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Stephen Douglas "Steve" Kerr (born September 27, 1965) is a retired professional basketball player and the current head coach of the Golden State Warriors. Kerr is a six-time NBA champion, winning three championships with the Chicago Bulls, two with the San Antonio Spurs, and one as the head coach of the Golden State Warriors. He and Frank Saul are the only two players in NBA history to have won championships with two different teams in consecutive seasons. Kerr shot 45.4% from 3-point range over his career, which is the highest in NBA history for any player with at least 2,000 shot attempts.

On June 2, 2007, the Phoenix Suns named Kerr the team's President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. Kerr helped Managing Partner Robert Sarver buy the Suns in 2004 and became one of Sarver's trusted basketball advisors. Kerr announced his retirement from the Suns in June 2010. Afterwards, Kerr returned as a color commentator for NBA on TNT until 2014 when he pursued a career in coaching.

On May 14, 2014, the Golden State Warriors named Kerr the team's head coach. On April 4, 2015, with a win over the Dallas Mavericks, Kerr broke the NBA record for the most regular season wins for a rookie coach. The Warriors went on to win the 2015 NBA Finals, making Kerr the first rookie coach to win a championship since Pat Riley in the 1982 NBA Finals.


NBA champion (1996–1999, 2003) - as player

NBA champion (2015) - as coach


Steve Kerr
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Submitted by Leonard Kaiser (not verified) on

I had a very similar thing happened to me after a surgery where spinal fluid was leaking. I had horrible headaches. They were able to go in and do what they called a blood patch. They drew blood out of my arm and injected it into my back in my spine and somehow the blood fills the space and heels whatever it was going on. My migraine stopped immediately just a thought if it's not something that they have already tried with you.

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Submitted by Arturo Davila (not verified) on

Dear Sir, I do understand the game of basketball, from a fan's point of view. Without the fan's there is no game, with that said, I love your team, I believe in them, but my heart is breaking. The actions of Draymond Green are not the same as regular season, his demeanor is more angry, or ego driven. Now I say this with respect, I think Draymond is an incredible player on the greatest team in the history of basketball. He is a driving force for the rest of the team, his actions send a ripple affect to his team mates. I believe your team will find themselves, but Draymond needs to fine himself now, with all the respect in the world. Because I care! Arturo Davila

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Submitted by lonbeli on

hi steve,
i don t now if this mail will b red!
but if don t send it, i won t b a true fan fan.
my heart is broken as yours i know;;
but stlill hoping that w ll get through this;;
so this is what my stupid mind is telling me!!
warriors always wins when th mvp is on top,
so why others players will not play for him;
h is abl to make a 60 on his own,
so w should try to make him free cause h s not getting much balls these last days

i m leon from France

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Submitted by Cassandra McMillan (not verified) on

Bring home the Championship Trophy
This message is to the entire Warrior Team.
Good morning Steve & Golden State Warriors
Stop playing with the Cav, and bring home the Trophy. All the Cav is doing is play the Warriors Basketball game against Warriors. Take the Warrior Basketball game back and win the Championship.
The 2016 NBA Championship Trophy goes to the Golden State Warriors
Your number #1 Fan
Mr. Stevie McMillan &
Mrs. Cassandra McMillan

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Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

Steve . . . Please don't tarnish your awesome playing and coaching careers by displaying a jaw dropping ignorance of the US Constitution . . specifically the 2nd Amendment.

Ralph's picture
Submitted by Ralph (not verified) on

Kerr is absolutely right about guns. The 2nd Amendment leaves much more room to regulate guns... and they should be. Thank you, Coach, from a Cavs fan, for expressing your opinion. My respect for you continues to grow!

Robert's picture
Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

Steve, I will never forget when Jordan passed you the ball, and you made the basket to win the game.
I really do respect you for that. You didn't freeze up ! My concern is the fact that you backup Kaepernick,
he is 100 % wrong. You are right about him having the right to protest, but he still crossed the line. There are too many Black violent thugs in our Cities. I will never forget the Case of Stephanie Neiman, that poor young girl was kidnapped, raped, and then buried alive by Violent Black Thugs. I know that there are some very good Black people out there, but the police have to deal with the bad ones, and during some of these encounters the police have had to use deadly force.

Mario Donaldson's picture
Submitted by Mario Donaldson (not verified) on

Please consider starting Durant(5) Green(4) Iguodala(3) Thompson(2) and Curry(1)...

I love your team and all that the Goldenstate Warriors do.


Submitted by GARY EDWIN TUCKER (not verified) on

Mario,Loosing mo hurt team defense as we now have no one who is strong under the basket. KD may be great but he isn't a center. Can't trade for a center Mid-season? With Igudala starting the line up is not big enough defensively or on the boards.

Steve's picture
Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

You spoke at your press conference about how disgusted you are with Trump, esp when facing your wife and daughter (I'm assuming because of his comments).
Did you ever consider how you would face your family is Hillary won ? You would have to explain how Bill (who would be living in the White House) not only commented about but actually lied about sex with all his aides in the White House being a sexual predator, how he travelled with Jeff Epstein to Epsteins sex slave island to have sex with underage girls and how Hillary went after ALL the woman bill was taking advantage of. If you think that would be an easier argument, your sadly mistaken. I live in the Bay Area and was a Warrior fan. You brought politics to the game, which was a huge mistake and now I no longer will support, watch or attend your games.

David R Bruce's picture
Submitted by David R Bruce (not verified) on

My son lost everything in a fire on November 15th 2016. Please see link. One of his most prized possessions was a picture he had of Draymond Green. It was destroyed in the fire. He received that picture from Draymond at a field trip to city Hall in San Francisco. Is there a way you can send us another signed picture to replace that one.

Michele Widmer's picture
Submitted by Michele Widmer (not verified) on

I also experienced the same thing when my son was born via C section. To stop the pain, they drew blood from my arm and injected it into my spine. There was instant relief. Just thought this might be helpful or they may have already tried it.

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Submitted by Sherman (not verified) on

I'm a diehard Golden St fan. In a close late game situation like against Cleveland why not put Kevin Durant on Kyrie Irving. KD has more length than Thompson. KD is athletic to stay with Kyrie and force him into a higher launch point. I wouldn't worry about LeBron because he DOES NOT want the pressure of taking the last shot. Iggy can hold him just fine. But PLEASE use KD on defense more in key sutuations. I have been more impressed with KD defense. I knew he could play offense. Go Warriors

Ron adams's picture
Submitted by Ron adams (not verified) on

To Steve Kerr,
I am 60 years old and been a Warriors fan since a young boy. Your a great coach but lack critical thinking skills when it comes to politics.
Have you read Trumps executive order banning 7 counties from the USA? Have you read the existing Federal law on the books reguarding alians and the presidents right to ban them or groups of them from entering the USA?
My guess is probably not. Because if you did then you logically would not be speaking against the executive order. First take your eyes and read the order and immigration law for your self.
No where in the order does it mention the 7 nations banned. It only refers to a 2013 ruling by the Obama administration that identifies those 7 nations as being a serious threat to the USA.
Stop letting the main stream media be your teacher or guide. Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises. He is protecting all USA citizens. Even those who don't practice critical thinking skills like you...

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Submitted by shawn (not verified) on

the Cavaliers are making trades to make improvements
will the warriors be ready, post, defense get tougher, warriors
will have to adjust game, post presents, inside the ball, crash the glass, blocks, and not depend on
on outside 3 jumpers.

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Submitted by Aquinta Ancrum (not verified) on

Congratulation Coach Kerr & the Golden State Warriors on an outstanding basketball season. With the utmost respect you are 57-14. Let's aspire to close out this basketball season with a 68-14 by playing Man-To-Man defense to stop your opponent outside shot and dribble penetration. Meanwhile, I have a request. I like the GSW to do the following drill 5-days a week from both end of the court "shoot 100 shots from the following spots on the basketball court: backboard, backcourt, ball side, baseline, basket, blocks, center circle, court, cylinder, downcourt, end line, floor, free throw lane, free throw line, front court, game clock, hashmark, help side, high post, hoop, in-the-paint, key, lane, low post, midcourt line, midline, out of bounds, paint, perimeter, post, shot clock, sidelines, strong side, ten-second line, three-point line, three-second lane, time line, top of the key, and weak side. Then challenge yourself (GSW) in transition basketball from each spot fast. THE 2017 NBA CHAMPIONS GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!!!

Gary Wellen's picture
Submitted by Gary Wellen (not verified) on

Have you considered playing Durant as center with Curry and Thompson?

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