idea! One of my best friends tried once... thank god she failed. I think if I were to do what you are trying to do I bet I would have helped her a lot more than teller her parents and putting her in a mental hospital for a week. We need more people like you!

Destiny Rimmer's picture
Submitted by Destiny Rimmer (not verified) on

I am listening to " a million lives " and its so amazing. :) You are a great artist.! You inspire me for real. Every song you sing has a message. Thank you for your advice in your songs through your words.

Kelsee Hopkins's picture
Submitted by Kelsee Hopkins (not verified) on

All these problems, runnin’ ‘round and ‘round in my head. Feelin’ like the outcast, just shoot me in the head. Just fallin’, fallin’, fallin’ apart, feelin’ like I’ve been struck down from the heart. Lies keep comin’ at me, like bullets from a gun. I’m feelin’ so numb, every time I wake up. The only thing that soothes my mind, makes me feel free, and escape the doubt inside, like nothin’ else matters. Music, it soothes my soul, and lets me escape it all. Escape, that’s all I ever want, escape all the crap that I go through everyday. I live my life a day at a time, goin’ thru all these rhymes. Fightin’ and cryin’, tryin’ to win all the damn battles. Cryin’ out, but nobody seems to hear me. My life ain’t worth nothin’ to them or my parents, they don’t see the pain they’ve caused. I try to escape it, but I just can’t. Everywhere I turn, they just keep firein’. One after another, I just want to run and hide. God, is this how you want it, my life a piece of of shit. Tell me did I mess up, did my mold break to early? Or was it supposed to break at all? ‘Cause I know, I can’t do this no more. I’m about to break. Tell me, is my life worth livin’? Don’t lie to me, just tell me if I’m supposed to give in? To the blackness, in my heart, in my head, in my soul. I need someone, who’s ‘gonna rescue me, if at all. I need someone here, to be my rock, someone to rescue me from the blackness. ‘Cause I’ll tell you right now, I don’t think I can do it. And I just really need someone, to help me thru it.”

Kate Wills's picture
Submitted by Kate Wills (not verified) on

Twisted sister's song "We Aren't Going To Take It Anymore' would be ideal with some changes for Mother's Against Injustice and you are just the one to sell it ...Through God's Grace I hope this reaches you.....

Mari Jimenez's picture
Submitted by Mari Jimenez (not verified) on

i just wanted to let you know that your songs make my days so much better. when i first started listening to your music i was in such a dark place. thanks to you my world is brighter everyday. i have so much love for your music and i want to be a singer just like you. maybe if it happens we could collaborate on something. JK. But thank you so much for always being there in music for those of us who dont know what else to do.

Charlie's picture
Submitted by Charlie (not verified) on

Listen, what happened? You used to be the most meaningful singer I know with touching songs like "1 million lives" and "Steven". I used to be a huge fan. But now you're just like all other rappers. Singing explicit songs about girls and big butts. Where did you go man??

shayleigh's picture
Submitted by shayleigh (not verified) on

my name is shayleigh. I hide behide a smile. I cry everyday. I hurt everyday. I don't know what to do. no one notices I cry. each tear reacheses the floor and wipes the happiens away. I'm no longer the girl I was the confident not caring what people thought. Steven by you in what I'm going through. I tried suicide failed. I want to sound like Christina Aguilera but have meaning like you. Youre my ideal I love you. I keep you on repeat. Always been there when I'm alone. I want to draw and sing also write. seeing people I love helps the pain but no one sees me. meds don't even help. thank you for helpin. a million lives is everything I have cancer in my family my mom has it. I have been bullied my whole life. I'm only in 7th grade still getting bullied punched hurt called a slut and if I'm gone no one would care. they try thing sexualy.... it hurts me never getting the words out of my head. my sister got me into you she is in high school and amazing she is pretty so its easy for her. thank you for saying with me

joseph's picture
Submitted by joseph (not verified) on

Hey Jake,
i wanted to say thank you for helping me thru some tough times in my life and you've inspired me to stop living in the past. i have decided to get a tattoo on my wrist that reads "music is my therapy". i think what you do helps alot of people thru some tough times

Maiyha's picture
Submitted by Maiyha (not verified) on

Hello Jake I listen to your music all the time. Every time I fell sad I play you and you make my day, and I think that it's a blessing that you are here. I've been bullied starting from the 2nd grade. Every time I was bullied I think of you and I become brave and think to my self what would Jake do? Jake u r like a brother to me, and my best friend that's all ways there for me!!!!!! - LOVE MAIYHA ;) ;)

Genesis Hartman's picture
Submitted by Genesis Hartman (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Genesis Hartman, im 13 years old…. when i was younger my father was an abusive alcoholic to my mother for years until she left him. my father was always in jail or prison. my mother fled with my brothers and i to florida so he wouldn't kill her. 3 months later we came back and i started school. up until 6th grade i was a happy little child. then i started getting bullied and teased about my weight and how ugly i was. countless of times would i get yelled at from the bus window about me being fat or ugly. 7th grade, was the worst of times. i have so many scars on my legs and wrist because of that time. i've tried to OD 3 times while i was in 7th grade. 8th grade isn't so bad, but because of my past, i think so lowly of myself. everyday i think of how fat i am and how ugly i am. and honestly, i'm passed the point of caring. i don't care whether i live or die. we all die one day. some sooner than others. but i don't kill myself because then i'd just hurt my family and friends. Jake, thank you so much for your music. its helped me with a lot. ever since i was in 6 grade, high schoolers would yell out the bus window about me being overweight. for two years this went on, and i've tried to OD 3 times because of them bringing me down. even now i still think so lowly of myself. everyday i look in the mirror and i start to cry. ive wanted to lose weight so much, i barely eat anymore. and if i do it's only small portions of healthy food, which is good somewhat because i've lost 7 pounds since last year. i love your music, and it's helped me so much. so thank you so much.

Emma's picture
Submitted by Emma (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Emma , Jake you are the reason i started singing me and my mom love you we would listen to you all the time till last week when she died i miss her so much you help me get through all this when ever i listen to you it's like your taking me by the hand i love you so much not just because of your music because i swear your meaningful thanks for taking your time to read this Jake your amazing - Emma

bob's picture
Submitted by bob (not verified) on

I never for get it and I make sure I give you all the love you give me back

Emily Eva Marie Waters's picture
Submitted by Emily Eva Marie... (not verified) on

I always listen to your song Jake Miller - A Million Lives you help me through my depression and when I'm feeling down... I was bullied and now I listen to your song everyday reminding me that ill be fine and ignore the hurt and pain your music gets me away from the bullying and everything else! I love you so much!! Keep making more videos!!!

~Please Read~

Sherley Bonet's picture
Submitted by Sherley Bonet (not verified) on

I turned 11 just four days ago but today I accidentally hit my brother. I know it's wrong to hit your little brother but it was like a reflex. But I decided to lock myself in a room but bad thing is I'm suicidal. I've been in the hospital three times because I wanted to kill myself so bad because I got bullied. But I always think back to the song Steven. It makes me cry but that's because I can relate to it. I started to think and knew that I had to say thanks. It makes me feel a little, little, little bit better. But it's not like anyone can cure the part of me with suicidal thoughts, or full on depression.

Meghan's picture
Submitted by Meghan (not verified) on

I want you to know that I just faked my way out of a mental hospital. I was there because I'm suicidal and I cut. I pretended to be happy and pretended to be okay, it was easy because it wasn't any different from every day life. I got home yesterday night. This morning I heard one of your songs for the first time, and the depression I was feeling temporarily dissapeared. My temptation to cut suddenly went away. My suicidal thoughts calmed down. I think you just changed and possibly even saved my life. My name is Meghan and I'm 12, and I wanted to say thank you. You saved me. I like to write poems, and I wrote this one about how I feel, and I'd love it if you were to read it. I call it "Blood." It's a free style/write poem:

In my blood,
all my mistakes written for me to see,
as it picks up the knife and carves its way to my heart,
yet as long as there is still something left in me,
it doesn’t matter how long it carves my pain with my blood,
it will never matter for me,
I’ve lost all feeling in my skin, it’s lost within my blood.
I’ve gotten to the point I don’t know,
Am I torturing myself,
or is everyone torturing me?
I just want to die.
I just want to cry.
I want to go home,
The home that everyone wants to go to,
The home that we call Heaven,
Yet, I know I’m going to hell.
I’m a sinner,
Not a winner.
Why won’t you let me die?
Why won’t you let me cry?
Sense when does anyone care?
No one notices that I want to die,
No one notices when I want to cry.
Help me.
Save me,
Save me from myself.

Thank you, Jake Miller. I can't thank you enough. I wish you were infront of me so I could give you a hug

faith 's picture
Submitted by faith (not verified) on

im not gonna lie i dont have any diseases but every time i hear your music you are one of the best singers in the world ur music helped me thru alot you will probably never see this but if you do thx u r the best and i have had some bad days my wrist and pills but its ok when i listen to ur songs just..........thank you i love you i

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