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Peyton Williams Manning was born on March 24, 1976. Manning played college football for the University of Tennessee, leading the Volunteers to the 1997 SEC Championship in his senior season. However, No. 3 Tennessee lost to the No. 2 Nebraska Cornhuskers 42-17 in the Orange Bowl giving Nebraska and Tom Osborne their 3rd national championship in 4 years.

Manning was chosen by the Indianapolis Colts with the first overall pick in the 1998 NFL Draft. From 1998 to 2010, he led the Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and one Super Bowl championship (Super Bowl XLI)

In May 2011, he underwent neck surgery to alleviate neck pain and arm weakness he dealt with during the previous few seasons before signing a five-year, $90 million contract extension with the Colts in July 2011. Manning had hoped to play in the 2011 season, but in September 2011 he underwent a second, and much more serious surgery: a level one cervical fusion procedure. Manning had never missed an NFL game in his career, but was forced to miss the entire 2011 season. He was released by the Colts on March 7, 2012, and after an almost two-week period where he visited with and worked out for several NFL teams, he signed with the Denver Broncos on March 20, 2012. Serving as the team's starting quarterback from 2012 to 2015, he contributed to the Broncos reaching the top of their division each year and his playing career concluded with a victory in Super Bowl 50.

Manning holds many NFL records, including passing yards (71,940), touchdown passes (539), AP MVP awards (5), Pro Bowl appearances (14), and 4,000-yard passing seasons (14). A two-time Super Bowl winner and the most valuable player of Super Bowl XLI, Manning is also the only quarterback to start the Super Bowl for two different franchises more than once each and the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different franchises. At 39 years of age, Manning was the oldest quarterback to start in and win a Super Bowl, a feat matched the following year by Tom Brady.


Super Bowl 41 (Indianapolis Colts) 2007

Super Bowl 50 (Denver Broncos)


Peyton Manning
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Submitted by bella (not verified) on

Hello Peyton I live in Kettering,Ohio and I am 9 years old and your BIGGEST fan I would like you to reply.How do you feel about being one of the best QB ever?Are you on Vine?I have a Bronco lamp, a Bronco blanket, a Peyton Manning poster, two Bronco hats a Peyton Manning jersey, a Bronco shirt and if I find anything Bronco related in the sports section of the news paper I cut it out and tape it on my bedroom door.Laughs And Lollypops, your biggest fan Bella Roberts.

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Submitted by Halley Miller (not verified) on

I am 16 years old. I live in Lansing Michigan and it's my boyfriends birthday May 16. He will be turning 15. He is the absolute biggest fan of yours. When I told him your the only player I liked he said I am now apart of his family. What I'm asking for is Probably something that's too good to be true.. Sadly.. But what I'm asking for is for you too just call him on May 16 and wish him a happy birthday. I.. Don't have money to go get him a good gift and not something from dollar general. But a phone call from you could make his year. I would seriously appreciate that very much and I do know that it would have to be a miracle for this to even happen.. But if you are considering doing this. Please get in touch so I don't have to send you Lots of fan mail. Thank you very much.

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Submitted by Chayse Kidd (not verified) on

Hi i would love to have a signed jersey from you!!! If u would like to send me one u can send a email to this email address. In school i am righting a biography about u so if u have any info about ur self let me know know and i would love to put it in the biography.

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Submitted by Pearl Johnston (not verified) on

I am a huge Peyton Manning fan, I named my son after you! He is 5 years of age and also a big fan, He has both jerseys of yours from Inday and now a Bronco's jersey, we both just want to wish you luck and I would send a picture of my Son Peyton where his Manning jersey if I knew how on here, Good luck again were cheering for you!

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Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

We did a raffle at work for breast cancer, we raffled off your jersey we collected $40500. The man who won gave me the jersey so I would like to raffle it again but this time ask you if I could please get it signed 1st. And with everything going for breast cancer it's a win-win. I've just had a hard time trying to find an address to send it. Thank you! Linda

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Submitted by Jeff Braun (not verified) on

Peyton, I'm not a Broncos fan, but a Packers fan, however, I respect you for the records you've set and think you play awesome. Just to let you know, I watched the Superbowl and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Within the first 15 or 20 secs you're hiker threw the ball into the end zone, after that, I saw the pain in your face everytime you threw the ball, I knew you were in pain. Your teammates did not cover you and it appeared when they caught the ball, the dropped to the ground and were afraid they would get hurt. Even though I'm not a fan, I feel you did everything you could and I hope to see you in next years Superbowl, hopefully, with a team that works with you. (Your team members sucked.) You could have done something with support from your team.

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Submitted by Lorenzo (not verified) on

Well he is right about everything except that the fact peyton does have good teamates like erick decker and demarius thomas. I think Peyton is the all-time greatest qbs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Submitted by Dave Sova (not verified) on

I hope Peyton will get to read this only because I want Him to know his character shines. On a small scale I have faced the disappointment of a loss in a championship game and have had to work through the feelings. So have many others obviously. In the end the struggle and the hard work grow us and we learn some things that we can use in our future. The way we respond gives an evidence to what our character is like and Who we put first in this life. Peyton I do not know how hard this must be for you, I do see that you have great character and that character Shines! Thank You , Dave

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Submitted by Freda (not verified) on

I have been a hugh Peyton Manning fan for years. I have never seem anyone play the quarterback position as intense and accurate as Peyton. Yes, like most Peyton and Denver Broncos fans, I was deeply disappointed by the outcome of the Superbowl. I am so tired of people trying to blame one is a TEAM sport. Unfortunately, Peyton's teammates did not play up to par. They were just flat the entire game. Peyton, you can still hold your head up high. You had a wonderful season (the best I believe in NFL history) and I don't care what these so call analyst say, You will always be NO# 1 in my opinion....ALWAYS A CHAMPION.

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Submitted by Bob Elwell (not verified) on

As a die-hard Tom Brady fan, my heart goes out to Payton, because we all know he is one of a kind. I do love hating Payton, but only when he is the real Payton. Get well, bud and come back and show them all,,,,,,,,again, who Payton Manning is!!! We all wish you nothing but the best!!
A Pats Fan

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Submitted by chad (not verified) on

Dear, Peyton
My girlfriend is a big fan of yours and I was wanting to surprise her with a gift. After thinking about it I was hoping to get an autograph from you. She has two kids that keep her busy all the time. Plus she is working as a RN nurse and going to school to help more in the hospital. She is a wonderful person and really enjoys watching you perform. I just want to get her a gift I know she would love.

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Submitted by Sidonna Foust (not verified) on

I am a 53 year old professional who has never had an in-depth interest in football until this year. Being the grounded Tennessean that I am, I have always been a fan of the way you have conducted yourself on and off the field since your days at UT. This year I became a huge fan from the very first game that you played throughout the season. As a leader of many projects in my profession, I watched the way you prepare and began to model that in my own life. Doing my best and being prepared has given me confidence and a spirit to 'keep on keeping on'. The lesson that I got from the Super Bowl was that being prepared does not mean that you do not experience challenges or occasional defeats; however, it makes them more bearable because you know you gave it your very best. Congratulations to you on a wonderful season. You are a tremendous athlete and inspiration to others in more ways than winning football games.

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Submitted by Sam Reznik (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Manning, my name is Sam Reznik and I am your biggest fan . I live in Baltimore Maryland and I just want to congratulate you on your success in this year with breaking the touchdown record and passing's yard record and topping it off with an mvp and offensive player of the year awards. Sorry it didn't go so well in the super bow but I think you will get their next year and win it! When I grow up I want to play for the Denver broncos and be a pocket quarter back just like you. in my opinion you're the greatest qb to ever play the game. GO BRONCOS

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Submitted by Lorenzo (not verified) on

No I am his biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR YO INFO

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Submitted by Ashley (not verified) on

Mr. Manning.

I am marrying the man of my dreams in less than 2 months and we are both huge broncos fans! I want to get him the perfect wedding day gift and an autograph from you would be just that!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

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Submitted by Cory Gaither (not verified) on

Hi Peyton I really hope you get to read this. I am not writing this for myself to talk to you but for my bestfriend, he has been a Colts fan since the day he was born his family and him has been to several games and have met Saturday, Dallas, Tony Dungy and many more Colts. He is a huge fan of yours and he already can't wait for next year to see you win another ring! He told me all he wants is to meet you. He played Qb and everything because he looks up to you. Make his dream come true and contact him please. Thank you

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Submitted by Mr.Chicago (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Manning one of many fans, but I have something that most people wouldn't have your black diamond quadruple rookie card. Only printed 100 of these beautiful rookie cards. The only thing this card is missing is your autograph!!! Figured I would try to make contact with you some how hoping I could send it to you and get one. Huge fan and big collector of the greatest quarterback in nfl history!!!!!!!

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Submitted by brandon cook (not verified) on

dear mr.manning i am 14. my name is Brandon cook i play quarterback as well you are my inspiration. my coaches told me i would never be good enough to play my position .but i continued to play because if you could comeback from 4 neck surgery and still play at the top of your game is amazing. the reason i am writing this to you is because i don't know what to do at the point. i look at you for help in a situation.such as this i don't if you will ever read this but if you do i would really be thankful if you could help me with this . i know your are a busy man and everything i just don't know what. should i quit the game i love or continue. i would be thankful f you could help me out.

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Submitted by michael grosch (not verified) on

Hello, My name is Michael Grosch I'm a Deputy Sheriff in Gastonia,NC but was born in NEW ORLEANS,LA in 1978. I'm a big sports fan and have collected items for 25 years, when Peyton Manning was drafted i thougth that Ryan Leaf was going to be better, but i'm honest and also was proven wrong real quick. Through the years Peyton has established himself as one of the greatest QBS of all time. I'm a die hard 49ers fan, but these days i'm a die hard Peyton Manning fan. I've never gotten to meet him but saw him at the golf tournament in charlotte,nc a few years ago when he was playing with Tiger. Peyton has always spoke very well, has given everyone around him credit and i feel like i'm a better person once he's finish speaking at an event. The SEC storied was terrific, and as the oldest of 3 boys I always wanted my brothers to succeed and felt better when they did great on the sports field. Cooper inspired Peyton, and Eli, but if the world had more people like the Mannings it would be alot better. My oldest step son will be a freshman at unc chapel hill this fall and we couldnt get any help or loans, but were going to make sure he's going. I decided to write this after hearing him speak at the ESPY'S tonight, because from doubt i had in him coming out of college, to pulling so hard for him to beat Tom Brady everytime he plays him, Peyton always saids the right things, does the right things, he's makes every player around him better and rich. I would like to know if theres anyway i could be contacted if he comes to north carolina for anything, I know he goes up to Duke sometimes to visit David Cut. but I''ve always wanted to meet him and being in LAW ENFORCEMENT , sometimes i need to know in advance on somethings. i would love to meet him and get a jersey and him sign to me, i was lucky enough to meet john elway and marino a few years ago in charlotte and have there sign jerseys hanging on my wall, but Peyton Manning is the qb that i grew to love to root for. I truely believe he's the smartest qb of all time and they may be the work he puts into it, but i believe the way he reads defenses now a days , and he gets better with age. If our kids turned out half as good as Archie's and Olivia's kids did how lucky would we all be,not to mentioned the sports acculades they have. Thank you Archie Manning for giving us role models such as your sons, only to think i was in New Orleans at the same time in 1978, i have been to the super dome once, my biological dad wasn't around and i meet him 4 times, and he still lives in new orleans, but he as a kid when we talked it was only about football, the only thing we had in common, he was a die hard saints fan, and love Archie Manning. Well i will end this letter by saying thanks for inspiration, my step mom as cancer, my grandfather is dying and i've had some issues lately at work, but you truley inspire me to think positive and work hard and great things can happen. If you ever get back to NC I would love to meet you or if you would ever sign anything for me, i could send some helmets and jerseys. I have Mcfarlane sports figures, helmets and other items. I hope you have a great season and maybe play san fran in the super bowl.

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Submitted by Corrin (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Manning,
My name is Corrin Schultz, soon to be Mrs. Corrin Garza on November 15th, 2014. I am marrying the biggest broncos fan I have ever met. Myself, being from Upstate New York, I have grown up as a huge Giants fan. My father has embedded it into my bones. My father even has his own "giants noise" that I promise you, only he can make. So as a football fan, I clearly get to appreciate the best of the Mannings. His name is Corey Garza and he is a United States Army veteran. He spent a year in Iraq and three years serving. He is the most humble and loyal man I have ever met and puts all others before himself. To me, that is the man you marry.
I know in November you are in the heart of football season and I'm sure your schedule is packed, however I feel as though I wouldn't be doing my "fiancé duty" if I didn't extend an invitation to you and Mr. Eli to our wedding. I know it's far fetched but we are getting married at the Bird Song Barn in Titusville, Florida. I know it would mean more then the world to him if you could make it and mean the world me to see him the happiest he could ever possibly be on our wedding day. If not, that is ok too. I know even extending the invite would mean everything to him regardless. During the Super Bowl I went to the store and bought cupcake mix, so no matter what happened, my in laws would still be happy.
I appreciate you taking the time to read my message and wish you and Mr. Eli all the best this upcoming season.
Warmest regards,
Corrin Schultz

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Submitted by Peyton Desoto (not verified) on

Hi Peyton manning I'm a huge fan of yours and me and my dad are going to your game on September 21st and was wondering if you could sign my football but I do not know what time you get off the bus I'm rooting for you I will still be your number one fan even if you lose.

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Submitted by Savannah Velard... (not verified) on

Mr. manning. My name is savannah I will be 16 on Oct11, 2014. My greatest birthday wish is to shake your hand. I go to see you play twice a year and my dream is just to say hello to you. I am not requesting anything. But everyone wants a car or somekind of extravagant sweet 16 birthday party. Mine is to receive a birthday wish or a hand shake from the person I admire the most. I am just a girl who watches every game. I have been there in the coldest weather to watch you play and have tried to meet you as you walk in. But i miss you every time or get pushed out of the way. I was diagnosed with a human tetratoma when I was 10 and had my ovaries removed. My dream was to name my child Payton but I believe that will never happen with my condition. My are my hero and inspiration and to even have a happy birthday sent from you would just make my sweet 16 birthday the best. God works in mysteries ways and my mother says all I have to do is believe and one day my dreams will come true. My birthday wish is Payton Manning just to shake my hand or just send a text with a happy birthday.

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Submitted by David Mintz (not verified) on

Hi - I love your football game and seemingly the way you live your life. How can you advertise for pizza and cookie dough, when I cannot believe you would eat that and be int he condition you are? How can you support that when the NFL is pushing kids to be healthy and active. Certainly the pizza and other calories and fat laden foods you advertise for are not really in your value system. Come on, you are a better guy than that.

Christina Salek's picture
Submitted by Christina Salek (not verified) on

Hi Peyton,
This is the first time I've ever written to you and honestly I'm not sure you will even read this but I'm giving it a try anyway. I saw you and your dad speak at a motivational conference in Atlanta several years ago and I have admired you ever since. I believe you are an inspiration to so many folks in the world. I love your character and what you stand for. You are my absolute favorite football player and I am so excited that I will get to watch you play in Cincinnati on December 22nd. My husband just told me that we will get to come down to the field and watch the practice before the game. Needless to say I am over the moon and hoping I will get to see or maybe meet you. Of course and reasonable so, my husband tells me not to get my hopes However..... if you might have a moment during that practice to meet me, please send me an email and let me know? Thanks Peyton for all that you do and stand for!

Frankie Hilburn 's picture
Submitted by Frankie Hilburn (not verified) on

I recently shattered my femor and in recovery as we speak . I was planning on seeing you play this year but medical bills has me in a situation I can't fly to denver .i have followed you throughout your whole college career as well as pro . I've been a bronco fan since I was able to talk as was so happy when you made your decision to play for my favorite team . I work in surgery as a surgery first assistant and I help save lives everyday . I was a kid when you came to sears in mccomb ms but was unable to come because my mom had cancer that had spread so I had to be with her . My dream is to just shake your hand and at least meet you one time . I'd do anything for my dream to come true. I found this website and this is the only way I can possibly think you'll get the information I've sent . I only stay 80 miles away from your dad . Please have someone contact me back . Just a picture and a shake of a hand would make my world . My dad isn in good health either and I take care of him . ( he got me a broncos fan ) but I have always loved your charity work and style of play .ill always be a bronco and you'll always be a colt but as of now we are both bronco nation . Even though I stay in Mississippi . I'm not asking for much . I know your busy . As well as I am . But please consider meeting me and my father . Your biggest fan . Frankie 601 303 0722 address 159 hwy 27 north tylertown ms 39667 . Thank you .

Frankie Hilburn 's picture
Submitted by Frankie Hilburn (not verified) on

I'm also getting married dec 13 2014.. I hope you see these 2 post I put up . My fiancé loves you as well . Like I said I stay 80 miles from New Orleans . Hope someone reads this and let's you kno . I do not kno what else to do to meet you . Biggest fan Frankie

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Submitted by Alisha (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Alisha. I am not sure how all this works and I am not sure if Peyton or anyone else will see this post. I am writing regarding my kids grandfather. His name is Sam Odum. He was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. He went to many UT games as a child and an adult. He is the biggest fan of Peyton Manning and has followed him throughout his amazing career. He was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent chemotherapy. It later returned and with a vengeance. It came back in his throat, lung, and other places. Now, they are saying he doesn't have much longer to live. He is being brought back to Knoxville to be buried. If you are ever around him even for a minute you will know that he loves anything Peyton. His room is full of UT, Colts and Broncos stuff everywhere. He has his jerseys framed on the wall. He even left special instructions to be buried in one of his Peyton Manning jerseys. If someone gets this it would mean so much to him and our family if he got to meet him before we say good bye. I know that he has an extremely busy schedule but I hope it can happen. Thanks for your time !

nick williams's picture
Submitted by nick williams (not verified) on

Hi Peyton Manning i'm Nick Williams and I live in Omaha,Nebraska. I'm a ginormous fan of you.And my dream is to have autograghed picture of you.You are one best Qbs ever I think.Hope you write back.

Nick Williams

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Submitted by JoAnn (not verified) on

Hi to Peyton. I'm from the Mississippi Gulf Coast and our family has always loved the whole Manning family since Archie played for Ole Miss. I realize you receive millions of requests and hope you can help me with this one. Our son is retiring from the Air Force after serving over 23 years. He's a HUGE Peyton and has had the opportunity to go to some of the games because he is stationed in Cheyenne (about 90 minutes away). When he goes to the games he is beside himself to even get site of Peyton. They are giving him a going-away luncheon on November 3. Everyone around him knows of his obsession with the Broncos and Peyton. Is there anything you can do (letter, note, etc) you can send to make this event even more special? He soo deserves it. My husband and I unfortunately will not be able to fly there for the celebration. Please help!

Patsy Vigil's picture
Submitted by Patsy Vigil (not verified) on

My grandson has been a fan of Peyton since he was a little boy. He's a Colts fan, but because of Peyton going to the Broncos also a fan of the Broncos. He will be @ the game 10/19 with the New Mexico State University band. They will be performing for the Tailgaters & I believe for half time. It would mean so much to him if some how Peyton Manning would be able to meet him. He has had a rough summer, his stepfather & mother separated and are divorcing. He is such a terrific young man this would mean so much to him. He plays center snare for the drum line. I pray he can find it in his heart to reach out and touch this young man's life. God Bless You Patsy Vigil

Kyle Ferguson's picture
Submitted by Kyle Ferguson (not verified) on

Hello Peyton,

My wife is a huge fan! She has never been to a game and since I can't afford to attend a game in Denver I bought tickets to the Denver vs. Raiders game Nov. 9th. I got us 50 yard line row 1 on the Denver side but because Raiders fans are notoriously violent she is afraid to wear her jersey and cheer for her team. Now she is considering not even going. I even went to the extreme of purchasing a Raiders jersey so that she'd feel more comfortable. If you could do anything to make her first game more memorable than scary she'd be your super fan. Even something as simple as a shot out.

Thanks Peyton!

Lexi Farmer's picture
Submitted by Lexi Farmer (not verified) on

Hi Peyton,
I'm a fan of yours! I've had a crush on you for a few months now. You are the handsomest man I've seen besides Victor Cruz! Oh please I love you are you single?

Dee Dee Regan's picture
Submitted by Dee Dee Regan (not verified) on

Hi Peyton, I have been a fan of both you and your brother Eli for many years. I have seen the dedication you have not only in the game of football but in helping others who are conflicted with a deadly disease. I applaud you for your kindness.
I belong to several motorcycle groups on Facebook and came across a man trying to help, what he calls, his best friend and brother. This man has been battling kidney disease since he was 16. He has had 4 transplants and has ended up with complications from the anti-rejction medications which caused skin cancer. He ended up having to have his left arm amputated because the cancer went into the bone after a skin graft. He continues to get skin cancer and has been hospitalized 16 times in the past year and a half with pneumonia.
What I want to help him with is he has always wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle. Without a left arm that would be impossible unless it was customized. Many of us in the group thought a trike would be best.
Can you tell me who to contact for fundraising and or customizing a motorcycle for him to be able to ride safe? I would appreciate any help.
I don't know this man at all but my heart goes out to him. Please help me get some assistance.
Thank you, Dee Dee

Priscilla Plafcan's picture
Submitted by Priscilla Plafcan (not verified) on

Dear Peyton:

Where do I begin – very simply – I think you are one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football! You will definitely be a permanent player in the history books for all of you great accomplishments.

My husband, Mark, tells people I am “the biggest Peyton Manning fan” which I think I am one of literally thousands who are a huge fan of yours for so many reasons.

I have been such a big fan of yours since you first played for the Colts. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing you play in person on 12/26/2010 when you played the Oakland Raiders. It was my Christmas present that year from my husband since we were visiting Oakland. It was great to finally see you in person play & of course your team won the game.

I admire you so much for coming back to play after your neck surgeries. Your passion for the game is definitely admired by me & I know by so many other fans of yours. Your hard work after the operations has been so worth it because you are so great as a Denver Bronco with so many noteworthy records being set. Your intense level of training & playing has always made you an outstanding quarterback that people really enjoy watching you play the game. Your love for the game of football is so wonderful.

Also, Mark & I have always been John Elway fans & really enjoyed watching him play with his great achievements. We think it is so wonderful that he was instrumental in bringing you to the Denver Broncos.

I think you are admired by so many people for being a one-of-a-kind player & you have made your mark in the history books. Congratulations on your recent wonderful accomplishment of 509 touchdown passes! Of course, Mark & I watched that game on Sunday night.

It would be a dream come true for me to meet you in person. My very kind husband Mark got us tickets to see you play again for my birthday this year in November. We will be at the Oakland Raiders game on November 9. It would be such an honor & a thrill for me to meet you in person. If there is some way this could happen, it would be a such an awesome highlight & so special to me.

As a very hopeful fan that we might be so lucky to meet you at the November 9 game.

The very best to you & your team for another great year ahead & I really think the Denver Broncos will go to the Superbowl again.

Thank you for your kind consideration to my request.

Best Regards,
Priscilla Plafcan

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Submitted by kennedee (not verified) on

hi im kennedee and i am trying to get someone famouse to come wear a breast cancert braclet and tell people how inportant it is that we pay atention to these kind of things so please email back if you posably could

Bonnie's picture
Submitted by Bonnie (not verified) on

Mr.Manning, my grandson has been playing football since 4th grade. He lives in Indiana and is playing for Corydon Central (Panthers). In the last few seconds of the last game of the season his knee was injured not just one ligament but all but one. His surgery is the 25th and he will have a 10 to 12 month recovery, so it is doubtful he will get to play his junior year!

Of course he has always been a Colts fan but now is also a Bronco's fan. I was just wondering if possible you could e-mail him with a word of encouragement since you have had some major surgeries? If that is possible e-mail me and I will give you his info. His father works for Papa Johns here in Louisville.

Thank you for your time


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Submitted by Don Pierson (not verified) on

I realize all is about the money but did you have to get in bed with the pizza nazi?? What a shame. Aside from that you come across like a great guy.

Neo's picture
Submitted by Neo (not verified) on

I got sick last year with the flu. My wife had it first and the whole family got it. I went to the doctor with her and they treated me and her. When I got home I have my meds to my mother in law. My wife and mother in law took the meds while I took cloves of garlic every three hours. I chewed the first clove, Do Not Recommend. I sliced up the next one in pieces small enough for me to swallow and drank them with fresca. I reeked! It permeated my whole body but I got better in a day and a half while my wife and mother in law where still under the weather.
Also, if your hands get cold when playing on a really cold day. You can get some cayenne pepper and put some in lotion. The capsaicin will cause blood to flow the spot more and warm your hands. You will have to experiment with dosage but it will work.
Would like to see you win another super bowl but fret not if you don't. You have already established yourself as one of the G.O.A.T's.
Be safe!

Grant's picture
Submitted by Grant (not verified) on

Oh my gawd Peyton I'm a huge fan of urs I live north of Dallas and I saw u last season when u played the Cowboys. I really want to meet u and get an autographed football. That's my biggest dream. It's ether the football or a jersey signed by u. U are the best QB and I want u to win tomorrow night versus the Bengles. I believe u can. Ur my biggest idol I love watching u play because watching u helps me become a better football player.

Campbell Morrison's picture
Submitted by Campbell Morrison (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Peyton Manning,

I don't know that much about football. I just started watching it this year when I joined a fantasy football league. I auto drafted a brilliant team only to throw it away with horrible trades in a few weeks. However the sport grew on me, and threw determination and effort I rebuilt my team. I traded for Demaryius Thomas. He is good. I watched you throw amazing passes racking up my score as I made a run for the playoffs. I started with Montee Ball on my team and was greatly disappointed when he got injured. I then got Ronnie Hillman and was even more upset when he got injured. Then CJ Anderson comes along and everything falls apart. I don't make the playoffs because CJ has a 26 point game. I cry. I continue, however, to cheer your team on. As I watch you team play, as I am now, I see that CJ is tearing this team apart. He is not good. You are good. You need to throw the ball. Do not hand it off to him. Every time you do he gets like 1 yard and it is pointless. You have Demaryius, Emanuel, and yourself. Don't run. Throw the ball.

A fan who is not your biggest, more like 50th percentile, who doesn't even live in Denver, who is not a knowledgeable football source and certainly should not dictate your play calls,

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Submitted by Michael Meier (not verified) on

We all hit the point in which we feel like giving up and some more than otherothers pain comes and goes stays for long periods of time or simply just goes away. You have inspired many to do great. I have battles loss many times and feel like I'm the one to blame and that I failed but in realizing that failure comes with greatness I've learned to keep pushing no matter the circumstances. Your the guy that when time runs short the world caves in you find a way and push foward and when you do fail you get back up and try again your humble and that I appreciate. Marry Christmas and a happy new year and Goodluck. If you could reply that would be great that's all I want.

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I've been watching you since I've watches football there is probably not enough fields to describe how good you are at football. Unfortunately I'm on Philadelphia and I'm still stuck on waiting for the colts now Broncos to come to philly I'll dress down to peyton manning idc what stadium I'm in I have 4 jerseys 3 colts 1 Broncos so when you come to Philly look in the stands you'll see a blue and Orange wearing freak hope to actually Meet you Mr.Manning

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Hi. Mr. Manning. I am no a football fan. I do love to watch it. I have picked you from the beginning. My fellow employees like the Eagles. Of course they are out The Cowboys on the way to be out. My question is if you have a signed picture of yourself I would love hang it in my office. Thank you and I'll be watching. Go Broncos. Judy

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I am 44 and have been a die hard Bronco fan Colorado born and raised, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and my bucket list one thing was to finally go to a Bronco game I can never find good seats that I can afford my husband works very hard to support us and is also a huge fan, can you help me with my bucket list?
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I really need your help Mr. Manning I have been a huge fan since you started your NFL career I played with Brooks Bollinger who started for Chad Pennington in 2006 we won our state championship I was one of the receivers in 1997 on the winning team my wife just lost her mother and we started a GO FUND ME campaign to help with bills that were left behind I am hoping you can spread the word for me as I am a true fan of the Broncos and we are going all the way this year I have faith in you and the originazation the GO FUND ME account is under my wife Sandra Knapp its on Facebook please try and help us Mr Manning and good luck against Indy on Sunday my number is (912)318-9105 if you call I will probably fall on the floor but I believe in miracles thank you sir.......

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Hi Payton I have a idea for a new play it's kinda like a double pass, you would throw the ball the 1st receive " the bait, " he would there redirect the ball the receiver #2 who would be unsuspected by any defense... Kinda tricky but I think it's doable

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Peyton, tough loss. You should consider that your not the same Qb you were a couple years ago and maybe it's time to retire. Your a great player but the more you continue the more you start to look like Brett Favre. Don't let your career go down in flames. Preserve what you have now and consider hanging it up, we all get old and there's no shame in retiring. Leave us with the memories of who you are now and not who you are turning into OLD QB.

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I think Peyton Manning played a good game thanks just wasn't adding up this year I really wish and hope you go back at it again Peyton Manning


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