Grant Gustin

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The Flash

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Thomas Grant Gustin (born January 14, 1990), better known as Grant Gustin, is an actor and singer. He is known for his roles as Barry Allen / Flash on the CW series The Flash and as Sebastian Smythe on the Fox series Glee.


Grant Gustin
"The Flash - Season 2" (Until Apr 17 2016)
Central City Films
3500 Cornett Road
Building C
Vancouver, BC, V5M 2H5


Emily .B's picture
Submitted by Emily .B (not verified) on

My favorite TV show is THE FLASH, Grant Gustin is the best actor in the world. The character Sysco is interesting yet, funny. His comments and similes too movies is intertaining, Katlynn Snow getting married to Ronnie was sooo sweet. Dr. Wells/ Reborn thong did a great job of acting on the last episode. Iris is one of my favorite actors but I would be a little more sad if my boyfriend comiiteded suicide on the last episode. sincerely, your biggest fan

A 10 year old girl, Emily Buck I love the flash and the cast.

Emily buck's picture
Submitted by Emily buck (not verified) on

I love the flash sooooooooooooo much. # waiting for season 2 on Netflix. The cast is soooooooooooooooooooo great, BTW Grant Gustins appreince at the kids choice awards was hilarious, I love his new mustache, But shave it or later

sincerely you biggest fan, me again ,<3

Emily .B's picture
Submitted by Emily .B (not verified) on

I lov the flash, plz never ever stop making it. this is the best TVshow in the world, I lovbe everything bout it. But wouldn't the dark matter cause a earthquake in the world and the middle of the city would crack

Kailey Amafon's picture
Submitted by Kailey Amafon (not verified) on

Dear Grant Gustin i am thirteen and my favorite show is the flash and i wish that i can meet Grant gustin someday o i can tell him that he is agood singer and actor and shake his hand i will be so exited tlo meet him if i do anyways.
love kailey amadon,the thirteen yea old that has her hopes to met you but we dont have anhymoney to buy tickets so.

Hannah 's picture
Submitted by Hannah (not verified) on

I'll give you $20 if you promise to take pictures.

Madison Yelton's picture
Submitted by Madison Yelton (not verified) on

I love the show I love your work you inspire me I'm in 8th grade but I want to be an actor as a superhero. Flash is my all time favorite. Keep being awesome. P.S.How long have you been the Flash?

Madison Yelton's picture
Submitted by Madison Yelton (not verified) on

Never stop playing the Flash I think no one is as good as you and as cool. Your biggest fan Madison. I hope I get to meet you I need some Flash in my life my life is hard right now. I'm 13 but that doesn't mean I can't have such big dreams.

jeff L's picture
Submitted by jeff L (not verified) on

Dear Grant Gustin,
I hope you watch legends of tommorow, because, Black flash(AKA Zoom) and Flashpoint Eobard thawne are in it!

christian balke's picture
Submitted by christian balke (not verified) on

dear grant gustin i have a brilliant idea for a crossover for season 4. it will involve a care bear cousin named swift heart rabbit being created by a scientist named charles robotnik in a spacestation. after being sent to earth she's found by barry allen and befriends her. but caitlin, cisco, and joe don't trust her and run test on her to see if she's on there side. meanwhile a mad scientist nicknamed no heart uses robots to attack central city. swift heart and barry are the only ones fast enough to stop him. what will her abilities be you ask? well she has a connection to the speed force and is fast as barry and her special attack is the overdrive. what that does is envelopes her in a blue aura and increases her speed but quickly tires her out, how she does this is by removing her inhibitor rings on her wrists. why she can be depressed sometimes because of what happened in space and tells barry the story about the military thinking of her as a threat she and charles granddaughter ellie tried to escape from them, however ellie traps swift heart in a capsule to send her to earth before getting shot. when that flashback is over barry helps her out and when she got better she became happy again. meanwhile barry finds no heart's robots attacking central city so swift heart and him team up and destroy the robots while no heart comes up with plans for taking over central city throughout the season while barry and swift heart try to foil his plans. i think it's a great crossover ever made

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