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FanMail Email Services

You get free access to that email address by going to the webmail interface. If you want to have your emails forwarded to another address of your choosing, that is $20/year. If you want to get your emails on your phone or desktop email client, you can get full access for $20/year. See a list of the domains you can choose for email address HERE.

Webmail – FREE

Log into to check your mail. You must log in at least every 60 days to keep your address active. If you go more than 6 months without logging in, your address will be deleted.

Email Forwarding - $20/year

Have your FanMail email forwarded to any address you choose. If you change jobs or email servers, just log in and change your forwarding address.

If your forwarding address permanently refuses (bounces) a forwarded email for any reason, your address will be switched to webmail where you can still access your email. We can even notify an alert address you provide with instructions to quickly reinstate your forwarding. In the meantime, the system will attempt (nightly) to re-validate your forwarding address and if successful, reinstate your email forwarding for you.

Full Access - $20/year

Want to check your email via your email app on your phone or a desktop email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail? Full Access gives you access to download and sync your FanMail email on your personal devices. Uses IMAP. See configuration information for Full Access.

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