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James Joseph "Jim" Harbaugh (born December 23, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Michigan and a former quarterback. He played college football at Michigan and played in the National Football League (NFL) for 14 seasons, from 1987 to 2000. Harbaugh has been a head coach since 2004. He coached at the University of San Diego for three seasons, then coached Stanford University of the Pac-10 for four seasons, before becoming the coach of the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, a position he held for four seasons.


Orange Bowl Champion (2011)

Fiesta Bowl Champion (1986)


Athletic Department
University of Michigan
1000 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2201


Submitted by Elizabeth Sieracki (not verified) on

Dear U of M Athletic Department:
I know the U of M athletic department is not only interested in its athletes performance on the field but also off the field. I wanted to write because I believe I have found some information in the area of finance that the athletic staff would find beneficial if implemented into its program.
It is called the Financial Fitness Pack. It was actually created by a U of M graduate who is a best selling author and founder of a leadership company called LIFE. This finance pack was created to help the average person, young or old, understand the offense, defense and playing field of money. It is put together in a very non-threating, easy to understand, condensed version.
I would like to gift one of these packs to Coach Harbaugh and his coaching team to preview for use within his organization, specifically his athletes.
What is the address and how would I ensure it reaches the coaching staff? This pack has already been proven nationwide to be beneficial for coaches and young people alike.
Thank you
Elizabeth Sieracki

Submitted by Susan taylor (not verified) on

I bleed Blue/Gold. I was embarrassed and very disappointed to see the greatest team disrespect our flag. Our AMERICAN FLAG doesn't stand for black verses white or any of the crap. People die to protect our rights!!! Our flag is freedom and respect for a great country!!!! You Mr Harbaugh have many children looking to u as a role model. As a MI fan I'm sooooo sad.

Submitted by Dr. Michael G. ... (not verified) on


You said that you did not feel it was your place to tell your boys what/how to think. I bet you have no trouble directing their lives and telling them how/what to think when it comes to diet, conditioning, respect for you and your coaches, loyalty to your school, etc. Your statement and lack of courage to make the right stand/statement to your players and many others was in very poor character. But, many men and women have died for you to have that right to disrespect them

Submitted by Jerry Serwas (not verified) on

As a USMC combat doc 1967-68 I am 2 years late to reinforce S. Taylor's 'PROTEST'. Of zero consequence combat wounded x2 ... it is LIFE & LIMB
we sacrifice. Over 600,000 killed in our bloody Civil War alone. A stupid political statement/ploy does NOT speak once again to dividing Americans.
'We the People' still believe in our constitutional values. For once I'd like to see those big men on campus .. simply read Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
White, Black, Red, Yellow - we are ALL Americans in the Great Nation under God. Comes now a question probably best answered by Patriots coach Bellichek (sp); has anyone patented a specific football play ? Keep in mind that I too bleed Blue/Gold but graduated from UF where we too take SEC Football more seriously than your beloved Big 10. Isn't it high time for UM to thrash those sub-Urban Meyer Buckeyes ? GO BLUE !
oh yeah, Semper Fi and GO GATORS !

Submitted by Harper Spataro (not verified) on

Try switching out Peppers and evens at running back and put peppers at ass rusher with 4-3 defense. sure to confuse WI

Submitted by Harper Spataro (not verified) on

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Submitted by Harper Spataro (not verified) on

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Submitted by Dan Hollars (not verified) on

It seems like coach Harbaugh wants the Heisman for Peppers more than he wants a national championship for the Wolverines. Every time Speight "works" it all the way into the red zone, he puts in Peppers in the wildcat. It's not fair to Speight, or the team. He leaves points on the field and now they come out ranked 3 in the playoff hunt instead of 2. Think coach Harbaugh, think.

thank you,

Submitted by Dom (not verified) on

Hi Coach Harbaugh! Please comment/Reply on this so I know you get this. I have an idea to talk with you about the OSU game defensively, but it would be pointless to type all just for no one to see. I know that you have listened to poker players to justices, so why not a 12 year old!

Submitted by Victorie Knight (not verified) on

I just wanted to tell you that we you need to stay at UM! I am a UM alum and have followed you throughout your career. I have hoped for years that you would coach at UM and couldn't be happier that you are finally there. I know we got robbed at the Shoe but don't let it discourage you for the future. We need to you to continue the extraordinary work you are doing there. In my opinion, you are next best thing to having Bo coach again. Keep up the great work!

Submitted by Teena D (not verified) on

It is waaaay too close to Christmas to be thinking about trying to get ahold of you Mr. Harbaugh, but I had to try. I have a neurological disease, and my Dr. Attended Michigan and is a Wolverines fan to the max, until last year! This is where you come into the mix....for Christmas last year I bought him a Michigan football signed by you. I wasn't able to take it to him, so my husband took it, and he filmed my Dr. Opening it. I wish I knew how to send it because it would show how beloved you are to him, and so many others, I am a huge fan of you too, I have been a 9er Fan for 43 years. Anyway, my Dr. Opened it and was so excited to see the football, but then he turned the ball and saw your autograph!!!! The reaction was priceless....he yelled out St. James!!! He loves his Wolverines and you. My question is, if I were to send you a jersey, is there any possibility of you signing it for me/him? If it can't happen by Christmas, maybe a little later? I'm sure I could throw him off with a Michigan ornament. My Dr. And his staff are like Family to me, I've been going to him for 20+ years every 6 weeks. If you would just consider what I'm asking, it will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you for your time, and keep on being a great coach! Happy Holidays too!

Submitted by Dane Stewart (not verified) on

Hello Coach, I am Dane Stewart. Congrats on another successful year with the Wolverines! It has been a dream for me since I became a Michigan fan to watch Michigan in a bowl game. Last year I thought would be the year in Orlando, but our son was born premature in December. So going to the bowl game in Orlando from Miami was not an option for us. But while in the hospital we watched a rooted for our team to win! Unfortunately our son Kai did not make it and passed in January of 2016. And soon we started out non-profit Organization (Kai Jeremiah Foundation) to help Preemie babies have a better chance of survival through research.

We hope and are trying to make it to the Orange Bowl to be able to watch live in person; Michigan play and win another Orange Bowl!! We hope to make this dream come true. Good Luck Coach!! and GO BLUE!!!!

Submitted by Charles C Whiteaker (not verified) on

Jim, GO BLUE! Hope we can beat OSU this year.
Politics and sports don't mix. It is a lose, lose situation. Stay clear of politics.
Charles "Chuck" Whiteaker, "M" '53

Submitted by Jodi Lorenz (not verified) on

Stick to football and focus on "Making MICHIGAN Great again!"

Submitted by Chris Seidel (not verified) on

Hi Jim,

I recently was laid off from a company on south industrial drive but loved watching your training drills nd have been a WOLVERINE fan since I Reenacted it in my back yard!! I am now 31 and would be amazed and loyal to the University!! Please let me know if I can be any assistance? I graduated from western as I was not able to afford the UofM price! That doesn't matter as my DAD and me were die hards! GO BLUE!!

Best Regards,


Submitted by Paul Bucklin (not verified) on

Hi Jim,
I am a 56 year old alumni, MBA. I am a huge football fan. Please stay away from politics. Sports is an escape from reality for a few hours. It is being polluted by politics. And that pollution is coming from leftists. We are all spoiled in the USA. Consider the lot of an average North Korean for example. No one in the USA has a complaint while multi millions around the world live horrible conditions. But they whine. All of this whining is from the left and it goes unchecked. And when someone says something they get lampooned. Please don't join in. The behavior of superstar athletes that live lives of unbelievable wealth makes me sick. This is the only country in the history of mankind that would ever give them such opportunity. But they spit on it. I am disgusted. I love this country and what it stands for despite its flaws. But people want to tear it down. We all need to step back and thank God that we were born in the time and place we were because this will be lost never to be enjoyed again. Please refrain from politics. I want and need to enjoy football.

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

I would ask that you stay away from politics when talking to the media, those young men you work with on a daily basis need to understand what the flag stands for, nothing racist but this great country and the men and women who fought for it to protect us.
Please teach that to the young men you work with.
I have decided to boycott the NFL because of the leadership's comments and I know they are all about the almighty dollar which they will get no more from me.
Please use that energy towards coaching because Michigan hasn't looked that good so far this year. Stay out of politics

Submitted by Paul Jacobsen (not verified) on

You are an embarrassment. Have you even read the constitution? Players have a right to kneel and the president and everyone else have the right to boycott. Before you speak please read something

Submitted by Wayne Huerth (not verified) on

Coach Jim........... As the role model you are, please rethink your position on this.
I'm passing on what I believe most Americans feel toward the NFL right now.

The Day the NFL Died:

February 3, 1959 is the “day the music died.” That’s the day Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, and the Big Bopper were killed when their plane crashed and burned in an Iowa cornfield, a day immortalized in Don McLean’s “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie.”
September 24, 2017 will go down in history as the day the NFL died. It died because its pampered, babied, overgrown millionaires showed an utter lack of respect for their country and their flag and insulted every working American who buys tickets to watch them play a game. It died because players, coaches, and owners alike insulted a country that gave them the
opportunity to make an obscene amount of money that almost everyone in the stands can only dream of. They insulted a supposedly racist country in which African-American athletes make millions of dollars playing in a league in which 68% of the players are black.
Their lack of gratitude is staggering, grotesque, and utterly offensive. To make matters worse, these players chose National Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day to diss America, a day set aside by Congress to remember the families of those who paid the last full measure of devotion for our security, our safety, and our freedom.
Easily the defining moment of the day came in London, where the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars played the NFL’s annual game in the United Kingdom. The players - along with the Muslim owner of the Jaguars - locked arms and refused to honor America’s national anthem but stood as one in respectful attention while the national anthem of the UK was being played. They would not honor the “Star-Spangled Banner” but stood in honor of “God Save the Queen.”

That moment, that moment right there, is the moment the NFL died. It should be noted that the 17 Ravens and Jaguar players who defied their country’s flag on foreign soil make a combined $448,373,425, an amount greater than the gross domestic product of a number of the world’s nations.
In America, three teams (the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the Tennessee Titans) stayed in the locker rooms for the playing of the national anthem, despite the fact that NFL policy requires them to be fined for doing so. (An NFL official told ESPN the feeble and weak-kneed head office has no interest in imposing any fines at all.) The truth is if the NFL can fine entire teams for disrespecting the flag, they can certainly fine individual players for doing the same thing.
Only one player for the Steelers, former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva, a veteran of three tours in Afghanistan, came out of the locker room and stood at attention for the national anthem. The rest of the Steelers hid like surly cowards in the bowels of the stadium while the rest of the stadium honored America.
By the count of the Associated Press, across the league over 200 players dissed their nation and their flag yesterday. Thirty-two Denver Broncos took a knee, and LeSean McCoy of the Buffalo Bills nonchalantly did his stretching exercises during the anthem. Black Power salutes are now common not only on the sidelines but during the game in celebration of sacks, interceptions, and touchdowns. If the NFL does not get a handle on this right now, it’s going to get ugly as new forms of angry protest are devised. In Detroit, anthem singer Rico LaVelle dropped to one knee and raised the black power salute at the end of the song. Another national anthem artist did much the same thing. In most stadiums, boos descended from the stands in response to these disgraceful protests.
It was really sad when nearly 20 players took a knee and then have the audacity to play for a team called the Patriots! Perhaps we should refer to that team as the Boston Cry Babies. At the very least fans should rip and burn anything with the name “Boston Patriots” on it!
The NFL, in other words, is committing hari-kari in front of the whole world. Meanwhile, NASCAR owners made it clear that if a driver pulled a stunt like this in the NASCAR world he’d get fired so fast he’d get a nosebleed.

NFL players who refuse to show respect for the anthem and the The NFL’s players need to learn one lesson: when it’s time to pray, you go to your knees. When it’s time to honor your country, you rise to your feet. Period.
The media mocked Tim Tebow for taking a knee on the sideline to honor God. Now they glorify overpaid athletes for taking a knee on the sideline to dishonor America. Saints quarterback Drew Brees correctly observed that those who are looking for a display of unity in America are missing a glorious opportunity. I will always feel that, if you are an American, that the national anthem is the opportunity for us all to stand up together, to be unified, and to show respect for our country. To show respect for what it stands for, the birth of our nation...I feel like that is a unifying thing. The national anthem and standing for the national anthem, and looking at the flag with a hand over the heart is a unifying thing that should bring us all together. And say, 'You know what? We know things are not where they should be, but we're going to work and strive to make things better.' To bring equality to all people -- men, women, no matter your race, creed, religion, it doesn't matter.
Equality for all. But if you're an American, then I will always believe that we should be standing, showing respect for our flag, with our hand ove our heart. The bottom line: with the reprehensible shenanigans, the NFL has become the nation’s largest and most powerful hate group. And it is America that they hate. May the NFL rest in peace

Submitted by Fred Domine (not verified) on

Please resign before you embarrass a great program further.

Submitted by Cort Meyaard (not verified) on

Dear Coach Harbaugh,

Hey Coach, My name is Cortland Meyaard I am a 8th grade student athlete at the Zeeland Christian school in Zeeland, Michigan I play Basketball, Baseball, and Football and I am 1 of 11 kids in my family which consists of 6 biological children and 5 adopted, 4 of them adopted from Ethiopia. I am a huge huge huge fan of the wolverines and always have been, I have watched and admired the work you have done for the state of Michigan and I someday hope to go to the university and eventually play or coach a sport. Coming up on Thursday, May 3 my grade is doing a shadow day and it would mean the entire world to me if I could possibly come to Ann Arbor to shadow you or Don Brown or somebody from your staff to take notes and watch how you guys coach this incredible team. It would be a dream come true. Go Blue〽️

Thank You so much, Cort Meyaard

Submitted by Ben morris (not verified) on

I don’t normally do this, but I just wanted to to tell you how you have inspired myself, family, and business!! I’m a 9er fan and didn’t know much about you. I educated myself on your career and leadership and started following your success. The all or nothing show was really well done and I had my leadership team at my company study your actions and most importantly my 3 sons are super fans of your tactics and leadership!! Just wanted to say thanks and the impact you make on peoples lives. I continue to try and exhibit the same leadership and values I have learned from your actions. Thanks Ben morris. Henderson Nevada.

Submitted by Sean (not verified) on



After watching the team play all year, I wanted to give my opinion as to how i would change things up to make us even better, mainly in the quarterback position. These little pass routes don't work so well when the other team know we don't throw the long ball that much. I don't know if it's just that you or our quarterback are afraid to air out the ball, but we won't win games if we don't go deep. If you look at the big teams who are always at the top, they always incorporate the long ball, but it seems you or your quarterback never want to. Why is that? Our quarterback holds the ball too long, and then when he does throw, it hangs in the air too long, it's never really a bullet, and for whatever reason it seems as though he waits until the receiver is at his mark rather than having the ball meet the receiver at his mark at the same time. Why don't we lead our receivers with the pass? If you look at the game where our 3rd string came in, he threw a bullet deep to a double covered man AND HIT HIM. It was beautiful. Watching the games, I loved it when Mccaffery was in for the short time against the Irish. He threw hard and true to his target. Patterson should never have been put back in once he was pulled for cramping up. Even our 3rd stringer has a rocket for an arm that's better than patterson's. Either that, or patterson is afraid to use his arm... Patterson is good, but if he can't get the butterflies out of him, we won't progress. We need our quarterback (whoever you choose) to throw harder, sooner, lead the receiver, and throw the long ball. When the quarterback drops back, he should not hold on to that ball for more than 3 seconds before launching a deep pass fast for massive yardage. We need to trust that our receivers will be at their mark when the ball gets there. If you don't trust your receiver's to do this, then replace them.

Another observation that will help with OSU next year and Florida in the bowl game is, neither one of them do well against a fast paced offense. What I mean by this is if you do a speed no huddle and call plays from the pocket in quick succession, they can't get set up fast enough correctly.. OSU showed this flaw when Hoke was coach. Hoke just never saw it or took advantage of it. Also, expect Florida to use their speedy receivers to get massive yards with the long ball. Make sure you have our fastest guys out on that field covering.

In closing, I may not be nearly ad educated as you are in football, but I do have a keen eye for strategy and can see the holes in defenses quite well. I would truely enjoy sitting down with you and going over some things I feel would definitely help this team, and teams of our future. I love my team, school and state so much.... I want to help any way I can. It gets frustrating though when it seems other don't see what i see playing out even before the ball snaps....

Thank you for taking the time to read this Coach, and good luck in the bowl game in a few days. GO BLUE !!

Submitted by Robert Weatherholt (not verified) on

Coach Harbaugh, I've been a Michigan fan my whole life & my family has to. That's where this began. I can remember sitting around the TV with my father & 4 siblings. We just loved Michigan Football. Then, I have a brother who graduated from Michigan in 1986. Put those years together .... It's HUGE, you were our quarterback. Sir, you have it within you to become & achieve what BO represented. You Sir, were blessed to be Coached by the Greatest Coach in Michigan history. But, I do believe in all my HEART ( Mike Hart ) that you will achieve GREATNESS within the Halls of Michigan Stadium (Big House). Sir, I'm just a simple man from a simple family. Ice worked in the automobile factories my whole life. We had a brother graduate from U of M in 1986. Bo ... You ... & Us. It's what we know, it's what we believe. Those who stay Coach Harbaugh .... Those who stay. As far as we believe, there is only 1 game you must WIN ... THE GAME. Congrats, with Coach Mike Hart. We love Michigan ... GO BLUE

Submitted by PAUL J rekowski (not verified) on

JH I suggest you get with Tom Brady before this BS gets out of control. Why does anybody including his estranged stepson wait 40 years or so until after Bo is dead and cant defend himself to level allegations against him. It stinks to high heaven. Tom needs to raise his voice against these scurrilous attacks on Bo and that they should not be believed. Don't let it get out of control like it did to ruin the legend of Paterno. You guys have to be proactive to defend Bo and use TB and perhaps Dan Dierdorf to get out there to defend Bo so his legend is not tarnished by the cancel culture MOB.

Submitted by Rick St. (not verified) on

My name is Rick and have been a Wolverine fan since 1975 at the age of 9. My birthday is later this month and my birthday wish is for you and the team to give Ohio State a good old fashioned 1902 beatdown.
It was after that 86-0 beating that on the train ride home the Song Carmen Ohio was written. IT'S TIME FOR A NEW SONG !!!!!

Thanks. GO BLUE!!!

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