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Tom Brady is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). After playing college football for the University of Michigan, Brady was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.

In Brady's 15 seasons as a starter, he quarterbacked the Patriots to seven Super Bowl appearances, the most for any player in history. He's been honored with four Super Bowl MVP awards (Super Bowl XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLIX, and LI), the most ever by a single player, won two league MVP awards (2007 and 2010), been selected to 12 Pro Bowls, and led his team to more division titles (14) than any other quarterback in NFL history. As of the end of the 2016 season, Brady is fourth all-time in career passing yards, fourth in career touchdown passes, and third in career passer rating. His career postseason record is 25–9, winning more playoff games than any other quarterback, and he has appeared in more playoff games than any player at any position. His 208 combined regular-season and postseason wins are also the most of any quarterback in NFL history. Because of his accomplishments and accolades, many analysts and sportswriters consider Brady to be among the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and because of his late draft selection Brady is considered to be the biggest "steal" in the history of the NFL Draft.




Tom Brady
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Tom Brady
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Sabrina Strada's picture
Submitted by Sabrina Strada (not verified) on

I would just like to tell you that you are my 7 year old sons absolute favorite athlete! We are coming to your training camp this summer (which is picked to do over going to disney) We can't wait to see you play and hopefully meet you ! YOU ARE THE BEST TOM BRADY!

john Orozco's picture
Submitted by john Orozco (not verified) on

I was wondering if there would be any possible way for me to get an autograph from kronkowski Brady or hell any one from the team. I am born and raises in Victoria tx .. And I have to say patriots have been my team since I was 12 yrs old.. Thanks for your time

Ken Gilbert's picture
Submitted by Ken Gilbert (not verified) on

I believe Roger Goodell should be fired for “Deflategate”. His actions have clearly damaged the integrity of NLF football and forever tarnished the reputation of one of the league’s all-time great players.

Roger Goodell chose to selectively enforce one it’s many rules during the recent Patriots/Colts playoff game. This was not done because the league had any prior concerns that the rule was being broken and that this was impacting results risking the integrity of the game. It was done because an opponent suggested the Patriots may be breaking the rule. The commissioner chose to ignore the accusation and allowed the opponent to effectively perform a sting operation during a playoff game.
During this game, for the first time in the history of the NFL, a football’s air pressure was check after the balls had been released by the officials. The balls were deemed underinflated. The balls were re-inflated and the game proceeded.

A scandal was then created by various rumors and partial information leaks. Roger Goodell fuelled the scandal by failing to clarify anything for a week and delaying any closure by holding an internal investigation that lasted several months resulting in the Wells report. Mr. Goodell then followed up by imposing the largest penalty in the history of the league on the Patriots.
So now the overwhelming perception is that Tom Brady is a liar and a cheat and all his accomplishments are now tainted (get your asterisks ready), a perception that is not justified by the facts and certainly not fair on any level or in any way. I base my conclusions on the following:

1) If ball inflation is so important to the integrity of the game (and since it resulted in the most severe penalty in the history of the game it must be important), why has the NFL never felt it necessary to ever verify the air pressure on a single football before this playoff game. Given that Brett Favre has publically stated he preferred his footballs over-inflated (to an illegal level) and that multiple other quarterbacks have made similar statements about having illegal preferences, it is more probable than not that this rule has been broken many times by many players/teams in the past. But no footballs were ever tested so no one can ever know how many times this “rule” has been broken or how many teams/players broke this rule.

2) After many years of ignoring this rule, the rule is enforced for the first and last time against the Patriots. This is the ultimate case of selective enforcing where a rule is enforced only once on only one team. I dare anyone to defend selectively enforcing a rule on a single individual. It is not fair and it is not justifiable. It’s a complete and total abuse of power.

3) It’s telling how no one even questioned the statement in Wells report that there was insufficient time to re-test all the Colts footballs. There was time to test all the Patriots footballs and the testing delayed the start of the second half. So why stop after testing 4 Colts footballs? Not that the Colt footballs needed testing. How stupid would the Colts be to use illegal footballs when they conspired to made sure the balls would be tested during game?

4) The impact of deflating balls is unknown but certainly the current perception is way over-blown. If you use the only exemplar that exists (Brady’s first-half vs second-half results) the evidence is that Brady’s performance was clearly hindered by the ball deflation.

5) An extensive investigation is performed and no evidence is found that Tom Brady deflated footballs, told anyone to deflate footballs or knew anyone deflated footballs. Let me repeat that, the Wells report contains no evidence that Tom Brady did anything wrong. But the report concludes that “it is more probable than not that Tom Brady was at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of… ”. How is it fair to destroy someone’s legacy based on a probability or general awareness? After reading the entire report, I can say the report supports the conclusion. The sum of the details and interpretations justify the conclusion. But the Wells report comes from some reality I am not familiar with. The world is a messy place. Nothing is 100% white or black. Everything is shades of grey, full of inconsistencies and conflicting details. But the Wells report only contains details that support the conclusion and every detail is interpreted in the way most damaging to Tom and the Patriots. So either in some sort of cosmic anomaly all the facts of this case are pristine and clear or the report is incomplete and/or biased. Where are any alternate interpretations (like Tom made it clear he wanted the balls at the lowest legal pressure but others maybe did not have such clear limits)? Where are the details about what happened before the game and the history of the rule (and its lack of enforcement)? A reread of the Wells report with even the tiniest bit of skepticism makes it feel like a collected set of cheery-picked “facts” chosen to provide a desired conclusion. If Mr. Wells disagrees, I challenge him to release all the drafts of his report. But given the “fact” that more probable than not, any detail that contradicted or cast doubt on the guilty conclusion was removed as the document evolved, I can pretty much guarantee Mr. Wells will never release the revisions.

The man has worked as hard or harder than anyone else who ever played the game. He worked to make himself and his teammates the best they could be. The result has been unprecedented success. But because of this Roger Goodell fiasco, Tom Brady will forever be labeled a liar and a cheat and his brilliance will always be tainted.

But the unasked question is where does this go in the future? If I were a head coach, I’d be pursuing the rule book looking for more unenforced rules that I could use in a sting to compromise a hated opponent. With the bar now “more probable than not”, no one is safe from a well-organized media/sting attack. The league has real, serious issues to be dealt with (concussions). How much more time will the commissioner waste handling (enabling) owner/coach vendettas against other owners/coaches/players? Time for Goodell to go.

Ken Gilbert

John Schaeffer's picture
Submitted by John Schaeffer (not verified) on

brady cheated and he's mad because he got caught. Then Brady feel's that he's so important to football that he can't be suspended. Remember judge's ruling was on the NFL's process. He never ruled the Brady didn't cheat. Brady feels it's ok to cheat just don't get caught.

Tom is so concerned about his legacy. He shouldn't be , it's secure. Just as Mark Mcquire and Lance Armstrong's legacy are secure. Tom Brady is a cheater.

charles zielomski's picture
Submitted by charles zielomski (not verified) on

he cheated in the super bowl he should burn

Mike's picture
Submitted by Mike (not verified) on

You people are so niave. There is a massive power grab going on in pro sports / media. Obviously the NFL is way out in front and they don’t want to relinquish that. Despite having major issues that would derail other sports instantly, the NFL thrives on gambling and fantasy, it can do no wrong as long as the money flows. All the NFL needs to do at this point is stay in the limelight 365 to get enough clicks and calls via sports talk radio to show the major players (Network TV and Media affiliates) that it deserves the massive payouts currently in play. This entire issue has been so blown out of proportion for simply “ratings” is is sick. They want us talking and clicking “Brady” so we aren’t talking NBA or MLB. However, by going after Brady they made a big mistake. Goodell is a pawn and he will ultimately be heavily damaged if not canned over this petty scandal. Anyone can sell the NFL right now, he’s trying to strong arm to save his ass, won’t happen.

Alex Robles 's picture
Submitted by Alex Robles (not verified) on

First of all, I want to make it clear that you are my role model. As I played high school football, I looked up to you as a leader on the football field. I am your hugest fan and considered you the best QB! Secondly, I hate asking you this but I was in need of some money. But not for me personally, for my school and education. My family is struggling financialy and seeing that you have plenty of it, I was seeing if you could find it in your heart to donate some of it towards a 19 year old in a little city called Brownsville,TX! I really hope you read this.. Love you man. PS I am your biggest fan!

Cyn's picture
Submitted by Cyn (not verified) on

T you are my fav player. Whatever is going on is between you and the big man!! Let's just end this so we can get the season started. You are a good person. Do the right thing. More importantly you are a dad!!

Charles C Whiteaker's picture
Submitted by Charles C Whiteaker (not verified) on

Tom, who handles the football as much, or more often then the QB? The Refs. They spot the ball every play. If a QB can tell the difference in a deflated ball; why doesn't/didn't the Refs feel the difference?
I haven't heard anyone mention this fact! Charles C Whiteaker, "M" Track - '50 & '51

K Jackson's picture
Submitted by K Jackson (not verified) on

Tom Brady is nothing but a cheater, arrogant, self-centered asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a poor example for young people.

dan phipps's picture
Submitted by dan phipps (not verified) on

Tom, it looks like nobody in the NFL can stop the Pats from getting you your 5th. championship ring in 2016. I know you want it real real bad, because you are dedicated to winning all the time no matter what the situation is. It makes no matter to you cause you are not rattled by anything. Rogers, Manning, will not keep you from winning again, this is your mindset. Am I right or wrong on this matterr? I am a Colt's fan, but I have watched you all your career, I know you are tough inside as well. Care to comment back to me concerning all this or WHAT!

Danny mitchell's picture
Submitted by Danny mitchell (not verified) on

Hi my name is Danny Mitchell I'm from Sharon ma. I'm wondering if I could meet you in person. I don't expect to hear from you because you probably get thousands of these per day. Tombrady# legend

Rose Levine's picture
Submitted by Rose Levine (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Brady,

I am a fifth grade teacher in Cambridge, MA. One of my students is writing a persuasive essay and was hoping to interview you. His letter is below. Thank you!

Rose Levine
Grade 5 Teacher
Cambridge, MA


Dear Tom Brady,

I am a fifth grade student at the Graham & Parks School in Cambridge, MA. I am in a soccer league, and that is why I chose this topic for my persuasive essay: playing sports is worth the risk of getting injured. It would mean the world to me for you to answer these questions.

1. Can you tell me a story about a time you got injured but didn't quit?

2. Can you explain to me what the impact of sports has done for your life?

3. Has playing sports helped you control your emotions?

Thank you very much for your time.

Sincerely, Leo Rothenberg

jesse's picture
Submitted by jesse (not verified) on

hey tom! i just wanted to say hey and see how things are going! I know your not going to see this but i just thought it would be cool to write you a letter. im trying to win tickets to the afc championship game. ive been a pats fan for 6 years now! anyways just do your job on sunday G.O.A.T!

Stan Lee's picture
Submitted by Stan Lee (not verified) on

Highlights on Saturday's game showed Tom Shady being over run by the Broncos offense. It is so nice to see the New England Cheatriots loose and see poor Tom Shady crying like a little girl. Nice to see you get your clock cleaned Tom

John schaeffer's picture
Submitted by John schaeffer (not verified) on

Guess what happens when Tom Brady doesn't cheat? He loses !

Seabiscuit's picture
Submitted by Seabiscuit (not verified) on

All you people wanna say when they don't cheat they lose.. When the win 10 games in a row it's because of cheating.. Not cause of Brady,Gronk,etc. THE BEST ALWAYS GET HATED ON!! It's a lose lose.. They's cause they cheated.. They lose.. It's because they didn't cheat.. Pure Ignorance!!

Steph's picture
Submitted by Steph (not verified) on

I am a caregiver of my adult son Michael. Tom Brady you are on my BUCKET LIST to meet once in my life. Meeting you would be meet my needs. I !m young but you never know when its our time to go, my sister my best friend died at 33 yoa. You will complete me if i were to meet you!

Seabiscuit's picture
Submitted by Seabiscuit (not verified) on

People!! Quit asking for money and phone calls and $tuff... It will never happen.. Get over yourselves.. Tom Brady is my favorite player too but never would ask for anything on a forum that he'll never read or see anyways

Joshua Swincicki's picture
Submitted by Joshua Swincicki (not verified) on

I was just wondering if there was a way to get a phone call from Tom Brady to my nephew. He just lost his mother in a very bad car accident. My cousin was a Tom Brady and Eldelman can. I thought this would be a way to bring him up a little bit. I'm not sure if this is the right place and way to go about it. Thank you

Jack Johnson 's picture
Submitted by Jack Johnson (not verified) on

I know you probably extremely busy getting ready for the upcoming season but I was wondering if there was any way you could help me ask my girlfriend (possibly your biggest fan in the world) to prom. Her name is Sophie lees and she is amazing and I want to ask her in a way she won't forget. If there was any way possible u had the time to make a small video or something it would be amazing. Thanks, Goodluck next year!

maxi's picture
Submitted by maxi (not verified) on

Tom I'm your greatest fan and I look all games of you I love football and the new England patriots I hope so you and your team win together one time the title this would be very well's picture
Submitted by ismangeneral@gm... (not verified) on

Tom, My daughter is a huge fan of you and the patriots. It has been a long-time dream of hers to watch you play forever. We watch all the games together or over Skype. I am giving her a trip to see you and the Patriots destroy the Browns at Cleveland in October for her college graduation next week. If there is a chance you could drop her a video message on her upcoming attendance at the game, I am sure it would blow her mind. Not sure how to do this but I can send you her email address or you can send it to me if you have some time. Thanks for anything you can do. I look forward to attending the game in Cleveland. Go you Pats!

Steve Balas's picture
Submitted by Steve Balas (not verified) on

Don't forget how Drew Bledsoe supported you when you took over his position. I remember he gave you a high five when you threw your first touchdown pass. Yet you turned your back on Jimmy G. when he threw his first TD pass. It's obvious on the sideline that you ignore him. Act like a Captain towards your teammates. Is the reason why you're making excuses to miss practices and not show up for game for you don't want to work with him?

bostonjojo83's picture
Submitted by bostonjojo83 on

Hey Brady ..hope all is well with you and the family...but just wanted to give you a shout out and to give my respects to the quarterback who has brought our football community closer. You are an inspiration man... kids need more role models like you especially in the inner city and besides football all the off the field committments and organizations your involved with..Keep up the good work man you have my respect as a player, person, father, husband,

Xeulem carlson's picture
Submitted by Xeulem carlson (not verified) on

My husband is Tom Brady biggest fan would e big surprise if Tom could send him a autograph or something his bday is on January 1 maybe a phone call I know it's a lot to ask thank you so much !

Cameron H's picture
Submitted by Cameron H (not verified) on

Brady i was windering if there was a way i could get a autographed jersey from u, Edelman Gronkowski. I havw been a Pats fan since i was 3 and im 16 now and i would love an autograph from u Edelman or Gronkowski

Shawn Walsh's picture
Submitted by Shawn Walsh (not verified) on

You got to be the greatest I've ever seen play the game. Also one of the hardest players to find a big jersey of. If by anyway you know how to get a big size for let me know

ron clementz's picture
Submitted by ron clementz (not verified) on

I wish the press would stop reporting on political opinions of stars.. that being said, I support Tom in his political stands. Way to go Tom, Best of luck on Sunday

Cj 's picture
Submitted by Cj (not verified) on

I'm a local guy from a small area of Hammond Louisiana just north of New Orleans. I know you have plenty of fans just want u to know I'm a die hard Brady fan and put my dreadlocks on the line after growing them for 6yrs I believe in you and wish u guys the best

Suzie Adrakar's picture
Submitted by Suzie Adrakar (not verified) on

I am a 65 years old lady originally from Fiji now living in Vancouver, Canada for the past 41 years and have been a Patriots fan ever since.
Never seen a football game like this 15 year old grandson is also your fan. We took him to Denver Dec 18 to see your game against Denver.
Well done Mr. Brady!!!!!!!!

Vic's picture
Submitted by Vic (not verified) on

Seriously Tom,I think you should release it to the media that you found your jersey.This will render your stolen jersey worthless or make it surface. Great job...Vic

Maricela Hines's picture
Submitted by Maricela Hines (not verified) on

My daughter Davia Hines is someone special!! Not because she's my daughter. At a young age she went though a tough childhood. She is a only child and was always around her dads best friend Pete who we now call Uncle. And her Stepdad Junior who played on the Dodgers back in 1990-92. At 11 years she starting watching football and studiying the players and plays of all the NFL teams. She has passion for everything she loves. She started playing softball at 9 years old and is very talented. She came in 5th place nationwide and has had a lot of awards. Her odds were against her. In middle school she starting giving up. Her father and I divorced when she was 2 years old. We were both struggling with our addictions, but were there for her the best we could. In High School she started off not wanting to go to school, but I sat down with her and I talked her and explained how important it was to go to school and follow her dream and not to end up like myself. Since then she's has a 4.0 gpa. She plays shortstop, she made Varsity as a Freshman and has received All League DVL as a Freshman and Sophmore. She broke her Toe last June 2016. Right before Travel Ball was about to start. This affected her a lot. To where she wanted to quit softball. She's known and followed you for years. She has known about you since she was 7 years. Her father is a Chargers Fan so she had to become a Charger Fan but her team she loved was Tom Brady's Team the Patriots. She loves your passion and heart for the game and life itself. I can keep going and going. I'm praying that you can send her a letter of encouragement, a picture . She's coming back and wanting to play softball after her injury but her mental state we will see. She named her car Tom Brady! Hopefully you can do this for my daughter which would do so much for her future. Thank you.

Steve Corcoran's picture
Submitted by Steve Corcoran (not verified) on

Mr. Brady, my wife is a major fan of yours, so much so she has your autographed jersey she got from a charity auction hanging in her barber shop. She was hoping that if one day you happened to be in the area of Glendale AZ, if you could stop by her shop. She'd dearly love a picture of the both of you in front of your jersey.

Mark Schmidt's picture
Submitted by Mark Schmidt (not verified) on

Tom, I need to apologize for ever thinking you or your team cheated, for that I am sorry. I am not a Pat's fan and have never thought you were the best but after that Super Bowl win, you are the BEST EVER! After hearing you have a friendship with President Donald Trump I respect you for that. I hope you continue to support him, the USA needs him to do the very best job he can for EVERYONE not just those who supported him. I have become a Tom Brady fan and will pray for you and your family. Thanks for changing this old guy's mind.

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