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Seth Adams Meyers
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Saturday Night Live Weekend Update
Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Seth Meyers is an actor, voice actor, screenwriter, producer, television host and comedian. He is a former head writer for NBC's Saturday Night Live and hosted its news parody segment Weekend Update. Meyers currently hosts the talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, which premiered on Monday February 24, 2014, on NBC.


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Peggy's picture
Submitted by Peggy (not verified) on

My Husband and I have enjoyed watching your show and seeing you entertain. My husband also is alumni from Northwestern with a Masters and a PhD in Communications. What I am not appreciating right now is your Whole program on how you hate Trump! This was a long crueling election and quite frankly I'm very very tired of your whiney butt disrespectinh him. He is the President of our United States now no matter what you say is not going to change this. And I for one will not continue watching your show any more especially if you try and whip a dead cow!! Let's get back to your fun way of your TV show. PLEASE!!! Let's be more entertaining again for America!!! I do hope you read this and maybe change your way! Tired of the same ol Sheeeeee it!

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

I am not sure why you wrote about your husband's high level of education but thank you for that. Now that we are enlightened and aware of how educated he is (thank you again), maybe he could sit you down and teach you how to spell.

Jo Mama's picture
Submitted by Jo Mama (not verified) on

We’re all gonna die because of Trump. You can kiss his ass all you want to in hell.

C Raasch's picture
Submitted by C Raasch (not verified) on

Jo Mama, Get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome, please. There’s help out there. Try praying so that you can stop being so hateful.

C Raasch's picture
Submitted by C Raasch (not verified) on

Thanks Peggy, couldn’t have said it better. He’s s cry baby loser, Will never watch him. He should just run for office and join the rest of the whiny babies in Washington.

Kim's picture
Submitted by Kim (not verified) on

Hey Peggy for what it’s worth I totally agree with you. I can’t say I’m happy with everything Trump has done but if we openly continue to show such disrespect, how can we possibly expect other countries to respect our authority and stance as a country? Those answering that were ugly about your comment are most likely those that didn’t use their right to even vote and now they are angry at the outcome. Whether we, as Americans agree or disagree with our President as citizens of this great country we should still show respect for the office. We put him there. If we don’t like his choices, then we should vote differently. I used to enjoy watching Seth Meyers but his writers constantly write about President Trump. It’s like there is nothing else they know. My husband I have totally quit watching just because they have nothing else to make fun of and it is so monotonous. Thank you for speaking what I was thinking.

Gregory game 's picture
Submitted by Gregory game (not verified) on

Hillary lost , so please put on ur big boy pants and grow up!! Let go of the hate u have for hard working middle class Americans.

Jo Mama's picture
Submitted by Jo Mama (not verified) on

We’re all gonna die now. Thanks a lot. Stupid brainwashed moron.

Sarah Bewley's picture
Submitted by Sarah Bewley (not verified) on

You need to grow up and stop ragging on Trump. Trump HAS MORE TALENT, KNOWLEDGE and SUCCESS IN HIS LITTLE FINGER THAN YOU COULD POSSIBLY EVER HAVE!!!! He obviously knows what the hell he is doing just look at what he has done with his assets. Our country is headed down the best path we have seen in decades!! Hillary is a CROOK and a scammer against Americans. Didn't you UNDERSTAND WHY THEY WERE GOING TO PRESS CHARGES AGAINST HER? INDICT HER? She was SECRETLY SELLING OURCOUNTRYS URANIUM? Claimed to be donating money to "NON-PROFIT" Organizations...AKA THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!!! She's a piece of SHIT! SHE PAID PEOPLE TO START RIOTS WHEREVER TRUMP WAS CAMPAIGNING AT?TRYING TO RUIN HIS CREDIBILITY? She PAID TO KNOW WHAT THE DEBATE QUESTIONS WERE GOING TO BE SO SHE COULD RESEARCH WHAT THE BEST ANSWER WOULD BE? She's a dumb bitch! She only wants what's Best FOR THE CLINTONS. NOT WHATS BESTFOR OUR COUNTRY. Obama is a Muslim doing nothing but trying to ruin out country. He has like 3 birth certificates! 80% of his campaign money came from a towel head country. Understand? Think hard before you go supporting people that aren't 200% patriotic

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

If your education level is higher than grade 4...sue the school-board!! must have gotten your education for Trump's 'Fake University', One of the most fraudulent things I have ever heard of! He also raped a 13year old girl You don't have a clue!! There is not one legitimate accusation in your whole comment! Since you are such a fan maybe you should respond to these things:
Is it ok that he is a sexual predator? Is it ok that he committed fraud against thousands of students? Is it ok that he says he likes to grab women by the pussy? Is it ok that he cheated and the only reason he won was because he had the Russians help him illegally? Is it ok that he lied about the murder rate? Is it ok that he insults people because of how they look? Is it 'cool' that he talked about his ratings on the Apprentice during a PRAYER?? Is it ok that he hates people based on religion and tried to keep them out of the country..Which thankfully did not work because there are people above him that won't tolerate his unethical behavior towards others!! Is it ok that he lied about handing his business operations over to his sons and actually still maintains control over some of them? Is it ok that he made fun of a disabled reporter? Is it ok that he thinks the says global warming is a hoax that the Chinese made up? Why on earth did he say that his inauguration was the most attended ever? OMG what an idiot! He is accused by 12 women for committing sexual assault, is that ok to you, because we all know he did...he bragged about it! Is it ok that he wants the military to commit war crimes? He went bankrupt 6 times and you trust him to run the country?? Do you still think he's going to build a wall and Mexico will pay for it?? lolol.. But seeing how you can't read or write, and call people 'towel heads' makes it very clear that you do find 'hate' appealing. Go learn the word 'impeached', you're going to be hearing it a lot you racist PIG!!

Dan's picture
Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

Sarah...i watch both fox and msnbc,because i believe that if i only listen to one side of the story,i don't get informed,i get brainwashed.i find that those who are most vocal about politics are the ones who listen less to the other side.though i get demonized for watching each of those networks,depending on who i am with at the time,i find that the biggest difference between members of each party is that your side wants to yell,riot and call names more and discuss things less...funny,because it is the intolerant calling the other guy intolerant.more on that later.i have been insulted by both sides,and i am too far away for you to shut me up by pepper spraying me,so i have nothing to fear by stating my cases....and,i am not some red state bobble head who only shakes my head yes.i was brought up in washington state,and voted democratic from jimmy carter until 2012.yes,i am one of those millions that your party lost and don' t know why.but our numbers are growing..and dick cheney is my most hated political figure in my lifetime.
About trump raping a 13 year old. I looked up FACTS.i know your side hates them,but so do those on the far right,so this isn't just an insult to you.but her case was thrown out of court 2 times.unlike those on the far left and right (but mostly left) i hate to make assumptions...but she said she got on a bus to new york city at 13 years old?!?!?sorry,but greyhound doesn't let 13 year olds travel alone.and how did she live alone at 13...he supposedly raped her at the 2nd of 4 parties...why did she go back around her...then,she said that trump flew her around the world,selling her for 4 years between the ages of 15 to 19,to "royalty,politicians,acadamians and businessmen" you may " say" WTF?...and how did she get a passport on her own at 15 years old?it seems unlikely,a scam,actually,but this whole russia connection is based on speculation,so i might as well join in on the fun.
And this russia connection.there's a lot of " smells like treason,there must be,we all know,i fead that" kinds of accusations,but no hard evidence.they have been desperatly seeking anything...anything related to evidence,but came up empty.but your " comedians" just won' t leave it alone...but...because of this,i,as have many others learned things about connections to russia that i wouldn' t have known had this not happened.such as hillarie's " russia reset" which would " make russia stronger"... the clinton foundation getting 500,000 dollars for a speech to a kremlin based energy company,then they got another 11 or 21 million for selling them 20% of our uranium...and joe biden's son being on the board of directors of a ukranian bank that' s associated with the crimea conflict (who says crimea doesn't pay?),john podesta,her campaign manager,sat on the board of a kremlin based energy company,and his brother tony lobbied against sanctions of russian banks...the dems,who have been digging every since july,but demand instant proof when trump talked about being spied upon,well,hasta lavista,susan...and she won' t go down alone.this could be bigg er r than watergate...laugh and call me names if you will,as the more you say is the worse you'll look in the end.
And this hyperbole about a " muslim ban".why was it ok for obama to ban muslims from syria for 2 years in 2010,and at the request of hillary,ban muslims from iran in 2010?what a double standard...if it was a MUSLIM ban,why aren' t people from the other 37 or so mostly muslim nations banned?
Hey- the FIRST trump nominee for the supreme court got approved.yes,the nuclear option that harry reid adopted back in 2011 is alive and well- thanks, was a good idea.what? It was ok for you,but not for us?you say that it will create one party rule?once again,more scare's a little secret...fascists LOVE scare tactics.only with party line voting can this become one party rule,and i thonk that bipartisan defeat of the obamacare bill proves that republicans don' t p,ay that game any more...but you say that washington doesnt listen to the other,i dont expect you to believe sean hannity any more than my sister trusts rachel maddow,but he had a collage of about 10 members of obama's security advisors saying that those 7 states are security threats,and that isis can infiltrate fefugees/ assylum seekers from those countries.but obama didn' t have the desire to listen to them.trump didnt just pick them out of thin air...
How did you like the much anticipated tfump tax return?boy,ol' rachel tripped over her dick on tnzt one,didn' t she?it was geraldo rivera and al capone' s vault and cnn' s russia colusion story all over again...she was,we' ll see what foreign contributions he got from individuals( like the clinton foundation gets from hungarian george soros?)corporations(look into the skolkovo initiative- 28 american,european and russian companies that funneled tens of millions to them)lr...even...governments ( like hillary got from saudi arabia?)...but,all they found was...was ...(drum roll)sound of crickets...but,trump DID pay a way higher tax rate than three house bernie" rich don't pay their fair share of taxes " sanders,and he pays his female staffers the same amount as his male staffers,unlike fauxohauntas " fair pay initiative " elizabeth warren...yes,she did claim to be a native american in order to steal the day once.but don' t worry- what' s little racism as long as it' s not a republican that commits it,right? And i don' t expect you to look up is hard to spell,and choking on hubris is easier for some than looking for the truth.
Wanna talk a little hypocricy?of course not.heck,chances are you already deleted call the republicans racist.who were most of the slave owners?southern democrats...who freed the slaves? The republicans.but WE are the racists.but that,of course was way too long ago for me to write about.that was a long time ago,lots of things have changed,and only your side can live in the past and feel guilty about it.ok...lets go forward a bit...then came the KKK...yet another mostly democratic base...but WE are racist.don' t like that one?ok,let's move forward a little more.who sent yhe japanese to 8nternment camps during WWII?FDR,a democrat,but WE are the racists.ok...don' t like that one? neither do i...lets continue this tour of history...who desegregated our military troops? Dwight eisenhauer..a republican,but WE are the racists.ok,i know you don' t like that about when they desegregated schools.who was the focal point of it?who stood in the doorway of the high school in little rock arkansas?yes,none other than the great governor and,bill clinton mentor,governor orval faubus was the man who had to be moved from the entrance by the national guard so they could come in...but WE are the racists.ok.i know there must be one instance you will like..who ran for president with the slogan send the n*g**rs back to africa?yes,the " honorable" governor of arkansas,george c sent iranians back to iran?jimmy carter,democrat....ok- enough history.i could peck more,but why?remember when the black educaters visited trump?you know,when you guys laughed at kellyanne conway for t he way she looked?a sin for us,by the way...he pledged 25 million to their was a dramatic increase from the 6 that obama gave them...but WE are the thought you had the latino vote locked up,because you thought that all the brown people would stick together and vote the same way...basically cal,ing them fools for following the rules,waiting,taking an oath to oyrr country,when you supported just anybody walking in and getting everything they worked so hard for for free.bringing the elements that they tried so hard to get away from...but you did not listen to the legal lumped all latinos together,but WE are the racists?!?!?
You call us happens at least once every week,maxine waters was the latest,when it was your side that waved mexican flags at trump rallies during the election while your side steps on and burns the american
You call us fascist,yet you don' t protest,you throw eggs,paint,garbage and who knows what at those you disagree do not counter protest,but rather violently break up rallies by those who disagree with silence your opposition by starting fires,pepper spraying beat them with clubs and lead put up pictures of republican students on campuses like they are wanted posters,and in a way,they drown out the opposing voices with chants and yelling.your cute little saul alinski/ george soros antifafas that dress up in costumes and hide their faces so their parents don' t ground them,forcing pepper spray diplomacy on law abiding citizens.
Face it...your girl list.trump made no secret of what he was going to do.if you don ' t like it,you should have had a better's your own fault.the global elite announted her,she had the world media on her side,like their respective parties,she spent billions,we spent millions,but we spent it took things for granted.
What i suggest that you do is look outside of your 18 mostly costal states and realize that there are more people out there than you think.if you want to keep on crying about the popular vote,then fine.just let new york,california,illinois,ohio and texas vote.that is where most of the people are.but the electorial college is a system where each state has a say as well as the popular vote...get over it.
One final word,and it is an has to do with the refugee and border issue....if i offered you a box of 100 chocolates,and one of them was injected with a deadly poison,would it be right for me to force you to eat them?no,you say?and why nkt,you choclist?99 of them are perfectly fine,harmless and delicious.they will release endorphins,add multiflavorism to and enrich your boring old healthy diet,and make 99 moments of your day better...after all,only one of them will harm you
Yes,with every protest,riot,impeach trump sogn at a baseball game,blockage of traffic,etc,you are driving yourselves farther away from undecided,go on...keep acting like spoiled little brats.youre only driftinf farther into the fringe

Dan's picture
Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

You say that trump is extreme.but you use the things against him that he said during the republican " debate",where everybody was yelling and saying stupid things...youre a robot...little hands...wanna bet 10,000 dollars?the only ones that didnt do that were ben carson and john kasich,and they got nowhere.and trump did say that he acts differently in different situations...
But trump is a business,of course you start out extreme,than bargain if you want to sell a car for 1000 dollars,you start out asking for 1500...then deal.trump does that.but you people can' t see that.and speaking of ben carson.another example of your hypocricy-whoopie, can you hear me?she slams ben carson for talking about the slave immigrant thing...relentlessly,but obama said the same thing 2 or 3 times,and not a word was said.

And seth...using the terror attack in sweden where 4 people died and many more were injured as a basis for anti trump jokes was to me in really bad taste.somehow,i thought that you were a bit above laughing at a tragedy like that.but in a culture that has a hitler of the month,and i use that phrase because once a month or more somebody on your side compares somebody to him,perhaps you get a little desensitisef to real teagedy.i can' t help thatt you are shortchanging the scope of history,and depriving future generations of knowledge.if i wete to be growing up now,how could i not think that there a lot of people that are as bad as hitler,based on what the media says?how could i not think that a terrorist attack in sweden can' t be a laughing matter,or something i can deny and / or make a few jokes because of it?

The normal people's picture
Submitted by The normal people (not verified) on

Also, get a dictionary. 13 year olds don't ride on busses? I was riding on them at 5. Stop being racist. 'Towel- head' is racist. Did you understand that trump hasn't paid taxes? He claimed bankruptcy 6 times? Grabbed women by the pussy? 200% patriotic? Obama isn't president. Trump is. "Look at what he's done with his assets". Claimed bankruptcy. 6 times. Gross

Dennis Garich's picture
Submitted by Dennis Garich (not verified) on

Stephen Colbert & Seth Meyers
I am a 71 year old white male life long Republican. I change to independent when we lost 5000+ kids in 2 bad wars.

I wanted to suggest that Monday night you could take the time and show the results of the positive vote for the conformation for James Mattis and John Kelly. They seem like great choices for their new roles. The results were 98 to 1 and 88 to 12 which would show bipartisan in the process.
If you would tell the audience and the viewing public the results of the conformation vote during the week showing the voting Senators by Party, name and state for the following President picks for conformation.
Jeff Sessions--Tom Price--Steven Mnuchin and Andrew Puzder.
Since the woman's march all over the world Saturday and President Trump popularity poles, these Senators just might wake up and vote for their conscience rather than party.
Two others:
Rex Tillerson highly respected, wrong job and wrong time.
Betsy Devos seems silly when she justified guns in schools for shooting bears.
On you tube, search for "Conformation Hearings" an d you will find the swamp is getting bigger.
My local paper shows the votes of my 2 senate guys, but it's on section 2 and the last pages.You guys have a great following to the viewing public. If you show these results on your show, most newspapers will pick it up and spread it to the first few pages of the paper reading public. It just might make the difference.
Thank you in advance,
Dennis Garich

Sheila's picture
Submitted by Sheila (not verified) on

Thank you so much for providing fans with the opportunity to laugh in the face of political insanity. Anyone who doesn't enjoy your show doesn't have to watch. I look forward to your show every day!

Steve's picture
Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

The Donald Trump thing is getting really OLD…

We very much enjoy Jimmy Fallon’s monolog and the fun that he has with Trump. But Seth’s approach is very different in that he doesn’t do anything but Trump jokes and these joke are clearly meant to be hurtful and not funny. It seems to be a very personal and hateful attack on Trump instead of comedy. We can’t and don’t watch any longer as we am looking for some comedic relief from our everyday stresses.
My advice: mix it up a bit. Actually do some real comedy involving something not Trump related. Making people laugh is the point not bashing someone who you clearly just don’t personally like.

Good luck with it and PLEASE stop the Trump Hate Agenda for you careers sake.

Paula's picture
Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

I don't think that Seth needs any advice from you, check the ratings!

Bob's picture
Submitted by Bob (not verified) on

You should consider changing the name of your show to the Trump Hate Show...

riz's picture
Submitted by riz (not verified) on

I have NEVER written a fan mail in my life but I am so compelled to thank you Seth Myers for sharing with us the actual daily HORRORS of Trumps outrageous and insane...( will not write the word next to his ... ) while simultaneously making us laugh. We so need to laugh.
Thank you so much Seth
Be safe be happy be well

Shaun's picture
Submitted by Shaun (not verified) on

What was the song Regina played? Was it "The ghost of Tom Joad"? If not, sure sounded like it.

jenny's picture
Submitted by jenny (not verified) on

It's time to find a new host. You are not funny, entertaining, or interesting.

Shrll's picture
Submitted by Shrll (not verified) on

Nothing about this show is funny. At least not any longer. It's always the same topic Trump Trump Trump.
Don't u guys have any different material.
This Trump s@#% is getting old and is far from funny

B. Thomas's picture
Submitted by B. Thomas (not verified) on

Look, I enjoy a good night comedy show tremendously. Politics will always play a part in our lives and we will live with the democracy that we have and will always live under. That is what makes America and the land we live in great. Your show has become impossible to watch because it is so one sided, you are ruling out half the country with your constant political one sided views against the party that won the election. you have lost me as a viewer and you will continue to lose so many viewers that your show will lose. it is exhausting and obviously you are using your outlet for personal beliefs. its disgusting. if you want to retain your show I would suggest less political one sided views. maybe im completely wrong but just one average american's feeling . it is pretty disgusting how one sided you are.

marina ashworth's picture
Submitted by marina ashworth (not verified) on

he will not lose me, he will be continuing with his political pundits because there is so much fuel to put on the fire....
he has my respect and since I am one of those that Pres Small Hands will hurt, I get to laugh my butt off as I please....
you might switch channels and watch something more appropriate to your mental capabilities and sensitivities, as is your right ....but leave the rest of us with a sense of time and intelligence the chance to enjoy the ride....we ride the roller coaster, not the kid rides

Capt kevin's picture
Submitted by Capt kevin (not verified) on

Your show is very exhausting. Tired of watching. Turned off. I'd rather watch rosanne.

Dissatified's picture
Submitted by Dissatified (not verified) on

Just wanted to let you know you are still an asshole.

marina ashworth's picture
Submitted by marina ashworth (not verified) on

Thank you so much for your biting and wonderful spots on The Donald.
I am one of the 20M that will be disenfranchized by The Donald's moves against ACA.
I worked 46 yrs, paid MY taxes for 46 yrs, do volunteer work now and have been placed on disability due to medical conditions that are taxing to me ( pun intended)
I am terrified of this man (not much of a man) and what he is doing to our country.....
His quotes for my insurance premiums are exactly what I get from disability, I can barely survive now and he will gleefully take away all that I have, including my dignity
So.....thank you for making me laugh! I have never watched your show before and now that I have found you, you have a new are personable, funny as hell, witty and a flippin' joy to watch.... me and others like me who will succumb to our maladies since we will not be able to afford a doctor/ will not deter The Donald from perfecting his golf game, he needs a lot of practice to swing with a small heart and very small hands (hhhmmmm, small hands, small (*&^) 's picture
Submitted by (not verified) on

I have a great idea! One of these night when you're playing one of Trump’s nonsensical babblings, voice over the "wha-wha-wha" voice of Snoopy from all those Charlie Brown holiday specials! It'd be hilarious!

Andy Yusen's picture
Submitted by Andy Yusen (not verified) on

So busy being negative. Lets look at his successes as Russian agent. Tillerson as Sect. of State, alienated all allies, made US look ridiculous in the eyes of the world, made congress even more dysfunctional, more partisanship, more racism, large percentage of GOP voters now believe Russia is the "good guy", total denigration of the executive branch... lots more. Tell me he's not the greatest foreign agent of all time.

Cecilia 's picture
Submitted by Cecilia (not verified) on

Hey Seth,
Love your show and look forward to "A Closer Look" :) You are very intelligent and funny :) ... I wanted to see if you've ever heard of "S.W.A.N.A.", which stands for "South West Asia, North Africa"...this, I was taught almost 20 years ago in undergrad, is the politically correct term for the "Middle East", a clearly ethnocentric term used by the United States and other countries... I cannot believe the term "Middle East" is still in use... this can be thought comparatively to the old term the "Far East" for China... one might ask the question, Middle East and Far East from what? Meaning east of what?, Europe, the U.S.A.? Food for thought...I wish I could remember my professor's name to give him credit for teaching about S.W.A.N.A., he was from Lebanon and was genuinely bothered by the term "Middle East"...this old term (Middle East) is offensive and should not be used in the future...maybe you could promote the non-offensive language on your show by chance? I'm a huge fan, you're wonderful, don't listen to the haters...

Isaiah's picture
Submitted by Isaiah (not verified) on

Has anyone pointed out how much Sean Hannity looks like Lou Costello?
Might be fun, yes?

Linn's picture
Submitted by Linn (not verified) on

I tried very hard to see your humor, but all you do is knock our President. I see your ratings are down, maybe you should try a different approach.

Martin's picture
Submitted by Martin (not verified) on

I am a man from a small country in Europe, which is sometimes confused with Australia 'cos of the name. I watch your late night show from time to time on the internet. What really got me was John Snow invited to a dinner party. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Winter is coming! Anyway. This is what came to my mind recently when I was watching your show (and I am not gay): "He`s the kind of man, if I was a woman, I would fall in love with (qoute from Casablanca, when the prefect of police tells Ilsa Lund about Rick, before she meets him). Thank god I'm not a woman (or gay)! You are awesome! Cheers! I love you! You can publish this. Or not, I don't care. LOL

Scott Stewart's picture
Submitted by Scott Stewart (not verified) on

How stupid were your "funny" political jokes on a closer look? Not funny even for anti Trump listeners.

Travis's picture
Submitted by Travis (not verified) on

Instead of bashing trump why don't u try supporting him.I couldn't have cared who won the presidency but whoever won that's who we need to support .Im sure he has enough to deal with rather than be bothered by your mean comments. And the athletes need to be fired for kneeling they are disrespecting the men and women who fight for their freedom and no matter which way u look at it they are disrespecting them

Quinnsmyboy's picture
Submitted by Quinnsmyboy (not verified) on

Do you honestly think we give a shit about what you think? Please I don't even know who you are, and unless you are contributing to my family, paying our bills, putting food on the table, your opinion and actions mean nothing to me. TRUMP 2020!!!!! Get a grip on your emtions and worry about you and yours, the rest of us don't care.

Ron Richtsmeier's picture
Submitted by Ron Richtsmeier (not verified) on

Hey Seth, I used to really enjoy your show. But, since I voted for President Trump, and still support him - you obviously don't want me watching your show anymore.
That's fine by me - you weren't that good anyway. I think you will find your ratings will be going down, and your advertisers will feel the pinch as well.
So - bad luck to you asshole.

Ryan 's picture
Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

Use to like you on SNL. The trump and heavy left stuff is just unwatchable. Good luck with your career.


Susan's picture
Submitted by Susan (not verified) on

I love your show. Keep emphasizing the actions of Trump and now the hypocrisy of Matt Lauer. Those who hate your show should stick to watching that entertaining judge on Fox.

Patrick Walsh 's picture
Submitted by Patrick Walsh (not verified) on

Love you Seth! No one has reported on the fact that Moore's campaign victory song was
Gary Pucket and the age gap, " Young girl get out of my mind! My love for you is way out of line..... you're much toooo young girl.... "
just me? Or a little inappropriate!

thomas's picture
Submitted by thomas (not verified) on

Since Donald Trump is so prolific at name calling, could you start referring to him as "demented Donald"?

Penny Winkle's picture
Submitted by Penny Winkle (not verified) on

I live in Ohio. I know John Kasich is going to be on your show next week. Please don't soft peddle things with him. Here are the facts: Under Kasich Ohio's education system has gone from 5th in the nation to 22nd. The average household income in Ohio ranks 32nd nationally. 1 in 7 Ohioans now lives below the poverty rate, which is higher than the national average. Ohio ranks 39 out of 50 in the nation for health and life expectancy. Ohio leads the nation in heroin and opioid overdose deaths. Kasich increased sales tax so he could reduce the state income tax. The cutbacks have meant that local municipalities have decreased local services. Ohio ranks 45th in infant mortality but Kasich has preferred to focus on taking away women's reproductive health decisions 20 times under his governorship, including signing a bill making it illegal for a woman to have an abortion after a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Please keep him accountable for his record, not just his campaign to appear different than Donald Trump.

Mari Arnaud's picture
Submitted by Mari Arnaud (not verified) on

Dear Seth-

Let me preface this by telling you that I love your show and 99.9% of what you say on it. Thank you for providing a shred of sanity in our world during this very troubling presidency.

With that being said, I am writing to tell you that I was very disappointed that you made a joke on your show recently, in which you referenced a bachelor party with a stripper. Bachelor parties with strippers are part of the mysogenist strand of our culture that perpetuates the acceptance of objectifying women, viewing us as sex objects, and condones the unacceptable behaviors of predatory men that you spoke out against at the Golden Globe Awards.

We need to educate the next generation of men to respect women, and to celebrate their natural sexual feelings in a healthier way that is not harmful or objectifying to women. As a public figure who I believe is more culturally sensitive and aware than most men in your industry, I hope that you will stop making jokes that treat the objectification of women’s bodies as the status quo of American social norms.

Mari Arnaud

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You are so nice to watch, except your Trump bashing....the show should show your asset's instead of feeling like a toxic relationship...I loved hearing you talk about you baby.congraulations! I get two station and I watch you.thdre is too much stress in this world and bring in more people've got this.
I pray your children are blessed and you and your wife..sincerely Cynthia

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Dear Seth-

You were never a favorite of mine on SNL. Now, you make a comment about Donald Trump "being President after losing by 3 million votes..." I'm here to tell you, son, that that's not how the system works. We go by Electoral votes. If it were the other way around Trump would have played a different spending more time in those states. For your information, Crooked Hillary should have spent more time in Wisconsin, etc....Blow it out your tailpipe...

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Trump did drain the swamp, and he replaced it with a sceptic tank.

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Enough of the President Trump bashing. Take a hint from all these comments on here. Many people I know have quit watching you because of your hatred towards our President. Do your part to help this divided country that we live in, don’t add to it. Honestly, with all these comments bashing you for what you say about Trump, how do you still have your job...NBC wake up....

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Seth Myers could be funny if he quit droning on and on with his tired political tirade.
Very sad that his late night show has degenerated into something that isn’t even funny.
I have stopped watching it and hope others voice their displeasure by doing the same.

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Perhaps Trump doesn't realize that there were TWO presidents named George Bush

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